What`s new with the Fly fishing in Slovenia

Basically nothing is new – it is normally open :-) But everything else concerning it is a bit restricted! Sport shops still closed, as well as Fly fishing shops and any other life-not urgent??? Shops.. Hack – Fly shops ARE life urgent shops? For us who work in them surely :-)   Ok, joke aside – Fly fishing season still open till November 30th! But also with November 15th HUCHO season kicks in!

Many things not yet answered regarding the opening visits – several groups had book their arrivals.. But hotels and B&Bs are not allowed to accept guests.. That might restrict visiting anglers to a daily trips.. One solution is that you choose your place of the stay somewhere CLOSE to Slovenian border (Austria) and just drive daily to our rivers. Perhaps the government will release the closing of the hotels and B&Bs until November 15th – but not sure…. we need to have a “plan B”.

INTERESTING: I had notice a car with the Slovak (not Slovenian) licence plates today on the Sava Bohinjka river.. they were FLYFISHING! Unfortunately I could not make the stop to reach them and ask how they arrived here and what was going on at the border..

Meanwhile – we are all stand by for news from the Government. OUR guessing is, that the restrictions will be remaining sharp threw-good November month to reduce the infection rate (in Slovenia is already dropping a bit on a daily basis) and than release some tourism in December to help the Tourism to breath a little… Keep an eye on this to happen, since that might be THE ONLY window of the opportunity to attack HUCHO fishing!!

Perhaps get yourself stock up with some lures, deliveries of the material this year are very unreliable, when the stock is gone – no warranty that will arrive on the next day!

Check what`s going to be needed when the Hucho fishing gets GREEN LIGHTS!

Red finger times are approaching too! Why suffering – grab a pair of those below instead haha… Good grip, warm palms and agile fingers!