Belly boat fishing

Belly boat fishing

Belly Boat Fly Fishing in Slovenia is something that every fun-seeking angler should try at least once! If you own your Belly Boat than you know what are we talking about. But if never tried – you should explore this Belly Boat dedicated page! Fauna Fly Fishing Bled organises Fly fishing Tours on still water around Bled town. Most popular are of course Trout fishing areas, but if requested – we can Guide you also on lake Bled – providing Belly Boats on request. 

When considering to book a Belly boat fishing Tour, keep in minds that it makes a different out of your fishing day by what type of Belly Boat you hire! Fauna Bled provides best Quality Bellies! Comfortable Flippers are also essential if you still want to feel your feet after several hours of paddling. We provide flippers that can be used OVER your comfortable wading boots! Our premium SAVAGE HIGH RIDER V2 Belly boats are equipped with a pair of rows, that enable you some fast movement in case storm is on the way or your human needs push you on the banks to seek relief.

How we organise a Belly Boat Fly fishing Tour?

Once you booked us for the fishing Tour, our Pro Guide – Commander AL takes over! You shall be delivered (or advised about the location) of a docking spot where we meet you on early morning hour. Either you will be bringing your own waders, boots and rod – or shall we if you hire it along the Savage High ride V2 Belly boat. In some 15 min, Belly boat gets inflated (watch the intro movie below) and you are ready to carry the Belly down to the lake. Yes, YOU will carry it, since your Guide must carry his. This is a part of the story and the image of You carrying the Belly vessel will astonished your fishing buddies and friends at home! A short walk – and you are hoovering and chasing those Submarine-like Trout! 

What catches to expect and how we Fly fish?

Trout of the lake are having a different feeding character and habits than the ones you are use to fly fish on the rivers and streams. And if angler does not figure them out – they are relatively hard to catch. Here the Professional Fishing guide – Commander AL, makes all the difference; choosing preferable Fly fishing method and the right fly is essential! The choice depends of various factors like time of the year, water temperature and transparency, winds etc.. Since those big Trout prefer bottom or mid-water feeding areas, dry fly is not preferable choice, except perhaps late afternoon-evening when even the larger ones make a rise or two – just to slurp a candy or two.. Mostly you will be nymphing or light streamer trolling. Once the line starts to run, you can expect either a Rainbow, Lake or Brown trout! Even a Grayling was caught a few times. If you had checked the images on this page, you saw that Trout are in PERFECT conditions, wild and lake-born animals, deserving a full RESPECT from the angler and his Guide. That is why we are using only rubber-mesh nets of larger diameters enabling us a fast and harmless landing of those beauties. Single barbless hooks are obligatory. Best quality and if possible forget – or you ain.t gonna bring any until the net. 

Let us mention that Belly Boat Guided tour is optimal for 1 angler at the time with 2 persons / 1 guide being maximum. Manoeuvring the new Belly boat user and helping him to master the casts is not an easy work for the fishing Guide and practice teach us 1-2 persons at a time is optimum. 

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CONTACT US any time to tailor YOUR unforgettable BELLY BOAT Fly fishing Experience. Please consider that a Fishing tour like this is not possible on a last minute basis and it needs a day or two prior BOOKING! FAUNA Fly Shop Bled is official SAVAGE GEAR distributor and can supply you with Savage Gear Belly boats by reasonable retail prices and delivery times fob Bled. Excited to hear from you – LET`S GO!

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