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Update July 17th 2021: July turned into the second half and delivered a refreshing and rainy days around July 17-20th.. No real drama as on some other parts of Europe for which we wish all the best and fastest recovery – Germany in particular! – OMG! As far as Slovenia – rain was welcome since the river levels started to go down a bit too much already. Forecasts for fly fishing in the second half of July are good! Occasional storms and showers shall keep the temperature down and will take care for a good fish activity. Some days will be harder to fish than other – surely, but overall impression and expectation – all good to GO! Occupancy of hotels in Bled and as well angler amount on the rivers are roughly estimated from 30-40% of the “normal” seasons. That means you would be having quiet moments out there on the river in the period that is usual – high peak fishing season! That must be worth some additional efforts to make a fast covid test to enter Slovenia surely! KEEP IN MINDS that this year tourism is still in the recovery stage.. Next year the covid will surely be defeated by vaccination process and the USA, CA, AU and GB will again be more free to travel to EU – than those 30-40% occupancy will only be a nice wish to dream about   :-)  Some more news on our page<<



Latest Fly fishing Slovenia COVID news release July 17th, 2021:

Dear visitors of our Flyfishing Slovenia home page, here the latest covid and flyfishing related news you might be interested for;

  • On EU Criteria, Slovenia is now GREEN LISTED. 
  • To enter Slovenia you still need to have a negative antigen or PCR test.  OR
  • You had your 2 vaccine already. OR
  • You have electronic GreenPass installed on your ph.device.
  • Restaurants are open. From Monday, July 5th, inside restaurants masks are NOT obligatory no more.. No more restrictions of the visitors/shop or per restaurant. Full capacity allowed.
  • Hotels and Apps can work up to 100% of their capacity. For using the accommodation – one of the 1st two conditions must be proven at the check-in. (Antigen OR PCR OR vaccination..)
  • When you EXIT Slovenia back home, you can do fast Antigen test or the PCR test in a medical centre Bled.. Antigen costs around Eur 25,- while the PCR around 95,- Which one you need to return to your country? Ask at home please.. we do not know conditions for other countries :-)
  • The covid-paper control on the border is — can`t really write what, but you can guess 😉

FLY FISHING IS ALLOWED ON ALL rivers in Slovenia and in all statistic regions of the country. 

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Fly Fishing in Slovenia has never been so close to you! Our Fly Fishing Team Slovenia which represents the Fauna FlyFishing Bled, extends a warm welcome to you. If you are in search of superb Grayling, Brown Trout, Marble Trout or a common Rainbow trout, fly fishing on crystal-clear Slovenian rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, the Radovna or the Soca and Idrijca, you have come to the right fly fishing page. Feel free to browse through all the information we offer. Fire your imagination and then pack your rods and come to Slovenia to experience fly fishing paradise for real! Should you need help, our Slovenian fly fishing guides will be happy to look after you and provide all you need for a fantastic day fly fishing for trout, grayling or marble trout! Do not hesitate and contact us with either fly fishing question you might be having.. Fauna Bled Fly Fishing team will do our most to provide you with a helpful reply as soon as possible! We look forward meeting you in person one day!

Fauna FLY FISHING SHOP Bled is also SLOVENIA`S FLY FISHING PERMITS info point, offering you Fly fishing permits for all major Slovenian Fly Fishing rivers and streams. NOTE, that the prices for a certain rivers or streams have identical prices, regardless the dealer or system you purchase them from. But there is a BIG difference at what you get along the fishing permit! Fauna Fly Shop Bled provides detailed maps, exact locations of the hot-spots, navigation address of organised parking places and even a fly or two pro-bono on the top! And for exactly the same price as you would be paying anywhere else.. 30 years of the experiences in the distribution of the Fly Fishing permits for Slovenia and still assisting worldwide anglers to find their preferable fly fishing area! Your effort reaching us in Bled and obtaining your fly fishing permit at Fauna fly shop will surely be rewarded!

We monitor the river levels status daily and are in constant touch with the river wardens, collecting their observations and feedback from other fly fisherman, to be able advising you what fly fishing area is best to go to while your Fly fishing day emerges!

Not every river is equally suitable for any angler! Different expectations – different areas you might be send to! In a short chat with our Fauna fly shop staff, you will be asked what are your favourite species, how do you like to fly fish for them and how experience you are in the fly fishing sport.. Knowing that and considering the above said facts, we choose OPTIMAL FLY FISHING PERMIT for your needs! But if you already decide which river to go to – we can still check what is hatching out there and how many anglers already on the area.. that might come as a very helpful info for you!

Welcome now and always!

FFB Team!


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