Ooops, some rain arrived?

What seems to be just a rainy end of the week September 7-8th, might turn into a bit more wet than we expected!? Forecast for today evening and tomorrow – Sunday 8th had changed a bit and is now showing stronger storms covering north-west area of the Slovenia… Hm… as for the moment of this update ( Morning September 7th 9:00 am) all the rivers are still perfect to fly fish at, tomorrow morning might already be different… we have to wait and see what happens. Fauna fly shop opens on Sunday 8-10am, feel free to call us if you have some questions concerning fly fishing…

Sava-Bohinjka-Sept07 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Last days of the ending week, the Radovna river was a good hide out for the ones seeking some Brown Trout feeding from the surface – dry fly fishing yeah! Sava Bohinjka on the other hand also saw some dry fly activity but there was a very significant difference of the fly size that the fish was feeding on… while the Radovna Trout easily went on sizes 12, Sava`s T-s were much more picky – see the image and compare the coin – than guess the hook size! :-)

brown-trout-07 flies-september

Fishing weather Wizard saying:

Monday September 9th, the sky shall open! Ha, ok – good guess… but what brings the next 48h – let`s see…. anyway we shall be out there on the river Monday morning and scouting the situation – stay tuned…