Rainy Sunday is gone – EVERYTHING FINE

As first we were afraid that the strong rain on Sunday 28th July will be messing up with the river levels of the north-west of Slovenia – but behold: seems like the soil was so dry that all of the fallen rain was absorbed and the river colour and levels remaining untouched – clear and nicely fishable! This coming week of July 29-August 3rd will be having mix of the weather circumstances, from showers to sun and cloudiness which is a great recipe for the Fly fishing – at least in the summer time. Less swimmers on the river due to unstable weather is a welcome information too! If it happens you are on the area shortly – no fear, GO! on the fly fishing!!

Wether fishing wizard guessing..

Seems like the Friday might bring some stronger showers… the rest seems more or less ok – even good for the fly fishing if the river stays clear! No swimmers and no boat traffic probably also better fish activity than under the strong summer sunshine… pretty well we have a GO for the end of the week fishing..