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Welcome Challenger! If your hart calls for the ultimate challenge with a fly or spin rod – Hucho-Hucho Catch, don.t hesitate to fill the form below – no obligations whatsoever at the first contact.. Let`s chat first and see if we have a common ground to make your dreams come true! If you prefer to reach us via Whatsapp – welcome: 0038641633147 any time. Looking forward fishing with you!

Feel free to contact us via the contact form below, telling us a bit more about when would you like to try your Fishing skills and luck on the exciting Hucho Hucho fishing or Fly fishing! Providing us the below Fishing information, will enable us to reply you more precisely and useful.

The booking inquiry you are about to send is of informative nature and will help us to provide you with a prompt and useful reply. No data you send will be used in any kind of commercial activities! For creating your unique fly fishing tour only!..

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