Recent storms are over, Sava Bohinjka recovering in few days!

What a hectic weather we have had in the recent few days – October like one could say! Massive storms chilled down the summer heat and pushed the levels of the north-west rivers of Slovenia high and white! Well, the good news is, that the drama is over, and hence onward the weather should go back to “normal”, touching 30 degrees during Saturday and Sunday August 8,9.

We expect that first attempts of some reasonable fly fishing will be happening tomorrow, August 6th on the very upper areas of the Sava Bohinjka (Bohinj fishing club) and maybe on the Radovna river – for the fly fisherman who can handle the stronger river currents of the Radovna..

Unica river could be a good target too, since the last week super low levels did not enable some active fly fishing down there.. the river now went up to the perfect levels in will probably be a good hide out for Thursday and Friday respectively. But keep an eye on the Unica, since she has different characteristic of rising the levels than other rivers: since sourcing from the underground cave systems, levels arrive a day or two after the rain has stopped.. Makes sense to call us to the Faunaflyshop for latest info if you would be heading down there..

sava-bohinjka05082020 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


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Storms are gone, rivers back in good shape!

Luckily the storms that were passing the last night didn`t cause too much of the damage on the water levels! Sava Bohinjka and Radovna are almost on the normal.. stronger in current but in the process of dropping down and the river should be on the normal situation during Sunday 26 onward.. Also the weather for the coming week seems to be ok – for the fly fishing. Not for sun seeking since there might be some showers again.

Staying in touch, check the summer flies at the 

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What was hiding under the rocks

July Fly Fishing staying fresh and active!

Kind-a special July 2020 – as the whole year being very particular – showers and storms keep the temperatures on the rivers at the normal degrees. No super hot heat waves like in 2019, levels of most Slovenian rivers remaining low but fishable. Unica dropped below 40cm level which might mean very selective feeding of Grayling.. the rest of the major rivers like Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca, Radovna etc. will prefer smaller patterns, darker in general and of most importance – 7X tippet material! No wonder fly will do any good if you gonna attach it on a 4X tippet material hah!

Weather forecast for the coming week:

fishing-weather-21-29     news:

New, fresh stock of the AQUASURE wader repair glue and some other minor SIMMS goodies to be found in the Fly Fishing accessories group!



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Strong Sun and cold water – Optimal for the Fly Fishing?

Yes, July in particular nice this year! Like the nature would like to redeem herself for the wet June we had been facing previously. Evening showers or even storms keeping the rivers in good shape and keeping the fish active also during the day. Normally, July would be having some action on the river early in the morning and late afternoons, but now one can nicely fly fish also during the day. Sava Bohinjka having average angler visit, if you come to our Fly shop we can decide which of the 3 areas of the river is less busy on a chosen day..

COVID- no new restrictions except wearing masks when you enter in some shops. SLOVENIA does not have any major infection increasing and is consider safest Balkan area state for the visit! If you follow basic hygienic rules – you almost have no chance to infect yourself if visiting Bled area and surrounding villages! news:  A WEEK of promotional Simms Cap sale!  Use cupone caps20 at the basket check-out process! 

Weather forecast for the following days – ALL GOOD and SAFE TO COME!


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Here a little happening from the river…. To land this Grayling, a cast was actually not needed. Just patience and dropping down the parachute at the right moment :-)   as funny as a Fly Fishing can get!

This is the parachute he rise on:  

Until June 1st use the promotional discount on TMC HOOKS, Competition Gammarus, Dry Flies and more!    coupon:    covid-15


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Dear Fly Fisherman!

Finally a long winter waiting is gone, new 2020 Fly fishing season only few days ahead!! Below is a list of more known rivers and streams which will be open with March 1st! On the opening Sunday March 1st, Fauna Fly Shop in Bled will be open for the fishing permits sell and advise from 8:00am – 10:00 am. Welcome to visit! Thousands of good flies on the stock as we speak!

  • SAVA RADOVLJICA (aka Big Sava river)
  • LIPNICA (a tributary river to the Big Sava river)

Below also a graphic map to show you the opened areas. Press the coloured line for more information about the area!

Image gallery from the March opening rivers:



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