Leaking borders with Italy and Austria!!

Good news and bad news! Which one you want to read first!?  :-)

Good one is, that the borders with Austria and Italy are letting fly fisherman in Slovenia with no problems. We issue to our guests a confirmation of having a booking at the Fauna Lodge or a Tour booked with our Guides – just to keep them more calm when meeting the border officers.. situation is expected to relax in the next week, towards the June 15th when overall life could return back to normal and travelling will see no more restrictions what so ever..

Fishing situation in Slovenia overall is ready to accept visiting fly fisherman – rivers haven`t been fished, June is proverbial the best dry fly fishing month and the weather should be optimal for a full day long fly fishing.

Speaking about the weather, the coming end of the week June 5-6 will not be optimal, with storms and showers more or less all over the country. With some luck, the levels will recover soon, getting back to optimal towards the 15th..

This is how Sava Bohinjka looked like on June 4th, Bohinjska Bela bridge;


Weather prognosis for the coming end of the week, June 6-7th;


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