Situation with the river levels improved – but…

Seems like that we fly fisherman need to deal with some issues considering our rivers all the time? :-) Just when the levels nicely recovered and went back to almost normal, the government decided that is about time to fix the damaged bridge in the area of Log – Bohinj.. why that a problem? Because from time to time an excavator machine needs to cross the river bank and doing that spoils the clear colour for a while.. Before you scream out loud – this does not happen every day and even if it does, it lasts for few hours only.. at least this is what we had been promised from the river wardens – if it`s about to believe them.. ?

Long story short: If you go to fly fish in the so called INSTITUTE part of the Sava Bohinjka, guaranteed clear water is from the LOG BRIDGE UP. Log bridge down stream you are 80% to be clear, 20% you gonna see some smoke in the water…  BOHINJ fishing area (Petrol station Boh. Bistrica upstream to the lake Bohinj) – safe to fish water clear! ALL BLED fishing area ok to fly fish..

see the graphic map where we indicated “attention” areas..

Situation on the river Sava Bohinjka, Bled fishing area Military bridge September 11th 14:30 hours

Sava-bohinjka11092019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Fishing weather as far as we can see – GOOOOOD !!