Sava Bohinjka - Savica

We might have a weekend October 10-11 fishable!

It seems like there might be and OPTION TO FLY FISH on the Saturday and Sunday October 10,11th! River is dropping! The smaller Radovna and Lipnika river might be just perfect, since those two dropping faster than the bigger rivers.

Should we mention that on the SAVA RADOVLJICA (Big Sava river) Hucho-hucho fishing is already open as well as the regular fly fishing. Two methods allowed at the same time on the same river.. One day fishing the Hucho, second day going for the Grayling :-) Very unique combination of the two exciting sports!

Here the VIDEO from the river, taken October 8th on the military bridge, Bled fishing club, Sava Bohinjka

New arrivals also from SIMMS Autumn-winter CAPS AND BEANIES!!<<<<

Here the VIDEO from the river, taken October 9th on the same place – military bridge, Bled fishing club, Sava Bohinjka. You can COMPARE the dropping rate of the river/day!

Get yourself some warm SIMMS GLOVES AND SOCKS! Fishing days are many – health only one! <<<

Here also a short walk-by video of the Moste Lake, Belly boat paradise on the Sava Dolinka.. few of you guys asking for the colour..

20201008_143207 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.