Latest COVID news…. and latest Fly Fishing reports… 1st BAD, second GREAT, choose what you prefer to read first!


  • To enter Slovenia from ANY Country – a NEGATIVE Covid test no older than 48h is needed from today. Yes, even from Austria and Italy and Hungary.. Nobody (but about 10 exceptions listed below) can enter without having Covid free test. If enter Slovenia with no test – 14days Quarantine must be attained.
  • Hotels, B&B, Life-not essential shops, Bars, Restaurants remaining CLOSED to further notice.
  • To enter Slovenia with a business reason, if owing an real-estate or needing some medical treatment – covid test is not needed. If you do not look infected of course.
  • If you are in Slovenia already – or you get yourself the mentioned test – Fly fishing on the rivers IS ALLOWED. Just as in any “normal” fly fishing season.
  • If you have a residential address in Slovenia – you are restricted to your residential community borders (Obcina in Slovene language). So you can not reach any river in Slovenia

All that mentioned, we will be having OPENING HUCHO-HUCHO Fishing on the Sava Bohinjka, with several bookings made for the 16-19th November – under a big Question… We and the Hucho Guides are monitoring situation daily – the same we suggest to all the groups that booked the trips for the Huch opening! Final decisions will be taken at the end of this week! 

Regular fly fishing on the rivers this days was VERY NICE with strong sun at the midst day hours and even rising Grayling! Few images from today Sava Bohinjka

A short slow motion of a Grayling release.. see what speed he triggered once being touched a bit!

Grayling release from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

More Effective nymphs added to the! Some models that were sold-out in October are back on the stock!



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Into July 2020 we Fly fish!

Cheers from Fauna Fly Shop Bled! Some updates regarding different fly fishing concerning issues!

Fishing conditions on the rivers of Slovenia are fine and close to perfect if we consider deeping into July; showers are keeping the daily temperature around 25 degrees and the rivers on their optimal levels. Mix weather is not good for the non-fishing river activities like kayak, drifting boats etc- again a positive thing for a fly fisherman. If you get a cloudy day, fish will be active also during the day. If very sunny, it is worth waking up early and rather catch some nap in the mid day time, returning to the rivers later afternoon. Fauna fly shop opens daily at 8am, but you can also get a permit for the next day and wake up early.

COVID UPDATE: From tomorrow, July 4th, BELGIUM and the NEDERLANDS coming to the GREEN, covid safe country LIST and the citizens can enter Slovenia with NO PROBLEMS.  

Weather wizard for the next days: ALL SAFE FOR A FLY FISHING TRIPS!


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November on the river Sava

Fly fishing Guides warming up!

Nothing new with the prohibition of retail fly fishing stores being opened – but this can not stop the Fly fishing Guides to go on their favourite isolation – remote areas of the remote corners of the remote rivers. Does this sound isolated enough? :-) yeah, we try to fight the corona with some humor.. Experts says it boosts immune system!?

Well, here is the image for the experts – look how river born R.Bow trout should look like! Focus on the tail – razor sharp and sparrow – like! Beautiful catch – AL saying it pulled like a 50ccm mopped :-)

Stay tuned from time to time – sooner or later we will be able to post sth. positive!


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As the pandemic situation still grows, normally we have to mention it on our fishing only dedicated pages.. Hm.. what to say? Fish are healthy and they bite as usual in this time of the season. But with the borders of Italy being closed down and restrictions of social life putting to minimum, rivers do not see much anglers this days.. true, main season opens in two weeks, anything can happen till than.. Few locals roaming around the few areas open in March..

We must stress at this point, that Fauna Fly Shop in Bled is CLOSED until Monday 30th March – if the situation do not calms down sooner! We have had to follow government recommendation to close down all enterprises which are not vital to the social life.. (we believe that we are – but ok.. :-)

What to say further – if you have some plans to fly fish later in the spring or summer – go ahead and send us your inquiry or bookings for either the Lodge or Guiding. We will be accepting the bookings normally but NOT CLAIMING to secure them with the advance payment – until the emergency situation does not calm down. Like that we all can save your fishing plans – and our summer season..

Stay healthy – stay strong!


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Dear Fly Fisherman!

Finally a long winter waiting is gone, new 2020 Fly fishing season only few days ahead!! Below is a list of more known rivers and streams which will be open with March 1st! On the opening Sunday March 1st, Fauna Fly Shop in Bled will be open for the fishing permits sell and advise from 8:00am – 10:00 am. Welcome to visit! Thousands of good flies on the stock as we speak!

  • SAVA RADOVLJICA (aka Big Sava river)
  • LIPNICA (a tributary river to the Big Sava river)

Below also a graphic map to show you the opened areas. Press the coloured line for more information about the area!

Image gallery from the March opening rivers:



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Up and down we go fly fishing.. and up and down again…

Hey duudes… curious for getting some new exciting news regarding the levels and fly fishing condition becoming perfect!? Nope, no such news to post yet… similar to all the news in the last month – weather remaining colder than usual and showers are often.. the last shower yesterday rise the level of the Sava Bohinjka a bit while the smaller rivers remain down at normal.. The hatch is happening every day, but you must be on the river as much as possible, since the hatch hours are random and can happen either at 1400 or 20:00 or anything in the between! In the next two days, the upper parts of the Sava Bohinjka will be more under the fishing pressure, since they offer a bit less current..

River-levels-May-22nd from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

A short video about a fly fishing moment of yesterday… as said – the fish is active and feeding.. if you know to find them, mixing weather and some showers are of no importance  😆

Weather wizard saying for the next few days – not too bad!;


What fly to use? Hmm… this below is ready to go to Chamonix – France.. for the local area – just visit us in the Fauna Fly Shop and we will be glad to advise haha :-)



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Unpredictable – but fishable week ahead!?

As promised, Fly fishing news Slovenia back with this morning`s fresh visit on the Sava Bohinjka river – Bled fishing club waters.. While the video can only show you one river, also the rest of them in the north-west Slovenia have the same characteristics – clear but stronger than usual. But now – let us forget this “stronger than usual” issue; we have had like 4 groups fly fishing on the river yesterday and the weather conditions were mix – again.. shower, little sun, wind, sun etc… THEY HAD ALL REPORTED BACK GOOD DRY FLY ACTION!

It seems like 2016 is happening all over again – Mixed weather kept major of the Fly fishing population off the rivers till the end of May month. And than, when we and the weather pages declared – sunny week – 250 anglers were on the river the next days! So, read the lines here: yes, you need to have a light rain jacket handy all the time. But while the rain is not poring down – fishing is great! And there are hand-full anglers on the rivers only! Many seat at home and wait that they get a solid and reliable GO! for the sunny weather.. but when that happens, the sun will be hammering down with 25+ degrees, triggering some snow melt for sure. Now it stays on up to 18 Celsius maximum, which is not really causing any snow melt yet or just a week one, hardly noticeable..

Sava Bohinjka levels 20.5.2019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

This is the best and the closest data and forecast we can give you at the moment.. all the rest is a mixture of all kind of the weather possibilities..  feel free to call us in the Fauna fly shop if you want some detailed question to be answered, or leave your comment in the comment box below the news.. we shall keep up with the situation on the river also during the week, stay tuned..

Weather wizard saying


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Sava Bohinjka rainbow Trout

Spring Fly Fishing Slovenia – Sava Bohinjka

Few weeks since the opening of the 2019 Fly Fishing season in Slovenia and we already have some nice catches to show! Despite the rainy week that is about to end now, Fly fisherman can find the levels of Slovenian rivers just fine! Well – at least most of them.. Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca, Radovna – all fine and all GO! for the Fly Fishing.. Sava Dolinka at the moment of this update white coloured, which also influences on the Big Sava Radovljica river – not quite optimal during the time of this update..

Weather forecast for the Easter end of the week – fine! Any one targeting the area of Bled for the fly fishing hide-out during the Easter – pack the bags!

Flies to recommend – the Hatch is still week.. at least on the rivers which are fed by the glacial waters like the Sava Bohinjka, Soca.. that does not mean Dry Fly is not working – it is, but small patterns of Emergers or even ants… hook sizes 20 more or less. On the contrary – very large dries can also trigger some reaction from the down under.. big parachutes oversized hackle – give them a chance too.. Nymphs – still small and down at the bottom..

Few images of the Sava Bohinjka taken on April 15th on the upper areas of the river..

Fly Fishing Guide taking a tour down to the Canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river – tracking down a wild Rainbow – beautiful male fighting all the way, video needed to be shorten since it would take around 20min to land this Trout! Very much of the respect to the Catch & Release – `Bow swam back unharmed and is growing in the strength right now!

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Fly fishing news Slovenia

Fly Fishing activity slowly increasing, but the weather..

Moody April with it`s showers and colder wind periods keeping down the stronger activities of the fly fisherman & women :-) But there might be a problem if we only look and follow the weather forecast pages – they might show rain or drizzle, but in the real-life rivers can be nicely fishable! As an example, the video showing Sava Bohinjka river in her middle and lower areas – perfectly fishable.. weather forecast for today was showing 2/3 rain drops – nothing happened.. at least 2 fly fishing groups post-pone the visit due to rainy forecast.. at the end they should not have to.. BUT behold – tomorrow Thursday 11th will decide about end of the week being fishable or not: larger shipment of the rain on the way this evening-tomorrow if to believe the weather Man..

Stay in touch, if the levels will go up, we will be posting here on Friday Morning to update you for the last fishing plans modification.. Below also a lovely image of a visiting couple from the USA catching the “window of the opportunity” at the Sava a few days ago! See you the next year!

Early April 2019
Early April 2019

Today`s water level of the Sava Bohinjka river:

There are also some signs of fish being interest for the surface feeding! Smaller Trout and Graylin can already be tricked with some Dry Fly Flies while the bigger boys still nosing down the bottom more or less. Few more degrees in the water and bigger Trout will be up too!

Dry-fly-early from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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