Fishing for the Hucho-Hucho either with a spin or Fly rods, has in the recent decade become almost an obsession! Because of the rarity of the specie and significant huge size that it can grow to, this magnificent Land locked Salmon has to be a crown jewel of every serious angler seeking for large predator Trophy.  And it`s not so long ago, that the Hucho-Hucho fishing was allowed only for the elite members of Slovenian fishing clubs and VIP’s members of the society. (Should we mention a former Yugoslav president Tito at this point)! After Slovenia joined the EU, the rules have been relaxed significantly. 

As a result, fishing for this majestic Salmon Danube (Latin name Hucho-Hucho) these days became available also for the wider fishing public, keeping several restrictions as a heritage of the previous times. As far back as we can remember, Hucho-Hucho has been considered as a mightiest resident of the Slovenian rivers which outflow in the Danube and further into the Black sea. But do not get mislead: this is NOT a migrating Salmon. Hucho-Hucho is born in the river and stays more or less in the same river all of his life. It can age more than 15 years and reaches up to 150cm in size!

Why Hucho-Hucho fishing or fly fishing should be so special!?

The simple answer would be because the behaviour or should we say the character of the Hucho-Hucho  is very special and challenging. The Hucho is the most dominant and territorial fish in the rivers that flow into the Danube, whence the Hucho-Hucho originated from. At the same time, the Hucho is also the highest link in the food chain and can thus reach enormous sizes. Even the continent`s average size for the specie says a lot: from 90-120 cm! With every year and every inch, the Hucho becomes more experienced and thus harder to catch! This beautiful Danube salmon can live for more than 17 years. Imagine the skills the predator is gaining during  this time! A very difficult task for every fly or spin fisherman!

Why is Hucho fishing challenging and difficult!?

There are several facts that make Hucho-Hucho fishing one of the most challenging freshwater fisheries. In the below lines we will swiftly enlighten few basic fishing facts for all of you who are facing this challenge for the first time. Skilled Hucho fisherman knows all that and can continue to the Gallery Hucho page. Reading the below should not terrify you too much.. The truth is that all the efforts with catching the Hucho will be well rewarded as soon as you manage to land your 1st one!


  • The Hucho-Hucho fishing season is in the middle of the winter. In Slovenia, the season lasts from 15 November to 14 February. There are some high minus temperatures to be expected.

  • Heavy tackle and many ground-loosing streamers or lures are required.

  • The gear suffers just like the anglers, rods and rollers often freeze, fly lines should be cold water type or they will fall apart after the 1st cold fishing day.

  • Capital Hucho-Huchos does not eat every day, so the angler needs to achieve some physical endurance and sustainability to be around with his streamer when the Giant moves on the hunt.

  • The Hucho prefers to catch at dawn and dusk time, so fishing during this parts of the day brings better chance for the Hucho strike. At the same time this means waking up at 05am and returning from the river in the dark. Many times the opening few casts are performed in hard dark without fisherman seeing where exactly he casts to! Sounds easy? Close your eyes and try to target a patch with your lure or streamer.. One inch too long and you will end up in the tree on the other side of the river loosing those precious moment when the darkness emerges into the dawn.. Headlamps? Yes, of course they are in use to arrive to the spot.. but if you are fishing clear water rivers, than lights are found disturbing for the fishing. After years of Hucho fishing, anglers get used to fish in the low light conditions.

  • The first strike you would be having is often in vain because the jaws of the Huchos are very hard and bone-rich. Strong setting of the hook and only the best and sharpest hooks should be in use for Hucho fishing!

  • Very good conditions for fishing on the Huchos are when the rivers starting to rise the levels leading into higher and murkier water conditions. River banks can be more dangerous if covered by higher water levels – some extra precocious is recommended.

Why do I need a fishing guide for the Hucho Fishing?!?

Firstly, a Slovenian law states that the Hucho fishing must always performed in pairs. This is considered as a basic rule. On top of that basic rule, some elite Hucho-Hucho fishing clubs can apply additional rules and fishing obligation, to further protect the Huchos. One of the most recognisable additional rule is to require the Guide, which needs to be a member of the club governing the river area. But there are several more pro-s for you not being alone on the Hucho-Hucho fishing;


  • For the security reasons, it is advantageous to have a Hucho guide with you. In winter there are many dangers on the river. A skilled and experienced guide can sometimes save a life!

  • The Hucho Guide will take you to the best hot spots and hidden pools, no one knows the river better than a local Slovenian Huchen fishing guide!

  • It is not easy to handle a 15 kg + Hucho and at the same time to keep the fly or spin rod, while standing on a rock or on some icy surface found along the river during the winter time.

  • Without a Hucho-Hucho guide, you would not be seeing 10% of the photos on this Hucho page.

  • For the Hucho to be professionally unhooked is of greater importance for his future health and well being. With proper handling, the fish has a very good chance of swimming back to the river without any injury or one drop of the blood spilled. This is out most goal of every proper Hucho Fishing Guide.

How can FFBled and Commander AL help you with catching your first or biggest Hucho!??

Fauna Flying Fishing Bled Co., has always been a big proponent of the initiative to make the Hucho-Hucho fishing accessible to the wider fishing public. And since that mission was finally achieved, we have been able to reach our goal to become No.1 Assistant / Guiding service for Fishing the Huchos. Reliable services and Skilled Hucho Guides, accurate logistics and trustworthy communication have been what we have achieved while creating more than a decade time in the Hucho fishing and fly fishing. But the strongest boost in performance was surely a discover of the far most talented Hucho fishing angler out there – Commander AL, who literally lined-up the whole Hucho-hucho catching gallery you will about to browse – by Guiding many anglers to their so desirable goal – big Hucho-hucho catch!


Constantly exploring new Hucho spots and the well-known Hucho-Hucho Rivers to guarantee you always new and exciting Hucho fishing expeditions!

Visit our Gallery or YouTube channel to see more photos and videos!

Few specifics and useful tips for planning of YOUR HUCHO fishing tour!

Since the last few seasons were a Hucho fishing success, we have decided to take another step forward to bring you the adventure of the Hucho fishing even closer! For the newcomers in the Fishing for the Hucho, you will find the below useful tips for your first or New Hucho fishing expedition:


  • 2-3 fish days are usually enough to hack a fish if the conditions are right. Some lucky fishermen can catch the Hucho in one day, but that’s more of an exception than the rule. And yes – there is NO guarantee that the fisherman will catch a Hucho, even if he/she fishes for a week! 

  • A 6 hour fishing day (when the water is clear) is optimal for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. We named this “effective Guiding” and can be find under that mark also in our price lists and offers.

  • Endurance Hucho fishing throughout the day certainly increases odds but fishing is tough. Only a few fishermen survive more than 3 full days, as it involves a lot of harsh terrain walking and heavy tackle casting.

  • Hucho fishing usually starts very early in the morning so guests should arrive one day before the first fishing day.

  • Fly fishing on Hucho requires some basic experience! But even if never tried – our Hucho Guides will do their best to train you to the level at which you will start to comprehend the overall philosophy of the Fly Fishing for Hucho-Hucho. Casting a large streamer and heavy fly lines – is a skill for itself, doing it in the dark – unforgettable.

  • Fishing equipment must be suitable for this purpose. Fly rods 9/9 or 9/10 also 11ft will work, depends of the river you go to and it`s level status.. Gear overall is too large chapter to talk it here, if you are in doubt what to bring with just contact us any time, specify what you have and we will be advising you what to take with. The rest you can either purchase or hire from the Fauna fly shop Bled (us).

Pay attention to these points and send us your booking request to our Fauna Email. We will inform you immediately about the availability and the latest Hucho-Hucho prices and offers.

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