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FFB Fly Fishing Team welcomes you on our home page!

Performing Flyfishing Guided Tours on highest quality level, running a specialised Flyfishing Shop for 20y, tied more than 30K flies in our life.. Official distributor for World`s famous Fly fishing brands etc..  over the past decade gaining trust of several well known persons from Social life, Politics, Sports.. But this page is not just about that. It should be our personal ID about who we are – and what we want to do. Now – and in the Future! Contact us and become a part of this story!

Yours Truly – Matej Gartnar CEO

What means FFB!? In it`s origin, FFB stands for Fauna Flyfishing Bled! But it means much more than just the name of a Flyfishing shop in Bled! Where ever you will mark a FFB abbreviation, the following shall be there too;

  • FFB – Fly Fishing Buddies, FFB – Fly Fishing at it`s Best! FFB – Fly Fishing Bravery! FFB – Flyfishing Fashion, FFB – For the Friends – Be there! FFB – Flyfishing Forever Be! FFB – Flyfishing first in Bled! FFB – Friends Flyfish Best! FFB – For the Flyfishing we Bleed! FFB – Fight For your Beliefs! FFB – For the Fish – Be there! FFB – Fly Fishing Bonton! FFB – Fly Fishing Brotherhood

Honorable Sponsors and Donors of the FFB Team & Program: Mr. Rene & Heidi Hausmann  °-° Ms. Minjung Kim

July 2022; Very glad to be able Guiding my very dear friend and world-known Artist, Ms. Minjung Kim! More than a decade ago, I taught her 1st Fly fishing casts on the Sava Bohinjka river and She never gave up the noble FF sport ever since! Dear Minjung, your calm and Zen-like spirit makes such a symbiosis with the Fly fishing – an Art itself! Can`t wait sharing the river again in 2023!

June 2022; New FFB Member confirmed! Glad to announce that the FFB Pro Team is stronger for a talented and passionate Fly fisher`w`man – Eva Saksida! Her undoubted talent for Art, combined with a passion for the Flyfishing, made a unique symbiosis and created some very admiring items and drawings! Many of them are also available for the purchase, other were created out of pure joy of creation, others on a special request of our Guests. If you would be having some Questions regarding the custom-made art of the @eva.saksida you might find here on the Instagram or simply send us e-mail on our contacts. She will be glad to tailor some unique drawing or glass engraving for you!

March 2022; Looking at the New Fly fishing season in Slovenia and wondering about the challenging times we ended up with – as the Covid finally close to be beaten down – new dark clouds on the horizon.. FFB defends the freedom of every man and protects the rivers at the same time, enabling that very freedom to be LIVED and experienced!



Januar 2022; Only true DEMON can challenge the most elusive and smart Huchos! Glad to have one as such aboard! Good job done AL!!

December 2nd; Another MasterClass of handling&Landing Hucho-Hucho! GD JOB FFB Team Member AL!



November 15th; FFB Pro Staff member AL – helped with the evolution of the Giant Hucho-Hucho Streamers! Years of experiences and practice resulted in this awesome – and catchy Hucho-hucho Magnum Streamer series! It can already be found at the www.faunaflyshop.si or in our retail Fauna Flyshop in Bled!

October 24th; FFB Pro Staff in pursuit of yet another 50+ cm Grayling! Success – but along some very hard work, climbing some ripples that toke away lots of energy (as well some landing nets) haha.. AL nailed this one in a style, myself catching the 10 minute of the Sun – and press the trigger! The result of the mission: DONE!

October 2021; A noble contribution by our FFB Pro staff AL – a preserved body of magnificent Hucho-Hucho Salmon! Displaying it at the Fauna Flyshop in Bled with intention to better inform our visitors about just how magnificent this specie of Salmon might grow up to! We support C&R fishing, but as well respect the Slovenian tradition. And that was not so far ago in the past – to put such a noble catch preserved and balsamated on the most respected and visible corner of one`s home!

August 2021; Honoured being able to Guide and enjoying company of Gold Olympic medallist Ms. Crista Cullen! Spending her free time here in Slovenia and sharing her passion for the Flyfishing with us – a memorable fishing moments on the Sava Bohinjka river will remain in our harts for ever! Looking forward to your next visit already!

June 2021;  A Remarkable catch of Jan Klavžar! – Proving that Slovenia is still a place to be – if in pursuit of a Life-time Graylings! Big congrats, official celebration party will be by the river!! Awesome 54cm!! 20+incher!!  😀

Hucho-Hucho Danube Salmon is now in spawning time

FFB Team has triggered a social media campaign to aware wider Flyfishing public to keep away as much as possible from the Hucho-Hucho spawning areas and like that help to protect the new generation of the future Kings and Queens of the European rivers! We thank you for your contribution by aware also your Flyfishing friends and other visitors of Slovenian rivers!

New goals and Fly Fishing missions for the 2021 Fly fishing season! 

Cooperation with the higher levels of the Government services of Slovenia can be very useful for our sport of Fly fishing! Protection of the rivers, campaigns against building hydro power station dams which would ruin beautiful fly fishing places, protection of the endangered fish species, initiatives against privatisation of the water resources – all that mentioned is decided in the cabinets of the Government. And if we present them in LIVE what we would like to protect – some decisions regarding protection could go in the proper way!

The below gallery nicely shows how we joined the USA Embassy Ljubljana project of supporting outdoor sports and small enterprises and our mission to bring the noble sport of the Fly fishing to the influential public and wider society. It was an honour and a true pleasure to be Guiding her Excellency, the Ambassador of the United States, Ms. Lynda Blanchard along the beautiful green pools of the Sava Bohinjka river! New Trips alike are already in progress for the 2021 season!

April 2021 – FFB Team triggers another cleaning of the Sava Bohinjka river banks!

Again lots of work but it was much worth the good feelings after! River shone in her full beauty when the plastic parts got removed from the trees and branches! Along the day we had went to check also the waterfall of the Grmecica to see if any pollution over there – found none, thanks to the awareness of the visitors. Toke also the super cold water of the waterfall to cool down a bottle of the BJ to celebrate a birthday of a FFB Team member – in style :-) Along the way we had met a fresh Fly fisherman who was struggling a bit with the casts.. Of course we extend some Guiding help – he caught a bunch of Trout soon as we left :-) Overall – again a great day out there on the river Sava Bohinjka!

March 2021 – FFB Team joins the initiative to clean the river banks of the upper Sava Bohinjka river – powered by a raft boat! 

Fly fishing on it`s higher levels means performing it in a clean environment. And as the Slovenian rivers might look like that when you drive by, a closer look might reveal a different situation! Many people think about the clear nature as a self for-granted gift. Well, we at the FFB Team don.t think so. Rivers are our bread and butter and we want to see them clean! Not just for us, but also for the generation to follow!



How do I recognise the FFB Team member!?

FFB Team Logo official
FFB Team Logo official

Who CAN JOIN the FFB Team?

FFB Team welcomes every one that RECOGNISES and LIVES upon the standards of the above foundation FFB criteria. Majority of confirmed FFB Members must agree with the acceptance of a new member. CEO Matej Gartnar has the right to press Veto at any times on any candidate wanting to join the FFB Team. New members are confirmed once every year, usually at the end of Trout fishing season. Only 2 new members/year can be accepted!

What do I gain if I become confirmed FFB Member?

You gain new trust worth Fishing friends and colleges, full support of the Fauna Fly Shop in Bled and special deals on any Fly fishing brand distributed by Fauna Flyfishing Bled. Inside information on winter Hucho-hucho fishing, best fly patterns recipes, small secrets of big rivers, newest tying materials etc, etc..

Do I have some obligation when I become confirmed FFB Member?

Of course you have. You must become a gentlemen out there on the river and you must be a person that other FFB members can rely on. In short – you are an Ambassador of a Fly fishing sport! You should also contribute photo or video content from your fishing that meets the high standard C&R criteria and promotes Catch and Release fly fishing. What is also very important – you should not loose the love for the fly fishing. Any like-collecting members copy-pasting, influencers which can`t even cast properly etc – have no place amongst FFB community.

Can I get excluded from the FFB Team once already confirmed?

Sure.. If majority of Confirmed FFB Members recognises you violate the above mentioned FFB Standards, you can get excluded. CEO Matej Gartnar has the right to press Veto at any times on any candidate that is under the threat to get excluded.

Is a membership in the FFB Free of charge?

Yes and no..  😆