Grayling of 52cm!

Fly Fishing Slovenia – middle March reports

Dear visiting Fly Fisherman, March is half gone and with today snow-rain shower seems like a not-optimal fly fishing period? But first looks are many times deceiving! River Sava has fishable levels and active fish! We went on a fly fishing trip a day ago, targeting Trout but land also some nice Grayling along! Not really a season for them yet, but a quick photo before the release won`t do any harm :-) And since one was a 52-er he needs the memory-photo for sure haha… In general March is more or less dry, few rivers that are open (Radovna, Sava big and Krka) have normal levels. This coming end of the week, March 24-25th should be very nice and sunny – great opportunity to plan a short fly fishing tour! Fauna fly shop Bled a place to be – advising you about where to go to find best fishing areas and what flies to take with! Welcome to visit!