Lovely Selo bridge- Bled fishing area

November`s great Fly fishing – but we remain closed!

The action of closing down most facilities in the country – not urgent to a daily life needs has been prolonged for another week – possibly until November 8th! Accommodations can not yet accept any new guests.. Shops like Fauna Flyfishing Bled can sell online only.. quite a nightmare especially when looking how nice November can be now these days out there on the rivers! Fishing is allowed but if you are a visiting fly fisherman – it needs to be a one day stand.. unless you sleep in your car on some unauthorised parking hah… nothing new to say at this moment regarding the covid and the general information.

We shall flyfish as much as we can and post some images for you guys – to help you bridge this “dry moments” while you could be here with us, enjoying November`s sun..

What`s new in the   Nice and catchy new Nymphs added recently – New TMC hooks added as well!



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SEPTEMBER FlyFishing Starts now!

Hi back into September`s fly fishing in Slovenia! Hot and crowded August is gone, showers chased away the swimmers from the rivers which now belong back to us, fly fisherman! At the moment of this fly fishing update, Sava Bohinjka is still having strong current, also Soca, while tributaries and smaller rivers like the Radovna river are almost good to go! To get some optimal levels on them, you will need to wait for Thursday or better Friday, Sept. 4th.. Weekend of September 5-6 will see most of the rivers having back their normal levels.. Unica should be also optimal for this end of the week..

Weather wizard saying:  this should be optimal for the Fly Fishing .. some T-showers possible today and tomorrow, but for the end of the week – fine!


Autumn has always been the best time of the fly fishing season to target larger trout! During the warm days, they might even come to the surface to snatch a beetle or ant imitation! Keep your leaders thin and invisible and you might stand a good chance for their strike!

Stock your dry flies for the grand finale of September and October! Don`t forget for some reliable Fluorocarbon lines too!


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November on the river Sava

Fly fishing Guides warming up!

Nothing new with the prohibition of retail fly fishing stores being opened – but this can not stop the Fly fishing Guides to go on their favourite isolation – remote areas of the remote corners of the remote rivers. Does this sound isolated enough? :-) yeah, we try to fight the corona with some humor.. Experts says it boosts immune system!?

Well, here is the image for the experts – look how river born R.Bow trout should look like! Focus on the tail – razor sharp and sparrow – like! Beautiful catch – AL saying it pulled like a 50ccm mopped :-)

Stay tuned from time to time – sooner or later we will be able to post sth. positive!


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November`s Fly fishing started with..

We said goodbye to another great October month and at the same time welcome the November – except that the second is far away from nice for now; Heavy rain in the early few days of the November pushed most of the rivers in Slovenia high and coloured. Several rivers closed down with October 31st and what is left open in November is at the moment too high for some reasonable fly fishing.

Keep in minds that the Sava Bohinjka will be fishable in all 3 sections till November 14th.. But this week hardly.. Tuesday 5th is delivering more rain and that surely won`t improve the fishing situation on the river..

If some fisherman on the area and don`t really know what to do – there are two smaller artificial lakes open where fly fishing can land some Trout! Give us a call or pop in to talk things out. Fauna fly shop open daily from 900-1500 hours.

Sava Bohinjka as on November 4th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing wizard guessing:

well, this time there is not much guessing needed – do not expect any major improvement in the north-west Slovenia till the end of this week.. more of the water on the way towards our area as we speak..  😕



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October entering in the finale fly fishing

Few more of the Fly Fishing days left till the end of October, which again – the third year in a row happens to be a top fly fishing month! In all the month there were only 3-4 poor weather fishing days, but even those were do-able with a streamer and heavier nymphs! All the rest – sun and dry/nymph action!

Let us refresh some key dates considering the Fly fishing season at this point;

  • Sava Bohinjka at Bled (lower) and Bohinj (upper) fishing area will remain open for the fly fishing till November 14th
  • Sava Bohinjka Institute (middle) fishing area will remain open for the Fly fishing until November 30th
  • Radovna will be closing for fly fishing with October 31st
  • Sava Dolinka will be closing for the fly fishing with October 31st
  • Sava river (Big Sava) will close for the fly fishing with October 31st
  • Unica river remains open for the Fly fishing till November 30th
  • Soca river closing with October 31st

Weather fishing wizard guessing:

weather Oct27-Nov2nd

It seems that the Indian summer of the October is ending…. early next week can still be pleasant and quite warm, while the Wednesday will turned to be much colder – in best case! Might bring also few snow flakes.. but definitely temperatures are going down big time. Keep in touch if you have some fishing plans on the way…

Holidays opening time of the Fauna Fly Shop in Bled:

  • October 31st:   8:00 – 10:00am
  • November 1st 8:00 – 10:00am
  • November 2nd 9:00 – 12:00
  • November 3rd   CLOSED
  • November 4th onward    9:00 – 15:00


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Fly Fishing Slovenia, March 2019

As the main fly fishing season in Slovenia kicks-in now, with April 1st, impatient ones already roaming the river Sava in March! Regardless colder water there are signs for action! Except larger Trout which is still in the spawning mood – ignoring the food that passes by, medium sized Trout already feeds nicely! Mostly on nymphs and bottom food, hatch still week or none.. This winter Slovenia has been poor with snow – meaning that the snow-run waters will be lasting only a short while.. weather seems to be fine, pack the rods and plan your fly fishing trip! Early season – less anglers and less careful fish!

First visiting Fly Fisherman arriving to Bled, Guided trip below was a success, more than handful Trout landed during the fly fishing day and in the afternoon a crown jewel Grayling of a massive weight grab the nymph – a perfect day we might call it!

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Guiding Booking

Fauna Slovenia fly fishing guiding service was established far back in 1990. Since than we had guide hundreds of fly fisherman from all over the world, introducing them our beautiful rivers and their brown trout, graylings, hucho-huchos, marble trout and more! Our guides are the most dedicated, professional and friendly you can find! Satisfaction guaranteed!

The booking inquiry you are about to send is of informative nature and will help us to provide you with a prompt and useful reply. No data you send will be used in any kind of commercial activities! For creating your unique fly fishing tour only!


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 I agree Fauna Bled co. can use my data for booking purposes only.


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It is not all about catching fish.. is also about getting new friends!

Slovenia Fly Fishing Guiding Service

Fly Fishing Slovenia guide service has more than 30 years of experience and is one of only a few officially registered services in Slovenia. We can provide highly experienced guides on Slovenia’s best fly fishing rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Unica, Radovna, Idrijca and others.

Whether you are an experienced trout fly fisherman or an absolute beginner, our very experienced local Slovenian fishing guides, cooperating with the Fauna Fly Shop Bled will always make your visit to Slovenia’s best rivers a memorable event. We provide transport and all fly fishing equipment, and have thousands of carefully selected flies ideal for the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna and other rivers. In fact, you need bring nothing with you at all! Our friendly and helpful guides speak all major European languages and will become your special fly fishing friend and mentor by the end of the day!


What is one of the first thoughts once you decide to go to fly fish in Slovenia? Do I need a fly fishing guide! Our answer would be: probably you do! And since every reasonable statement needs an argument, here are ours;

1. When you arrive in Slovenia, there will be some 40 fly fishing districts waiting for you and you will not always have reliable idea about fishing conditions or water levels on them. Easy to find and park places are usually poor in fly fishing performance.. What you should target are secret spots, hidden paths and a bit remote fly fishing areas, which are only listed in the fishing Guide`s heads..

There are many fly fishing rivers in Slovenia. There is even more of choices if you consider all those rivers are divided among different fishing associations and clubs.. choice of where to go on the fly fishing might get a bit complicated..

2.You had chose a river and the fishing area of Slovenia to fly fish on and Fauna Fishing centre confirmed you that the water level is fine. Problem might be appearing now is, that the chosen river is possibly 15 or more km long and in runs in some rocky part of Slovenia`s nord-west.. Before you locate and arrive to the river without knowing those hot spots, there will be a half day of your fly fishing vacation lost!  😐

3. You had find the nice Slovenian fly fishing river and it is in good fishing condition – great, we at Fauna fly shop Bled had kindly advise you some hot spots on it, so the troubles should stop here right? Maybe.. but there are a small, bush-hidden paths that leads along the river and they are not marked on any map.. Uups, another fishing hour gone again. And it has been the morning one probably, usually the better part of the fishing day, especially in the summer time.

4. You had found a hot fly fishing area on a nice and probably not cheap Slovenian river (Unica, Soca, Krka Trophy, Sava Bohinjka Trophy part) and you see a lot of trout and grayling feeding actively. After an hour of casting you still don`t have a strike, but fish is all over the place.. Well, a hint regarding the choice of best fly pattern from an experienced fly fishing guide would come very handy yes? If such situation happens by the way, you most likely didn`t notice the small insect which triggered the fish to start feeding on them.. Some times hook size 22 is what meets the hatch size 😉

5. You had managed to find all the mentioned and managed to pick the right fly and you had a great time out there.. But behold! You had spend 2-3 days of your precious vacation time to managed that. With a fly fishing guide it would take you a day.
We could talk more about the advantages of having a professional fly fishing guide on the rivers which are not actually your backyard. But all who are open minded for a common sense, have enough facts on the table. Relax now and watch the video below. It will make you feel good inside :-)

Fauna Fly Fishing shop in Bled will be glad to help you out even if you still decide to go fly fishing on your own. Having special maps and all the fishing permits for the majority of fly fishing rivers in Slovenia we are definitely a place to visit once you arrive in Slovenia. After all, we have no argument against exploring pioneer spirit of our fly fisherman if we meet one!

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