Wooow fly fishing situation – bad again!

If yesterday, May 28th still enabling some fly fishing and the rain not hitting down hard, this night and morning Wednesday 29th, the sky pissed down hard and the levels of ALL Slovenian rivers jumped high and too high for any reasonable fly fishing. The moment of this typing is still raining all over Slovenia, but should stop in the afternoon and only drizzle or dry tomorrow, Thursday 30th. But the levels of the main river will need like 2-3 days to recover, while smaller rivers (Radovna, Baca, Trebuscica, Lepena, Trziska Bistrica etc..) might be clear on Friday, keeping stronger currents. Bottom line – in best case, the Saturday and Sunday will enable normal fly fishing while Thursday  – Friday … so-so or no-go.. stay in touch!

Sava Bohinjka May 29th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing wizard guessing:


What type of fly to us if you go to the rivers shortly: