Beautiful Adriatic Grayling

Flyfishing into week September 7-13th

As you can see on the video below – weather a bit rainy this morning September 7th.. but remarkably the levels still down and almost on perfect! If to believe the weather forecast, the rain shall stop around noon time and the rest of the week should be NICE for the fly fishing activities!

Sava Bohinjka September 7th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather forcast for the rest of the week – BLED and the north-west part of the Slovenia.. (Soca, Radovna, Sava river fishing basin)


Some new items added to the recently – welcome to visit!


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SEPTEMBER FlyFishing Starts now!

Hi back into September`s fly fishing in Slovenia! Hot and crowded August is gone, showers chased away the swimmers from the rivers which now belong back to us, fly fisherman! At the moment of this fly fishing update, Sava Bohinjka is still having strong current, also Soca, while tributaries and smaller rivers like the Radovna river are almost good to go! To get some optimal levels on them, you will need to wait for Thursday or better Friday, Sept. 4th.. Weekend of September 5-6 will see most of the rivers having back their normal levels.. Unica should be also optimal for this end of the week..

Weather wizard saying:  this should be optimal for the Fly Fishing .. some T-showers possible today and tomorrow, but for the end of the week – fine!


Autumn has always been the best time of the fly fishing season to target larger trout! During the warm days, they might even come to the surface to snatch a beetle or ant imitation! Keep your leaders thin and invisible and you might stand a good chance for their strike!

Stock your dry flies for the grand finale of September and October! Don`t forget for some reliable Fluorocarbon lines too!


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What was hiding under the rocks

July Fly Fishing staying fresh and active!

Kind-a special July 2020 – as the whole year being very particular – showers and storms keep the temperatures on the rivers at the normal degrees. No super hot heat waves like in 2019, levels of most Slovenian rivers remaining low but fishable. Unica dropped below 40cm level which might mean very selective feeding of Grayling.. the rest of the major rivers like Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca, Radovna etc. will prefer smaller patterns, darker in general and of most importance – 7X tippet material! No wonder fly will do any good if you gonna attach it on a 4X tippet material hah!

Weather forecast for the coming week:

fishing-weather-21-29     news:

New, fresh stock of the AQUASURE wader repair glue and some other minor SIMMS goodies to be found in the Fly Fishing accessories group!



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Some Fly Fishing and COVID-19 information

Hi there dear All! It has been a while since we last publish water levels of the Sava Bohinjka river.. wonder why hm hm … :-)

Now the borders are getting open for most of the EU countries and the 1st anglers arriving by the end of this week – if the water levels will cooperate! We do have a very wet June.. like the Covid would not do enough damage – now the rain will prolong the river-off situation.. :-/

The video is showing water level close to bridge Log – Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river.

Sava Bohinjka as found on June 10th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

COVID-19 INFO: All the citizens from the “covid safe” country list CAN ENTER SLOVENIA without the quarantine period of 14 days. UNFORTUNATELY ITALIAN ANGLERS ARE NOT YET ON THE SAFE LIST, so they need to wait a little bit more.. Hopefully the situation will change soon and they will be able to come on the fly fishing without the quarantine period!

List of countries

Czech Republic

To get ready for some later DRY FLY fishing action out there on the rivers. we had knocked down our DRY FLY selection for 20% enabling you to fill your dry fly boxes and be ready to meet the Surface feeding frenzy weeks of the late June and Early July. Welcome to visit us on the  


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V času korona krize v ekipi Fauna Bled nismo počivali! Za vas smo postavili novo spletno prodajno mesto ! Bogata izbira umetnih muh, ki jo bomo še dopolnjevali! Izbrane muhe dostavimo hitro, naslednji delovni dan bodo lahko že z vami na vodi! Hvala za obisk – dobrodošli zdaj in vedno!  Ekipa Fauna Bled.

Dear All! Corona did not keep us resting! NEW online fly fishing shop, with all our Flies and gadgets! Still more work to do, filling up other items and MORE FLIES on a weekly basis! Welcome to visit NOW and ALWAYS!     Yours, Fauna Bled Team!


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