Entering the world of the best Hucho Fishing Guide out there - Commander AL!

In the last couple of years, Hucho-hucho (Huchen) fishing has become more and more popular and widely known and it`s fame some times almost obsession! Social media helped dramatically and not always in a good way. Many anglers would like to grasp for the fishing throne by lifting up 1M+ tag Hucho-hucho, in a day! Rarely, even that can be seen in the realms of the Huchen fishing, but is more exception than a rule.  

Really good Hucho anglers learned their way to the TOP on a hard way – spending days and days out there, being close to the Giant fish and observing – before they even made their first cast upon the King! And when they finished that hard College of Hucho fishing and they caught more or less all those Giants – they Qualified to become FFB Pro. Hucho Guides

Enough said -image tells more than a thousand words! Not sure if we published all those Guided catches of Commander AL and all of his personal Best`s, but surely enough that every one can recognise professionalism at work! 

In the PARADISE named - Slovenia we fish for the Huchen!

Hucho-Hucho (Huchen) fishing and fly fishing can be found in several European countries – but none of them can offer such a spectacular Huchen fishing environment like Slovenia! It is very hard to maintain high concentration on the possible Hucho strike when so much beauty around you when spin or fly fishing! FFB Pro Guiding service and Commander AL organise Guided Tours on the most scenic rivers of Slovenia! Join us and take home much more than just a life time catch!

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