Summer fly fishing postcard – Bled Slovenia

While several of you on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, Croatia, Italy etc, some of us keep on cast the lines! Hot days true, but with some insight knowledge of the Fauna fly shop Bled, one can easily find lots of the shadow, fresh water and active Trout! Sharing a short video clip before we go to film some longer or specific fishing clips in the days to follow… keep staying in touch, we are glad to see you with us!

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Visiting Sava Bohinjka in early July

July is here and for the big joy of the fly fisherman the levels of the rivers are still fine for nice dry fly fishing! Since the presence in the Faunaflyshop occupies me on most of the days, I can just make short visits to the nearby rivers, with the intention to check what is hatching and what not anymore :-) hope you enjoy the short video clip… stay tuned, more will follow soon!

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Spring fly fishing finally here!

Few shots and fishing moments from one of our Guided tours on the Sava Bohinjka river – Slovenia.. Gin-clear waters, green nature, skilled Guide and active Trout is a warranty for just a fantastic fly fishing day out  there! Most of what you see was caught on a dry fly and on sight! The very peak of a fly fishing satisfaction – correct me if I am wrong?  :-)

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Latest levels of the Sava Bohinjka river

While the mountains around Bled town still showing white snowy peaks – that somehow resembles also in the currents of the glacial feed rivers – strong levels despite sunny and dry weather. But don`t understand this wrong – fishing is totally Ok, even with the dry fly.. just the access to some areas of the river is more difficult because of the strong currents. In general – safe to come over and fly fish!

Sava Bohinjka area Bled May 28th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Spring time FLY FISHING Sava Bohinjka river

While the snow melt water is finally almost gone – hatches are in boost! Already seen several strong hatches of the May flies and Stone flies  in late evening time. Also during the day one can catch well with some stimulators or other caddis patterns.. in short – dry fly period is almost here! Weather seems to be steady with no big rain drama on the way. Light showers can happen every day but they are only a welcome thing to have out there on the river – they boost the hatch! Welcome to visit and try yourself!  😆


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Marble trout

Tracking down the Marble Trout

While we were all waiting for the Sava Bohinjka to drop down her levels she has had during the last week, a short tour to the Soca river tributary happened! While the day was murky and drizzling, a rocky pool founded in the afternoon, made the day! Totally aligned to the rock, a shadow hoovered out there! Light nymph, just sinking below the surface, exact presentation and the shadow moved! The rest can be seen on the video! Thank you Matteo and Marco to join us on the tour and made this happen!!

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It is not all about catching fish.. is also about getting new friends!

Slovenia Fly Fishing Guiding Service

Fly Fishing Slovenia guide service has more than 30 years of experience and is one of only a few officially registered services in Slovenia. We can provide highly experienced guides on Slovenia’s best fly fishing rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Unica, Radovna, Idrijca and others.

Whether you are an experienced trout fly fisherman or an absolute beginner, our very experienced local Slovenian fishing guides, cooperating with the Fauna Fly Shop Bled will always make your visit to Slovenia’s best rivers a memorable event. We provide transport and all fly fishing equipment, and have thousands of carefully selected flies ideal for the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna and other rivers. In fact, you need bring nothing with you at all! Our friendly and helpful guides speak all major European languages and will become your special fly fishing friend and mentor by the end of the day!


What is one of the first thoughts once you decide to go to fly fish in Slovenia? Do I need a fly fishing guide! Our answer would be: probably you do! And since every reasonable statement needs an argument, here are ours;

1. When you arrive in Slovenia, there will be some 40 fly fishing districts waiting for you and you will not always have reliable idea about fishing conditions or water levels on them. Easy to find and park places are usually poor in fly fishing performance.. What you should target are secret spots, hidden paths and a bit remote fly fishing areas, which are only listed in the fishing Guide`s heads..

There are many fly fishing rivers in Slovenia. There is even more of choices if you consider all those rivers are divided among different fishing associations and clubs.. choice of where to go on the fly fishing might get a bit complicated..

2.You had chose a river and the fishing area of Slovenia to fly fish on and Fauna Fishing centre confirmed you that the water level is fine. Problem might be appearing now is, that the chosen river is possibly 15 or more km long and in runs in some rocky part of Slovenia`s nord-west.. Before you locate and arrive to the river without knowing those hot spots, there will be a half day of your fly fishing vacation lost!  😐

3. You had find the nice Slovenian fly fishing river and it is in good fishing condition – great, we at Fauna fly shop Bled had kindly advise you some hot spots on it, so the troubles should stop here right? Maybe.. but there are a small, bush-hidden paths that leads along the river and they are not marked on any map.. Uups, another fishing hour gone again. And it has been the morning one probably, usually the better part of the fishing day, especially in the summer time.

4. You had found a hot fly fishing area on a nice and probably not cheap Slovenian river (Unica, Soca, Krka Trophy, Sava Bohinjka Trophy part) and you see a lot of trout and grayling feeding actively. After an hour of casting you still don`t have a strike, but fish is all over the place.. Well, a hint regarding the choice of best fly pattern from an experienced fly fishing guide would come very handy yes? If such situation happens by the way, you most likely didn`t notice the small insect which triggered the fish to start feeding on them.. Some times hook size 22 is what meets the hatch size 😉

5. You had managed to find all the mentioned and managed to pick the right fly and you had a great time out there.. But behold! You had spend 2-3 days of your precious vacation time to managed that. With a fly fishing guide it would take you a day.
We could talk more about the advantages of having a professional fly fishing guide on the rivers which are not actually your backyard. But all who are open minded for a common sense, have enough facts on the table. Relax now and watch the video below. It will make you feel good inside :-)

Fauna Fly Fishing shop in Bled will be glad to help you out even if you still decide to go fly fishing on your own. Having special maps and all the fishing permits for the majority of fly fishing rivers in Slovenia we are definitely a place to visit once you arrive in Slovenia. After all, we have no argument against exploring pioneer spirit of our fly fisherman if we meet one!

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