Spin fishing

Spin fishing on LAKE BLED and Bohinj

Many visiting anglers are coming from the countries, where Spin fishing, boat fishing, trolling and ground bait fishing is commonly accepted on all their native and artificial fishing areas. Those respected Anglers might come to unpleasant shock when get acquainted with Slovenian fishing regulations: ALL Trout rivers and streams are RESERVED for Fly fishing only! (EXCEPT in winter time, from November till February when rivers enable Hucho-Hucho fishing) Woow – now what!? Well, nothing is really lost – but there will be some adaptation to Slovenian fishing rules needed.. Once can spin fish on all officially approved fishing lakes of Slovenia (Bled lake, Bohinj lake, Smartinsko jezero lake etc..).

Fauna Fishing Bled organises Spin fishing (or Fly fishing) tours on lake Bled and lake Bohinj, where guests can fish for Pike, Lake trout, Zander and Cat fish. We can provide also Electric motor – equipped boat for more comfortable all day fishing tours.

If you travel light, we can hire complete Spin fishing outfit. Daily supply of lures anglers can find in retail store Fauna Bled. A nice selection of spin lures waiting for you to choose from!

At this point we would also like to INVITE all Spin anglers to try one time a FLY FISHING tour! Slovenian rivers are PERFECT for beginners and our professional Guide Commander AL shall do his best to train you into Fly fisherman (lady) in one single day! TRY OUT – You won.t be regretting!

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