Rain kind-a stopped – levels still high

As it should stop to rain today – haven`t quite yet.. most of the rivers still up, but some already in the stage of dropping down the levels.. smaller rivers will be the first to drop the levels and get clear, larger ones will follow in the next days, IF THE RAIN stops permanently of course.. Weather guys are not to believe, every morning new forecast out showing some drizzle rain again also in the days to follow..

Yesterday was in the news, that we had just had the most wet and cold May month in the last 28 years – since 1991! If in any comfort for ya  :-)

Latest view on the Radovna river  – tomorrow it should already be clear and 1st teams will go on the fly fishing..

RADOVNA-MAY30th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing wizard seems happier for the next few days..