Fly Fishing Lodge on the Sava Bohinjka river is FOR SALE! Unique Investment opportunity!

Established Flyfishing Lodge, located on the very river banks of the Sava Bohinjka river – Slovenia is now for sale!


direct e-mail of the owners: posest.bled@gmail.com A short introduction of the facility;

Fly fishing lodge Fauna, is situated in a peaceful location on the bank of the River Sava Bohinjka and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Located in the midst of the Bled and Bohinj region, it makes a perfect base for fishing along the length of the River Sava Bohinjka.

Away from the urban hustle bustle, the Fauna fly fishing lodge offers attractive and peaceful accommodation amongst beautiful scenery and unspoilt nature, and looks out over one of the most amazing rivers in Europe, the Sava Bohinjka. Located in the heart of the Bled and Bohinj region, it is a perfect base for fishing along the length of the River Sava Bohinjka or on the nearby River Radovna. For example, there are two excellent stretches nearby – the Institute and Bled Trophy sections of Sava Bohinjka river, being just 2km and 5km away from the lodge respectively. The lodge offers 10 beds, comprising two double-bed rooms and two three-bed rooms. Our high-standard accommodation offers great comfort and meets the demands of the most fastidious guest, whether a fly fisherman or simply a tourist. Welcome to contact Fauna Lodge`s friendly staff any time for more information or bookings.



What else can Fauna Lodge offer you:

  • Information centre for Slovenian fly fishing waters
  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Storehouse for waders and other fly fishing tackle.
  • Drying Locker box where you will be able to dry or remove the moister from all of your fly fishing gear over the night! NO HOTEL OR OTHER BB Has established a drying Locker for the Fly fishing guests!
  • Free wireless internet connection.

Threw the years, Fauna Fishing Lodge has became a place of stay where you can meet new friends and share your experience with the people who are sharing your passion – fly fishing!

International fly fisherman
Happy faces leaving the Lodge. See you next season!

Choosing a place of stay, where every single persons you gonna meet knows what the Fly Fishing is all about, will make you feel relaxed and always in good mode! Sharing your impressions from a fishing day with Lodge`s staff or another fly fisherman you gonna meet on the garden –  the fishing debate is open!  :-)

Fauna Fly fishing Lodge offers loads of help to their guest, enabling them to reach nice fly fishing spots either in proximity of the Lodge or wider on the area of Sava Bohinjka river. As it might look easy once you are on the spot, river still remains a part of wilderness, which deserves respect and careful approach. Small paths, hidden passages are not listed in navigation systems of modern electronic devices.. That is why a hint from a local fly fishing experts can have a big value when planning your fly fishing day anywhere in Slovenia.

The valley of the Sava Bohinjka river
The valley of the Sava Bohinjka river

Rivers are almost like a live beings – changing their character, behaviour and the path they run at.. Passages appear and after next high water disappear again. Where once was a deep pool, you find a gravel bed and where the flat, sandy isle stood – deep current runs now! This is part of our life but for you it means valuable advise and fishing information you can rely on!

Fauna Fishing Lodge is a project of fly fisherman made for the fly fisherman! And since the time and tradition are the only judges one can trust, our 28th anniversary in assisting worldwide anglers and fly fisherman to discover Slovenia needs no comment. Having a question you want to find out? Just send us an e-mail and we will see if a perfect fly fishing tour via Slovenia can be set-up for you!