Fly fishing news are back in July!

Dear all fly fishing fans, true – we kept you off the news for a few weeks – sorry for doing that! Nothing new in fact was going on by the Sava Bohinjka, weeks and weeks or steady fly fishing condition, trout were landed, grayling as well, hatches late evening-night almost during the day small nymphs or streamers – that is it what has been happening in the last 3 weeks.

Sava Bohinjka fishing July 2019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Hence onward we are getting into the real summer with the typical summer conditions – and here is where the Fauna fishing news steps in again;

  • Summer brought a lot of folks on the river banks doing all kind of different things out there.. Keep in mind that very early morning 06am till lets say 10-11am you will have all of the river for yourself, while from 11is till 18th better keep away or seek for remote corners or you will be embraced by the BBQ families, kids throwing stones, half nude woman (that we allow) and other distracting factors..
  • The upper areas of the Sava Bohinjka – namely fishing club Bohinj suffers a lot from the kayak, boat, sup etc river traffic while having also the lowest levels of all 3 fishing clubs.. not saying you should not go there to fly fish but if so – read the above line.
  • Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka doing well, levels fine and temperature of the river still cold enough to give the fish some fighting power.. positive feedback we receive on a daily basis!
  • Bled fishing part of the Sava Bohinjka – doing fine as well. Not many anglers on the river but during the day proximity of a tourist town Bled brings some international visitors in different forms and brain capacities – top-less females we tolerate. Again – 06am be on the river if possible..
  • Sava Dolinka finally getting in shape after all the spring she suffered snow melt or rain levels.. the one seeking a true robinson fishing – take the Sava Dolinka.
  • Big Sava river – getting more and more interesting target while the levels of the Bohinjka slowly dropping and the Sava Dolinka getting clearer.. keep your radar on that one too!
  • Krka river – low and grass growing up
  • Unica river – fine but early morning and late afternoon
  • Radovna river – great, with enough level, NO BOAT traffic, NO swimmers and few anglers/day only. Always fresh breeze in that valley – surely a place to be if you are a fly fisherman visiting in July..

Flies to use during this period….

going dry fly than midge is a must during the day, small gnats, micro red-tags grizzly colored etc… Streamer works as well.. olive, white are dominant colours these days… nymphs no larger than #16 reducing the shine to minimum if possible. Fluorocarbon 6X even 7X is a must. Load it in the Fauna fly shop – we always keep a fresh stock!


Weather fishing wizard saying

July is quite fresh comparing with the previous years – good for fishing we must say! More active fish and a bit less swimmers in the river.. But the storms are behind every corner if we may say so – light rain shelter jacked must be close all the time. Overall the weather is supportive for the fly fishing purposes and tours. Easily you can plan a day or two if you want..



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Drizzling down but rivers hold on well

Today, May 9th should be the most wet day of the week.. As for now, drizzling down a bit, not really messing up with the levels.. As we thought to go making a Fly fishing conditions movie this morning, I had changed my minds and only toke one image from the wooden bridge of Log – Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka. Why? Because we do not know what will happen over the night and we shall roll the camera rather tomorrow – confirming the upcoming weekend fishable or not. But at the moment all seems to be fine and we have a 90% GO..

sava bohinjka May 9th 2019

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Fly Fishing condition in Slovenia still not stable

As expected the rainy week will prolong also into the weekend of April 27-28th.. Meaning that the larger rivers will not be dropping down the levels so fast as expected. As a sample we show you comparing videos of the Radovna and Sava Bohinjka river.. smaller one already ok for the Fly Fishing while larger one still high and opaque.. We heard that also other smaller river like Lepena, Baca, Trebuscica, Trziska Bistrica might also be fishable for the upcoming end of the week – but always better to check with us or some nearby river hotel about the actual coloration of the streams.

What kind a fly fishing weather can we expect in the next days? Prognosis goes for the north-west Slovenia;


Video from the Radovna Mill`s area and the Sava Bohinjka Boh.Bela bridge.. Both taken in the morning of April 26th

Radovna Sava Bohinjka fishing conditions as on April 26th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

An idea about a fly or two that might or did work well in the previous days – various Trout streams and the rivers


A NOTIFICATION FROM THE FAUNA FLY SHOP IN BLED: Since April 27th is a Holiday, our Fly shop will be open like on the Sundays – 8:00 – 10:00 am.

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Fly Fishing Slovenia – be aware higher levels!

We expected some rain to fall – but quite a lot of it fall down – boosting up most of the river levels in north-west Slovenia! Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Sava Dolinka, Soca, Idrijca having high levels and opaque water colour… the video is from the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river.. Hints and tips:

  • Seek for a smaller type of the rivers like Lepena, Lipnika, Baca, Trebuscica etc..
  • Call us in the Fauna fly shop if you are not sure what to do with your fly fishing plans or you are already on the area of Slovenia.. we might be having a fishing solution for you!
  • Monitor the weather forecast for the next days and when you see the sun is out – add 2 days which is usually enough for the levels to drop down on “almost normal”
  • Stay with us and follow this page since we will upload GO! news for the fly fishing as soon as we will be able to declare the levels normal again.

Weather forecast for the next days:



Latest video from the Sava Bohinjka river – actual levels found on April 24th at 14:30 hours – double bridge area of the Institute fishing beat..


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Fly fishing early April – rainy

Well, Fly fishing in Slovenia is April – like: showers and sun, while the levels of most larger rivers staying above their optimal levels.. Most of the visiting and local fly fisherman focusing either to the upper areas of the larger rivers (Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Krka etc) or their tributaries, where better levels can be found.. Also Radovna river nearby Bled can be a good hide-out from… Posting this on April 6th, conditions should stay as such till the midst of the next week.. more or less.. Fauna Fly shop & Guiding Bled opens every morning at 08:00 feel free to ring or pop-in if you need some advise 1st hand type, fishing permit, heavy nymphs etc.. or just a chat :-)

Sava Bohinjka levels April 6th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Cold mornings and pleasant FLY FISHING during the day

September as we will remember for a long time! Sunny weather brought lots of the fly fisherman out here on the Sava Bohinjka river to get some autumn Trout or Grayling on possibly dry fly. But despite the nice weather, colder water makes fish feeding very selectively when we talk surface feeding (dry fly). Many refusal on typical autumn patterns of the dries, can get you into trouble.. Your fly box must have patterns down to size #22 if you want to persuade a mouth or two to kiss the surface :-)

27.9.2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Summer fly fishing postcard – Bled Slovenia

While several of you on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, Croatia, Italy etc, some of us keep on cast the lines! Hot days true, but with some insight knowledge of the Fauna fly shop Bled, one can easily find lots of the shadow, fresh water and active Trout! Sharing a short video clip before we go to film some longer or specific fishing clips in the days to follow… keep staying in touch, we are glad to see you with us!

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Latest water levels Sava Bohinjka

This questions rings in our phone all day long – but the answer is not an easy one.. at the moment Sava Bohinjka river is for some anglers fishable for the others still too strong in current. We can not be deciding for you either is ok for you or not. All we can do is to show you the river and tell you that the fly fisherman are already fishing it. At the same time, some are still waiting for the levels to drop.. in which group you fit? Trout and Graylings are active and feeding, hatches are following after every shower (those are frequent) but evenings yet not having the classic hatch moment.. this year the season is like 4 weeks behind the normal fly fishing calendar. Let me conclude like this: If you only fish with dry fly, than you will suffer a bit since the currents are strong and the dry flies get flashed away fast. If you will be following the happening on the river you might catch a hatch minutes but it might be griffins gnat, emergers or ephemeras on #10.. no rule yet. If you fish nymphs dries and some times streamer, than you are safe to come and you will be catching too, but have a rain protection with you..

Sava Bohinjka May 16th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


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