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Fly Fishing activity slowly increasing, but the weather..

Moody April with it`s showers and colder wind periods keeping down the stronger activities of the fly fisherman & women :-) But there might be a problem if we only look and follow the weather forecast pages – they might show rain or drizzle, but in the real-life rivers can be nicely fishable! As an example, the video showing Sava Bohinjka river in her middle and lower areas – perfectly fishable.. weather forecast for today was showing 2/3 rain drops – nothing happened.. at least 2 fly fishing groups post-pone the visit due to rainy forecast.. at the end they should not have to.. BUT behold – tomorrow Thursday 11th will decide about end of the week being fishable or not: larger shipment of the rain on the way this evening-tomorrow if to believe the weather Man..

Stay in touch, if the levels will go up, we will be posting here on Friday Morning to update you for the last fishing plans modification.. Below also a lovely image of a visiting couple from the USA catching the “window of the opportunity” at the Sava a few days ago! See you the next year!

Early April 2019
Early April 2019

Today`s water level of the Sava Bohinjka river:

There are also some signs of fish being interest for the surface feeding! Smaller Trout and Graylin can already be tricked with some Dry Fly Flies while the bigger boys still nosing down the bottom more or less. Few more degrees in the water and bigger Trout will be up too!

Dry-fly-early from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Fly fishing early April – rainy

Well, Fly fishing in Slovenia is April – like: showers and sun, while the levels of most larger rivers staying above their optimal levels.. Most of the visiting and local fly fisherman focusing either to the upper areas of the larger rivers (Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Krka etc) or their tributaries, where better levels can be found.. Also Radovna river nearby Bled can be a good hide-out from… Posting this on April 6th, conditions should stay as such till the midst of the next week.. more or less.. Fauna Fly shop & Guiding Bled opens every morning at 08:00 feel free to ring or pop-in if you need some advise 1st hand type, fishing permit, heavy nymphs etc.. or just a chat :-)

Sava Bohinjka levels April 6th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Fly Fishing Slovenia, March 2019

As the main fly fishing season in Slovenia kicks-in now, with April 1st, impatient ones already roaming the river Sava in March! Regardless colder water there are signs for action! Except larger Trout which is still in the spawning mood – ignoring the food that passes by, medium sized Trout already feeds nicely! Mostly on nymphs and bottom food, hatch still week or none.. This winter Slovenia has been poor with snow – meaning that the snow-run waters will be lasting only a short while.. weather seems to be fine, pack the rods and plan your fly fishing trip! Early season – less anglers and less careful fish!

First visiting Fly Fisherman arriving to Bled, Guided trip below was a success, more than handful Trout landed during the fly fishing day and in the afternoon a crown jewel Grayling of a massive weight grab the nymph – a perfect day we might call it!

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August arrived – Fly fishing challenging!

With the specifics of hot months like August, fly fishing needs to adapt in some way.. early morning waking up is a must if you want to land sth. larger either Trout or Brownie! they are out early in the morning when the levels are still fresh and the sun not out yet. Fauna fly shop will be advising you about the river choice and areas of the river which will enable you some better chances either if you fish dry fly only or both – dry and nymphs. feel free to contact us any time!

Early morning
Beauty Rainbow

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Visiting Sava Bohinjka in early July

July is here and for the big joy of the fly fisherman the levels of the rivers are still fine for nice dry fly fishing! Since the presence in the Faunaflyshop occupies me on most of the days, I can just make short visits to the nearby rivers, with the intention to check what is hatching and what not anymore :-) hope you enjoy the short video clip… stay tuned, more will follow soon!

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Spring fly fishing finally here!

Few shots and fishing moments from one of our Guided tours on the Sava Bohinjka river – Slovenia.. Gin-clear waters, green nature, skilled Guide and active Trout is a warranty for just a fantastic fly fishing day out  there! Most of what you see was caught on a dry fly and on sight! The very peak of a fly fishing satisfaction – correct me if I am wrong?  :-)

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Fly fishing in June 1st – latest levels

The Sava Bohinjka river as found on the last day of the May month 2018! Fish is active and feeding also from the surface, during the day smaller dries are needed, XL dries only work the last 15 minute of the day light when the majority of the fish comes to feed from the surface.. most occupied area is the Institute one, Bled and Bohinj club a bit more.. but entering the peak season June, frequency of fisherman tends to go up..  feel free to contact us for the advise on the fly fishing areas and the distribution of the fly fisherman among them. Try to avoid hot-spots on the peak fly fishing days of the week..

Sava Bohinjka Military bridge May 31st from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Latest levels of the Sava Bohinjka river

While the mountains around Bled town still showing white snowy peaks – that somehow resembles also in the currents of the glacial feed rivers – strong levels despite sunny and dry weather. But don`t understand this wrong – fishing is totally Ok, even with the dry fly.. just the access to some areas of the river is more difficult because of the strong currents. In general – safe to come over and fly fish!

Sava Bohinjka area Bled May 28th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Spring time FLY FISHING Sava Bohinjka river

While the snow melt water is finally almost gone – hatches are in boost! Already seen several strong hatches of the May flies and Stone flies  in late evening time. Also during the day one can catch well with some stimulators or other caddis patterns.. in short – dry fly period is almost here! Weather seems to be steady with no big rain drama on the way. Light showers can happen every day but they are only a welcome thing to have out there on the river – they boost the hatch! Welcome to visit and try yourself!  😆


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