HUCHO-HUCHO 2020-2021 Opening – Lock Down not for us – Locals

Dear All! At the moment of this update, we are exactly in the middle of the 2 week lock down, which has started with November 16th – exactly on the Hucho-Hucho fishing opening date! That has of course prevent many of you to come for the opening – we remember – all the hotels and private B&B were and still are closed to host tourists..

But for us, who are in the local fishing clubs, the season has normally opened and we were experiencing some very nice fly fishing days out there on the Sava Bohinjka river.. No very big Hucho landed yet, since we are facing very clear water levels, but several 80-ers were landed and released..

Here a little bit of the summary what is going on down here – to help you following the situation with the covid restrictions and fishing;


  • Hotels, B&B, Apps, Restaurants and Bars remaining closed at least until November 30th. After that date- Government of SLO has not decided yet..
  • Every entry in Slovenia must have a covid-free test no older than 48h or must go in the quarantine  (on his costs).
  • All retail stores and shopping centres which are not having food, garden or mechanical or construction materials remaining closed at least until November 30th. What will happen after that date the Government has not decided yet…
  • Online sale of the product can run normally.. ( ) deliveries come on a regular delivery time.
  • We accept provisional bookings to fish Hucho-Hucho in December and later, if the restrictions are off – booking is valid – if the restrictions stay – bookings get “cancel” with no cost.
  • Fishing on the rivers is allowed and fishing permits can be obtained..
  • No movement on the rivers or anywhere else due to the police hours from 21.00 – 6.00am. No fishing can be allowed during the Police hours.

Hucho Fishing News

Clear water conditions, no tourist fisherman on the rivers, just few locals… Huchos active but already very careful due to the high transparency of the river.. Some nice ones were already landed by the locals, but we were not able to get images, since you know.. if a local angler releasing the Hucho, usually the place of the release remains secret.. especially if the photo was made during the day time.. Here some images from the river Sava Bohinjka

Some Introduction Video we created for the 2020/2021 Hucho opening day! A bit of happy emotions along with some catches… A warm up for the season we could say :-)

News from the

Exciting NEW HUCHO STREAMERS added today! 





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Drizzling rain.. staying at home or go chasing the Hucho!!!

After few weeks of the sunny weather and gin-clear water situation north-west Slovenia got a passage of light rain.. kids sad, wife pesty but the Hucho-Hucho anglers….. HAPPY AS HELL! The beast goes on the move once the weather turnes like this and every serious angler should be on the river chasing the Huchos! Jan – no way he would stay at home… went out there, few casts – BANG! Great looking male Hucho, perfect fins strong back – a potential Giant in a few years time! But only if he will be as lucky as this time – to meet CATCH & RELEASE Hucho anglers.. Congrats Jan and thanks for sharing!!


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Fishing Hucho – Snow put the fish on the move!

December month we go and fly fish for the Hucho! With the changing weather every serious hucho fisherman should be on the river, especially if the change means snow! Somehow this weather situation puts the Hucho in action to feed! The last week, fish activity was increasing as you can see in the gallery below – rainbow trout was striking well.. It was just a question of time when the Huchen will make mistake and grab the streamer! And it did.. Medium sized, but nevertheless a very good looking healthy fish it was! Bigger Huchos usually pick up the action a bit later since their stomachs don`t need to feed as frequent as the younger Huchen must. But they will need to feed – sooner or later :-) When that happens – one can just hope to be there at the right spot!

Sava Bohinjka - fly fishing Hucho
Nice looking Hucho



A little bit of the scenery and side catches from our Hucho-hucho fishing day

Video of the Hucho-hucho catch – fly rod did the job well!


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KA-BANG! Another Giant Hucho-hucho grabbed the lure yesterday

Jep – who comes 1st gets 1st! Early days of the 19/20 Hucho-Hucho fishing season were tough because of the weather and rain and levels and high water etc… But seems like also the Huchos were thinking that the anglers will be staying at home because of that? NOT. They went out on the river and they haven`t went out there on the wet for nothing..

Yesterday`s Huchen beast of 110cm and 14,50 kgs!



Fishing conditions and the weather for the next days – FINE! GOGOGOGOGO Hucho anglers haha.. !  😆

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The levels slowly, but steadily dropping!

Maybe is not even worth mentioning, but in the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka is still possible to fly fish! Having the 5th week of rain, we had almost forget what does that mean.. to fly fish..

EXCEPT if you are a hucho-hucho angler! If so – this video should be very encouraging! Levels dropping down and are like this already good enough for the spin fishing. Fly fisherman will be out in a couple of the days if the weather stays at least light rainy.. Light rain has now become a luxury conditions hahaha.. Forecast does not yet show some heavy storms or a zillion litter water per square meter, so programmed Hucho tours still stand!

Keep in touch!

sava-bohinjka21112019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


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Opening Hucho fishing day was a struggle for the fly rods

As you can all see from the news, November of 2019 is as wet as it can be! Raining continuously for weeks, natural result was increasing levels of all rivers in Slovenia.. Usually that is not a problem for the Hucho-Hucho fishing – as long as you do not grab the fly rod to do the job; up to a certain level fly rods can still handle the situation, but once the river jumps up massively, than the spin rods are the only solution if you still dare to approach the rivers!

The same happened on the Sava Bohinjka which saw the premiere opening Hucho-hucho day last Friday, the 15th. AL any I went out immediately to test the currents and how they would be meeting the Fly Fishing Teams which were about to come the next days… Unfortunately this what you see on the video below was far the best what happened, and in the next days river went even higher and darker, forcing us to cancel the arrival of the fly fisherman to later dates in the month…

But before you make some conclusion on this: at this and even a bit worst fishing conditions of the opening afternoon day, a local member landed a 110cm er with a spinning rod! Unfortunately we were not able to get the copy rights to post the catch here, but it will surely circle on the social media, since it was a magnificent animal indeed!!!! Hucho fishing needs a different approach than trout fishing – no level is too high for the Hucho to go out hunting!

River is now settled on her high levels and it will need a few days to start getting back to normal – if no new rain arriving. Once the current starts to return to it`s original river bed- that is a very good moment to target the Huchos – while they returning to their home pools, often grab some snack along – if lucky, your streamer or lure :-) everything is ready to go as soon as the river calms down a bit. Stay tuned!!

Opening-day-hucho from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing wizard guessings:


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All right – the Game is knocking on the doors! This Friday November 15th all areas will be open for the Hucho-Hucho fishing and fly fishing! At the moment the weather is like you all can see on your forecasts – rainy. Surely not friendly for the comfort of the Fisherman, but has this ever been an issue when talking Hucho-Huco? Not. :-)

AL and I went out there on the river yesterday to get an impression about how the levels would respond to the Fly rods.. Was ok. Trout and also Huchos are closer to the banks than usual, to avoid strong currents. If you know where to search, the fish will be there!

Sava Bohinjka is on her upper level tag, but still fishable. Local hunters and visiting Guests still have a green Lights for the opening. Nex few days will be deciding about the opening remaining fishable or we will see sky-high conditions.. some more rain on the radar unfortunately :-/

Lets stay positive and see what happens.. we will be posting frequently on this page hence onward!

High water casting – getting ready for the HUCHO! from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


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Beautiful moment before the release of this 110cm er

Hucho Fishing Season – hints and tips

Hucho-Hucho fishing in Slovenia is not allowed all year round. This special fishing is usually allowed in winter. The exact opening of the season depends on the rules of various local fishing clubs. But the end of the season is the same in all the Hucho-Hucho fishing areas – with 15th February.

October`s Hucho fishing conditions

With the month of October, the first Slovenian rivers open their Hucho fishing, along with the regular fly fishing season. This is the only month in which visitors can fly fish for trout or spin/fly fish for the Hucho. The weather is usually nice and not too cold. No snow on the shore makes fishing easier. The only problem can be leaves, which drift down the river and hang more often on the baits. Lists of fishing areas open in October:

  • Sava river (some times called the Sava Radovljica river or Big Sava river)

What kind of fishing conditions can be expected this month? This is not a rule. The weather is a very variable factor. Fisherman which do not like snow or cold weather should choose October as their visiting month. Since the beginning is on it`s start, Huchos are a bit less careful with striking which can result better chance of catching one.

November`s Hucho fishing Conditions

More Hucho fishing areas open for the spin and fly fishing. The temperatures are still nice, but the day is getting shorter. The Hucho fishing is increasing and more anglers are roaming on to the rivers. Usually no snow in November. November`s rain is a welcome fishing condition – Hucho prefers to hunt in the opaque rainwater. Good rain gear will be your best friend if the weather turns to get rainy. We are used to cast all day long in the rain – when you expect THE STRIKE, you won`t even feel the rain.

List and characteristics of the Hucho-hucho fishing areas open in November:

  • Sava (Radovljica, aka. the Big Sava)
  • Sava Dolinka (opens on November 1. Fly fishing and spinning is allowed).
  • Sava Bohinjka (opens on November 15. Fly fishing and spinning is allowed). The opening Hucho fishing day on the Sava Bohinjka river is a very popular date, with many locals and visiting anglers out there on the river. A very good chance to get the carefree Hucho or taken spot on your favourite pool .. a good dilemma to consider..

What kind of fishing conditions can be expected this month? In the last few seasons November month has been very sunny and pleasant. More demanding fishing conditions due to clear water and sunny days but also more active Hucho. Nature of the Sava Bohinjka river is very nice at this time of the season. A pure joy to be out there, with or without the strike you do not go home empty hart-ed. The weather is a very variable factor so do not take this above as any kind-a warranty or promise.  😉

December`s Hucho fishing conditions

From 1st December all Huchen fishing areas are open for fishing. Regular fly fishing for trout and grayling is closed. With the experiences of the last seasons, December does not bring much snow. Hiking along the rivers is easy. Temperatures are already at zero degrees or less, fly lines can freeze. The day length gets shorter. PLEASE NOTE: The Huchen Guides are under pressure for Christmas and the last week of December. Early bookings for the guides are highly recommended! List of fishing areas of the Decembers and their characteristics:

  • Sava Radovljica (so called “Big Sava”)
  • Sava Dolinka (From the power station Moste downstream till the confluence with the Sava Bohinjka river at the settlement Lancovo)
  • Sava Bohinjka (Bled and Institute fishing areas. The very upper part of the Sava Bohinjka – Bohinj fishing club does not have winter Hucho fishing available)
  • Sava Bohinjka Institute area requires minimum of 2 anger team to meet the criteria for obtaining a fishing permit.

What kind of fishing conditions can be expected this month? This is not a rule. The weather is a very variable factor. Strong rain is possible at the earlier days of this month, while closer to the NY rain is over or turns into snow or rain-snow.. Day time length is the shortest in all the Hucho-Hucho fishing season.. Consider that if you qualify for the Full day Guiding sessions..

January`s HUCHO FISHING conditions

Typical winter Hucho fishing month. In the face of global climate change, January in Slovenia is poor with snow. Sunny but cold days are usually more demanding for fishing. Very low temperatures can be a fly fishing problem. With grease on the rings we prevent the rings from freezing. January brings the most catches, as the frequency of the fishermen is high and the Huchos are hungry. All fishing spots are open for HUCHO Fishing. Gloves are of high importance especially if you fly fish for the Hucho.. sliding wet lines threw the fingers being exposed to -5 Celsius or less, can be a painful experience.. We had find out that the Simms Guide Windblock gloves are actually the best that is for this purpose.. (Always on the stock at the Fauna fly shop in Bled)

February`s Hucho fishing condtions

The last two weeks of the Hucho Fishing season belong to the February month! Grand finale time is how we usually call February. Month is usually snowy, so fishing is more challenging. Nervousness of the ascending anglers, everyone wants to catch his huchen before the end of the season. If you were hesitation all of the winter time go fishing Hucho or not, now is the last train to catch! Early booking for the guides is recommended. ALL FISH AREAS AND THE HUCHO FISHING SEASON CLOSING WITH FEBRUARY 15th.

Every Hucho Fishing month has its positive and negative side. It is not possible to say which one is best for your visit. The fisherman must decide to consider his own ability and available time. Fauna Fly Shop Bled will ensure that you get the best help, regardless of the time you visit. 

If you have specific questions about the Hucho-Hucho fishing season and have found no answer in the above lines, do not hesitate to contact us now!





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AL, Huchen Guide


Keep on positive spirits in early year 2021 and wait for the next chance to meet us on the Hucho fishing rivers or Slovenia! Meanwhile we wait for your visits to become possible – hucho fishing is rolling on – by a local FFB team members, contributing our share of positivism into this hard times! Keep strong and enjoy the Hucho catches and releasing Videos!

Hucho Flyfishing Streamers available!! <<<

Year 2020 with the virus drama prevent many visiting anglers to reach Slovenia for the winter Hucho-hucho fishing! Since we can not do much about that, what we can do is – feed you some of the Huchen fischen action back to your quarantine homes!

How the skilled Fly rod handles a Hucho of 115cm!

What looked like a classic – hard clear water chasing for the spooky Huchos – was not that at all! Regardless the low and clear water which usualy makes Hucho-hucho become very careful – even shy, this morning some thing was in the air – or should we say in the water!? Fish was nervous and we saw them cruising up and down the rocky bank of the Sava Bohinjka. They did not really want to move to the mids of the river to expose them self.. But down there deep in the shadows – they were nervous! The big boss – was chasing away smaller competition all morning long.. And than, that very fish dissapeared from our sight.. a bad sign? Not at all! That can mean two things – either Hucho swam away – or was hiding for the ambush! In our case it was this second! Once AL made the long backcast to the rocky pool and the streamer dissapeared down to those rocks – oh man… the pull was like hooking a small car! The camera maybe missed only 15sec after the hook was set – it was early enough to caught so called 1st volcano that angry Huchos do by hitting the surface, trying to get rid of the hook! Luckily AL mastered the fight to perfection and the King finally surrended.. but it was a long fight as you will see.. Those muscles did not want to give up at all!

See the full fight also on Video! >>> <<<<

Looking at the battle, one can now understand why all the material used for the Hucho-hucho fishing should be of the 1st class! Especialy the Hooks and tippet material!

All our >> HUCHO STREAMERS << are tied on world`s sharpest Japanese hooks TMC600SP! The hooks were designed to cut into the jaws of the Tarpon – and do pretty good job also with the jaws of the Huch-hucho!

And a catch like this Hucho – 125cm over 23kg surely deserves that!!  December 12th – Sava Bohinjka river – Luka Serianz Bled fishing club member:

Well – how could I be a proper administrator of this Hucho-hucho fishing dedicated page, if I would not be a Hucho fly fisherman myself!?

As I had been writing so many happy stories for other hucho hunters in the past years, Luck some how avoiding giving me a 110+ beast (honestly – even 101+) cm Hucho! Several of our Hucho fishing Guests that I or AL have been Guiding, got larger Hucho than myself! As much happy as I can be because of that! But hey – Guide should know better yea? I am learning and selling wisdom to our guests – be patient with the Hucho fishing – not your skills not your Guide, not even your streamer – the stars will decide when will be YOUR HUCHO DAY! I was following my own advise – and I was well rewarded for that!!

By the ends of January God`s year of 2020, Sava Bohinjka at the Bled fishing club waters gave me the fish of my lifetime – 117er Hucho on my fly rod! Years being behind with the size – in one cast I swing almost to the top of the Hucho catchers charts! Yes, true – no fishing like the Hucho fishing!!!!!

End of the January brought a very special day on the pools of the Sava Bohinjka river! Young Huchen fly fishing team from Switzerland managed to achieve the dreams of many! Under the command of Professional Hucho fishing guide AL, Mr. R.Ruffini landed two monster Huchos, both exceeding 110cm in one single fishing day! A goal that will need a loong time for someone to repeat! We congratulate twice!

2020 Hucho-Hucho fishing season in Slovenia – as exciting as always – many fishing days and few strikes, a true classics of the Hucho Hucho fishing! Spectacular nature and landscape of the Sava Bohinjka river making every Hucho-hucho fishing day a memorable event, if the strikes comes is considered a cherry on the cake event! Every fisherman seeking an ultimate winter fly fishing challenge – report in! Let`s see what you`r made of!

Wooow a Hucho of 115cm landed by a single hand fly rod – a true masterpiece of handling a hooked Hucho with a fly rod! Watch and learn from the best!

First snow on the Hucho river Sava Bohinjka and it triggered Hucho to go on the move! Striked on the XXL streamer and landed by a fly rod! Superbe handling of the fish done by a professional Hucho Fishing Guide – Watch and learn!

February was well under the impression of this magnificent Hucho Fishing day, which result awesome male of 116cm! Our returning guests from Switzerland finally got their efforts repay – in a best possible way!

A few latest catches on the Sava Bohinjka river – Slovenia! January 2019.. Highlights of the last weeks hucho fishing action! Frozen fingers and a happy faces – Hucho fishing mania!

Opening of the 2018-2019 Hucho-Hucho fishing season in a style; Landing a magnificent Hucho of 113cm with a fly rod! Mid day, clear water of the Sava Bohinjka river and sunshine! In theory almost impossible mission – but it has happen!

A collection of Hucho-Hucho fishing photos from many Guiding tours along the Sava and the Sava Bohinjka river. EVERY image carries memories of it`s lucky angler.. Full of emotions, those captured moments of time speak for them self. Years of dedication to the Hucho Fishing and many loyal returning fisherman enabled us to create this page.. We know how much sacrifices, cold days and hard work is behind the happy faces of the anglers. Fauna Fly Shop Bled thanks to each and every one of them for joining us in this Odyssey called Hucho-Hucho fishing mania!

Spinning fishing Hucho catches and visiting Anglers

FLY FISHING HUCHO Gallery.. Images and visiting Fly Fisherman from Worldwide!

As is hard enough to land a Hucho-Hucho by a spinning rod – twice as demanding is to do it with a Fly rod! Elite Fly Fisherman targeting the Hucho as their ultimate catch and crown jewel of their fly fishing carrier. And they have all the reasons out there to do that! Once the Fly rod gets bend down to the handle – your efforts are all forgotten and the adrenaline explodes!

HALL OF FAME – ELITE HUCHO-HUCHO catches of 110+ cm in both classes Fly and Spin fishing

There is a magical border in Hucho-Hucho fishing. It is called a Meter fish. Sooner or later one reaches that border tag. And than is when the proper Hucho-hucho fishing or fly fishing starts! Every centimetre above 100 means a hard work and also skill.. Big Huchos are smart and experienced – hard to trick them. Less than 10% of all the Hucho-hucho fishing population will break the 110cm Tag in their life.. some did. And some will do it again. Don`t give up. When the time is right and the stars are on your side – you will end up in the Elite Hucho gallery too!

HUCHO-HUCHO FISHING Scenery, Nature and winter beauty of the river Sava Bohinjka – Slovenia

True, out there on the river we all have a goal to catch a Hucho Salmon. But there is so much more out there than just the fish – Mother nature can fill one`s hart with winter beauty of no compare.. True fisherman will never go back home from Hucho fishing empty handed: The Sava Bohinjka river will fill you with the memories that might bond you down on her for good!

New Hucho-hucho catches come every winter to the above galleries! Join the anglers from around the world and catch your Hucho in Slovenia! Fauna Fly Shop will do our best to guide you towards your lifetime fishing Trophy!
Send your questions anytime! We are looking forward to read from you!


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Didi - beautiful Hucho!


Fishing for the Hucho-Hucho either with a spin or Fly rods, has in the recent decade become almost an obsession! Because of the rarity of the specie and significant huge size that it can grow to, this magnificent Land locked Salmon has to be a crown jewel of every serious angler seeking for large predator Trophy.  And it`s not so long ago, that the Hucho-Hucho fishing was allowed only for the elite members of Slovenian fishing clubs and VIP’s members of the society. (Should we mention a former Yugoslav president Tito at this point)! After Slovenia joined the EU, the rules have been relaxed significantly. As a result, fishing for this majestic Salmon Danube (Latin name Hucho-Hucho) these days became available also for the wider fishing public, keeping several restrictions as a heritage of the previous times. As far back as we can remember, Hucho-Hucho has been considered as a mightiest resident of the Slovenian rivers which outflow in the Danube and further into the Black sea. But do not get mislead: this is NOT a migrating Salmon. Hucho-Hucho is born in the river and stays more or less in the same river all of his life. It can age more than 15 years and reaches up to 150cm in size!

Looking for suitable Streamers to go on a Hucho-Hucho Flyfishing!? Check on this link!

Why Hucho-Hucho fishing or fly fishing should be so special!?

The simple answer would be because the behaviour or should we say the character of the Hucho-Hucho  is very special and challenging. The Hucho is the most dominant and territorial fish in the rivers that flow into the Danube, whence the Hucho-Hucho originated from. At the same time, the Hucho is also the highest link in the food chain and can thus reach enormous sizes. Even the continent`s average size for the specie says a lot: from 90-120 cm! With every year and every inch, the Hucho becomes more experienced and thus harder to catch! This beautiful Danube salmon can live for more than 17 years. Imagine the skills the robber is developing at this time! A very difficult task for every fly or spin fisherman!

Why is Hucho fishing challenging and difficult!?

There are several facts that make Hucho-Hucho fishing one of the most challenging freshwater fisheries. In the below lines we will swiftly enlighten few basic fishing facts for all of you who are facing this challenge for the first time. Skilled Hucho fisherman knows all that and can continue to the Gallery Hucho page  😀 Reading the below should not terrify you too much.. The truth is that all the efforts with catching the Hucho will be well rewarded as soon as you manage to land your 1st one!

  • The Hucho-Hucho fishing season is in the middle of the winter. In Slovenia, the season lasts from 15 November to 14 February. There are some high minus temperatures to be expected.
  • Heavy tackle and many ground-loosing streamers or lures are required.
  • The gear suffers just like the anglers, rods and rollers often freeze, fly lines should be cold water type or they will fall apart after the 1st cold fishing day.
  • Capital Hucho-Huchos does not eat every day, so the angler needs to achieve some physical endurance and sustainability to be around with his streamer when the Giant moves on the hunt.
  • The Hucho prefers to catch at dawn and dusk time, so fishing during this parts of the day brings better chance for the Hucho strike. At the same time this means waking up at 05am and returning from the river in the dark.
    Many times the opening few casts are performed in hard dark without fisherman seeing where exactly he casts to! Sounds easy? Close your eyes and try to target a patch with your lure or streamer.. One inch too long and you will end up in the tree on the other side of the river loosing those precious moment when the darkness emerges into the dawn.. Headlamps? Yes, of course they are in use to arrive to the spot.. but if you are fishing clear water rivers, than lights are found disturbing for the fishing. After years of Hucho fishing, anglers get used to fish in the low light conditions..
  • The first strike you would be having is often in vain because the jaws of the Huchos are very hard and bone-rich. Strong setting of the hook and only the best and sharpest hooks should be in use for Hucho fishing!
  • Very good conditions for fishing on the Huchos are when the rivers starting to rise the levels leading into higher and murkier water conditions. River banks can be more dangerous if covered by higher water levels – some extra precocious is recommended.

Some selected Hucho-hucho spinn fishing lures and baits for you to check<<

Why do I need a fishing guide for the Hucho Fishing?!?

Firstly, a Slovenian law states that the Hucho fishing must always performed in pairs. This is considered as a basic rule. On top of that basic rule, some elite Hucho-Hucho fishing clubs can apply additional rules and fishing obligation, to further protect the Huchos. One of the most recognisable additional rule is to require the Guide, which needs to be a member of the club governing the river area. But there are several more pro-s for you not being alone on the Hucho-Hucho fishing;

  • For the security reasons, it is advantageous to have a Hucho guide with you. In winter there are many dangers on the river. A skilled and experienced guide can sometimes save a life!
  • The Hucho Guide will take you to the best hot spots and hidden pools, no one knows the river better than a local Slovenian Huchen fishing guide!
  • It is not easy to handle a 15 kg + Hucho and at the same time to keep the fly or spin rod, while standing on a rock or on some icy surface found along the river during the winter time.
  • Without a Hucho-Hucho guide, you would not be seeing 10% of the photos on this Hucho page.
  • For the Hucho to be professionally unhooked is of greater importance for his future health and well being. With proper handling, the fish has a very good chance of swimming back to the river without any injury or one drop of the blood spilled. This is out most goal of every proper Hucho Fishing Guide.

How can the Fauna Fly Shop Bled help you with catching your first or biggest Hucho!??

Fauna Flying Fishing Bled Co., has always been a big proponent of the initiative to make the Hucho-Hucho fishing accessible to the wider fishing public. And since that mission was finally achieved, we have been able to reach our goal to become No.1 Assistant / Guide for Fishing the Huchos. Reliable services and Friendly Hucho Guides, accurate logistics and trustworthy communication have been what we have achieved while creating more than a decade time in the Hucho fishing and fly fishing. Many happy visitors can confirm this, no doubt.

Some facts that speak for us:

Our base – the Fauna Fly fishing Lodge, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Sava Bohinjka river and several Huchos are our neighbours so to speak 😉
We specialize for the Hucho-Hucho fishing areas of the Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka and Sava (Radovljica) river areas.
Cooperating with the best local Hucho fishing Guides with many years of experience. Satisfaction guaranteed.
In the last 12 years, we’ve been welcoming fly fishermen from all over the world, catching and releasing more than 200 Hucho!
In addition to the guiding, the training and the passing on of our knowledge in the matter of Hucho fishing is our greatest concern.
Constantly exploring new Hucho spots and the well-known Hucho-Hucho Rivers to guarantee you always new and exciting Hucho fishing expeditions!
Visit our Gallery or YouTube channel to see more photos and videos!

Few specifics and useful tips for planning of  YOUR HUCHO fishing tour!

Since the last few seasons were a Hucho fishing success, we have decided to take another step forward to bring you the adventure of the Hucho fishing even closer! For the newcomers in the Fishing for the Hucho, you will find the below useful tips for your first or New Hucho fishing expedition:

  • 2-3 fish days are usually enough to hack a fish if the conditions are right. Some lucky fishermen can catch the Hucho in one day, but that’s more of an exception than the rule. And yes – there is NO guarantee that the fisherman will catch a Hucho, even if he/she fishes for a week! :-)
  • A 6 hour fishing day (when the water is clear) is optimal for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. We named this “effective Guiding” and can be find under that mark also in our price lists and offers.
  • Endurance Hucho fishing throughout the day certainly increases odds but fishing is tough. Only a few fishermen survive more than 3 full days, as it involves a lot of harsh terrain walking and heavy tackle casting.
  • Hucho fishing usually starts very early in the morning so guests should arrive one day before the first fishing day.
  • Fly fishing on Hucho requires some basic experience! But even if never tried – our Hucho Guides will do their best to train you to the level at which you will start to comprehend the overall philosophy of the Fly Fishing for Hucho-Hucho. Casting a large streamer and heavy fly lines – is a skill for itself, doing it in the dark – unforgettable 😆
  • Fishing equipment must be suitable for this purpose. Fly rods 9/9 or 9/10 also 11ft will work, depends of the river you go to and it`s level status.. Gear overall is too large chapter to talk it here, if you are in doubt what to bring with just contact us any time, specify what you have and we will be advising you what to take with. The rest you can either purchase or hire from the Fauna fly shop Bled (us).

Pay attention to these points and send us your booking request to our Fauna Email. We will inform you immediately about the availability and the latest Hucho-Hucho prices and offers.


Click on the above image and see what those Huch`s are after!

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Fauna Fly Shop BLED,

Cesta svobode 12, 4260 BLED- SLOVENIA



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