Wind is the biggest fishing issue right now

What a strange fly fishing season in Slovenia we fall into? Harsh weather conditions just don`t want to end! But humans – we adapt.. history proves that! Fly fisherman which already came to visit (and also the locals) are fly fishing regardless the windy weather and cold temperatures.. after all – rivers are clear.. as a strongest surprise in the last few days was a dry fly activity in the conditions nobody expected to happen – wind and low temperatures! Ephemears hatched well, but the trout and grayling refuse to take them.. at the end blue duns, bwo-s or even mosquito of a lighter coloures were the right choice! How you were able to present them in the wind is another story, but the fact is – dry fly worked well in the last days..

Fishing news 14th May 2019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Well working fly patterns in the last couple of days – Sava Bohinjka river upper areas


Few images from the Sava Bohinjka, two days ago – upper areas

Weather fishing wizard saying;