Fauna Fly Fishing Bled    
C. Svobode 12    
4260 Bled - Slovenija    
Tel/fax: +386 45 742 631    
Mobile: ++386 41 633 147    
E-mail: fauna@faunabled.com    


Undoubtedly internet is a very profound source of informations, but we still think that a personal approach is the most valuable way of communication. This page offers you few good reasons why you should visit our fly store Fauna in town Bled. The city itself is very beautiful and with a well stocked fly fishing store in it, you should have one reason more for your visit, eaven if you are based on the Soea, Idrijca or other area. Fauna fishing team is looking forward to meet you!!






Regarding the fact, that Fauna fly store is a smaller, boutique looking shop, few words needs to be said, with intention to ease you the search; we concider ourselve lucky, to be located in town Bled, one of the nicest cities in Slovenia. The easiest way to find us is to look for well known Hotel Toplice . This 5 star resort is just beside our store. Actualy we are located in hotel`s restaurant named Panorama . All the complex is located on the very shore of a spectacular Bled lake , showing a great wiev to lake`s island and ancient castle.



The purchase of a fly fishing or fishing licence will be the first step of your Slovenian fly fishing adventure. And probably the most important one! The system we have in Slovenia seems to be a little complicated, (every river or eaven parts of the same river requires different permit), as you can see on our graphic tutorial for the area of Sava Bohinjka for example. Chosing the right one is realy essential for a good fly fishing day. And this is where Fauna store kicks in; doing fly fishing ourselve all the time and having connections with all the local fish controlers and our fly fishing friends from the other parts of the country, we are the brain trust of all most fresh fly fishing informations, hints and tips of where to go. Shortly, we do not just sell you a peace of a paper which allowes you to fish, but you get also a very valuable information along it. Differently from the other seling spots, we will not ask you where do you want to go for fishing, but we will tell you where to go. Here you can check the list of the fly fishing permits you can get at us. And do not forget that during the fly fishing season we open every day at 8:00 AM , eaven Sundays and hollidays! Availability of Bled Trophy sector on Sava Bohinjka can also required on this E-mail<<.



Years of a hard work on the rivers, patiente training of our local tyers and gathering of the best materials and hooks the market can offer, gave us a magnificant fly selection on which we are especialy proud. More than 30.000 flies, nymphs and streamers can meet demands of almost every trout or grayling river in Slovenia and abroad. Since the fly fishing is a very changeable factor, so must be our fly selection. On the base of the informations from the rivers , new patterns are added and old ones improved every week! Another good reason for every fly fisherman to visit us and to contribute some of his own ideas and suggestions. We will take all into concideration, just as long as they will not be too astonishing ofcourse.



In last few decades, the globe has realy become a small village. Still, not small enough for you to be carying your fly fishing gear around all the time. Not few times also happens, that wifes hide all the fly fishing gear on the very day of your departure to a common trip! Do not worry, we had figure them out! Complete fly fishing gear is waiting you here. All you need to bring with, are your socks. We do not rent those.. Read all about renting therms and conditions here<



Almost in a shadow of world famouse fly fishing rivers, Bled offers also very nice fishing on Bled lake. Aldow you can walk on the bank all around the lake (6,2 km), fishing is better if you use a boat. There are plenty of tourist boats to rent per hour, but they are not the most convinient for fishing (unsteady) and rather expensive to rent. This is why we decided to offer a fishing boat in rent. Our boat can take up to 5 persons, but with fishing gear, we reccomend maximum of 3 persons. Ask for price list on our email fauna@faunabled.com Fishing rules for lake Bled< . What kind of fish is in the lake?