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Hucho-Hucho Fishing prices

Due to a complexity and variety of different factors involved in the organisation of your Guided Hucho tour, estimate of totals can not be listed by a simple figure.. Our offers are made specifically upon receiving your inquiry for the Fishing tour. Feel absolutely free to send us your interest over our booking forms and we shall do our best to reply you with a challenging offer. We are Professional Co. for organising Hucho-Hucho fishing tours and we do it on highest quality level. Be aware at this point, that various social media lately producing many so called “wannabe” Hucho Guides who are promising a lot but at the end usually don.t pick the phone any more.. Precocious of who and what you book up with is surely at place.  

When you shall be contacting FFB Pro Team and Commander AL, these are the key information we should know to be able assembling you the best possible offer for the Guided service;

  • How many persons in the arriving group? Consider maximum is 3 persons per 1 Pro.Hucho Guide. 
  • Would you bring your spin or fly fishing gear with you or would hire it from us?
  • How many days would you like to fish?
  • Would you endure full day fishing or would prefer to fish 3h morning and 3h afternoon?
  • Fishing permits to fish for the Hucho cost from Eur 45,00 – 99,00 depending of either you fish C&R or you would like to keep the fish you catch (unfortunately that is still possible yes) and from the river we take you to. This is of pure informative nature and you should not be having any concern which river to choose while your fishing tour starts. We shall choose the river which fishes best at the moment of your arrival.

Looking forward to read or hear from you!

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