Sie haben nur noch 10 Tage Zeit, um den Hucho zu fangen!

Dort gibt es eine schöne Möglichkeit zum Fliegenfischen auf der Save Bohinjka. Die Größe war nichts Besonderes, aber jeder einzelne Huchen-Fang ist ein eigenes Kapitel! Und als solche – unvergesslich! Noch 10 Tage bis zum Ende der Angelsaison 2019-2020 in Huchen! Die Aufregung steigt!

A nice Huchen fly fishing catch out there on the Sava Bohinjka river. The size was nothing special but every single Huchen catch is a chapter of its own!  And as such – unforgetable! 10 More days remaining to catch your dreams!!

Jeder Huchen-Fang ist ein besonderer! Manchmal kann es auch ein bisschen lustig sein

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Fishing Hucho – Snow put the fish on the move!

December month we go and fly fish for the Hucho! With the changing weather every serious hucho fisherman should be on the river, especially if the change means snow! Somehow this weather situation puts the Hucho in action to feed! The last week, fish activity was increasing as you can see in the gallery below – rainbow trout was striking well.. It was just a question of time when the Huchen will make mistake and grab the streamer! And it did.. Medium sized, but nevertheless a very good looking healthy fish it was! Bigger Huchos usually pick up the action a bit later since their stomachs don`t need to feed as frequent as the younger Huchen must. But they will need to feed – sooner or later :-) When that happens – one can just hope to be there at the right spot!

Sava Bohinjka - fly fishing Hucho
Nice looking Hucho



A little bit of the scenery and side catches from our Hucho-hucho fishing day

Video of the Hucho-hucho catch – fly rod did the job well!


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Strikes reporting in – Huchos on the move!

Rainy November about to say goodbye and December knocks in with the colder and more dry days! Waters of the Sava Bohinjka river going back to their normal levels and the Huchos moving with them too! While in the higher levels Hucho-hucho usually roams around and away from his home pool, with the dropping water they return to the home pool areas.. this makes them a bit more easy to locate and locating them is a half of the strike-on project!

Fishing condition for the week ahead seems to be steady.. a bit of everything but not flooding up or snow blizzard events… GOOO HUCHEN FISCHEN – or Fishing the same for us :-)


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Matej landed a Hucho

Nothing like Hucho strike from the dark!

From time to time administrator of the page Fauna Fly Shop Bled needs to prove he understands what is he writing about…. Landing a 95-er Hucho-Hucho yesterday, missing the magical tag 1M for just a few cms! Great, that means I will need to go back to the Sava Bohinjka soon! :-) Can`t wait!!! Feel free to contact us regarding any info you need or the Huchen Guide to hire for experiencing the Europe No.1 fishing catch yourself! Cheers!

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A tribute to the previous Fishing news – RELEASE

As told before, a catch like this does not happen every day neither every river or pool has such a beauty dwelling in it.. Showing our gratitude to the Nature and the River, we all toke out most care to Release the Hucho-hucho back unharmed. The actual battle which lasted 45 minutes is cut-out with the intention to not reveal the pool where this Hucho dominates.. at the moment of this news, the season is in full swing and many would like to see Him on a wall of their living room. Not us. That is why ONLY THE RELEASE is shown out to the public. Surely every true Catch & Release angler will understand us. Thanks for watching!! We salute you!

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One can just not get enough of this!


A record of previous few hucho-hucho fishing seasons was broken last Saturday when talking Sava Bohinjka Hucho-hucho fishing! The very day started as so many other hucho-hucho fishing days; a well tuned team or Mr. A.Botteon and Mr. L.Cadamuro arrived to Bled, trying to make a history in their Fly Fishing life – getting a hucho-hucho with a fly rod. Gathering experiences in the previous seasons, the very strike was not happening what ever we have had done.. But if anything – a hope is what a true hucho-hucho fisherman should never lost! The high potential part of the day – early morning, passed away with nothing stopping our lines.. hopes were down a bit since in clear water situation, day time usually does not produce a predator to go on the hunt. All our remaining hopes were for the last hour when dusk could lure out some of this magnificent predators to go on hunting.. Regardless, we made our ways towards the upper areas of the Rocky Sava Bohinjka river. Guide myself going 1st, trying to spot down potential huchos before they spot us back.. at one point my step froze. We all froze. There He was.. a magnificent stealth looking beast guarding the rocks of the big pool, hiding himself by a current over-heading Him. What followed in the next 50minutes should be in the school books; Placed the fisherman on the perfect spot with the task to make one single but perfect cast to the beast. Can you imagine the pressure on the angler who needs to perform that? It is immense! But faith had her plans with us and the cast was nothing but perfect! Hucho monster went on the move as soon as streamer got close! Strike was hard and solid but the next 45 minutes were a nervous breakdown! After first run Hucho got his minds back together and re-take the position he originally had. Andrea was not able to move Him from it for the unbelievable period of 40 minutes! The #9 rod was bend down to the handle, looking as a butter stick and completely unable to move the fish from where she anchored.. finally – (but it felt like ages), King gave up and almost himself swam to my grasp and admit the win to a lucky Mr. A.Botteon, who was like running a marathon tired from the adrenaline blast :-) After we all together take some breath and photos, a reanimation of 15 minutes was offered to the Hucho to put him back in shape.. Super gentle handling we did, not one single drop of blood was spilled. Companion angler Luca C. was in great help doing this task and once again proven the rule, that Hucho fishing needs more than just a pair of the angler`s hands..  At the end, Hucho swam back himself, and behold – again taking the position he originally had – his favourite rocks. At the very moment He is still there, gathering back the strength and the skills to wrestle the next one who will dare to challenge him. It could have been you – reading this lines!! 😉 Feel free to contact any time..  



And Video review of landing the Hucho-Hucho! / Huchen, Sava Bohinjka Slowenien

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