Grayling fishing - Slovenia

Nice September for some Dryfly fishing!

Luckily we can post that the fly fishing conditions entering the second half of the September month are still good! Most of the rivers in Slovenia are at their optimal or low levels. Sava Dolinka tends to be white, even in the upper areas above the Moste Dam.. that effects also a bit the Sava river from the confluence down. We believe that the Sava Dolinka might clear out in the last week of the September – just perfect to plan some Grayling trips!

If you meet the hatch on the rivers these days – it is going to be a challenge.. small chironomidaes, tiny emergers, small ants.. leaders 7X are obligatory. If you happen to meet a larger trout not too deep down, you might as well present a big dry fly.. like the Stimulator or so.. 3/5 attempts they will go for it! But you do not want to mess up the strike – Only once you get the bait usually. Than fish loose their interest..

Faunaflyshop Bled opens daily at 08am to help you out with some advice about where to go and what areas to fly fish.. September is a popular FF month and there are several German groups of the fly fisherman on the area of Bled in these days so make sure you consult with us regarding the less busy areas and rivers. Looking forward meeting you!




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Sava Bohinjka

August Fly Fishing – all good!

Marching towards the middle of the August month – and on the rivers still good fly fishing conditions! Mostly all rivers you might be after – Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna, Sava, Savinja, Unica are having normal summer levels which in 2020 are in fact not low due to several stormy days in the beginning of the month. There is of course some summer action on the rivers like water sports, kayak guys etc, but not that many since the COVID situation has reduced the tourism in general. If you go on your Fly fishing day early in the morning and return by 11am hitting the river again after 17pm – you did most favour for yourself..

Weather forecast is for now ok – but local storms can be expected almost every few days..

I will go on a summer break this Friday the 15th, returning back to the Fly shop with September 1st. In between, Fauna fly shop in Bled will be operating on a SHORTER OPENING HOURS, CALL THE PHONE BELOW TO MAKE SURE WE ARE OPEN AT THE TIME OF YOUR VISIT!

Assumption day opening hours AUGUST 15th and Sunday AUGUST 16th 9:30 – 10:30am only.

Fauna fly shop cell ph.: +38641633147

Take care, we will be posting here with Sept. 1st again

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Rivers nicely fishable

Rivers Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Sava, Soca, Idrijca and Unica are now having nice fishable levels and your plans for fly fishing during this end of the week August 8,9 and into the following week can be considered SAFE! Weather is nice and sunny with daily temperatures around 30 degrees.


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Some Fly Fishing and COVID-19 information

Hi there dear All! It has been a while since we last publish water levels of the Sava Bohinjka river.. wonder why hm hm … :-)

Now the borders are getting open for most of the EU countries and the 1st anglers arriving by the end of this week – if the water levels will cooperate! We do have a very wet June.. like the Covid would not do enough damage – now the rain will prolong the river-off situation.. :-/

The video is showing water level close to bridge Log – Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river.

Sava Bohinjka as found on June 10th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

COVID-19 INFO: All the citizens from the “covid safe” country list CAN ENTER SLOVENIA without the quarantine period of 14 days. UNFORTUNATELY ITALIAN ANGLERS ARE NOT YET ON THE SAFE LIST, so they need to wait a little bit more.. Hopefully the situation will change soon and they will be able to come on the fly fishing without the quarantine period!

List of countries

Czech Republic

To get ready for some later DRY FLY fishing action out there on the rivers. we had knocked down our DRY FLY selection for 20% enabling you to fill your dry fly boxes and be ready to meet the Surface feeding frenzy weeks of the late June and Early July. Welcome to visit us on the  


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Very confusing news regarding this topic… as far as we know, this gets you in Slovenia easily:

  • Showing no fever or other signs of some flue when meeting the custom officers
  • Showing them some confirmation of either hotel, pension or BB that shows you have a valid booking at their place.
  • Austria, Hungary, Croatia less strict controls
  • Italian border – more strict control and a bit longer lines to wait – but if showing the above, they should let you in.

In Slovenia, with June 1st ALMOST ALL restrictions are already taken away and also larger hotels start to accept their guests. No more need to wear masks – unless you want to wear them yourself. Fly fishing is normally performing – as any years in the past. No restrictions.

Levels are in general FINE and NICELY fishable!

Fauna Fishing Lodge starts to operate normally with June 1st, make sure you do not wait too long with your booking if planning to come in late June – we are almost on 70% of our booking capacity by now!!

Water is very clear and bottom washed out – stock with some >>GOOD FLUOROCARBON<< – you will be needing it!


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September`s increasing fly fishing

As the weather kind-a settled down to nice and autumn-like, the fly fishing gradually increasing! Positive feedback from most popular fly fishing areas – Sava Bohinjka with her 3 fishing clubs would see good fishing in the Bled club waters and the Institute while the very upper part – Bohinj was very busy in the last week due to the festival of flowers and fishing – lots of visiting anglers made a proper jam around bridges Brod and Savica! The festival ends this Sunday Sept 29th.. onward we expect normal amount of anglers also in the very upper – Bohinj fishing area. Construction works at the Log bridge are not messing up with the water colour – safe also in that chapter..

The Radovna river should be mentioned at this point – offering a nice hide out from the crowds and a stronger dry fly feeding mode of the trout than on the Sava Bohinjka river.. Lightweight rod will handle those fighting trout easily and put a smile on your face for sure! Getting lost out there in the Radovna river valley with just your fly rod nearby is a unique and unforgettable experience.. Trout will probably not be massive in size but will surely fight like a small devils and hitting on your dry with a lightning fast takes!

Big Sava river – Radovljica fishing area is starting to warm up for the autumn`s Grayling finale, already showing first good signs of Grayling feeding more intensively that in the early September! Nymph fishing fanatics – get ready!

Soca river news – hm… the massive river tourism activities of August left some signs… fish is rare and one needs to work well to get a dozen of the strikes per day.. if you want to have the most out of the Soca fishing day – hire a Guide.. they know for those secret pockets and bends where the Marbles seek their hiding place from the human traffic..

Sava Bohinjka-Levels.

End of September is a good time to offer yourself a full or half day Guided tour on one of the Bled nearby rivers! Pleasant temperatures during the day, good water levels and skilled fly fishing Guide along is the perfect recipe for a successful fly fishing day! Feel free to contact any time and ask for the availability!

Fishing weather Wizard guessing:

The last days of the September and first week of October seems fine! Put your fly fishing trip in motion without having too much of the fear regarding high levels or the rainy days… in fact there is only one truly rainy day in the forecast – use it to visit me in the Fauna fly shop Bled haha.. we shall chat a bit? We had prepared good Autumn`s discounts for ya!



What flies will they Fish be taking during the upcoming days!? Well we hope the ones that we sell in the Fauna fly shop Bled :-) Few examples below;



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JUNE IS HERE! Fly Fishing finally see some sun!

May declared as the most wet and cold  since 1991 – IS GONE! June started lovely, sun and levels in the process of dropping down! Early days of June will still be seeing some showers and T-storms locally but they should not be messing with the levels of the main rivers.. Let us hope this will become true! So far – so good! Today Saturday 1st we have already have lots of action on the smaller rivers and the tributaries, while main rivers (Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca, Krka(very high) will be dropping in the next days.. Today all main rivers were already clear, except the Sava Dolinka and the big Sava river, but having strong spring-like currents. Also the temperature of the water remaining low – around 10 degrees.. (the Radovna river 6 degrees haha).

Bottom line – GO! we had wait long enough.. hatches are already there, but because of the stronger currents dry fly fishing still a bit down.. should be improving in the next week.. stay tuned!

Fly-fishing-news-Slovenia-June1 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather wizard looks really happy


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HEY! Fly Fishing approaching – if we go well threw Sunday 19th!

18.5.2019 UPDATE TO THIS RELEASE: Sunday 19th May will be a bit or bit rainy again – so lets take some reserve to the below news.. Monday Morning we are back with the video of the latest happening on the Sava Bohinjka. Welcome to check.. have a nice end of the week!

17.5.2019 Finally some optimism for our dear Fly Fishing visitors, local followers and guests – weather seems to slowly but steadily coming back to “normal”! While tomorrow`s Saturday might still see some shower, onward seems to be ok! River levels at the moment of this update are in general fine – except Unica staying higher than normal, Big Sava river still strong in current and the Sava Dolinka still being white.. none of the rest fly fishing rivers can be called low – but we can say normal or close to normal and in general – clear which is the most important. Fish are active and the hatches are growing daily! Cmon now guys – half of May was lost already – let us wet the lines now what say ya!!!?


Weather fishing wizard saying:


What was flies were baiting well during the last couple of days;


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Windy weather but is getting better!

Turbulent Fly Fishing week in Slovenia it was, with a snow-like temperatures during the weekend of May 4-5th! Today, Monday 6th the air remains chilly, but the sun is out! Most of the north-west rivers are a bit above normal levels except the Sava Dolinka is also white in colour. Soca clear, Idrijca clear, Sava Bohinjka clear but strong in current at least in the Bled fishing part. Radovna clear, strong current but dropping fast. Krka – good levels, contact us for more news, permits, area maps, guides etc..

News Fishing Slovenia May 6th 2019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Fishing foretell for the coming week – Levels improving day by day while the air remains cold and windy. Thursday should be the worst, but not more than a shower or two.. other days seem to be pretty safely dry.


Pssst-don`t tell your fishing buddies: regardless the cold air and winds, as soon as the wind calms down and the sun heats the air just for a few degrees – hatches are triggered! Soca, Sava Bohinjka, Radovna will have more or less ephemeras and smaller may flies out, while inland rivers like Unica and Krka already see some sedge hatches in progress!




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Catching a window of the opportunity!?

Behold – after a rainy even snowy Sunday of April 28th – some dry weather on the horizon! Since the areas with the altitude above 800m had snow and not rain, rivers did not jump as high as expected! Sava Bohinjka will be reasonably fishable tomorrow  – at least in the middle or upper sections, while Bled part could have first visitors During May 1st and 2nd.. Levels will not be low as usual, but will be clear – fishing possible.

Radovna river was found ok even this morning April 29th which means it will be a surely safe river to go during the next days..

fishing-news29042019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing forecast for the following days shows some showers but they should not be messing too much with the levels… the bigger question comes after Sunday, May 5th.. but still some time till that date.. keep staying with Fauna news page, we will try to keep you updated – several groups in a low start to visit, so we understand you want to be updated with the latest fly fishing conditons..


A NOTE for the Festival of Work, MAY 1st and 2nd! On both days Fauna Fly shop operates only in the morning 8:00 – 10:00 hours. Try to wake up early enough to “catch us” open  😆


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