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Fly fishing news from Slovenia, with daily reports from the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Soca, best catches, tips on grayling, brown and rainbow trout fishing, and news from our online store.





Dear Visitors and Guests, to recover from the exciting winter Hucho season, Fauna Bled Team takes a short break which will be lasting from Saturday February 23rd till February 28th. MARCH 1st we are BACK and opening the Fly shop Fauna at 0800 am to meet the most impatient fly fisherman arriving for the opening of 2019 fly fishing season on the Radovna and Sava river. Lots of the flies on the stock, permits on the stock, advise where to go - on the stock :-) Your emails received during the period of time-off might not get an instant response, but will surely be monitored with March 1st. Thank you for the patience - see you or read you soon!



March 1st will be opening the doors for the 2019 FLY FISHING season with the RADOVNA and so called BIG SAVA river! Both will enable 1st outings next Friday - March 1st! Conditions to fly fish seem to be fine, if weather does not deliver any surprises.. FAUNA FLY SHOP BLED will be open at 08:00 am Friday March 1st to assist with the fishing permits, flies and information. Welcome to visit or call. Prices of the 2019 fishing permits: RADOVNA C&R 39,00 Eur, Radovna keep fish 50,00 Eur, Sava river C&R 36,00 Eur, keep fish 40,00 Eur. See you soon!



FOR THE END OF THE SEASON - A 116ER!, 13.2.2019
Just this afternoon and tomorrow and 2018-2019 awesome Hucho-Hucho fishing season closes the doors! Too bad, we have had so much fun it could easily be prolonged for another month!! But the law is the law.. Glad we could post one of the nicest catches just for the closing down - what a better end to fire us all for the new opening with November this year! Can`♠t wait!!



The one who follow the Fishing situation on the Sava Bohinjka river know, that we had have a blast of rain on February 2nd-3rd.. After almost two month of draught, levels jumped up and grounded us inside for a couple of the days... As of today, river is getting back to normal, having bottom washed up and becoming gin-clear! A total reset of the Hucho fishing conditions it was!! Let us see what will that result out... Teams getting ready for the ends of the week and the weekend upcoming! REMEMBER, 10 ONLY FISHING DAYS LEFT! To warm you up, here is the Movie of the last catch, enjoy the footage, share the feelings and we hope your working day will be a bit easier! There are strong and pristine emotions involved in the Hucho Fishing... every single pain and suffer gets so well repay once the rod bends down to the handle! Don`t believe? Come and try! :-D --



FEBRUARY 1st... rainy day, drizzle and snow in between... fking nightmare and depression making recipe.. BUT NOT IF YOU ARE A HUCHO FANATIC!!!! Hahaha... Fauna Fly Shop, just closed the doors this morning, taking Luca from the Lodge out there on the cold since this kind-a weather you just HAVE TO BE THERE on the Sava Bohinjka! And not without a reason fingers were frozen!! Beautiful 110-er grabbed the streamer when the 1st day light emerged!! After the release I just popped to the Fauna fly shop for 10min. to upload you still fresh images! I have not time to make the video live, will do it later - NOW I RUN BACK! Enjoy watching.. put your hands in the freezer while you do to get more realistic sensations! Hahah.... thanks for sharing! Stay in touch - coming weekend looks soooo promising again!! Come back to this page later, there will be more content added and some more great images of the tour.. now I need to run back to the Sava Bohinjka perhaps sth. more out there to land!??



Hucho Guides warming up!! Why it seems so easy for a good Hucho Guide to land those damn Huchos!? Luck? A little.. Skills and knowledge of the river? 80% yes.. A message from our hucho Guides to you, respected followers, Hucho fans and fanatics: Once you "break the ice" and land your first few Huchos, you start to comprehend what in fact Hucho fishing is all about - observing, monitoring, having TOP CLASS gear ready and when the time is right - one cast is enough.. sounds simple? Hihi.. Thanks Dejan, lets meet this Friday on the river - Goong good conditions forecast!!



Generations are ageing.. me myself along... and while the Youth are more and more indoors, staring into various square screens, forgetting there is another world our there - some do not walk that path.. That makes us, adult Hucho anglers very happy! There will be new generations taking over this noble game when our hands will be too old to rise up the fly rods. BUT THAT WILL NOT BE HAPPENING SO SOON!!!!!!!!! As long as we can crawl to the river - we will be fishing it! And to the young Hucho hunter Max - big congratulations for your 112-er!!!!! Started the hucho Odyssey in such a way? can be happening only on the Sava Bohinjka river! what will follow? Fishing for Hucho is on fire - weather is jolly good for the sport - cloudy with often interruptions of light snow or drizzle.. river level keeps low and clear to semi-clear - hohoho.... every Hucho hunter - read between the lines :-) TWO MORE WEEKS remain opening, the Teams for the Grand finale emerging - lets wait for more news to come shortly!



Midst of the January finally brought a winter story on the river banks of the Sava Bohinjka! White and green of the river are a drop-dead combination to land the EU No.1 fishing prise - the Hucho! While this season was low with the levels, fly rods winning ahead of the spinning Teams - but hey - the time for the spin to strike a bit back! AL being a master in both classes, can easily choose with which tackle to land the Hucho... Oil is on the fire while the season leaning into the last third!! New Teams already on the way, locals preparing attacks too - great, since there will be more to post for sure soon! Stay tuned!



MATO GOT IT!! JUPEYYY, 22.1.2019
Thank you all visiting our page, true, a while since our last update, but we were hands full with the CHASING HUCHOS on the Sava Bohinjka river! FLY RODS did amazing job this season, totally overshading the spinning equipment used for catching Huchos.. True, one of the most important reason is very low level of the rivers which enables the fly rods to perform more quiet presentation than the spinning lures and baits.. THE Hucho fishing SEASON 18-19 is getting into the area of GRAND FINALE, with only 24 more days remaining! Weather seems to be fine, cold surely, but Huchos are active! Follow the page, we will be posting latest catches and videos in the days to follow! Make sure you do not wait till the last few days to book you trip - there won`t be one Guide free at the grand finale - surely :-D



WITH HUCHO ACTION IN 2019, 12.1.2019
Dear All, short NY pause and we are back in the Game, doing what else than chasing Huchos all over the Sava Bohinjka and Sava river. Looking at the neighbourhood Austria, Slovenia has like zero snow on the river banks and rivers are low. PERFECT situation for every one who would like to achieve a mission supreme: landing a Hucho on the fly rod! This season is already declared that fly fishing for the Hucho was more effective than spinning - the reason are probably long period of low levels.. this post is also dedicated to one of the most passionate local hucho angler - Ian K. who landed two 100+ Huchos on the fly rod in a row.. one on the vid and other on the main image. CONGRATS IAN - good job! Season still in full swing - some one wants to join - do not hesitate too long; to book a reliable and skilled Guide last minute bookings are not a wise thing to do..



HUCHO-HUCHO 113CM MOVIE, 21.12.2018
Dear all, now that the Queen is surely off the spot where we recently caught her, more of the video content can be revealed for watching.. Surely we all support and like catch & release.. But.. there are eyes out there which some times see "red".. We all know what that means.. enjoy, and share the feelings! Are you the NEXT to write a new chapter here? River is there - Huchos are there. We are catching them. Visor down and FULL GASS via Slovenia hahahaha....



After some time of quiet moments on the Sava Bohinjka, last week brought again thrill and fever concerning hucho fishing! Spinning rod landing 14kg-er Austria team, than Poland fly fisherman 112-er on a fly rod, all that was a clear sign that big boys are on the move! What more would a most passionate local hucho angler, Jan K. need to go try making the dreams come true - landing a 100+ hucho on a fly rod! When you talk a hucho fly fishing, than a passion and persistence for the cause should not be missing! Jan has all of that in abundance! Sooner or later, the big-bang was to happen.. and it did.. yesterday afternoon in a clear day light time with no less than 111cm-er grabbing the can I say? Fauna made streamer! :-) Big congratulations Jan - honestly you deserved this!!! ----- Few more Images can be found HERE<<< BRAVO JAN - HIGH-5!!!



While in the previous post we informed about zero movement from the big Huchos, seems like that the approaching dark moon triggered some action out there on the river! Medium Hucho already showing some movement while the big bosses are still anchored down deep... but they will follow! BIG congrats for the 1st ever Hucho caught by a young hucho angler Maks! Bravo Maks in Jan! ;-)



Several attempts to land a Hucho or two were happening during the past end of the week - more or less all ended up with the same result - NOT hungry fish - not striking the lures (or streamers).. weather turns to mild and warm - lets see what would that mean for the feeding of the Huchos! stay tuned, sooner or later ... things must happen haha...



Previous weekend the sky dropped down significant amount of the rain and the Sava was a chocolate like - scared away few fly fishing groups of Hucho hunters! But the locals went out with the spinning rods and not for no reason; 110cm and 118 cm were landed during the murky levels time! No image to post due to the copy rights restrictions, but they were nice fishes! BOTH RELEASED BACK! Since today, NO hucho was taken out, all that was caught, was also released back! Good news for the coming anglers who will try their luck during the coming end of the week! Fishing conditions to expect - challenging as usual if we talk hucho-hucho fishing: clear water in the process of dropping down the levels, few degrees below zero in the morning and cloudy during the day. NOTE: Early next week and till Wednesday 5th December, temperatures should climb up to 10 degrees, which will be a great opportunity for some fly fishing hucho attacks! Fauna Team surely goes out, so better make a call prior visiting us in the fly shop - we might not be in hahah... stay tuned, COPY the streamers if you like - we have dozens on the stock!



Who shall be the next to measure one of those? :-D

spotting-hucho from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


A TRIBUTE TO 113-ER: RELEASE, 22.11.2018
Hi all, EU and Slovenian visitors, thanks for a huge support and feedback to the Previous post, made us truly happy and motivated to go on with this hard work we do - getting you close to the Kings of the European rivers - Hucho Hucho! A lot was written before, so this post only proves the magnificent (SHE) Hucho got the greatest care at the releasing process.. All the frames of the video and the fight itself were cut-out, with the intention to hide the true location of the Hucho. Remember, the season is in full swing and there are NOT only Catch & Release hucho hunters out there. Many would prefer to see Him on the wall of the living room than in a pool of the river. :-/ Thanks for watching, full fight will be published after the season ends. STAY TUNED, there are Teams on the way wanting to match or even beat the 113-er tag! There will be an interesting season ahead!



BREAKING NEWS!! 113 HUCHO ON A FLY ROD!!, 19.11.2018



BREAKING NEWS!! 113 HUCHO ON A FLY ROD!!, 19.11.2018
Great to see you visited our news page, finally we have sth. that is worth visiting us for! A record was broken last Saturday when talking Sava Bohinjka Hucho-hucho fishing! The very day started as so many other hucho-hucho fishing days; a well tuned team or Mr. A.Botteon and Mr. L.Cadamuro arrived to Bled, trying to make a history in their Fly Fishing life - getting a hucho-hucho with a fly rod. Gathering experiences in the previous seasons, the very strike was not happening what ever we have had done.. But if anything - a hope is what a true hucho-hucho fisherman should never lost! The high potential part of the day - early morning, passed away with nothing stopping our lines.. hopes were down a bit since in clear water situation, day time usually does not produce a predator to go on the hunt. All our remaining hopes were for the last hour when dusk could lure out some of this magnificent predators to go on hunting.. Regardless, we made our ways towards the upper areas of the Rocky Sava Bohinjka river. Guide myself going 1st, trying to spot down potential huchos before they spot us back.. at one point my step froze. We all froze. There He was.. a magnificent stealth looking beast guarding the rocks of the big pool, hiding himself by a current over-heading Him. What followed in the next 50minutes should be in the school books; Placed the fisherman on the perfect spot with the task to make one single but perfect cast to the beast. Can you imagine the pressure on the angler who needs to perform that? It is immense! But faith had her plans with us and the cast was nothing but perfect! Hucho monster went on the move as soon as streamer got close! Strike was hard and solid but the next 45 minutes were a nervous breakdown! After first run Hucho got his minds back together and re-take the position he originally had. Andrea was not able to move Him from it for the unbelievable period of 40 minutes! The #9 rod was bend down to the handle, looking as a butter stick and completely unable to move the fish from where she anchored.. finally - (but it felt like ages), King gave up and almost himself swam to my grasp and admit the win to a lucky Mr. A.Botteon, who was like running a marathon tired from the adrenaline blast :-) After we all together take some breath and photos, a reanimation of 15 minutes was offered to the Hucho to put him back in shape.. Super gentle handling we did, not one single drop of blood was spilled. Companion angler Luca C. was in great help doing this task and once again proven the rule, that Hucho fishing needs more than just a pair of the angler`s hands.. At the end, Hucho swam back himself, and behold - again taking the position he originally had - his favourite rocks. At the very moment He is still there, gathering back the strength and the skills to wrestle the next one who will dare to challenge him. It could have been you - reading this lines!! ;-) Feel free to contact any time.. Press HERE to see more images <<<



HUCHO 2018-2019 SEASON OPEN!, 16.11.2018
Long time waiting but it arrived - opening of the hucho-hucho fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka river! Fishing conditions were lovely to watch but demanding to fish - gin clear river, bottom washed up to perfection and a sunny warm day! Strong attack from the local anglers on the canyon areas and first few guests with fly fishing rods focusing more on the lover areas of the river close by or in the Trophy parts of the Sava Bohinjka. Several huchos landed, but not yet the Big Boys.. this was the nicest one, just touching the magic border of 1M. Weather is turning to snowy/rainy/colder, which should be a good recipe for some more catches?? Stay tuned!



As promised, here are the preview of arriving weekend November 10-11th fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river. While Bled is still high, up the stream, INstitute and Bohinj will have first fly fishing outings after the high water situation of the previous week..

Sava Bohinjka Bled fishing club comparing levels Nov 5th and Nov 9th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Dear All, we did not forget about you - but at the moment of this post, the levels of the Sava Bohinjka are still up and not quite suitable for some nice fly fishing. Except on few shallower areas of the Institute, currents are too strong.... But we keep an eye on the river and will let you know as soon as it gets down to normal! REMEMBER: MIddle part of the Sava Bohinjka, so called Institutte part with the famous wooden bridge of Log, suspending bridge of Nomenj etc places will remain open for fly fishing ALL November month. WHILE IN BLED PART HUCHO FISHING OPENS WITH NOVEMBER 15th!



Dear All.. it had to come what was much absent in September and October - heavy rain. Major rivers in Slovenia are at the moment of this update up and too high for some reasonable fly fishing. Sava Bohinjka will need like 4 days at least to recover down to fishable.. maybe a day more to be declared normal. Many of you are asking us what remains open for the fly fishing in November? Here is the list:

Rivers and sectors for the FLY FISHING:

  • Sava Dolinka Closing with October 31st
  • Sava Big (Radovljica) Closing with October 31st
  • Lipnika Closing with October 31st
  • Radovna Closing with October 31st
  • Soca river Closing with October 31st
  • Krka river Open till November 30th
  • Sava Bohinjka Bled fishing area Open till November 14th
  • Trophy part of Sava Bohinjka Bled Open till November 14th
  • Upper Sava Bohinjka Bohinj area Open till November 14th
  • Mostnica Open till November 14th
  • Sava Bohinjka Institute part (middle areas) Open till November 30th.
  • Unica reduced price Open till November 30th

Hucho-Hucho fishing

  • Sava Radovljica (Big Sava) Already Open
  • Sava Bohinjka area Bled opens with November 15th
  • Sava Bohinjka Institute arae opens with December 1st

FAUNA FLY SHOP Opening hours during Holidays:

  • October 31st Reformation Day - Closed
  • November 1st Memorial Day - Closed
  • November 2nd 9:00-12:00, 15:00 - 18:00
  • November 3rd 9:00 - 12:00
  • November 4th - Closed
  • November 5th onwards - 9:00 - 12:00, 15:00 - 18:00

EMAILS received during October 31st and November 4th will be replied on November 5th. Thank you for your attention, wish you a peaceful Memorial Halloween!!!


WHY WEREN`T YOU HERE!?, 26.10.2018
October lasted great almost until it`s end! Several anglers asking to come, some did, others didn`t.. The ones who went on the move, despite having harder fishing conditions and low water, were well rewarded! AGAIN I got the privilege to become a "Godfather" to a very nice Grayling catch, advising to our returning visitors from Serbia, Mr. Taslaman and Pantić, to try going for the 1st time on the Big Sava area, chasing XL Graylings! We all agreed to break apart the usual patterns they like to fish and just "jump to the unknown"! Luck loves the brave ones - here is the happy fly fisherman with it`s 52cm Grayling beast!! The drink is on me! ;-) If you got a bit tempted now to try the same - is too late; hard rain in the next two days will trigger high levels of the river which will stay high for at least few days.. On October 31st, big Sava river is closing down the season. This train left the station.. will need to wait for the March 2019 when the Big Sava opens again ;-)



Latest weather reports showing some strong rain reaching north-west Slovenia during this coming weekend OCTOBER 27,28! Orange alarm for the high water levels is putted out for Sunday 28th! Surely this will more or less affect the fly fishing conditions also on the early days of the next week, so make sure you double check with us how the river looks like before you start your journey via Slovenia. we will be posting frequently to keep you updated with the situation.



XL TROUT ON THE MOVE!, 24.10.2018
Dry October still lasting at least till the end of this week, when we can see some rain on the way... With the low levels on most rivers, hard to fish places become accessible and fly fisherman have much better chance to challenge the bigger fish which usually stays well protected with stronger levels and hard to access pools! We should take advantage of the dry weather as long as it lasts! And just GO! for the big ones!! Come back soon, we have more to post out for you soon!



Into the second half of beautiful October we go!! For the moment all fishing conditions are still good on all the three areas of the Sava Bohinjka, Big Sava, Sava Dolinka and Radovna.

Sava Bohinjka as on October 18th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


What a good title to this news - and it true! Lovely sunny weather, low and clear levels EVEN IN BIG SAVA AND Sava Dolinka! October is now fishing better than August was! Several groups roaming down the Big Sava river, also exclusive moments to visit the Sava Dolinka river which never during the season shows low and clear levels! Now is the time for this two mysterious fly fishing districts nearby Bled town.. and of course - everything is also fine all over the length of the Sava Bohinjka. But note- ask us if there are some possible construction works around Bohinjska Bistrica before you buy the permit! This can be the only tricky issue to consider. the rest is just fine and perfect. Till now.



Looking at the weather prognosis, seems like that at least another week we gonna be experienced this good fly fishing moments on the north-west Slovenian rivers! Saturday and Sunday might see some showers - true, but the levels will remain fishable and also a bit of the rain comes welcome due to the low levels. Middle of October seems a bit of everything right now, but might still offer good fly fishing condition. Grayling hunters for the Sava Big and Sava Dolinka - get prepared, now is the season to land THE grayling!



What better news to report than October is starting with a superb weather and dry fly action start to kick in! End of September dry fly fishing was a bit down, but the cold brought some humidity with and it seems to trigger few insects along the river to hatch.. consequence is that trout and grayling pay more attention to the surface again! Very lovely forecast for the next days, weekend October 6-7 might see some showers but no drama... Feel free to visit and experience true Autumn fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka river. Fauna fly shop open every day at 08am!



Very nice fly fishing end of the week September 29-30th ahead! While the mornings can see only a few degrees above zero, day time warms up on 20 or more degrees! Nice fly fishing moments on all the length of the Sava Bohinjka river. NOTE: tomorrow Friday 28th might see some construction works on the lower Bohinj area and in the complete length of the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river. To be sure you avoid the smoke in the water, fish either Bled part of the Bohinj area ABOVE the village Kamnje. Radovna is also a good alternative. Saturday and Sunday September 29,30 should see no more digging in the river so all is expected to be just FINE for some autumn fly fishing! DRY FLY? Yes, it works but the fish is really selective and 0,10mm is a total MUST if you want to rise up sth.from the bottom :-)

27.9.2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


The rain of the previous days is gone and sunshine is back! Significantly colder mornings than the ones of the last week, pushed the fly fishing into later morning hours and midst of the day.. Sava Bohinjka dropping the levels, Soca river OK, Radovna river ok. All of the mentioned are maybe few cms above perfect levels but are dropping down daily. No new rain on the horizon till October - what else you need to know for triggering some FF autumn trip!? :-)

SAVA-BOHINJKA25092018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Writing this in the morning of Saturday 22nd, obviously there is rain on the way via Bled and north-west Slovenia area.. rain will last all day and should calm down tomorrow- Sunday 23rd. But what will happen with the water levels of the rivers we do not know.. Sava might go up.. Fauna fly shop is open on Sunday morning 8-10:00 and you can give us a call to see if the rivers remained fishable.. +38641633147 our duty phone during 8-10:00am



It is already clear now, that September 2018 will be remembered as one of the nicest fly fishing Septembers in the last few years! Sun warms up the air till pleasantly 20 degrees, fish is feeding and the water levels are normal.. optimal recipe for a nice Fly fishing! The REVELATION of the last few Guiding trips we had was: there is NO RULE in what the fish will take! If you find for example one Trout selectively feeding on Ephemeras #16, the next one, few meters away might only go for the small ants and the next one would come hard on a size #12 caddis! So the rule is - NO RULE! You must be creative and have all your fly box ready to use! (Okay, you might leave May flies and some weird butterflies like flies in the car..) but you understood the core of this message.. Below is a few of nice moments we collected from our previous Fly fishing tours - hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them.. Feel free to call in any time with some questions.. remember, we still have a good month time for some nice fly fishing trips!!



Fly fishing rolls on! Another week ahead with supposedly good and sunny weather! Only Wednesday the 19th showing some shower, other days - sunny and warm. Sava Bohinjka, Radovna in perfect shape, Big Sava river also getting to the optimal levels.. Feel free to email us or call for any information! Bled Trophy part pretty much booked during this week, do not hesitate to call in if you want to spend a day or two fly fishing it!



With this Friday we end a very successful fly fishing week, lots of sun, great water levels and active fish! But behold - there were few tricks and hints out there on the Sava Bohinjka river: the catch was while having few hatches of a nice small plecoteras during the day, fish totally ignored them! We fished the small patterns, tippets down to 8X but no fish showed any interest for the surface action! Than, from a pure desire to relax my eyes from staring into little flies, we put a caddis on. BUM - they came all the way down from the bottom to snatch for it!! Not every one, but enough to made our day! Under the water in the nymph realms story is contrary - small nymphs sizes 16 or down but heavy enough to go close to the bottom.. carbon tippets no stronger than 6X. If the early next week will be dry we can expect another good fly fishing week! Thanks God, since if somebody of you remembers September 2017? Started to rain on 5th and it did not stop till October damn :-) stay in touch!!

Latest water level situation Sava Bohinjka from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


GOOD FF WEEK AHEAD!, 10.9.2018
Glad to inform you that the weather is turning into perfect autumn type, with warm and sunny days! All till the end of this week seems to be nice and sunny! Fishing will consequentially also be good, with the levels of the Sava Bohinjka river almost perfect in all 3 fishing clubs. Radovna also fine. Big Sava Radovljica remaining quite strong and more or less only streamer and nymph style enabling.. stay tuned, images will follow ;-)



BACK IN THE FF GAME!, 7.9.2018
Dear All, sorry for the absence from our fly fishing news, returned back to the office few days ago, found like a ton of e-mails to struggle threw, hope you all got the replies you were asking for haha! Back on the track - September started freshly, few stronger showers nicely clean the Sava Bohinjka from the summer human traffic and algae, creating perfect FF conditions! But there needs to be mentioned, that the local community authorised some construction works along the upper parts of the Sava Bohinjka and from time to time - without further notice water can come milky due to the works! Make sure you contact us PRIOR of buying permits in some hotels or tourist offices because those guys are NOT informed about the colour of the river. Works should be finished early next week, but we all know that the construction Co. don`t give a shit for the timings or promises they give! :-/ BUT IN GENERAL FISHING CONDITIONS CAN BE DECLARED OK!

Latest Sava Bohinjka as on September 5th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Dear returning or new visitors, Thank you for visiting us on our fly fishing news home page, but this time you just caught Admin escaping for a short summer break, catching breath and some salt to meet Septembers dry fly fishing conditions fresh and full or new Elan! As a last note, I would like to inform you that the fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka, Sava and the Radovna are OK for the fly fishing, (low of course but fishable). PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL OUR FAUNA FLY SHOP ANY TIME to ask for the ROOMS AVAILABILITY AT THE FAUNA LODGE, AVAILABLE GUIDES or any other question you might be having regarding your Fly fishing visit or trip. Phone to call: 0038641633147. Fauna Fly Shop Bled is operating normally, just your e-mails won`t be monitored till September 1st. For any Fly fishing issue, concerning the dates BEFORE September 1st, please make the call directly to our office Fauna Fly Shop. We are looking forward to hear your call!! Thanks for showing trust to this page, I promise new content as soon as I return back to Bled!! Cheers, make love not war! (or just go flyfishing hahah)



The title says all but it is true if you go on the river on very early hours of the day or late evening! Low levels create a special fly fishing conditions, in which angler needs to seek shadows places and faster stream to get the catch! Fauna fly shops monitors the feedback from the anglers and can advise you about where to go on the fly fishing if it happens you are on the area right now.. Feel free to advise for the target areas before you randomly purchase a fishing permit somewhere else than at the "Fly fishing only" points ;-)



Now after all the waiting, summer loving humans can have their joy under hot hot sun rays of July 2018! Not that this would be a dream-like weather for the fly fisherman, but luckily the rivers are still cool enough to keep Trout feeding normally. Rocky parts of the Sava Bohinjka river, entire length of the Radovna river, Sava Dolinka when being closed and the big Sava river are a place to be right now! If you know the mentioned, than you also know that those places being very close to Bled enable you almost everything - from dry fly fishing up the stream to streamer fishing deep down on the Big Sava river. Midst of the day usually short nap, hitting the rivers again in the later afternoon.... what better life to imagine!? ;-)



July month going in its second half, bringing proper summer time fishing conditions. Levels of most rivers are down and fish tend to stay in the faster parts of the rivers, under the waterfalls and shadow areas. Early morning and late afternoon is the time to be out there! Image was taken on on of our Fishing tours, trout was not really feeding from the surface, but she just could not say no to a big sedge skillfully presented to her by our young fly fisherman Mr. Jan N. Well done!



Finally we all can benefit from the suffering we have had in the spring - snow in the mountains keeps the levels of the river nicely on the normal levels and moody weather does not over heat the rivers - great combination for a cosy dry fly fishing! Video showing a bit of dry fly action on one of the smaller Slovenian rivers.. as you can see, fish is frenzy on feeding from the surface. Tons of fun despite the sizes of the predators not really big :-D



Bad news for the swimmers on the river! July will not be so hot and sunny as in the past years! At least it did not start like that. But what seems to be a bad news for the Top-less visitors of the rivers can be a GREAT NEWS for us - Fly fisherman! Cloudy weather and a shower from time to time creates good DRY FLY fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river! At the moment of this typo, Bled having a rainy day, but the coming end of the week will be sunny! PERFECT chance to spend your Dry fly fishing weekend on the Sava Bohinjka river!



The high levels and snow in the mountains which made our spring a nightmare now turned to be beneficial! Sava Bohinjka keeps optimal water level and the fish still feed strongly, not yet in the lazy summer type mode! Hatches are still intense, but no more large may flies or ephemeras.. now small ants or emergers are a weapon you should have with!

July levels of the Sava Bohinjka from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Right now 98% of all anglers are happy with the levels and dry fly fishing conditions of the Sava Bohinjka river. That remaining 2% is not happy just because they are like that type of persons :-D Weather chilled down a bit, since this morning we saw only 6 degrees, while during the day it climbs back to 20 or more.... MONDAY JUNE 25TH IS A NATIONAL DAY OF SLOVENIA (A HOLIDAY) AND FAUNA FLY SHOP WILL BE OPEN LIKE ON SUNDAYS - 8:00-10:00 AM ONLY. Thanks for understanding - yes, we will go fly fishing haha....

Latest levels Sava Bohinjka June 21st from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


SNOW MELT GONE - GO!!!, 13.6.2018
NOW! is finally the moment that we had been waiting for! Levels of the north-west Slovenian rivers had dropped down on the normal and wading, dry fly fishing and comfortable crossing of the rivers are finally possible.. this will last for few more weeks, after that the heat might bring the day time action a bit down.. use the moments till they last!



SNOW MELT IS OVER!!!!!, 8.6.2018
A good drop of the levels in the last days and we believe that finally finally we can say that the snow melt levels of the Sava Bohinjka are OVER! Hence onward the rain of course can rise the levels but the snow melt will not be interfering anymore... it was about time that he bastard snow melted away :-D some images news reports videos will follow...... keep tuned..



While June finally brought some sun and almost normal levels of the Sava Bohinjka river, we got some free time to put together a few video clips from the earlier days of the season when nymph had to do all the job - and it did it well! All the catches were landed either on the Big Sava river or the Sava Dolinka river.



In short words, the title describes the situation on the Sava Bohinjka river.. fish is active and feeding also from the surface, during the day smaller dries are needed, XL dries only work the last 15 minute of the day light when the majority of the fish comes to feed from the surface.. most occupied area is the Institute one, Bled and Bohinj club a bit more.. but entering the peak season June, frequency of fisherman tends to go up..

Sava Bohinjka Military bridge May 31st from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Latest report from the Sava Bohinjka Bled fishing club waters.. clear, strong in current, hatch YES, all day long? Not yet.. weather seems to be happy with just 1 shower/day so all safe for the fly fisherman..

Sava Bohinjka area Bled May 28th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Almost unbelievable, but the levels had drop down! not yet low and normal but totally fishable in all 3 fishing clubs of the Sava Bohinjka river. showers still staying and steady sunshine weather not yet happening, but for the fly fishing this mixing conditions are good!

20180523_144122 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Previous post talking about the theory this one about the practice! While some fly fisherman still roll fingers at home waiting for those 10cm of the level to go down, other roll the fingers on the fly reel drag, landing large Trout which are more careless than usual... start packing your fisherman bags and gadgets - via Sloveniaaaaa :-D



This questions rings in our phone all day long - but the answer is not an easy one.. at the moment Sava Bohinjka is for some anglers fishable for the others still too strong in current. We can not be deciding for you either is ok for you or not. All we can do is to show you the river and tell you that the fly fisherman are already fishing it. At the same time, some are still waiting for the levels to drop.. in which group you fit? Fish is active and is feeding, hatches are following after every shower (those are frequent) but evenings yet not having the classic hatch moment.. this year the season is like 4 weeks behind the normal fly fishing calendar. Let me conclude like this: If you only fish with dry fly, than you will suffer a bit since the currents are strong and the dry flies get flashed away fast. If you will be following the happening on the river you might catch a hatch minutes but it might be griffins gnat, emergers or ephemeras on #10.. no rule yet. If you fish nymphs dries and some times streamer, than you are safe to come and you will be catching too, but have a rain protection with you.. SQUEEZE ME LIKE A LEMON, BUT I CAN NOT SAY MORE THAN THIS ABOUT THE SITUATION GOING ON WITH THE LEVELS OF NORTH-WEST SLOVENIAN RIVERS :-D

Sava Bohinjka May 16th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


If fishing on one hand is harder due to a strong current, positive about that is the trout and grayling feed more careless and are also not as selective as in low level situation.. some showers on the way in the days to follow but should not mess with the levels hopefully.. stay tuned for some latest catches to be published soon!

Sava Bohinjka April 7th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Every one who can deal with a bit stronger but clear currents of the Sava Bohinjka river, can expect strikes like this - larger Trout is a bit more careless than in the low level conditions.. Gorgeous spring time blossoming river banks of the Sava Bohinjka just add some charm to the unforgettable images like this one! Upcoming end of week will see some rain - stay tuned during Monday when we will be posting latest conditions of the Sava Bohinjka river. PS: Just talked with the river warden of the UNICA river - saying the fishing conditions are very good! Fauna fly shop sells FISHING PERMITS for the Unica river and a special selection of dry flies to meet the selective GRAYLING of the Unica river!



Fly fishing Rolls on while April is coming to it`s end! Fishing action on the Sava Bohinjka increasing despite the levels being strong. Important is that the water is clear and Trout started to feed more intensively!



This is the ultimate water level of the Sava Bohinjka from the Double bridge in the area Institutte - middle area of the Sava Bohinjka

Sava Bohinjka Doppio ponte Institutto Aprile 25 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


While some still wait for the better times to come, others are already fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka river.. Trout is active, one just needs to deliver the nymph deep enough to meet the feeding fish.. strong currents also pushed the fish closer to the shore and into the quiet pockets of water where fly fisherman can reach them by a normal or roll cast. Every day more flies in the air, soon we might expect also the fish to start feeding from the surface.. Danica patterns, will kick in first, following by sedge species later in month May.. stay connected!



Visited the military bridge in Bled club waters of the Sava Bohinjka river.. finding the levels still strong but improving in the colour. Further up the stream, the Institute and Bohinj levels are a bit lower and will enable fly fishing for this end of the week. Weather seems really fine - lots of sun and up to 20 degrees.. Radovna river - fine levels.. Fauna Fly Shop opens daily at 08:00 am for the fishing permits and advise about which area to choose for your fly fishing day! Welcome to pop-in!

Sava Bohinjka as on April 20th 08:00 am from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Weather man told us we have like a week or so of the nice weather on the way.. looking at the levels of the Sava Bohinjka, we could calculate (haha) that for the end of the week there might be some fly fishing rolling on! Finally.. it has been about the time don`t you think?

SavaBohinjka17042018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Rain turned to be stronger than expected.. Levels of the Sava Bohinjka are already going up and will still rise during the afternoon... fly fishing will again probably have to wait for few days. we will update the image in the next days.. keep in touch...



Just now as I found the Sava Bohinjka river on April 11th. Looking at the next week`s weather - some rain on the radar again.. we will be keeping an eye on the rivers and their levels.. smaller ones like the Radovna will probably maintain the normal levels while larger rivers might be oscillating the fly fishing conditions.. but again - fish is active. All you need to do is to put the fly down..

Sava Bohinjka April 11th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


With the nicer weather returning - (finally) also the fly fishing activity on the Sava Bohinjka river climbs up! Trout is more and more active every day and fly fishing rolls on! Hatch is happening only here and there for a short period but if some one stimulates them with the right pattern, some are already coming up! Thursday 12th some possible drizzle of the rain, but upcoming end of week 14-15 will be sunny and nicely fishable! Some video material is about to come live in the next few days - stay tuned! The main image is showing one of our visiting guest from the USA - Ms. Kerry landing a lovely wild rainbow trout on the Radovna river about a week ago! Truly lovely couple they make - what say you? :-D



With the month of APRIL FAUNA FLY SHOP in Bled operates also on SUNDAYS and ALL Holidays; We will be welcoming you from 08AM - 10AM. All important fishing permits are on the stock, tons of the flies and other small things that help you get threw your fly fishing day. Looking forward meeting you all again! PS Levels as in previous post..



Just returned from the river scouting for some fishing opportunities.. all right for the clear water while the currents remaining strong.. fishing possible.. if the north wind calms down, one could use also some dry fly - stimulators for example.. or sth. similar. Hatches are still holding back due to the temperatures..

Sava Bohinjka 4th April 2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


LEVELS ARE GOING UP! , 30.3.2018
Just two days before the Sava Bohinjka would open for 2018 fly fishing season, rain spoiled the levels..

Sava Bohinjka zona Bled March 30th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


A short visit of the Sava Bohinjka river - bridge Log.. levels are ok. Little white water came from some construction works at the camp Danica.. works will finish till the end of the week. If the rain will not come too hard on us, levels should be ok for the opening day.. but we need to wait two more days before being able to confirm that..

Sava Bohinjka 28-03-2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


All right, so it is snowing - so what.. :-) I believe we almost can`t remember what a nice and sunny day out there on the river means.. Some of us adapted to the snowy March, catching some tails even if with great effort due to a slow feeding action of the Trout.. hard work out there on the river but it won`t last for ever.. and when the sun kicks in - a true blast of insects can be expected.. when exactly that would be happening - not sure yet. Surely not yet this week :-)

RADOVNA as on March 19th 2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


Honestly we all have a full head of the snow and winter-like river banks while half of the March already gone and the next week still remaining cold and even snowy! While we wait for the better times to happen, a short review of the Halloween fly fishing day October 31st 2017 on the Big Sava river - Slovenia.. despite cold fingers and no surface action - enough fun considering the period of almost November month.. more of the same will be publishing on our YouTube channel, subscribe and keep in touch.. thanks for watching.. not on a pro level, but we will get up there too.. ;-)



Visiting the Radovna river this morning - found the water clear but strong in current. Probably because of the melting snow effect.. fishing is doable but one needs to go down with some heavier weapons of a mass destruction like jig heads of weighted woolybuggers ;-) Fauna fly shop opens at 09am, early enough since the Radovna river valley sees first sun after 9:30 or so..



Well March surely kicking asses with this snow of the last few days! One could think that we are into the Hucho fishing season and rivers surely look like that! But the water is ok - clear for now and fish seem to be also active down there on the bottom... keep in minds that this white what you see now will start to melt away with the first sunshine.. creating milky water at least for a week or so.. well - go to fly fish now! :-)



OPENING FLY FISHING 2018!, 28.2.2018
Dear ALL - WELCOME BACK on the FLY FISHING SCENE! Tomorrow, MARCH 1st opens the RADOVNA RIVER and the BIG SAVA river area. Fishing permits and maps for both areas are already available in FAUNA FLY SHOP BLED. But honestly speaking - tomorrow March 1st we expect the lowest temperatures of year - down to -20 degrees Celsius. If you go on the fly fishing tomorrow, make sure the fire in your hart is burning really strong :-) WARMER WEATHER will be happening on the next week period. We shall be updating you frequently about the changes. Keep in touch!

RADOVNA RIVER OPENS FLY FISHING SEASON 2018 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


DEAR ALL! AFTER long and hard Hucho salmon winter fishing, FAUNA TEAM Goes for a short break - trying to de-frost in some SPA or Sauna haha... WE WILL BE OUT OF THE OFFICE FROM MONDAY FEB. 19th and we will be BACK IN THE OFFICE ON MONDAY FEB. 26th. YOUR emails might be seen but no promises to reply sooner than Feb. 26th. THANK YOU for your understanding on the delay... Take care, Looking forward to read you the next week! ON MARCH 1st, RADOVNA RIVE AND BIG SAVA RIVER OPEN FOR THE FLY FISHING. But SAVA BOHINJKA river OPENS with APRIL 1st.



February 14th - The very last Huchen fishing day of the 2017-2018 fishing season still echoes! Several Huchen fishing Teams tried their very last lucky casts on all 3 fishing areas of the Sava and Sava Bohinjka river. As usual with the Hucho fishing - many failed to get the strike. But not all! The lucky man on the main image, arrived to Slovenia from Paris to try his luck and prove the skills.. While few of the first fishing days went off in vain - hope and focus of the angler and the Guide remained! And as already proven in the past years - DO NOT GIVE UP until the very last minute of the very last day if fishing for the Hucho; 20 minutes before the ending fishing time on the ending season`s fishing day - the rod bend down and land this beautiful lady Hucho of 97cm! What to say? Hat down to the Angler, Guide and the Man above holding the Hucho away from the bait till the very last minute - just to increase the drama haha! SEE YOU ALL HUCHO-HUCHO HUNTERS LATER THIS YEAR! THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING, READING, FOLLOWING AND IN ANY WAY SUPPORTING THIS NOBLE FISHING AND FLY FISHING! YOURS SINCERELY - MATEJ!



Not one of the recent catches, but it needed a while for the awesome video being properly created - compliments to the author and compliments to the anglers - il pescatori Diego e Paolo!!



With the remaining 9 days of the 17/18 Huchen fishing season, the final Teams are more or less booked up and ready to go on Trying their last casts on the Beast named Hucho-Hucho! Weather with it`s snow has calm down and it seems there will be no surprises in the days to follow.. saying surprises - we mean weather surprises. On the other hand, we hope and expect the Catching surprises - of course!!



The full moon shining tonight will obviously alter the sunny and warm January into a snowy and cold February! With the last 14 days of the Huchen season, we will be finally experience the proper winter time fishing!! Best local AngLers already in action! NO rest for the wicked we could say!



Follow us on a Huchen fly fishing tour, share the river Sava Bohinjka and share the joy of the catch and the release! 21 DAYS LEFT before the carton on the stage falls down and 2017-2018 Hucho fishing season goes to the past! Good river levels and no snow are tempting factors and the last Hucho hunting teams are already gathering together to make the final attacks!



A bit of the content from a HUCHO-HUCHO fishing day.. Hope all of you HUCHO Hunters who stayed at home for various reasons and not being able to join us out there on the Sava Bohinjka river will like the video and maybe "feel like being there yourself".. NOTE DOWN: Season still open till February 14th! Teams already assembling up and getting ready for the final run of the 2017-2018 Hucho season!



Rarely it happens that a Huchen is caught on a fly rod.. even more rarely it happens that the Hucho of 1M+ is caught on a fly rod. Again rarely it happens, that all the mentioned happens to the same person in 2 consecutive days.. BUT IT HAPPENS :-) How!? What is the trick!? What is the secret streamer!? What is the recipe for such thrill!? The answer is easy: YOU NEED TO GO HUCHO FISHING! and not loose hope on the way of course. THAN THINGS WILL HAPPEN!! :-) Sava Bohinjka BLED - RULES!! :-D



As predicted, generous Huchen fishing conditions and The Teams of skilled Huchen fly fisherman resulted the landings of the Bigger Boys hiding in the pools of the Sava Bohinjka Bled! Nicely tailored tour, with the support of last season`s experience just could not miss! This one on the image was the first one which bend the fly rod down deep making the Alessandro S sweating inside hard!! Skilled drill into the shallow and I have had my hands on his tail!! The rest is history made :-) 104cm female HuchoLady - Release movie will be about to roll out soon!



While this January is nothing like January should be, with high temperatures and no snow on the river, hucho anglers do not complain... fishing is easier than usual, fly lines are not freezing and also the fish is more active due to higher water temperatures than usually in January. This of course must produce strikes. And it does :-) Well done, Robert L. thumbs up!!



Just before the previous week`s rain toke away the lovely white snow dressing from the banks of the Sava Bohinjka river, our visitors from Italy were catching the so called last snow smelt Hucho-Hucho! Well tuned team, Mr. Diego F, and Paolo M. arriving the second year for accomplishing the so desirable goal - landing a Hucho-hucho! While the 1st fishing day did not produce the so much expected "bend of the rod", the second day was THE day; the bait stopped at around 14:00 hours which is a bit unusual for the clear water condition fishing.. and to be even happier - that was the proper BIG HUCHO which intercepted the bait! Fish of awesome 115cm and around 12kgs was fighting hard, full of the energy and bestial attempt to break the line away! Luckily Mr. Diego F. was focused enough (despite the adrenaline shock and fever) to safely land the monster, made this gorgeous day time photo and released the king Huchen back to his pool.. What to say? Big congratulations and happy to be a part of this memorable story! See you the next hucho season!!!



Declaring the water levels of the Sava Bohinjka normal and fishable! Bottom washed as new, cards are mixed again! New pools emerged and old one disappeared - Huchos will be moving their home-pool bases for sure! Good moments to catch them or surprise them in some current while on the move! When they settle down in their comfy deep pools - story becomes harder again!



Sava Bohinjka is just a day or two away from getting back to fishable levels.. at the first stage, the spinning will be probably the best way to do it, but early next week the levels will enable fly rod action again! While we wait for that to happen - the second part of the Hucho-fly-rod movie for you to watch; many notice that the Release part was missing in the 1st chapter.. some maybe though "behold-he steal the hucho!?" haha.. nothing like that happened. But since I appreciate every Release moment, I hence decided to dedicate to this Hucho release a special chapter. Why not..



Been visiting the Sava Bohinjka today, hard to believe such beauty can turn into such bich almost during the night!! At those levels we had to send home even spinning Hucho hunters! It is just too dangerous to approach this monster waves.. We need to stay foot now for about 5 days before the river drops back to reasonable levels.. than we start with the spinning Hunters, following with the fly fishing Optimists ( :-) ) me-myself included - at the middle of the next week.. stay tuned, we have also Good news to post - which happened just a day before this came down from the sky!!



The title of this news is made by a lucky angler - myself :-) For some hucho fishing anglers the river can be a harsh step-mother, for others a loving mistress.. For me and AL was the nicest place on the planet at that very morning. Luckily I was able to capture the catch on the camera - not to proven myself as some export in hucho fly fishing, but to deliver this thrill-full fly fishing into your home, office, living room, to south Italy, to western Germany, etc.. to all the anglers who for any kind-a reason can`t join us on this magnificent river doing this hard but beautiful fly fishing. The movie shows you that is not a walk in the park to land the Hucho - even if he was only 2cm to short to touch a magic border line of 1M! Next season I try to land him again. he should be just about 100cm by than - haha.. yea right! Thanks to AL for the assistance!



About time also for me-myself to move the butt from warm Fauna fly shop in Bled where I do all the typo for your hucho-hucho home news, spectacular catches and other bla-blas :-) It should be also a bit in your interest that the man who you read from truly knows what he is typing about!? Haha - hope I did a good job out there with AL.. FLY ROD of course, Fauna tube streamer of course and yes - Bled Trophy part was the place to be!! Juppppeyyyy :-D Stay tuned - full movie follows soon!



First snow on some areas of the Sava Bohinjka triggered the predators to GO! on the hunt! latest catch of this nice fatty female Hucho - released safely back to gain some more cms and kgs :-) stay tuned - more to come early next week!



Returning from the river Sava Bohinjka - another great hucho-hucho fly fishing day regardless the absence of a proper strike of the BIG boy! Awesome nature, 1M+ huchos on sight and a good company of our fly fishing friends - what more could one want!? :-D Take this as a warm up for the news to follow soon! Tomorrow`s Sunday of November 26th might salt with some snow - always positive sign for hucho-hucho fisherman - what say you? GOOOO!!!



FLY ROD LANDED 107CM HUCHO, 23.11.2017
If the opening day(s) of the 2017-2018 Hucho-hucho fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka belonged to the spinning hucho hunters, the second half of November was all in the signs of a fly fisherman! Good water levels of the Sava Bohinjka, above zero temperatures and active Huchos are just the perfect combination of fuel mix - which must produce a BIG-BANG! And it did! Our returning guests from Kufstein Austria, which still hold the last season record on the fly rod - 110cm, again proven them self to be a true material to land the largest subs of the Sava Bohinjka! Leaded by our experienced fishing Guide, manage to land this beauty beast already on the 1st morning! The dark Devil had awesome 107cm and already won the beauty contest of the current season! Dark as hell it self with lots of the specks down to the tail - Hucho-hucho can not get much nicer! BIG congratulations to Didi and all the Team! Now you had proven that the last year`s 110cm was not just a lucky strike! Encouraging fishing conditions for the Hucho-hucho still lasting and with the Saturday`s rainy forecast - expectations are high!! GoGoGo Hucho hunters!!!!



Hello back with more of the Hucho-hucho winter fishing thrill! Since the season is well kicked in, with several strikes and catches, we thought it would be wise to publish this video where Guide Al showing you how to properly treat the Hucho-hucho before releasing him back to his kingdom! All good fishing Guides know how hard work needs to be done before one can embrace this Trophy fish specie.. One more reason to treat them with greatest care and love..



Second day of 2017-2018 Hucho-hucho fishing rolls towards the end and already new catches on the way! The echoes of a successful opening day still lasts and the aggression of the fish staying strong! Stay tuned! there will be more to come for sure!



HUCHO-HUCHO 2017-2018 GOOOOO!!, 16.11.2017
Wednesday November 15th new HUCHO-HUCHO season on the Sava Bohinjka kicked in! Frost in the morning, opaque water and good moon phase were showing good signs for the catches of the No.1 day! And so it was! By the end of the day several Huchos were landed, all of them also released back to the Sava Bohinjka! First XXL boy to publish was landed my mr. Jan K, estimated weight approx. 12-15kg! Difficult moments of releasing the submarine prevented a better image, but we believe is good enough to get the feeling and shivers!? The rest of the catches will follow shortly.. as soon as the anglers de-frost themselves :-D



Latest water levels from the Institute area of the Sava Bohinjka river.. two more weeks left to fly fish on that area. while TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 15th HUCHO-HUCHO Season on the Sava Bohinjka is OPEN! Huhuhuhuhuhu-cho :-D



Latest view on the still open fly fishing area of the Sava Bohinjka shows typical November`s fly fishing conditions.. weather after the previous moon phase turned into less stable but not really rainy.. if some wants to adapt to the winter time Hucho fishing - now is a good chance to start with the process of adaptation - still holding a fly fishing dry fly rod in hands :-)



The trends of sunny October prolonging into November too! Thanks God - one can say! Rivers are mostly low and having slow currents, darker bottoms since the absence of high water levels for more than a month now. Several fly fisherman still roaming the Sava Bohinjka in these days.. Fly fishing is not easy - one needs to work-out for the strike.. hatch happens every day at the noon time but also dies fast. You need to be there with your tiny stone fly just at that moment! The rest in nymph of small sizes OR streamer..



A short stop at the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka - found nice water levels, not a lot of the leafs on the surface and pleasant temperatures. A comfortable fly fishing conditions especially if we consider that November month is just a few days ahead! Still enough of the time to plan your closing-up fly fishing trips! Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka and upper - Bohinj part of the same river closes with November 15th, while the Institute (middle) part of the river remains open till November 30th!



GRAYLING 56CM !!!!!!!!!!, 24.10.2017
This just must come public! Surely every Grayling reaching the magic line of 50cm can be considered as a Trophy catch. All of you who were trying and achieving to catch the 50cm border line know, how difficult is to climb over 48,49 cm and finally touch the 50cm scale. After all this said, surely a catch of outstanding 56cm comes as a small shock! In a positive way of course! Mr. Luznar and the SAVA DOLINKA were the perfect match this time! I personally know a lot of good fly fisherman who are trying hard for years to land a fish like that but without success. I was also saying all the time that the SAVA DOLINKA is a merciless step-mother river, jealously hiding her jewellery! But once a while she reveals them and than - it`s better for you to be there!!! CONGRATS, thank you for sharing this with the wider public!



Luckily yesterday`s Cold rain didn`t do much harm to the river levels... found lower parts of the Sava Bohinjka still a bit opaque this morning, but by the evening situation was almost normal. Currents remaining strong but not too strong.



COLD ARRIVING, 22.10.2017
Today`s Sunday will experience some turbulent even of colder winds and rain.. talking for the northern-west part of Slovenia - Sava Bohinjka. the disturbtion should last only today while tomorrow Monday 23rd would already be better, with the following sun from Tuesday 24th onwards. lets see what happens.. maybe even better if the river gets some fresh water in.. stay in touch..



Almost determined to declare October of a winning fly fishing month in 2017 fly fishing season! Ending the second week with a supreme sun, temperatures up to 20 degrees and of course - dry fly fishing! Steady air pressure with almost no winds keeping the leaves on the trees.. late morning and mid day is the best time to be out on the rivers.. EXCEPT if you are targeting some thing larger.. than one needs to wait till the later day hours when - even if no strong hatch - larger trout might come out to grab a fly or two for the dinner. And no more than that.. interesting situation.. much different than on the typical fly fishing months..



INDIAN SUMMER still lasts on the wider area of Slovenia`s fly fishing grounds! Day time seems to be the best moment to be out there on the river.. if the last week, small patterns of dry flies were working best, now fish is striking on larger flies! Terrestrials, larger hairy dries, chernobil patterns etc. are a good choice! Like the fish would be feeling that the fly soup won`t be there for ever and the November will have poor offer of insects on the surface..



After September being a record-breaker in bad and un-fishable weather/water, seems like October is trying his most to correct that image!? Lovely sunny weather and clear rivers are the current situation of nord-western part of Slovenia.. most productive are middle hours of the day when a short stone fly hatch plecotera hatch can be expected. late afternoons are nothing special, first colder breeze will kill the action down, so make sure you do not loose day time with some lunch or other non-senses :-) Sunny weather is about to last at least till the next weekend! Jupeyy - says the author :-D



From the last days of September when the brown trout merges with the beautiful colours of the autumn nature.. skilled angler`s hand used to treat fish in a manner they deserve.. farewell browny, till we meet again :-)



LET IT LAST!!, 4.10.2017
Apart of coming Friday October 6th we do not see a major rain or similar fly fishing problems on the horizon! Fly fishing in general is good and fish reasonably active. Small nymphs of darker shades and ephemeras on #16 #18 must be in your fly boxes if it happens you are visiting us in the nearby future. Focus should be set on the Sava Bohinjka river (any of 3 sectors) or the Radovna river.. while Sava Dolinka is still milky white from September`s rain.. consequentially also Big Sava river is white.. too bad, since we were hoping for some great autumn grayling fly fishing down there... well, still a large part of the October left for the waters of the Big Sava to recover in colour.



Just for you - visited all 3 fishing sectors of the Sava Bohinjka today, found them all having fishable levels... some might find those levels 4-5 cm higher than normal - but those should stay at home :-) From us - a clear GO! on fly fishing for the coming end of week! also weather seems to be cooperative with us... after weeks and weeks of the rain - we can not really ask for more :-)



Just won`t give up that rain! while the levels are clear and most of fisherman is already fly fishing, daily drizzle is a must have event. Sava Bohinjka and also the Radovna still having strong currents. Upper areas of the Sava Boh. are already close to normal, while Bled area is still some 10cm up than on normal levels - but clear. Weather of this week will not make those levels worst - so is to be expected. But they also ain`t be dropping down because of those light showers happening. Dry fly fishing? Yes, but with #18 or smaller.



Some light at the end of the tunnel.. water is already clear but still pushing hard with currents.. GREEN light for fishing with some notes that you need to have heavy nymphs with. Levels are dropping slower than expected - probably all the grounds along the river are soaked from those 3 weeks of the rain.. early next week will start to show normally low levels. Nevertheless - weekend 23-24 is declared FISHABLE.



Stopping at the double bridge area - Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka this morning - still strong currents but not such a drama any more. Further up the stream, situation is already much better, since at this part of the river gets feed by two strong creeks which significantly rise the total level of the river. With strong north winds soil dries fast and we can expect that the upper parts of the Sava Bohinjka will be fishable tomorrow afternoon, while middle parts might get first chances on Friday or Saturday.. lower areas of fishing club Bled will remain high threw weekend and it might be Sunday which will see them normally fishable.. for all you hading our way - consider that the weather now usually resembles end of October! Short sleeve shirts can be easily left at home. Just useless use of the laguage space :-)



Visiting the military bridge this morning - as expected nothing yet to report.. strong current and dark green colours.. If to believe the weather reports - Sunday, Monday, even Tuesday next week - rain. woow, behold - 3/4 of the September gone with almost no fly fishing friendly levels!? crossing fingers that the next empty moon on the 20th turns the trend into more dry and sunny!! have a nice flytying weekend :-/



STOP THE FISHING , 15.9.2017
For the weekend of September 16,17 there will be NO reasonable fly fishing possible on the Sava Bohinjka and the Radovna and upper Soca rivers.. raining all the time so the river has no time to drop the levels.. better weather on the way for middle of the next week, when smaller rivers should already be ok for fishing. video will be updated on Monday 18th during the day.. sorry for reporting such news but we believe is a fair thing to do.



Not yet fishable.. maybe the very upper - Bohinj area would be do-able with a nymph or streamer.. stay tuned, we will post more before the weekend! Some fly fisherman fished the Radovna already today but was a hard task.. currents being fast and fish staying deep..



High levels of the Sava Bohinjka, Sava, Soča, Radovna... this week will be a poor fly fishing period, also Unica which was fishable this monday should rise during Tuesday and Wednesday.. Wednesday 13th seems the only no-rain day but will not be much different considering the river levels, since Thursday 14th and Friday 15th - new rain on the way! Faunaflyshop will be following the levels of smaller rivers around area of Bled and will be reporting soon as one of them becomes fishable.. most likely the very upper part of the Sava Bohinjka - Bohinj or the Radovna or the Lipinca river... keep in touch!



Turbulent passing weekend refreshed air and water of the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Sava river.. Mornings turn to be colder than a week ago, so most of the dry fly action kicks in after 10am when the sun warms the air up to pleasant 20 degrees.. Trout activity increasing but they are still carefully feeding.. 0,12mm tip (6X) is a must in these days.. No weather alerts for the next couple of days - GO! Fly fishing! ;-)



Finally after weeks of hot hot and more or less monotone summer fly fishing, rivers received fresh rain and the drop of the temperatures! This weekend September 2,3 will see significant amount of rain which will probably rise the low river levels a bit.. we shall be monitoring the situation during the weekend and early next week when new video content will be uploaded. Thanks for our Slovak friends to contribute this beautiful wild rainbow from the Canyon area of the Sava Bohinjka!



The last report before myself checking out for a short summer break! At the moment of this update and for the week 14-19th Sava Bohinjka is suppose to stay clear and on normal levels.. Storms on the area of Bled are also a common event in late August, but usually do not alter the levels. RADOVNA river is a very good target to go to and also the BIG Sava River has low levels - better access than usual.


Our colegue Dusan will be replacing me in FAUNA FLY SHOP till Monday August 28th. Our Email box will not be checked so frequently - FEEL FREE to call him during our office hours; MON-FRID 08:00-12:00, 15:00-19:00 Saturday 8:00-12:00 Sunday Holidays 8:00-11:00. He will answer on 0038641633147 All right boys and girls, I will see you back on Monday August 28th. Till than - TIGHT LINES!!!!!!!!!!


Short report from the Sava and the Sava Bohinjka river, both are having low levels and normal fly fishing condition. Normal for the August month: lower levels and clear water. On Friday 11th there might pass a fresh cool situation which might reduce the current heat which governs out there on the rivers. We suggest you go to fly fish on the Big Sava or the Radovna. Those two are fly fishing nicely now. If staying at the Sava Bohinjka, than avoid flat areas with grawel beaches - lots of people there disturbing the fishing. If all of them would be a pretty nude ladies - we would not argue guys yes?? haha :-D Unfortunately very few of those ones to be found out there...



Another upcoming fly fishing weekend of July 29,30 will see sun and nice levels of the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river.. also other major fly fishing rivers in Slovenia have normal levels to fly fish at. Pack the bags GOOOO via Slovenia :-)



Summer time with it`s hot days can make wading up and down the rivers a bit harder than usual.. On the other side, belly boat does that job for you.. just paddling a bit and here we GO!! Sounds easy? As everything else before you try it yourself haha! Believe - once you drilled and landed two of those torpedoes - your arm hurts like hell :-)



Strong storms during Monday and Tuesday July 24,25 but the levels staying down and more or less clear. No disturbtion for the fly fishing. Thursday July 27th sun and heat will return so we have a GO! on the nearby dated fly fishing action!



Today`s Monday brought heavy rain all over Northern-west part of Slovenia. at the moment of typing this rivers are still low and clear since we are after a longer period of the drought and sun.. what happens during today and tomorrow - video will be uploaded tomorrow morning with latest news from the Sava Bohinjka river! Stay tuned!



River conditions are normal and showers keeping day time temperature around 25 degrees... good fly fishing on most of Slovenian rivers.



Latest video from the Bled fishing club Sava Bohinjka.. if not new storms the following week should be safe for the fly fishing..



as follows.. Sunday July 2nd we expect first fishing on the Institute and Bohinj area.. Zona BLED will need to wait for Monday 3rd to get fishable levels....



It looks bad, finding both rivers like this! But fast up means also fast down! At least the Radovna will be fishable on Sunday July 2nd and probably also the Institute and Bohinj part of the Sava Bohinjka too... stay tuned for the latest level reports asap!



The more in the summer we go, the more hatching time shrinks or some days even does not happen! But when it happens, you need to be prepare with the fly! No time lost browsing your messy un-organised fly boxes haha...



Hi! And sorry not being quite active lately here! With the arriving summer and more picky fish, we have a lot of pressure in the Faunaflyshop Bled, advising and helping fisherman out with most suitable fly patterns for this part of the season! Since our last update, weather has been quite flat-sun looking and best fishing was found in early morning hours and late late afternoons, almost evening! Ants, bees, emergers even the beetles were on the menu lately. Now the storms appearing almost every afternoon, mixed the playing cards a bit.. larger fly can be used and fish tends to be a bit more active and relaxed than before. Fishing has moved back in the day time and will last like that until the next flat-sun weather happens. But till the end of the June situation looks ok for fly fishing.



RAIN RAIN GO AWAY..., 7.6.2017
If the Radovna was still clear this morning, by the ends of the day color is already milky... Sava Bohinjka did not dramatically rise the level but is dark and coloured.. Thursday June 8th will not be possible to fly fish. Friday June 9th on the middle or upper parts only. We will be posting daily latest levels. stay tuned.



June kicked in - Grayling season officially open and the rivers showing their best conditions of the season! Lots of fly fishing action on the Sava Bohinjka river! Smaller Radovna represents a good hide-out on the most busy days, while the Big Sava slowly kicks in too! During the day dry fly fishing can be demanding, while the proper hatch will happen no earlier than 20:30 pm! A bit of everything on the menu one could say.. luckily occasional local showers boost dry fly action also during the day. Welcome to try ;-)



Like the spring would not even happen! From cold and rainy April straight into sunny, summer June! Levels of the rivers are perfect, Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna, big Sava are optimal, Sava Dolinka is getting off snow melt and will also be ok in the next week or 10 days time. Hatch comes late as you can see on the attached video I made in the Bled fishing club waters of the Sava Bohinjka a couple of days ago.. Weather can surprise with a storm or two but in general is fine. SEE YOU SOON!



While the snow melt is getting weeker and weeker every day, the HATCHES are getting stronger and stronger! May fly and Stone fly are increasing in hatches daily.. for the moment hatch happens later in the evening, like from 20:00 onwards or after EVERY rain shower that can happen every day.. Weather forecast is relaxed, no big rain drama on the horizon! Weekend of May 27,28 can be already declared SAFE to come!  



Sunshine blazing down which feels good after that looong rainy period.. but with the sun - so came the snow melt... rivers are CLEAR, snow melt does not colour the water.. but the current is strong and fishing on behalf of that quite challenging. Experienced fly fisherman will have no problems catching the fish while beginners might be struggling a bit.. some parts of the Sava Bohinjka are a bit more easy to fish than the others.. we try to send each one who visits us to the most appropriate sections of the river - regarding the skills he has.. welcome to visit ;-)



As from today, rain should stop and better times to follow! Fishable levels are expected from Wednesday 17th onwards... temperatures will jump up to 20 degrees - dry fly action to be expected!



As usual, Saturday morning on the area of Bled new shipment of the rain arrived, just enough to spoil the colours of the Radovna river and even boost Sava Bohinjka up again.... tomorrows Saturday will in best case see the Radovna clear again, but the Sava Bohinjka will recover early next week... stay tuned, what else to say :-(



Latest situation as found today in the afternoon ad the double bridge..



Despite the fact that the levels of larger rivers are now fishable, unsteady weather from time to time prefers smaller river to fly fish at. To keep you happy even if in the office working - find a hook & release of a nice Marble trout we got on one of the tributary rivers to the Soca river..



Monday morning and into another May`s fly fishing week on the Sava Bohinjka river.. As you can see, the river is almost on her normal levels and gin-clear! Weather during the coming week is a mix of sun-shower-cloud-sun etc.. more April looking.. But for the fly fishing this is optimal combination! A shower or two boost the hatch which is important for dry fly fishing.. In general - GO! fly fishing is safe.



FLY FISHING GOGO!!, 6.5.2017
Hi Friends, this time just a plain text, since I have not found a second of free time to work out with some images.. rush hours since the rivers are returning back to normal.. latest news, Sava Bohinjka remaining some 10cm higer than normal but clear. fishing ok, weather forcast for the next week - ok! stay tuned, will be uploading latest videos Monday morning... HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!



High water situation is over, rivers more or less returned to their usual currents.. Sava Bohinjka and Radovna are already fishable.. Sava Bohinjka still shows stronger current than usual, but fish is active! Higher water levels washed the bottom of the river well! Trout and Grayling can be caught also on dry fly. Rivers will be in the stage of dropping their levels also towards the ends of the week. Weather still shows some showers but they should not mess with the levels too much - if any. At this point we can not yet confirm perfectly fishing weekend, but so far - so good! Will be posting new levels every day so stay tuned!



The worst happened - very high water levels of the Sava Bohinjka due to heavy rain yesterday in the Bohinj area.. RED LIGHT for fly fishing! Do not hope to approach the river with the fly rod before Monday May 1st. In fact - even this date is under question!



As expected, rain did his things... situation as found this morning on the Radovna and Sava Bohinjka river. It should suppose to rain ALL day long, so Friday April 28th will not be any better than today.. we are hoping for the Radovna river to be fishable on Saturday and Sava Bohinjka on Sunday - but probably just the upper or middle parts.. stay tuned, we shall be posting more here on Saturday morning..



Stronger shipment of the rain is about to reach the area of the Soca, Sava Bohinjka and other nord-western rivers of the Slovenia tomorrow, April 27th.. not sure what exactly will happen but surely not sth. good for a nice dry fly fishing! We will visit the rivers tomorrow morning for the latest situation but to know more about the upcoming flyfishing weekend of 29-30th we need to wait till Friday! keep in touch, we will be posting latest situation soon! NOTE: APRIL 27th is a national Holiday in Slovenia - Fauna fly shop is open for the information from 08am - 12:00 only.



Strange fly fishing conditions these days... Sava Bohinjka with perfect level, clear water, no snow melt and even behold: rishing fish, feeding on the surface.. the ONLY issue is a 90km/h wind!? hah.. yea, today and Tomorrow, there will be strong wind on the area but should hopefully calm down during Friday.. weekend will see mixed weather menu - with local showers, clouds and sunny periods.. like we would be in month April!? :-) To conclude: fishable, but demanding!



A short video-post card to share with our appreciated friends and visitors; Sava Bohinjka Bled Trophy part as it was just few days ago.. Heading towards the Easter weekend and midst of month April, still no serious rain which would interrupt the nice fly fishing lasting now since April 1! Water level of the Sava Bohinjka river is OK, fish is active but nymph works better than dry. For now. Temperature of the water shows some snow melt, but in practice is hardly noticeable.. Trying to predict the coming Easter fly fishing weekend: Rain will be present but in shape of local showers. This should not mess with the river level neither color.. It might trigger some hatches since the humidity of the air will be high. FAUNA FLY SHOP in Bled will be open also on Easter holidays at least 08:00-10:00 am. So.. paint those eggs, fast on Friday and GO! Fly fishing on Saturday - Easter Monday!! Surely Almighty Christ won`t mind if you stretch your fly lines on his big day!? :-D



Today`s video from the Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka river and another from the Institute part.. showing normal water levels and with the latest weather update - weekend of April 9-10 should be safe for fly fishing! GOGOGO ;-) ..



Early April started in the best possible way, sunny and pleasant temperatures. Fly fishing opening was perfect, with several anglers visiting from all over Europe. All three fishing clubs of the Sava Bohinjka are fishing well. Mid day time can trigger a small snow melt effect, when the level rises for some 5cm. But this is not disturbing at all, since there haven`t been any rain for month and without this snow melt, levels would already been critically low. So everything is good for something! The rest of this week will see some rain showers.. up till Thursday weather is kind-a unstable. But it still enables fly fishing. Just a rain jacket must be nearby. The soil is very dry and we do not expect the rivers to go up with the first rain they will see after a month of drought. FAUNA FLY SHOP is open on a daily basis, give us a call if you find yourself unsure about coming to fly fish or not. 0038641633147. We will be in touch with more news at the middle of the week. stay tuned!



Looking at the latest weather reports, next Saturday, April 1st should be ok, enabling first casts on the Sava Bohinjka river! Water levels are perfect, while mornings are still quite cold, so do not push on the river at 07am or so.. bugs start to fly around once the sun puts some heat out.. stay tuned, we will be posting again on Friday, just before the opening day.



Turning on a green light for yet another fly fishing weekend on the Radovna or Sava river! Weather seems pretty fine, except a rain drop might happen on Saturday, the 25th! Levels of both rivers are down and nicely fishable. Middle parts of the day can see short hatches and fish showing interest on the surface fishing. But still, majority of the day will be with the nymph.. like this for instance:



WEEKEND MARCH 11-12 A GOOD ONE!, 11.3.2017
For all who can still setup some fly fishing plans for tomorrow`s Sunday, March 12th - GO FOR IT! Water levels of the Big Sava and the Radovna are down, weather sunny! Wind which was messing with the fly lines yesterday is settling down and conditions to fly fish are optimal - at least for month March. Due to a very nice fly fishing conditions, FAUNA FLY SHOP will be open also on tomorrow`s Sunday, from 08-10:00 am. To advise and consult about which of the two rivers to go to! The BIG or the SMALL, we`v got them ALL! :-P Looking forward to see you! have tons of perfect Nymphs to meet March`s feeding menu haha..



While the opening days of 2017 flyfishing season in Slovenia suffered from the rain, midst of March is finally showing some better times to come! While the waters of the Sava river are still high and not yet clear, smaller river Radovna is already on a good level for some nice fly fishing. Dryfly fishing is still down, due to cold breeze down the valley of the Radovna river but smaller nymphs are already working well.. Upcoming weekend of March 11,12 suppose to be a sunny one, so a perfect opportunity to stretch your fly lines on the Radovna river! Contact us any time for more information or advises about flyfishing on the upcoming end of the week!



Surprisingly, Radovna river cleared up in two days time, now being all right for the fly fishing! Big Sava is still strong in current, just the color improved a bit.. doable with stremers or nymphs but closer to the banks where the current is not so strong. Coming weekend of March 4,5 will see some rain. We can not say its gonna be a superb fly fishing weekend. unfortunately. hope to be able reporting better news the next week. stay with us!



Well, the nature had a different plan for the fly fishing opening on the Sava and Radovna river like we had; mixture of snow and rain, white water and very demanding or should we say - not really possible fly fishing conditions. Surely we are all a bit disappointing but hey - sun comes after the rain yes? Keep your eye to the situation, we will be back as soon as the waters gets clearer and there will be some fly fishing action in progress!



INTO 2017 FLY FISHING WE GOOO!, 22.2.2017

Dear Fly Fishing friends and visitors of Fauna News page! Fly fishing season will kick in again on Wednesday, March 1st, with the opening of the Sava and Radovna river. Note! Sava river from the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka downstream. Aka Big Sava river. There are no changes in the fly fishing or pricing policy comparing with the previous season. 36,00 Eur for the Sava river and 39,00 Eur for the Radovna river. Catch and release.

Fauna Fly shop in Bled will be open at 08am on the opening day Wednesday March 1st. Welcome to visit us for consulting about the best choice and places you can go to fly fish!

Since we need to de-frost from the Hucho winter fishing, Fauna team will have a short time-off starting from tomorrow, Thursday 23rd. Nevertheless the store in Bled will be open on the following time-table:

  • 23rd Thursday 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00
  • 24th Friday 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00
  • 25th Saturday 9:00 - 12:00
  • 26th Sunday CLOSED
  • 27th Monday 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00
  • 28th Tuesday 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00
  • 1st March 8:00 - 12:00 and 15:00-18:00

Since we will have limited access to our e-mails during the above dates, our reply to your messages might come delayed.. We will of course try to responde as soon as possible, but you will have your answer latest on Wednesday March 1st when Fauna Team starts to operate again with full power!

Give us a call on our cell phone 0038641633147 to check the river conditions of the Radovna and Sava if you decide to stretch your fly rods on March 1st!!


Ending a very exciting and one of the most successful hucho-hucho fishing season of the last years just a few days ago.. the last fishing day, the 14th February was a sunny almost spring looking day with clear water of the Sava Bohinjka river and not really active fish.. few missed strikes and lost huchos (because of too small hooks) was at most what we could make.. of course nothing like that makes an image to publish here haha.... This posts goes as a thanks for all out guest, visitors and supporters in hucho-hucho fishing thrill on the Sava Bohinjka river. Big thanks to all the guides, river wardens and also to the Fishing Club Bled staff members who are taking such a good care for the overall hucho-hucho population in the Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka river. Tight lines for the 2017 Fly fishing and we meet again in Hucho-Hucho combat on NOVEMBER 15th 2017!



Looks like the spectacular number and sizes of the hucho-hucho catches on the opening day of 2016/2017 hucho-hucho fishing season were also a sign for the season`s closing period!? In just 4 more days to go, this thrilling winter fishing season will come to it`s end, with lots of good memories to take with! And as with any other adrenaline related sport, the more you wait to the finish line, the more exciting it gets! Mr. Brane M, from the local fishing club society kept his As card in the sleeve almost till the end of the game! Landing this monster header of 110cm and 12.40kg really puts the oil on the fire for the rest of the hucho-fishing optimists who are about to attack the Sava Bohinjka river banks in the next days to follow!!! Thanks Brane for sharing, you can relax now and watch the others suffering ;-)



Counting down till the 14th next week! The last groups arriving on hucho-hucho fishing and also landing huchos! All sizes are on the move and every size caught is respected. Especially if on fly rod! notice that the rings of the fly rod are still frozen! hard work performing before one can post an image like this ;-) Good job Leo V. !!



Rain which we had received after almost two months of drought, is gone and water of the Sava Bohinjka is getting clear again.. the "opportunity window" of smoke water delivered several hucho-hucho strikes and was a welcome change to a very challenging clear water fishing conditions of December and January.. now we get ready for the FINALE of 16/17 season, with 7 more days of fishing ahead, before February 15th brings down the finish flag of this super exciting winter season. Looking at the weather and fishing conditions, we could say that they will be fine! Not too cold, even sunshine, temperatures around zero Celsius, river clear and normal current.. neutral fishing conditions in short words. All right, stay tuned and GO!! into the last hucho week!!



The last 12 days of the 2016/2017 Hucho-Hucho fishing season was announced by the - should we say, loud noise of largest Hucho catches of the season! After the passing black moon on Saturday 28th, freezing cold turned into a mild rainy weather which is like PERFECT for hucho fishing! Large torpedo Huchos which were unmovable for the last few weeks, started to go on the move and any serious hucho-hucho angler just has to take such opportunity! Our regular contributor on this page, AL, managed to land and released back this beautiful hucho-hucho male beast few nights ago, hope you enjoy the content you are about to watch.. if you feel your skin shivers - alarm! you are hucho-hucho addict! Stay tuned, new hucho hunting groups are on the way down here, hope we will be able to publish news soon!!!!



Posting from the recent Hucho-Hucho fishing expeditions on the Sava Bohinjka, Bled fishing club waters! In hard January`s conditions a team of skilled Italian fly fisherman, leaded by skilled supervision of a local hucho hunter, managed to land not one, but two Huchos in one single day! Larger fish exceeded a magic border of 100cm which is a respectable achievement even when talking Huchen Fly fishing! Every Hucho-hucho caught on a fly rod deserves "high five" since this is not an easy thing to do! Thank you Paolo, Paolo and Alessandro for your efforts, surely we did not meet the last time :-) Sava Bohinjka of the Bled fishing club has once more proven to be one of the hottest spots to get a big Huchos on a fly rod! Below`s video will maybe help you understand the emotions being involved in such hard type of fly fishing! Enjoy watching - start planning your one!!! :-P





A question for a debate! Majority would reply, those feelings when you set the hook and feel that a large fish is pulling the line back! Maybe true.. But when we talk with the Hucho-hucho anglers, replies could be surprising.. so again: Hucho angler, which feeling would you describe as being the strongest in all this hucho-hucho action? The strongest feelings come when you release this magnificent fish slowly from your hands, watching her how he or she proudly disappears back into the dark deeps of her home river.. thanks JK for the vid, we extend our "high five" seen on the film too! ;-) high5!!



HOW WE DO IT? Hucho-hucho winter fishing is not a walk in the park job.. and who already tried it - possibly with a fly fishing rod, knows what we are talking about. In this post there won`t be any talk about the catch but about how to get a chance for the hucho strike :-) casting 15cm or longer streamers with stiff fly rods of line class 8-10 is a hard labour.. especially with your frozen fingers and show behind your neck :-) In our long time guiding I had notice a surprising fact: from an average of 10 random fly fisherman arriving, about 60-70% of them does not know or perform a throw called "Double pull". Quite basic casting move it is, but so much neglected from the anglers.. In the summer time, fly fisherman can easily catch a trout without that casting skill.. CZ, FR, ESP nymphing doesn`t even require it.. but when dealing with large streamers - essential! I had asked our guest mr. Péter Bartha who is probably among best Hungarian Hucho fly fisherman to show a double pull cast for our audience.. WATCH HIS LEFT HAND only.. despite the effort, we and mr. József Balogh didn`t get the hucho that time.. Nevertheless, that is a part of hucho fishing.. and I enjoyed in fly fishing performance a lot..



Another angler had a lucky Hucho strike during the past days which have had also some snow falling down on the Sava Bohinjka area.. this time a heavy streamer on a spinning rod was the right combination for mr. R.F. who landed this 70ish Hucho. Released back unharmed! Plans made: next time targeting a 90+ cm! :-) Concluding with river report: weather has stabilise and in the next week or 10 days won`t bring any snow or rain.. rivers are down and clear.. but all this is just a silence before the storm: early February with it`s last two weeks of the hucho fishing season is shown to be snowy, rainy and turbulent.. PERFECT for a grand hucho fishing finale haha :-)) stay in touch!!!



After expecting harsh hucho-hucho fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river, with the water being low and clear, some anglers stayed at home. While the other didn`t! Having some higher risk to make a "zero" than on the usual hucho-hucho fishing days, mr. R.G. who was fly fishing for the huchos of the Sava Bohinjka river the 1st time, decided to give us a GO! on the hunt! And as we always say, the brave ones shall be rewarded, sooner or later! On the 2nd day, streamer finally sank down to the right rocky hole! The rest you can watch here:



As we all read about record braking cold all over the eastern Europe, our area of Bled with the lowest temp. down to -15°C is not really a record breaker.. but nevertheless, rivers and fisherman who dare to approach them in this period feel the cold very well! This post in fact comes with the announcement of a "opportunity" window which will happen this Friday the 13th! Mild south winds will rise the temperatures above zero and snow/rain mixture is about to come! WHAT better a hucho anglers would want?? Stay in touch, CATCH posts will follow ;-)



Regardless demanding hucho-hucho fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka, with the water being crystal clear and low, one of the best local hucho anglers of recent seasons, decided it`s time to smash down the record hucho-hucho catch! Having an eye set on a big shadow of a fish who stealthy appeared here and there up the canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river, one late afternoon when the day turned into dusk, he and his fishing college were on the right rock at the right time. One cast and two pulls - the bait stopped. The rest is a history.. After landing the big she-hucho, a great care and almost loving handling of this magnificent animal was taken. Companion angler, mr. Toni S. who is also a pro.staff of Bled fishing club hatchery examined the fish and take official measurement for the club`s statistics; 125cm and 23kgs! Queen hucho-hucho was gently released back to her kingdom - pools of the Sava Bohinjka. Let us quote the words of happy fisherman to conclude: "As far as I can remember, there was no greater or stronger feeling in my life that could compare with the one when this beauty of the beast slowly swam out of my hands back to her home!" We can totally understand this since there is no evidence that a bigger fish could be found in the Sava Bohinjka river! It might be that A.U. met the peak of his fishing careerer, yes.. but the queen is back in the river, still growing! Being even more skilled than before she will be a really hard target now. Maybe next year, they meet again, moving the record up for an inch. Or she will decide to have another "rendezvous" with another angler.. maybe with you who are reading this lines right now!?



It has been over 30 days now since the Sava Bohinjka is shinning in sun and having low, crystal water! Beautiful to meet the eye but super demanding for hucho-hucho fishing! Several groups tried their luck but the only man who was successful is smiling here on the main picture! This conditions are really a prove stone for any hucho fisherman, fly or spin one! Since the fish is not much feeding now we should all keep an eye on the first weather change (snow or rain) which should boost the feeding action of huchos again! When that happens, make sure you are close! Long sunny period has to end sooner or later! WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NY AND LOTS OF FISHING IN 2017! Our office is open again on January 2nd, feel free to contact if you need some information. BEST REGARDS, Matej



A promotional fishing week on the INSTITUTE part of the Sava Bohinjka has started today, Monday 19th. The price of catch & release fishing permit has been reduced from the regular 59.00 Eur, down to 40,00 Eur. Minimum requirement is fishing with 2 persons. To explain: single fisherman are not allowed to fish. Every interested person must come with another fisherman, or more. There are still some rooms available in FAUNA FISHING LODGE during the promotional week. Location of the Lodge is 10 minutes from the fishing area! See the map.. If some one can not find a fishing college, Fauna Bled can provide a fishing GUIDE.

  • Can I fish hucho-hucho alone? No.
  • Can we fish hucho in 2 persons and do we both need to buy the permit? Yes.
  • Can we fish in 3 or more and do we all need to buy the permit? Yes, you can, minimum of 2 permits needs to be purchased.
  • What is the last day the promotional price valids? December 26th including.
  • Is spinning allowed? Yes, but all the lures need to be on SINGLE barbless hooks! Triple hooks are prohibited!
  • What is the closest place to stay during my fishing? Fauna Lodge.. 10 minute drive to the fishing area..
  • Do you sell the lures if I do not have the right ones? Yes, Fauna fly shop Bled. 10% discount during promotional week!
  • What rod do I need for hucho-hucho fishing? Fly fisherman 9ft minimum of class line 8 or more.. spinning: 210-270cm 40-80g casting weight. (Or more)

Call us any time for more information! 0038641633147 Fauna Fly Shop Bled



Well known king of the pool in the Sava Bohinjka was willing to pose for the camera of also well known hucho fishing angler. They made an agreement, not to connect each other with a fishing rod this time. The gentlemen`s agreement of the highest level one could say :-) Fishing conditions are good, full moon of today is a good sign for fishing huchos, GOGOGO Hucho hunters :-D



OUT OF FROM NOWHERE!, 13.12.2016
One of the recent catches, kindly shared with us by mr. Georg, came as a big surprise, confirming the exception rule, that hucho-hucho is really unpredictable fish specie! Casting a ground type lure in the bright day light, having clear water and sandy bottom, fish attacked from behind a bottom rock where he was lying almost invisible for the anglers.. true predators they are indeed.. Fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka still all right, sun has gone, cloudy weather with possible light snow or drizzle should be a great combination for some new catches!! GOGOGO Hucho anglers!!! ;-)



Latest view on the Sava Bohinjka, river has optimal levels but is also very clear, which makes fly fishing for hucho-hucho a bit more demanding! Dawn/dusk is optimal timing, during the day we hunt the fish in the faster streams. Nevertheless, a stop at those gorgeous pools and a cast or two are part of the story too! Very unlikely that the hucho would strike on an open area like this, but is still a good adrenaline injection when that big head takes a look at your streamer :-)



Image from this morning shows optimal Hucho-hucho fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river, with clear water and normal water levels. The moon is rising and that is usually a good sign for the huchen become active for feeding! Stay in touch, surely we will be posting some new catches soon!



It is a magic line between Huchos above and below 100cm border. Some say that a hucho starts at 1M length. But some times a fish of 95 looks much nicer than many of those exceeding those 5 cm more! In this case that is the truth.. 95er of a local angler Jan K, is among the nicest fish landed this season. He will grow and in 3 years.. a nice Meter hucho will swim in the pools of the Sava Bohinjka river again! A short weather comment: a period of dry, cold and sunny weather is ahead, Sava is normal and clear. And fish active as you can see from the posts. NOTE: Since December is stepping with fast steps, all of you considering of trying to fish for the hucho on the last week of December, 25th - 31st, be aware that all our guides are more or less already booked out and some earlier or later dates should be considered.. Stay in touch!



Checking the latest weather reports, week of December 5-10 is going to be dry with clear water of the Sava Bohinjka river. Conditions for hucho-hucho fishing and fly fishing are good! Feel free to contact us for further advise or help..



Fishing conditions for hucho-hucho fishing are optimal! Water is not low and hucho is active as you can see in the recent posts :-)



As we thought that previous post, showing a 114cm hucho caught in the waters of Bled Sava Bohinjka will be hard to beat, an even greater surprise came out yesterday! A skilled team of local hucho fisherman tracked down and land this giant of 122CM with a 19kgs on the scale! BIG congratulations to both of them and respect for the river Sava Bohinjka Bled, which has proven so many times to be a hucho fishing paradise :-D



River as it was on the afternoon of November 22nd. Already good (perfect?) for hucho-hucho spin fishing, while fly fisherman should wait a few more days for the levels to drop down a bit. Good times to be expected soon!!



While we all wait for the Sava Bohinjka returns on the acceptable levels for hucho-hucho fly fishing, it`s about time to share the last catches from last Friday, just the afternoon before the river start to go rapidly up and several hucho trips had to be cancelled because of the dangerously high levels.. Namely, mr. Dietmar A. managed - with the help of a skilled Fauna guide, land 2 huchos in one day! While he would probably be quite content also with the first, smaller hucho-hucho, but the faith had different plans for him on that day.. smaller one was just a warm up, before about one hour left, streamer just stopped! Nothing moved for about 5sec, the rest is history. 110cm - er puts mr. Dietmar amongst top 5 most successful fly-fishing hucho hunters in the last few years. Congratulation from our side! The rest of you, stay tuned - levels should be back to optimal by the end of the week.. will be posting here soon!



116-ER HUCHO-HUCHO, 17.11.2016
116-er hucho-hucho landed :-D Catch and release! It had to be sth. with the super moon which was shining the last week.. big boys are in the mood to hunt! And so are we!! ;-) Water levels are optimal and the effect of the super moon still lasts! Temperatures are climbing up, it should be around 10 degrees by the end of the week.. with a light showers or rain.. What could a hucho hunter want more ;-)



114CM LANDED!, 16.11.2016
As promised, here is a 114-er from yesterday! Thanks to mr. Pavel K, this magnificent fish shows up on your screens and swims in the river pools of the Sava Bohinjka right now. 1st fishing day came as a surprise to this beast and he snatched the bait on the 1st cast! but now he is alerted that we are back in action! lets see how smart he gets from now on ;-) fishing conditions are great, there is some rain forecaster for the weekend - a good thing when doing a hucho-hucho fishing!!



November 15th, 1st HUCHO-HUCHO fishing day on the Sava Bohinjka just concluded. Awesome 10 fish was landed by various local fishing teams, from 50cm, up to astonishing 114cm which was the highest tag of the day and a great sign for the season to follow. ALL fish were released back unharmed. We will try to get more images to share with you later during the week.. stay tuned!



High water gone, levels still a bit high but clear. Hucho fishing on the Sava Bohinjka open! Feel free to email us if you have any kind of question! Note that regular fly fishing is still possible on the middle section of the Sava Bohinjka river, so called INSTITUTTO part.. weather nice and sunny, dry fly? hm.. sure :-P



Exactly 7 more days left before the 2016 fly fishing season on the Bled club waters of the Sava Bohinjka are closing down. With this levels, as found today, November 7th, it will be tight to find the last fishable days! Second half of the week and weekend of 12,13th could be fishable but lets wait a few days.. stay in touch!



Coming weekend October 29,30 will have some fly fishing possible!! Sava Bohinjka is getting clear and will be probably ok tomorrow, Radovna is already on her normal levels today. Consider, that FAUNA SHOP in Bled is open Sunday October 31st and Monday, November 1st from 9:00-11:00 am. Welcome to visit us!



HIGH WATER LEVEL, 26.10.2016
Heavy rain tonight pushed the Sava Bohinjka river high and muddy.. with some luck, Saturday October 29th will be possible to hit the river again.. Nevertheless the temperatures are really high for this time of the season, we have had a really good dry fly fishing day yesterday on the Radovna river.. :-)



Its a good news finally.. see that the levels of the sava bohinjka are recovering, already clear colours. But the current remains strong. If you are fly fishing this weekend, come to Fauna fly shop to talk out some good, flat areas to go fly fish to! We are open tomorrow morning 8-10am. Seeya ;-)



This morning, we found the river not dramatically high but still too strong in currents to perform some normal fly fishing.. rain is slowly ending and the river will not need much time to drop. But will more likely be the Sunday 23rd when the first fishing will be done in the Institue part of the Sava Bohinjka (more flat areas) while Bled will probably get in best shape Monday next week.. Radovna is also coloured today and not a best place to be at for now.. stay in touch..



Latest video from today`s morning.. Bled fishing club waters already went up for some 10cm towards normal and still rising.. keep in touch tomorrow if you have had plans of coming to fly fish this weekend. feel free to contact us in the office any time.. 0038641633147



Half of the week already gone, looking to the upcoming weekend fly fishing October 21-23! weather seem to be cloudy with often rain but luckily a week rain! Levels are a bit white at the moment but would recover fast if only the rain stops.. Saturday and Sunday October 22,23 will be dry with no rain. We will post latest images of the Sava and Sava Bohinjka river this Friday morning to help you decide either GO! on the fly fishing or staying at home. If you choose the second option, here is some video from my last fishing on the Sava river:



Sava Bohinjka has cleared out today and we expect perfect levels from tomorrow onward! Radovna is ok, Big Sava river will get fishable levels and perfect conditions during the middle of the week when both smaller Sava`s will drop back down to minimum.. Main image showing a beautiful grayling caught in a big Sava river a couple of days ago! Thanks Claudio B. for contributing! Watch to the video example No.1 how to approach the big Sava river if finding higher water levels:



This week on the area of Bled and the Sava Bohinjka river started with a drizzle of light rain and some stronger showers.. That has NOT affect on the river levels or colour at all.. Rivers are still low and clear. Only stronger, few days lasting rain would rise them.. But no such thing on the horizon.. what we can expect for the upcoming end of week, October 15,16 is cloudy, fishable weather with occasional local showers.. a true SALMON type of the weather :-D



OCTOBER IS HERE, 4.10.2016
October 2016 brought some news! While fly fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Soča etc.. still lasts during all October, the Sava Radovljica aka. BIG Sava river already opened Hucho-hucho fishing with October 1st. Also Sava Dolinka has already open Hucho-hucho fishing! AND fly fishing on both rivers is still open till the end of October. This creating a UNIQUE chance for the fisherman to fly fish and hucho-hucho fish at the same time of the visit! Fishing Conditions are OK, both rivers remain low and there is no real rain on the horizon.. first showers are about to come by the end of the week, but a minor one.. that gives us a good chance to prolong the nice fly fishing period to the midst of October!



Short word describing current situation on most Slovenian rivers: low levels, selective fish! since the sunny weather is rolling now in the 3rd week, rivers went down. Not to critical levels, just low and slow moving.. Unica for example is on 20cm when usually 60cm level offers best fishing.. Most popular place to be in these days is the Big Sava river where the levels are the best in all season. this is a consequence of both smaller Sava rivers are on low levels.. But to prove that even such condition can produce nice catches if they are properly guided by a pro. Guides, attached is the cca 60cm wild Brownie from the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka caught yesterday by our guest mr. Matt. E. Good job m8!! thanks for sharing!



AUTUMN IS HERE!, 22.9.2016
A short shot from the river Sava Bohinjka - sun and fresh wind down the river.. nice but slightly demanding fishing conditions. water levels of all rivers are perfect and the upcoming weekend looks safe and nice to go Fly fishing! welcome to call our office any time for further information or some specific fly fishing questions :-)



COLD BUT DRY, 19.9.2016
Into a new fly fishing week! The rain during last couple of days did not alter any levels of major fly fishing rivers, but it did cool down air temperature significantly. We are looking at colder but more or less dry fly fishing days ahead with normal water levels of the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and most of other rivers... DRY FLY fishing is still productive, winner of the day yesterday on the Radovna river was elk caddis tied down on size 18. Fish were going well for them (Brown trout).



Calm moments out there on the Sava Bohinjka river.. while grayling is lazy as hell, mostly ignoring passing flies, trout tends to be more active these days.. smaller nymphs or dry emergers are the best menu you can offer to them.. also the second fish in latest news stroke on the nymph.. Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka river.. a hint for all our friends who are about to fly fish on the rivers these days: search for the faster parts of the rivers.. one could be surprised in how fast current fish can make a rise to a streaming fly by insect! Thanks Pierre for your contribution image!



Watching the latest weather reports for today and tomorrow, September 5,6th we might seen some local rain showers on the NW parts of Slovenia where also most of the Fly fishing rivers are found.. at the moment all this rain is really just shower - so no change in water levels yet.. fishing is in fact very nice due to no-sun weather type.. Latest reports from our Spanish friend mr. Arteche E., showing a nice rainbow trout caught in the rocky part of the Sava Boh.river last Sunday. Great job Eduardo, thanks for sharing ;-)



Hello all, sorry for this super long silence on our news page, just returned to Bled a few days ago from the summer vacations... and found Sava Bohinjka all right for the autumn fly fishing which is ahead! levels are low - true and fish can be quite picky especially on a sunny day. But in general conditions are ok. We will have to keep an eye on this Thursday, September 1st when Bled area expects some storms... with some luck levels of the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Sava Big will remain normal.. Note that we are entering into a autumn grayling dry fly fishing period soon.. this Fly fishing will last with some luck by the midst of October.. so do NOT put the fly rods away yet :-)



August has finally proven to be a nice fly fishing month and we only had a few of such in 2016.. typical fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river, early morning shows some dry fly action, middle parts of the day has to be fished in shadow areas of either the canyon or more rocky parts of the river, evening after 2000 picks up dry fly activity again. No magic pattern to recommend, if you will meet the selective feeding of trout a size 20 or smaller will have to be! Dont forget to have some crickets, grasshoppers or other terrestrial patterns handy.. in case you spot larger trout hoovering under the surface - throw a grasshopper to her!! We recommend RADOVNA river as a great hide-out from the summer heat. Also BIG Sava river can be fished well in the summer. Fish there is not so selective and you can fish with stronger lines like .14 or .16 carbons.. What more to say.. Ah, just this:

Since Matej will hit the summer fly fishing vacations untill August 29th, please use our duty cell phone 0038641633147 for all inquiry about Fauna Lodge availability, Bled Trophy part booking and Guiding service availability. If possible give us a call in the afternoon timing 15-1900 hours when rush hours in Fauna Fly shop are gone and we will have more relaxed atmosphere to talk with you. Looking forward to your call already!



July almost gone, this year it was a special one in a weather sense :-) often rain and storms keep the water level on normal level which makes fishing good. Strong sunny days will have to be on the river early since dry fly activity lasts till +- 10:00 hours .. after that small nymphs and sensitive strike detectors are working best! Hatch happens also during the day from time to time but its short.. evening hatch comes no sooner than 9pm so if you have an early dinner - no hatch for you :-) forecasts for early August are the same - hot mixing with showers.. for fly fishing this is a good combination!



Hey there! Are you on the summer vacations? Yes? well, we aren`t haha.. doing fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka and cool Radovna river! Levels dropped down from the normal to low, but still ok for fly fishing. Latest reports telling us that grayling goes for larger fly patterns too.. like the cadis on size 12.. but only in the faster parts of the river. Where the water calms down and you face some flats or slow stream - size 20 is what they take! Weekends, the river banks are quite busy from various scouts, sun seekers, nudist, etc, so try to come during the week time when things are a bit calming down. To conclude - yes, its hot out there but the fishing is all right!



Deeper in July, weather can still surprise with a storm or a day of the rain, but in generally fly fishing condition on the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and most of other Slovenian rivers is great! Writing this, we have a two days of fresh shower, temperature drop down to about 20 degrees, so some quiet moments on the river is to be expected.. Friday 15th and onward the weather turns back to hot summer like.. if you hit the rivers with a dry fly: make sure you have small patterns ready.. and 0,10mm tippet too! Fauna Fly Shop in Bled has prepared nice summer time dry fly series of various flies.. pop in and check out any time ;-)



FINALLY the snow melt water is gone and the Sava Bohinjka went down to normal summer time levels. All the areas of the river are now nicely accessible and dry fly fishing is possible all over the area.. weather still shows frequent local showers but in this time of the year that is a good thing if you are a dry fly fisherman: short rain triggers the hatch, while a long period of sun only would make things more hard.. we did not think that it will be a July when the news of this type will be posted hahaha!



Latest fly fishing news from the Sava Bohinjka river.. water is gin-clear but still having strong current. temperature of the river is some 4 degrees lower than normal by this time of the year, meaning hatch is low and bigger fish still prefer to feed on the bottom instead from the surface.. we are expecting things to change in a week or so when the levels drop down for another 5cm and temperature of the water climbs up for a few degrees.. in short words - fishing totally possible just dry fly fishing more demanding than usual.. stay in touch!



Glad to be back with some positive fly fishing news - at last! found Sava Bohinjka this morning already clear.. still having a strong current but nothing dramatic.. looking at the weather forecast for the next days, seems like we will be having a good and fishable end of week! Also for dry fly fishing.. I saw a few takes from the surface already at 7:30 am when I visited the military bridge in the Bled fishing district! tomorrow afternoon we will post also few images from the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka.. stay tuned!



This morning found the Sava Bohinjka really high because there was a passing storm hitting the area of Bled and Bohinj tonight! Looks like the arriving weekend June 18,19 will be lost - again! Radovna might be ok on Sunday but Sava will need some time to recover... we will load image later today, stay tuned! Damn, this 2016 is the worst we remember in years!! :-(



Latest images of the Sava Bohinjka.. the above is in the INstitute part, below is shown the Bled fly fishing area.. if not much new rain on the way, we might have a reasonable fly fishing weekend.. but this is not a warranty.. weather is really unpredictable and some showers are possible on a daily basis...



Fresh image from today.. Log bridge, Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka. River is ok for fishing.. not low, but clear. clouds are dense, rain can be expected every day.. but this is nothing new this year, isn`t it? ;-)



Weather situation on wider area of Bled is still having daily showers and from time to time also storms, but the rivers Sava Bohinjka, Radovna are fishable.. water is clear but having strong current. wading in the river is possible but you can not cross the river everywhere you want.. dry fly action is also in progress, last two days we have had a strong hatches of may flies.. during the day fish prefers to take smaller insects.. we can not say that fishing conditions are very perfect, but we are slowly getting there.. sooner or later this spring looking weather has to settle down?? stay tuned..



Latest image from the Sava Bohinjka river before the upcoming weekend of June 4-5. Water in the Bled fishing area is already clear, so first fishing will be done today with nymph and streamers... if the next days will see some sun, evening hatches can be expected, while day time dry fly action will remain modest - due to cold water and air temperature. Looks like the bad spirits of April and May will prolong also to early June :-/ stay with us, hope to report better news soon... feel free to call for some advise +38641633147



Sava Bohinjka is blown up by the last night storm in the Bohinj area... it will need at least 2 days to become fishable again.. stay tuned.. Radovna river will be fine.. call us for latest advises about fishable areas in Slovenia! +38641633147



Sorry for the short break of the news, but we were FLY FISHING ALL THE TIME!! Sava Bohinjka is having fishable (not yet really low) levels and the fishing is like - PERFECT! Grayling goes well on dry fly while trout still prefers to strike on nymphs.. but in short - great times out there on the rivers! Finally.. we had been waiting like a month for this to happen :-)



Looking at the Sava Bohinjka this morning, found her in much better condition like for the last weekend! Colour is already normal, just currents remain strong. This means nothing much.. in the next few days temperatures might go warmer and hatches will be triggering for sure! Consider that we will have JUNE in two weeks time!



Latest updates from this Saturday morning.. Sava Bohinjka remains high.. Possibly Sunday afternoon first chances in the Institute part of the river where there are some flat areas, having less current. GOOD NEWS is that the weather is improving, so early next week there are some better days arriving. Consider fish goes well on dry fly as soon as the currents weakening a bit... stay tuned - good times to come soon!



This post has put a funeral to all the hopes about some nice fly fishing for the Friday or Saturday May 13,14.. Rain pushed the river up and dark green.. With some luck, first fly fishing will be possible on Sunday 15th. Radovna river is better.. will post some images tomorrow morning.. stay with us..



Finally there is some proper fly fishing going on! NO MORE fear about the snow melt water for a week or so.. temperatures on the area of Sava Bohinjka, Bled, Bohinj are low, so snow stays in the mountains. Sava Bohinjka has had one of the best fly fishing days early this week! Trout and especially grayling goes well on dry fly.. just smaller patterns need to be used.. there will be rain on the area in the next 3 days.. not sure how strong. hope river stays good. give us a call any time if you want to double check some details.. +38641633147 Looking forward to hear you!



Finally, the nature has moved from the late spring time fly fishing into proper spring time fly fishing! What does that mean? It means that the fish started to feed actively on dry fly, regardless the fact that the currents of the Sava Bohinjka are still strong. Fly fisherman report VERY good feedback either fly fishing with the dry fly or nymph! NO more waiting for the better times to come - they are already here! There will be many fly fisherman around by the ends of month May, so do not miss the opportunity to fly fish in relaxed atmosphere during the middle of May.. Weather can still mess up by occasional rain but nothing really bad is shown at the weather reports..



Latest news, Sava Bohinjka remains higher than normal but has clear water. Wading in the river is demanding due to strong current.. most of the action is going on at the shallow parts of the river, close to the banks. Good results can be if using some mosquito patterns like the daddy long leg or red spinner patterns. Larger stone fly nymphs are also a good choice these days.... keeping an eye on the situation for you, stay tuned..



Looks like a period of better weather is ahead. Air temperatures remain low, meaning the water level of the Sava Bohinjka is to go down in next days. Good fly fishing conditions to be expected by the second half of this week and for the weekend of May 7,8th. Not sure about the fishing conditions? give us a call any time 0038641633147



Just one day after the snow blast from our previous news - new surprises.. strong sun but low air temperatures caused the low land snow along the river disappeared and the high mountains snow is not melting any more = clear river! As long as the air remains cold, this will last. Once temperatures start to climb up - will see what happens than..



FRESH SNOW !!, 28.4.2016
Agggh... just when the levels of the Sava Bohinjka started to go down - fresh shipment of snow arrived in Bled :-( this is the image from this morning.. now the sun is back and will cause this to melt down again.. few more days fishing conditions will be.. modest in best case. Rain forcasted for the weekend May 1st.. what to say.. go and fly fish if you must ;-) stay in touch, will report on this page as soon as conditions turn to better...



Temperature drop for about 10 degrees, has stopped the snow melt process in the Sava Bohinjka river. We found the level of the river today surprisingly nice and clear! This cold period will endure another few days meaning river will probably stay like this for a while.. when the temperature starts to climb up, some new snow melt is expected. BUT being so far in the spring time, fishing will be OK despite some higher levels. Do not wait for the better times to come, since you might miss the relaxing spring dry fly fishing.



Many of you will find this news encouraging! Snow melt water is almost gone, river is maybe some 5cm above normal but normally fishable.. this weekend April 23,24 will see some rain but it should not cause the river to go high! hopefully not.. we will report back Monday during the day with newest images of the fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river. Stay tuned, have a nice weekend!



Latest pict. from today, showing the water level status at Bohinjska Bela, Bled fishing area.. water remains as it was.. higher than normal but clear. Fish activity increases with first hatches appearing in the afternoon time.. they are short, but it`s a start :-) stay in touch, we will post more shortly..



With some lower temperatures, Sava Bohinjka has dropped for some 10cm, but still remaining higher than considered to be normal. First fly fisherman already went on fishing.. reporting best results with nymph and small dries for grayling.. large dry fly not yet active..



Latest images from recent days show that river Sava Bohinjka is still higher than normal because of the snow melt.. coming weekend April 9-10 might see some rain and low temperatures.. levels might go down for some centimetre but - fishable, but not yet perfectly low... stay tuned.. Image was taken at the Tibetan bridge in the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka..



In one day only, Sava Bohinjka has rise for some 20cm because of the higher temperatures triggered some snow melt... can`t really say how long this will last... stay in touch with Fauna news page to get the latest updates and images or call our Fauna shop in Bled 0038641633147 any time for consult... sorry if this news has spoiled you the plans for this weekend, April 2,3 rd.. :-/



Water is a normal level, but due to higher temperatures might happen some snow melt... but this does not mean bad fishing.. just water is not crystal clear yet... Green light for fly fishing :-)



All looks good for the Friday`s opening of the 2016 Fly fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka river! weather looks good, water level is ok! FAUNA SHOP IN BLED will be open daily at 08am to suggest you the right fly fishing permits! So glad to meet you again! ;-)



One more week left for the opening of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka river.. April 1st to be precise.. looking at the weekend ahead, some rain coming in Saturday but levels of the Radovna river and Big Sava river will remain ok and fishable.. EASTER SUNDAY AND MONDAY, FAUNA FLY SHOP Bled will be open 8:00 - 10:00 am. ALL fishing permits on the stock.. SEE YOU



And nothing has changed.. Fishing is still under cold conditions and snow insists in the mountain peaks around Bled, making Radovna and Sava river cold and fish in modest feeding mode. But don`t read this like fish do not eat at all.. oh, they do, but are a bit more selective and hard to make a move for the nymph.. Streamer makes them nervous so it`s a good choice right now.. Latest image is from the Radovna river, where we were persuading native brownies.. smart little fish they are and sooo lovely to watch :-) keep in touch guys, April is approaching!



Regardless some rain forecasted again for this Saturday and Sunday March 12,13 Fauna Bled considers that fly fishing on the Radovna river this weekend is doable! see the latest image from this morning, showing PERFECT water level of Radovna river. Some tiny dries in flight promises also few hours/day of dry fly action. Big Sava river remains white but is improving the levels too.. FAUNA Store in Bled opens Friday and Saturday morning at 09:00am for the fishing permit.



Latest view on the Sava river.. still high and white.. end of the week seems to be rainy so no change to the levels can be expected in the next 4-5 days.. Radovna on the other hand is fishable. Clear but strong in current. Nymph and streamers only. Stay tuned!



Here we GO!, 2016 Fly fishing season in Slovenia kicks off! But in a not too vivid action due to cold and rainy weather.. Sava Radovljica is not fishable since high water level, Radovna river is not too bad.. water is clear but some 15cm above normal. Heavy nymph and streamers seems to be a good choice.. Krka river is also open for fly fishing but remains high and will need few more days to go back to normal. stay in touch, FAUNA FLY SHOP in Bled open for information every day 9-12, 15-18 PM. INFO Phone 0038641633147.



Hi all! Since we could not persuade this magnificent female Hucho on the image to strike on any of offered lure, skilled guide, quietly managed to made this last shot of the 15/16 HUCHO season, to provide us all the message from the fish :-) don`t worry, November 15th Hucho season will open again and we will see who will have the last laugh. IN TWO WEEK TIME, March 1st, FLY FISHING SEASON ON THE RADOVNA, KRKA and SAVA RADOVLJICA OPENS! Fauna fly shop in BLED WILL BE open on MARCH 1st at 08:00am. the following week, February 22-26 Fauna shop in BLED will be open from 15:00-17:00 hours only.

Feel Free to call 0038641633147

for any FLY FISHING Details you would like to know daily between 15-1700 hours CET.. PRICES of the closeby opening fishing permits below:


Radovna C&R 39,00 Eur

Krka C&R 35,00 Eur

Sava Radovljica C&R 36,00 Eur




Hello all! Weather seems to know what kind of situation to send for ending week of the Hucho-hucho fishing season! Rain and mild temperatures.. water of Sava Bohinjka is opaque and slightly above normal which will make the last week perfect for hucho fishing! LAST fishing day is SUNDAY 14th February! Stillsome places available in our guiding program - don`t hesitate until the last day if you have had some plans to strike! Remember - such conditions are God`s send gift for any true Hucho hunter :-)



After going into the last two weeks of the 15/16 hucho fishing season, interesting things started to happen! With the spring looking temperatures of the past week, super clear and perfect level of the Sava Bohinjka and good hucho fly fisherman, we can say - good times reelllling :-) Find below an interesting video, made by a Bled`s fishing club Anti-Cormoran patrol, mr. Uros Z. showing mr. Stefano G. and myself landing 96 Hucho during the day time.. Fish was released back unharmed! Second video will show you the activity of the BIG boys starting with the approaching spawning season! Meaning - more strikes are expected in the next two weeks! End of this week some snow is arriving - perfect for the Hucho fishing! VIDEO 1




LANDING 116 CM HUCHO, 23.1.2016
Every smart fish sooner or later finds his smart Hucho fisherman! This beauty male Hucho was spotted by several hucho hunters, but since the opening of the season in November last year, fish was skilfully avoiding to bait the various presented lures being cast to her. Until the rain raised the level of the Sava Bohinjka in early January 2016. While the majority of the fisherman seat at home, waiting for the rain to stop, 116Hucho decided to move for a dinner. But he was not alone there. Talented local hunter knew when is time to be on the spot.. few casts and the Hucho was ready to introduce himself for a camera :-D sounds easy ha!? but it`s not :-)



It maybe seems easy to hold up a fish and make a photo of it. But the truth is far away from that. Especially when that fish is Hucho! A lot of skill, endurance and also luck is needed to hook Hucho in the middle of the day on a streamer with a fly fishing! A smile comes as a natural consequence of all the previous difficulties and efforts! Any one who fish for the Hucho before, knows what am I talking about!



2016 HUCHO FISHING ROLLS ON!, 04.01.2016
A short break around NY to recharge the batteries and we go on HUCHO fishing! One of the first who smile in 2016 was our probably most passionate hucho angler, mr. J.K. who was struggling on a daily bases down the canyons of Sava Bohinjka to grab this lovely speckled Hucho female fish. Surely she was released back to the pools of Sava Bohinjka. Good job JK!



Ending the 2015 year tonight, wish you ALL a pleasant entrance in 2016, not just with a lot of fishing involved but also some health & family happiness. Possibly also with some Hucho fishing before Slovenia gets covered with snow which will make walking on the river banks a bit more hard than now. Thumbs up, Alfred for this catch, if nothing new is landed today, you will have a honour to close the 2015 hucho fishing year :-) Talk to you soon, new hucho fishing is rolling on already this weekend!!



I have had again the pleasure to be out there on the Sava Bohinjka river with a group of young but already skilled and enthusiast Hucho fisherman! Returning the second year, they already have a Hucho catch from the previous season but arrived very determined that another one will arrive this year! And since the luck loves the brave ones - yep - bang! Loud noise in the early morning announced the Hucho boy grab the lure! No better song than Hucho noise hitting the surface in early morning hours! On the Rocky canyons of the Sava Bohinjka Hucho strike sounds really loud! Lucky Mr. M.V. shared the main photo with his best buddies, clearly proven that Hucho hunting is a team work of all. Only luck decides later on who raises the fish out from the river ;-) Can`t wait for the next tour!!



110 CM LANDED!, 17.12.2015
Hard to believe that those small, clear pools of the Sava Bohinjka river hide such a big fish! Fisherman many times roam along the river, not noticing a quiet submarines cruising like a shadows down there on the bottom or close to the river banks.. Luckily someone noticed. And not just noticed, also lured out on the light this magnificent animal of no less than 110 cm! King was released back unharmed. Growing even bigger - but also a bit smarter :-) Thanks T.A. for contributing the photo!



INTERRUPTION , 14.12.2015
During the summer fly fishing season such a rainbow would be a catch of the day and a joy of every fly fisherman.. but during the Hucho fishing season it means just a disappointed despite the size.. Carefully released back unharmed and searching for another Hucho to strike!



Finally after several nice catches below 100cm in the previous weeks a proper Danube Salmon, larger than 1M bite a lure! Skilled local hucho hunter tracked down the fish, waited for the right moment and bang! Sounds easy? Why don`t you try!? :-D



Despite quite demanding conditions of clear water in Sava Bohinjka and Sava, Fauna Hucho hunting service fights on! Having a great hucho anglers around, supported with pro.hucho guides, a result can not fail! Second part of the team landing Hucho from the previous article, managed to get another one a day after! It was a great fishing trip, having good times on the river and surely hope our Austrian friends will return trying to land 100+ one in the future ;-)



Sunny weather and low crystal clear waters of Sava and Sava Bohinjka river are not typical winter story but nevertheless very nice for Hucho fishing since anglers don`t have to struggle on the snow and walking along the river is much easier. Hucho turns to be a bit more careful with the striking, but it`s no problem for good Hucho hunters and experienced guides.. the right moment in the right place and you have him! Good job Mario!! ;-)



Despite low and clear water of the Sava Bohinjka, warm and sunny weather during the day lures out hucho fishing Anglers easily! And as proverbial - hucho often strikes moments before the fishing has to end.. the same in our case - last cast before leaving home - knock-knock- 80er reports for filming :-)



A short image from this morning Hucho-hucho fishing, no Fish to report just one moment worth remember, the one when the sun picks up over the Trophy pool of Bled fishing club.. Fish will come next time ;-)



SMELLS LIKE SNOW, 27.11.2015
Bad weather, now mixed with rain and low temperatures, moister in every part of your garment.. brrrrrr... who would wanted to be in such condition!? Hucho fisherman, who else! After any longer period of sun and clear water of the Sava Bohinjka, such weather comes very welcome for hucho fishing! the moment when river is turning from clear to milky is the dead man zone! Thats the moment which usually triggers Hucho to go on a hunt.. and you should be there when that happens! A lot of the are we had covered before the snow brought us eagerly expected punch on the wobbling lure! Not a monster this time, but the same amount of happiness in the harts :-D



Whoever tried to fish for the Hucho in the past knows, that a cold fingers are a common situation out there on the river. But can you imagine that when the hucho strike happens and you lift the beast out from the water, angler does not feel the cold at all!? In fact, the brains exclude all the feelings and natural alerts of the body except the thrill of catching this so wanted fish :-) hey! hey! for the mother Nature!



Behold, the last week of 2015 fly fishing season :-) almost nobody left on the river Sava Bohinjka Institute doing regular fly fishing which is still open till Dec. 1st.. Cold and first snow on the area already.. BUT, quite some action going on at the Sava Bohinjka Bled trying for the Hucho-hucho! No large Hucho yet caught due to very low and clear water but several medium hucho striking! Fishing conditions are generally good, not much snow yet, river well accessible just fisherman`s profile needs to be kept low.. We will publish some images from our last few trips, stay tuned tomorrow and Friday!



A warm hello from the sunny and coloured Sava Bohinjka! November is very sunny, water levels are perfect and colours along the river are spectacular. That can describe a present situation on the Sava Bohinjka river. Fishing is November-like, cold mornings and early evenings in between - dry fly on #18-20 works best for Graylings. Many of you call us for the seasons, below we try to describe the timings for Fly fishing and near Hucho fishing:


FLY Fishing Sava Bohinjka Bled area (from the confluence until the dam in Soteska) OPEN until November 14th

FLY Fishing Sava Bohinjka Institute (from the dam in Soteska until the Petrol station bridge in Bistrica) OPEN until November 30th

FLY Fishing Sava Bohinjka Bohinj (from the Petrol station near Boh.Bistrica until lake Bohinj) OPEN until November 14th

FLY Fishing Sava Grande Radovljica CLOSED (opens 1.March 2016)

FLY Fishing Sava Dolinka CLOSED (opens 1.April 2016)


Hucho-Hucho Sava Bohinjka Bled area (from the confluence until the dam in Soteska) OPENS November 15th

Hucho-Hucho Sava Bohinjka Institute (from the dam in Soteska until the Petrol station bridge in Bistrica) OPENS December 1st

Hucho-Hucho Sava Grande Radovljica already OPEN.

Hucho-Hucho Sava Dolinka already OPEN.




Having a superb fly fishing week behind, already time to look ahead; Water level of most rivers and Sava Bohinjka is perfect. (Sava Dolinka and Soca are white and not quite the best to fly fish at..) Looking at the upper left corner of the main image, see that Thursday this week will be a party breaker with the rain and possibly also storm. BUT Friday and weekend of 30,31st follow nicer weather. if Thursday will not load too much of the rain, coming weekend will be safe for fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka river. Stay tuned Friday morning for the latest images of the Sava river.. cheers,,



Here you have the latest images of the Sava Bohinjka, showing you what every flyfisherman wants, clear water and sun! detailed description will reveal that today Sava Bohinjka is still +10cm above normal low level but for the weekend 24,25 will be perfect! Weather should be ok also on Monday and Tuesday 26,27 so don`t hesitate.. November with it`s rainy days is close.. Fauna fly shop in Bled opens every day at 08am. SUNDAY we are open 8-10:00 so do not be late for the permits and advise about where to go.. there are many thinking exactly what you think now, so don`t expect to be alone on the river ;-) seeya!



Here we go, finally some light by the end of the tunnel! Looking at today`s Monday - still rain and Sava is high for fly fishing but already showing some rocks.. If Today`s rain won`t be too hard than we can see some great middle and end weeks fly fishing! If you have had any more plans to go fly fishing this autumn, weekend or end of the week ahead is the time to go! Watching at the weather forecast it looks beautiful and if the Sava Bohinjka will clear up and it will in a two day time, than also DRY FLY fishing in the middle of the day time will be possible from Thursday 22nd onwards! GO! before snow falls :-D



Image shown some progress of the river`s coloration but the levels are still soooo strong... we might see first fishing on Tuesday hopefully... latest weather is showing again some light rain on Monday but than onwards better...



While all Slovenian rivers are still under high water, a friendly Cinnamon sedge (found on my car this morning when driving to see the river) advises you what to do in this rainy days while waiting for the rivers to go down. You might get some bonus points from your Wifi-s or Gf-s for the next fly fishing trip you are planning :-D Which might possibly happen later next week when finally some sun and clear water is expected.. stay tuned, new Sava Bohinjka image follows tomorrow morning....



Slovenia is under a rainy cyclone and will get on average about 80L of rain / a square meter.. that means mostly all rivers will be really high and unfishable until Sunday 18th when first smaller rivers like Radovna, and some tributaries of the Soca river become close to normal.. Rain should stop Friday morning but rivers need at least two or 3 days to recover, meaning Sunday the first chances to go out but far from some low and clear levels at least for Sava Bohinjka.. keep in touch new images will be published Saturday morning October 17th.



RAINY WEEK, 13.10.2015
No good news for you guys, new package of the rain arrived on Bled area this morning and it does not look too good for the next days to follow. In fact, there is a yellow alarm out for the rain! We can say now with a 90% confirmation that the end of this week Sava Bohinjka and also other rivers around Bled will not be fishable.. If you have some plans to fly fish at the end of this week, try to move the trip to the end of the NEXT week, looking at a weekend of October 24,25 when we expect nice weather and good conditions to fly fish - also with a dry fly! Stay tuned to our news page where we will be reporting the latest updates in the next days to follow..



Looks like warm underwear will be needed in the early next week, which will see a significant drop of the temperature on the west northern part of Slovenia covering the Sava Bohinjka, Sava, Radovna rivers... tomorrow`s Sunday should be the worst day, cold and rainy but Monday 12th onwards should clear up but staying cold.. river levels should be ok.. fish is down and you need to go there with a nymph or streamer. Few rises/day are on the midgets or tiny dries only. I can see few noses falling down reading this :-) but guys, we are not talking May or June hatches here ;-)



Despite some light rain, we can quietly say now that the end of week and the weekend will be a fishable one.. Sava Bohinjka is normal in water level and clear. Weather should be mixed in the days to follow but never really hard rain, so we can expect river(s) to stay down in normal levels. Looking back on the rainy September and early October, that is a good news isn`t it? FaunaFlyShop in Bled stays open also on Sundays from 8-10am. See U!



Despite sunny forcasts, weekend will have some rain after all.. probably not as much that Sava Bohinjka would be blown up.. at this moment river is still nice and clear. but you need to have a rain jacket with if you come to fly fishing today or Sunday.. fishing might still be very good just not so much with dry flies probably.. Fauna shop Bled is open also on Sunday 8-10 am, fell free to call in for latest updates..



Finally looks like that the rainy September month will say goodbye with the sunshine! Sava Bohinjka is not yet low or perfectly leveled, but is already clear and fishable. Dropping rate is about 3-5 cm/day so we can expect the river to be PERFECT by the end of the week.. Do not read this wrong; Sava Bohinjka is already totally fishable today but you need to use nymphs or streamers. Dry fly fishing requires a bit lower level and less strong current which is about to happen in a couple of days.. Look also the weather forcast on the main image showing the sun threw all the following days which is great isn`t it? So whoever booked himself some fly fishing in the early October week - jackpot :-D



First image of the first fishable river on the area of BLED, Radovna river is clear but still having stronger current than normal. Fauna fly shop in Bled can advise you about which part of the Radovna river to go for finding less water and more fish :-) seeYa!



RAIN HAS STOP BUT.., 24.9.2015
But the Sava Bohinjka is remaining high.. tomorrow, Friday 25th will still not be fishable. first fishing is expected on Saturday and Sunday 26,27 Sept. Radovna river should be ok for the streamer fly fishing tomorrow, probably return to perfect already on Saturday.. Sava Radovljica remaining high till early next week for sure.. Idrijca dropping the levels, Krka OK, Unica OK. Stay tuned new Sava Bohinjka image will be posted Saturday morning..



TWO DAYS OF RAIN, 23.9.2015
Writing this, the sky above Bled and Sava Bohinjka is turning really black and is bringing the rain! Wednesday 23rd afternoon and Thursday 24th will hurt from hard storms which will surely push the water level of the Sava Bohinjka high again. Meaning also the Friday`s fly fishing is under question.. Radovna river will be a good hide out and also other rivers in the central part of Slovenia will probably remain all right for fly fishing.. we will keep an eye on the situation and inform you daily regarding what is happening with the Sava Bohinjka! stay tuned!



Friday the 18th, Sava Bohinjka finally showing some clear color BUT not yet being fishable except "heavy metal" style .. First trips will be probably done tomorrow, Saturday 19th mostly on the middle part of the Sava Bohinjka (the Institute) where fly fisherman can find more flat areas to fly fish and several channel type of terrain (lower parts of the so called ex-trophy part.. Bled fishing club should be perfect on Sunday 20th, at least most of the part.. canyons of the Sava Bohinjka will still be too rough to enter there.. RADOVNA is fishable from today onwards. (not yet low but at least clear). UNEC - 40cm, dropping, KRKA OK, IDRIJCA OK, SOCA HIGH! SAVINJA OK. SORA-OK. SAVA DOLINKA - MUDDY, HIGH, BIG SAVA - 2HIGH..



Already tired to drive around and watch this high rivers every day! :-D Neither the Radovna or Sava Bohinjka are not close to being nicely fly fished... Radovna will probably be clear but still strong current tomorrow, Friday 18th while Sava will need another day to get clear.. It might be the Saturday for the Institute part and Sunday for the Bled part that we need to wait for.. temperatures are high and weekend of 19,20 will see some sun, but that does not help much with the water level...



NO CHANGES YET..., 16.9.2015
Watching the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna, both remaining too high to fly fish at. New images will follow tomorrow morning, hoping at least the Radovna will drop down..



Waking up this morning I was hoping to see the Sava Bohinjka little less high than it is! Also the Radovna river went too high for any fly fishing today... Looking at this and considering that the rain has stop now I would say that first casts on the Sava Bohinjka will be possible Thursday 17th afternoon or Friday this week.. Radovna goes down faster and will probably be fishable Thursday.. UNICA RIVER = OK, IDRIJCA=OK KRKA=OK, SOCA = HIGH!



It is raining hard on the area of Bled, Sava went up and will NOT be fishable tomorrow, Spet. 15th. hoping for better levels on Wednesday afternoon.. will post images tomorrow or Wednesday morning.. stay tuned!!



Latest updates showing Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Soca and Idrijca are back to normal and fishable levels. weather is very nice with cold mornings so no sense to push to the rivers very early. activity starts when the sun picks out and triggers small hatches of the stone flies.. Looking and considering the weather forcasts, fly fishing should be pretty safe at least until the September 19th.. possible shower here and there but no hard rain to spoil the levels. Hopefully :-)



Just returning from the Sava Bohinjka river, found it still being too high for some reasonable fly fishing.. Fauna guides expect river to be fishable again towards the middle of this week.. Institute part will get clear tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday might seen also Bled part fishable again.. Good moment to fish with larger nymph or streamer again before river returns to low and clear level requiring smallest nymphs and dries again. NOTE that early snow usually means nice autumn so stay alerted for some grayling dry fly fishing towards second half of the month or early October!



Hello back, the showers foretold for this weekend turned to be stronger than expected.. at the morning of Saturday 5th Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river turned some higher and semi-clear.. Today should be the last rainy day, following with clear weather tomorrow, Sunday 6th and onwards. If today rain continuous, we can expect high levels of the Sava Bohinjka on Sunday, with the first outgoings - nymph streamer type on Monday 7th. the rest of the next week water should be ok and good also for dry fly fishing... let`s see what happens :-)



Hello back, after a summer break we are looking forward to autumn dry fly fishing for the graylings! Early September did not start with the sun and it is slightly raining at the moment and possibly also during the weekend of 5,6 Sept, but for the moment Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and other rivers around Bled are normal for fly fishing. Levels are low and clear. Fish has turned to be more selective, which requires finer tippet material and not too bulky flies.. Since there were no high water levels for a month or so, some parts are suffering algae bottom.. Visit us in the shop Fauna in Bled to advise you which parts of the river is better to avoid at this time of the season.. see you soon!



Last days of the super-hot July will end with a cold shock of the few day lasting rain.. temperatures fall down to around 20 degrees while the last week saw 35+ degrees! What does this mean for fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka river? In short words - good! Water is refreshed, remaining on normal levels just little white color in the lower, Bled parts.. Fishing is modest, not much pressure because of the family vacation month type.. First days of August will saw again warmer and sunnier weather so lets get ready for some smaaaal dry fly fishing again :-)



Despite the record breaking temperatures around 35+ degrees, fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka is not down at all! Those few groups who decide to go fly fishing reporting good fish activity especially graylings.. fish keeps in the deeper or faster parts of the river Sava Bohinjka, being active in the early morning and late afternoon/evening time. Water level is low but not critical (yet). A storm refresh the area from time to time, a welcome event for the hatch, one could say. Small terrestrials, ants, midgets etc on hooks down to 22 is what you need now these days..



What a turbulent last week! After having a 35 degrees during the day, last Thursday brought hail, rain, storm, even a tornado close to Venice! Luckily the Sava Bohinjka survived well, levels are now perfect for fly fishing, fish feeds on larger bugs again. Air temperature around 28 degrees enables pleasant fly fishing also during the day.. a good week(s) for fly fishing ahead! Welcome to call in or visit Fauna shop in Bled any time. Open for advising you about where to go if you have flexible time luxury :-)



Week ahead will see very nice fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and other major fly fishing rivers in Slovenia. Weather in the North-western parts of Slovenia is getting into summer-like temperatures with morning remaining fresh.. no need yet to start fly fishing super early.. need more information or booking for Bled Trophy part of the Sava Bohinjka - call us any time 0038645742631. Fauna Fly Shop Bled



With a dropping rate of some 10cm/day Sava Bohinjka will be pretty good for dry fly fishing from tomorrow, Sunday 28th onwards. Even today, fisherman already fish on the river but the current despite being already clear still has a lot of power in.. next week should be PERFECT for fly fishing at least till the river will remain with enough water. This might be the last period of "spring" like fly fishing (larger dry flies, larger nymphs) before the summer puts the heat hammer down and fish becomes more selective.. Fauna fly shop in Bled is open every day to advise you about which area to choose for your fly fishing day.. See you, best regards till than, Matej ;-)



Water level of the Sava Bohinjka is dropping but at the moment remains too high for some reasonable fly fishing.. we expect first fishing on the Institute (middle) parts tomorrow, following with the normal level from Monday onwards.. Weather forecast for next week looks VERY NICE and since the rivers are well cleaned by this latest rain, fish will be again more focused for surface feeding - meaning good dry fly fishing again!



Yesterday`s storm with a rain rate of some 80L/m2, pushed the levels of most rivers on the north western part of Slovenia high and brown! Soca and Sava Bohinjka are not fishable at least till the weekend of 27,28th June.. Maybe Friday the 26th will see first fishing on the upper or middle parts of the Sava Bohinjka and the smaller river Radovna will also be ok till the Friday.. But today and tomorrow ... super sinking lines only :-)



Nice June with finally the right temperatures around 25! While most of the fisherman roam the Sava Bohinjka area, Radovna on the other hand is less under pressure of fishing, less under hot sun and not at all of boat traffic. True, that the fish is on average smaller than in Sava Bohinjka but the day on the Radovna river fly fishing can offer equal satisfaction. The area of the Radovna river is little more hard to understand, that is why we had prepared some maps in Fauna shop in Bled and you can get them together with the fishing permit.. Looking forward to your visit!



June again has proven to be just the best time to fly fish! Massive hatches of May flies and mostly caddis in the last few days created a real heat amongst dry fly fisherman from all over EU to come fly fish on the Sava Bohinjka river! The air temperature has risen up to 28 degrees during the day so the hatch has moved more to the late afternoon but still, one can catch a 40+ fish during the day only by dry fly fishing! the dry fly feeding will last as long as the sun will not overheat the river.. so dry fly - if ever, is now to go for it!! PS Thanks to mr. Secondini to share this lovely rainbow caught along the grayling of mr. Martin the last week!



Good news! Rain has stopped and the Sava Bohinjka is dropping with a fast rate some 10cm/day! Meaning tomorrow, Tuesday 26th you will already have a fishing and nice water levels! May fly and caddis will start to hatch again and the intensity of the hatch should increase daily! So looks like a good dry fly fishing weekend ahead! Rain should be gone till the next end of the week - GO! Green lights if you are planning a cool fly fishing trip or visit! PS: the guy on the main image hooked a 100+ Hucho on a large stone fly pattern.. fish broke off after 45 minutes of playing with the fisherman :-))



As you can see from the image made on the millitary bridge this morning, Sava Bohinjka is strong in current but not as high as everybody were expected due to a heavy rain forcast.. we expect river to be fishable on Monday or early next week for sure. With the streamer maybe already Sunday 24th afternoon, depends from the local rain.. Weather will remain mix also next week but with no hard rain, so a normal fishable week ahead!



Pleasant weather and warm temperatures continue also in May month! Water levels of all major river around Bled are optimal for fishing. Hot day can still trigger some snow melt water but that is not a big problem. Dry fly works well all morning and has its week period around mid day. Evening brings daily hatches of various may fly insects mixed with caddis representatives. River banks are also covered with emerging stone flies which hoover above river bank vegetation. Fish is not so much focused on them, so rather choose may fly imitations to meet the demands of the evening hatch!



Any of you, reading this fishing news from Sava Bohinjka, remembers last years April? We have had nothing else than a rain, snow melt and similar s**t kind of things out there on the rivers.. But just like the nature wants to redeem her a little for that, now - 2015 April is gorgeous, sunny and fishing is good! Hot day can still trigger some snow melt, since the mountain peaks around the Bohinj area are still covered with snow.. but the melt is not dramatic and Sava Bohinjka remains low and clear. Fish goes well for the dry fly, first hatches of smaller stone flies are already in flight. Middle of the day and late evening are best times to put a dry fly to. During the day a heavy stone fly or pipping caddis nymph can come handy for targeting larger fish.. they are down on the bottom feeding with larger larvas.. Hoping that May will look similar weather-like and dry fly action will just grow and grow :-)



Back with some latest images of fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka! ALL is ok, both sectors Bled and the Institute can offer you a nice and pleasant spring time fly fishing! During the hotest parts of the day, snow is melting so the water gets a bit colder in the afternoon.. Fishing with a nymph is excellent while streamer is not working well because fish does not want to chase streamer around - colder water. Dry fly fishing brings some results but smaller flies are better choice than larger ones.. in a few weeks time, snow melt will be over and larger dry flies will start to hatch massively! In short words, ALL is safe and you can go fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka any day now. FAUNA shop opens 08am every single day to welcome you and help you to choose the best area to go fly fishing. Pack-the-rods-Go! :-)



WINDY APRIL , 7.4.2015
Some feedback from early days fly fishing! Weather is very particular this year, sunny and low levels of most rivers BUT cold and north wind are cutting on the fingers and ears like a razors! One could say that the fishing in such conditions does not yet make sense but the fish is very active!? True that the big boys (thank you Stefan for this lovely rainbow!) still hit on the nymphs and streamers while dry fly fishing will result smaller size fish.. COMING weekend April 11-12 is looking fantastic, with temperatures up to 20 degrees, low levels and rising fish! If you can, use this conditions before some rain spoils the paradise :-) FAUNA shop is open EVERY day at 08am.. welcome, it`s about time I see you again :-)



April is here! And so is the opening of all major Slovenian fishing rivers! Sava Bohinjka will be fishable, levels are still 10cm above normal but the water is clear. Weather shows some local showers but not real threat to some storms or heavy rain. Fauna shop in Bled is now open every day at 08am hours. All fishing permits and maps on the stock! GO! Fly fishing 2015!!



Yeah, finally also the calendar is not showing the winter any more! This year, March month has exceeded all expectation about the weather and fishing! Since March 1st, till now, conditions to fly fish on the Big Sava and the Radovna has been perfect! Sunshine and around 16 degrees during the day, create nice conditions for first hatches of small stone flies! Fish is taking dry fly on the warmest parts of the day regularly! Grayling still has protective season, but is hitting nymphs all the time, while dry fly fishing will bring you more trout than grayling.. Later in the season this will change, dries will bring more grayling strikes. But March is a particular month with it`s own rules and ways.. We are all much neglecting March which is becoming better and better period to fly fish.. Remember 2014? Rain started with April and it lasted more or less till July! Hope this year the story will be different!?



While March has well kick in, first few groups already went to stretch the fly lines! So far, March was very pleasant to fly fish, most of the action is going on the Big Sava river, where graylings are hitting nymphs like crazy! Surely you need to land and release them gently, since they prepare for the spawning period.. Trout is more focused on the streamers, black leech imitation work best - as usual in the spring time. Grayling on the image was provided by mr. Stefano Pederzini, who went along his colleges to fly fish on the Big Sava last weekend.. several more Graylings like this was caught, measuring from 40-48 cm!



GO FLY FISHING 2015 !!!, 28.2.2015
Tomorrow, on March 1st 2015 a new and surely exciting fly fishing season in Slovenia is about to kick off!! Three major Slovenian rivers open for the fly fishing:

Sava river< (from the confluence of Sava Boh. and Sava Dolinka downstream), aka. Big Sava river

Radovna river< (small and beautiful trout stream near town Bled)

Krka river< (south-east from the Ljubljana capitol, chalk stream with nice bronw trout fishing)



The rest of Slovenian river will be open for fly fishing with April 1st. We encourage you, to go and fly fish already now in March, since cold mornings prevent the snow melt and once the sun picks up, you can have a very nice fly fishing with low and clear water levels! April can have it`s way with the rain, so March has advantage in this sense.. FAUNA shop in Bled is open normally to provide you maps and fishing permit to find GOOD fishing spots on the Big Sava river or the Radovna river.. Seeya ;-)


On the very last day, also our regular hucho-hucho image contributor, mr. Jan K. did not stay at home! Knowing exactly where the big guys are hiding, he managed to set a hook well and soon after land this nice river king of 102cm! Much appreciated catch especially since the fish decided to strike in the bright day light, which is quite rare in hucho fishing.. Can a hucho-hucho angler ask for a better ending of the season?? Probably not. Also the hucho did not suffer any damage, but was released back to his hole where he will gain another few kgs and cm for the next season!



A little late, but nevertheless worth mentioning! Since we, the guides went strait to the vacations after the last hucho-hucho fishing day on Saturday, Feb. 14th, there was no time to publish the impressions from that last day. And the impressions were very good! I had a pleasure to lead a group of very friendly and courage Italian Hucho fisherman to the Sava Bohinjka river, where we had managed to trick and lure out this nice hucho female fish of 95cm! Lucky fisherman on the hucho-frame image, Nicola, was fishing for this magnificent hucho fish the first time, and managed to set the strike after only 20 minutes of morning fishing! Friends helped to land the fish safely and the unforgettable group photo followed soon after! After that followed a very nice day in the canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river. No more hucho strike, just a nice Brown trout hit the lure and was released back soon after.. thanks to the fisherman and a wonderful nature for this memorable day!



After a period of dry and sunny weather, this weekend will see fresh pack of snow if is to believe the weather man.. good news for the hucho fisherman because the weather change is always welcome factor in the hard hucho persuading. Another factor worth mentioning is proximity of a spawning time later in February.. fish will now start to feed more aggressively to gain power for the spawning fast and fights.. medium sized hucho as the one on the image caught by mr. Jan K., are already getting nervous as the big subs still stay passive.. but this will not last long ;-)



January is slowly, year by year loosing it`s sharp winter teeth, becoming more and more mild and warm every year! Probably as a result of the global climate changes.. surely a very bad news for all low level sky resorts but a good news for all us hucho hunters! Nothing is better for a hucho-hucho fishing than some rain or snow melt in a clear river condition! And if picking up a right day for the attack, you can have the fish landed before the breakfast time! As our guides on the big Sava area know exactly where they can expect the strike to happen, fishing the Hucho with them some times looks really easy.. but only some times :-D sharpen the hooks as we roll on with new hucho hunting this coming weekend GO GO !!



As Hucho hunt rolls on in 2015, turning into the second half of the season, it always surprises me and our guides, how much joy can a capture of this fish bring to a fisherman! Some times hard fishing with no strike for days, other time very easy, bringing the fish with the first cast, but always so much rewarding once Hucho being lifted out from the water and holding this magnificent animal in one`s hand! One of few chances in a lifetime when you can see grown up man laughing or crying like kids :-D GO! Hucho hunters rock!!



Just to shorten your winter days and to put some oil on the hucho-hucho fire burning brightly in the last few weeks, new report from one of our hucho-hucho fishing trips last week; I had a privilege to guide a skilled fly fisherman from Italy, mr. Michele M. and his companion Marco on to the hucho fly fishing hunt. Not that it would happen the first time, (still rare enough), a nice 85er hucho strike on the very first cast! Giving a good fight, running up and down the pool twice, finally fish was safely landed and released back to the pool. The surprise comes now: when lucky fly fisherman made the second cast to the pool, wanting to stretch the line and reel it in to move on the new spot, bang! another hucho of 75cm hit the streamer again! Previous noise and the fight of 85er did not disturbed him at all.. explain that if you can!?



Hello back you Hucho fans! A short absence from the PC, means we had been out there on the river, hunting for the Huchos all the time from the ends of December and first days of the Januray! Several Hucho-hucho were caught on the area of Sava Bohinjka Bled and Sava Grande as you will see in the next days news to follow, surely the winner of all catches was this magnificent hucho-hucho animal of 120cm, being caught by our Big Sava guide, T.P.! His personal record is a dream of many anglers and the fact that he had released hucho-back in his kingdom only shows us that he wants to get even bigger one! Stay tuned, other catches will follow in next days! Weather on the area of Bled is turning to warmer temperatures, which will create a perfect condition for hucho-hucho fishing! Get your asses out of the warm armchair and catch the fish of a lifetime! :-D



Looking to the previous news, writing about how hucho-hucho most of the time strikes in the dark time either early morning or late afternoon-evening, immediately fish showed us that we should not put any frame or typical behaviour to this unique specie! The main image, kindly provided by a lucky fisherman, mr. Erik B. shows that the strike can happen also in a pure day time in a clear water condition! So to conclude, this news, the rule is there is no certain rule with hucho fishing! And that makes the fishing even more attractive and unpredictable!



Every true fly fisherman would like to crown his collections of the trout, grayling, brook trout and maybe some other fresh water salmon species caught with a special catch - hucho catch! surely a hard task to do, requiring certain amount of the skill, good equipment, guide and luck. All this came together on the last 10 minute of our recent trip to Sava Bohinjka with a skilled group of fly fisherman from Italy.. Seeing several Huchos during the day, when fishing on the spectacular pools of the Sava Bohinjka river, but the fish did not want to move on streamer attack.. and as advised from our guide, keeping sharp focus till the very last minute of the day, was again rewarded by a strike of this 93cm hucho! Well done Michelle :-D Hucho was released back to grow larger for the next season!



Not really known to the wider hucho-hucho hunting public, but inside the closed circle of best Slovenian Hucho fisherman, there are scales of what kind of hucho-hucho type is being caught.. there are few different genetic families of the same specie of the huchos in the river basin of the Sava and Sava Bohinjka river. Major difference can be noticed only by experienced anglers, who had already caught several Huchos in their fishing history. The most obvious difference is the amount of black specks - dots on the sides of the Hucho`s body. The more dots fish has, higher climbs on the scale. And if the fish is male, with longer head and stronger jaws, it counts even more. So just to give an example, if on the same day, two hucho hunters catch the same size hucho, the one who caught a male type with more black dots - wins. Surely and with absolutely no disrespect, also total silver colour Hucho is respected when ever being caught. But this is just the high-edge battle which can be found in any extreme type of the sport, hunt or other outdoor activity. Main image shows the latest catch from the Sava Bohinjka last week and you can see what had we been writing about. To close this news, fishing conditions for Hucho hunt are looking good till the end of the December and also early January.. welcome to try your luck and skills!!



Every Hucho-hucho catch is much and always appreciated especially if it was taken with a fly rod! This time - the first time coming on a hucho-hucho fly fishing) luck and fish chose mr. Bruno G. to set him in a small group of a fly fisherman having a hucho-hucho on their catch notebook! 91cm showed the scale, not bad for the first hucho catch! Next target? 100 cm of course :-)



As everybody expected a good fishing week, with first snow flakes falling down, nobody thought that a record size will also be landed on the rocky and wild banks of the Sava Bohinjka river this week! But, as so many times mentioned, Huchen fishing can never be told in advance, regardless how many or how few factors is showing for a good or bad fishing conditions! This time luck or should we say much knowledge, hucho stalking, skills and luck made a local Hucho angler Ales U. one of the happiest hucho-hucho fisherman in the Sava Bohinjka fishing area, landing a 119cm long and officially measured hucho female beast, weighting respective 18,30 kg! For the alpine river like the Sava Bohinjka, this is a worthy catch indeed! The hucho fever is now rising high, since the happy angler is claiming that this was the smaller one of the pair he was observing for a longer time and that her male companion is even larger than she was!! The scale to beat now is set to 120+ cm! Anybody out there brave and skilled enough to reach so high??



With December 1st, Hucho-hucho season is officially open on all districts and areas of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava river! In Sava river, hucho-hucho was open already on early November, but since very high levels in midst of November, fishing was almost not possible. Nevertheless, first strikes as you can see on the image were already taken! With the smell of fresh falling snow in the mountains, we can expect more strikes in the days to come, stay tuned!



Hello guys, November is here.. bringing new rain and high water levels of the Sava Bohinjka! To explain about the last November`s chances to fly fish on the Sava Bohinjka: BLED and BOHINJ area (the low and the upper two parts of the Sava B.) will close with November 15th. Looking to the weather and current high water levels, hardly any more chance for a nice fly fishing.. BUT the INSTITUTE (middle part where the bridge of Log and Nomenj are) will remain open ALL November month. With some weather change to sunny, there will be surely some more fly fishing possible there.. Fauna shop in Bled is open every morning at 09am to give you permit and some good hints of where to spend your last fly fishing moments of 2014! What? I can hear some of you thinking "but there is a chance I will get rain and cold if I go fly fishing in November". Hm.. than why are Simms and Patagonia producing 3,4,5 layer Gore-Tex Jackets? to be using them in bright sun in August probably :-)) have fun!



Exactly as we mentioned in the previous news, passing weekend was a jackpot in a good fly fishing day lottery! Whoever managed to be on the Sava Bohinjka in the last few days, was able to land a lot of nice fish - Rainbow trout and Grayling! Very interesting was, that the fish was hitting on larger patterns than before.. this last high water and cold shock helped in some way to reduce the low water level stress that fish was suffering after one month of dry weather and sun in the late September. Everything is good for something.. looking ahead towards the end of October, all looks VERY nice! enough water level, pleasant weather and fish being active for the dry fly during the day time. Surely the last fishing trips now in November will be nicer than the first fishing in April month was :-))



The northern blow of the rain and wind had calm down and Sava is recovering very fast! Looking at the weather forcast for the area of Bled it looks like we will have again supreme fly fishing week ahead lasting till the November! Last rain flushed the river well, so Sava Bohinjka is now all shiny and clear! When the level will drop for another 15cm in the next few days, dry fly fishing will again be possible. Grayling still feeds well from the surface and is far less careful than Sava Bohinjka who offers a good challenge for dry fly fisherman, being super selective when feeding on the surface. Keep also an eye on the Big Sava area which is open only one more week and will be a good target to visit when the water drops some more. Big sava = Big grayling!



Many phone calls yesterday to our Fauna shop asking if the Sava Bohinjka will be fishable for this coming weekend. First view of the river this morning shows that it will be! Water of Sava is already clear but in Bled part still has strong current and is higher than normal. Strong north wind is still blowing around and drying the soil fast, so we expect levels dropping by another 10cm during tomorrow and even more till Sunday. Rain is over, weather is expected to be mild, windy but dry. Those are good conditions to fish with a nymph and larger dry flies.. small and light flies will be probably hard to cast due to some wind.. if some one is hesitating either coming to fly fish or not, we can say, come! Maybe is one of the last good weekends, who knows with this unpredictable weather :-)



Everything nice needs to end once.. so has one month of a superb autumn weather and fly fishing we have had from the second half of September until yesterday, when in one night, temperature drop for 10 degrees and the mountains around Bled saw first snow! Luckily the cold shock did not brought too much rain and we expect that Sava Bohinjka will be again fishable for this weekend of October 25,26. First fly fishing will be probably possible already tomorrow, Friday on the Institute or Bohinj part of the Sava. For the fishing on Bled and Trophy part, we will need to wait for the Saturday and Sunday.. GOOD news is, that the weather is getting to better and it should last till the early November! So catch the last train to do some autumn fly fishing for Graylings!! Stay tuned for the Sava Bohinjka condition in the next days..



Beautiful autumn is lasting for almost three weeks now, hopefully it will endure another three!! Fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Soca and on the majority of Slovenian rivers is very nice in fact, the peak of a fly fishing season 2014 which was in general super bad because of all the rain falling down from April onwards.. but bad things are forgotten soon and we can enjoy now in a dry fly fishing for the graylings. Sure, you will need to adapt your fly fishing for the time of selective fish feeding on small insects during the day. Put away your 0.16mm tippets and flies larger than 14 hook size. Rainbow trout and Graylings had set a standard out there on the river and strong tippets and bulky dry flies does not meet those standards any more ;-)



Sunday should be a work free day for all the fly fisherman! This Sunday was one of the nicest Sundays in all 2014 fly fishing season, so no wonder there were massive pressure to the Sava Bohinjka! Popular fishing places like Ribno bridge or Selo were occupied already in the morning and if some angler was wanting to find some free places, he had to do a long walk into the wilderness of the Sava Bohinjka river. By the way, you all should do that from time to time to find some new places to fly fish.. I am noticing here in our Fauna shop in Bled that many of you fish all the same places for years, not want to risk one fishing day to discover some other good spots, different from what you know so well... Ok, I do not argue.. at least I can be alone on the river when I found some free time to visit her :-) PS: Beside some possible showers this Wednesday 1st October, all week still shows a good weather and perfect fly fishing condition!



Finally what we had been all waiting for all summer; very nice weather and perfect water level of the Sava Bohinjka in all her sections and areas! Weather looks good until the end of the week -->> GO! Fly fishing!!



First look at the Sava Bohinjka, today at the military bridge Bled.. water already clear but current still strong. River is dropping by a rate of 10 cm/day so we expect tomorrow and onwards level to be perfect. weather for the rest of the week seems to be reasonably ok but some rain can be expected.. as usual this season ..



Previous weekend went in vane, but situation is picking up with the levels today dropping for 10cm since yesterday. Sure, water is not yet low but is already clear and first fly fisherman already fishing today. Since the next days till Wednesday show just local showers we expect tendency of dropping the Sava level even in the next days.. Wednesday Sept 17th onwards should be perfect for fly fishing. If there is some sunshine, fish is rising to dry fly!



WEEKEND REPORT SEPT. 13,14, 13.9.2014
As expected, it was raining all the night and this morning at 08:00 you can see the result... image of the Sava Bohinjka was taken on the military place, fishing club Bled. what to say.. heavy streamer and nymph only.. Tomorrow, Sunday will probably be the same. Stay tuned for better levels early next week..



Despite the rain which AGAIN hit the area of Bled this Wednesday and Thursday, today, Friday 12th September is dry with no rain. This means that with some luck, Sava Bohinjka will be fishable for this coming weekend of 13,14 September.. the main image is showing the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna as they were in the morning at 08am. Water will drop during today for some 10cm.. Tomorrow the current of the Sava is still expected to be strong but Sunday can see good dry fly fishing levels.. In case rain does not fall AGAIN. Cross fingers for dry weather!



Finally rain stop and Sava Bohinjka is normal or should we say almost perfect for DRY FLY fishing! At least this coming weekend, September 6,7 is safe to come and experience autumn dry fly fishing for the Graylings! Temperatures are warm and flies are hatching.. smaller sizes mostly during the day.. Fauna shop in Bled is open also on Sunday morning from 8-10am to help you chose the most appropriate are and district for your fly fishing day. Since the spring and summer were nothing else than rain all the time, this sunny weather and nice fly fishing feels like a blessing :-) Looking forward to see you guys again!



Hallo back from a short holiday, to update you regarding the Sava Bohinjka situation.. which is in a short words, fishable. Many rain in August is keeping the level on slightly higher than normal but clear. If the nice weather period continues, we expect nice fishing conditions also in early September!!



Sava Bohinjka went high since the storm which hit our area in the last night. We expect river to be probably ok in early next week or Sunday August 17th. Call our office 0038645742631 for water level situation.



The worst July in 10 years regarding the rain has finally end and Sava Bohinjka is OK! for fly fishing on the first day of August 2014! Water level is ok, maybe 5cm above normal but CLEAR as you can see from the >Image< taken this morning! This is a perfect set up for August which usually has very low water level and selective fly fishing. We expect August 2014 to be very good for dry fly fishing since there was too much rain fallen in July!



As for the swimming in lake Bled, this year is not the best season - pretty cold and showers, for dry fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka river, spring still lasts! Meaning you can dry fly fish all day long. Smaller flies need to be used than in the spring time, but fish is rising all day long.. no need to wake up very early in the morning to avoid the heat and no need to wait for some evening hatch.. one can catch plenty also during the day.. this weekend July 26-27 will see some storms following by better weather Monday onwards.. can`t wait to go trying some new dry fly patterns on the ex-Trophy part of the Institute part of the S.Bohinjka soon!



After the rainy week, sun came back again and the Sava Bohinjka is finally NORMAL level for dry fly fishing! Enough water, warm temperatures and light showers from time to time create optimal dry fly fishing conditions. Grayling is very active and all the reports from the Sava Bohinjka showing that this season, grayling fly fishing is one of the best!



Should we say that July has not been much different than maybe some late October!? All the time rain, cold, northern winds f***ing nightmare for fly fishing.. The weather forcast still shows showers but at least not so strong that would rise the water level of Sava Bohinjka. Today you can see on the image that river is already clear and almost fishable. We hope it will be PERFECT level of the Sava Bohinjka for this coming weekend. Radovna is perfectly ok, by the way..



After the storms are over, river has settle down to nice and clear levels. The advantage we see this year, is, that because of the constantly higher average of the water makes fish under less stress, especially grayling. He should already be quite selective by feeding in July, but this year it is still possible to catch with larger dry flies even in the middle of the day. No need to wait for an evening hatch because one can catch a lot also during the day. Hope this conditions will last as loooong as possible!



After the rain interruption the last week, when Sava Bohinjka was too high for fishing, now the river is clear again! Level still some 10cm higher than normal, but clear and nicely fishable! Temperatures are not so high, so we can expect nice evening hatches and good dry fly fishing in the next days! GO! FLY FISHING!




We forward you the fly fishing experience from our dear colegue mr. Torsten T. which he have had close to the Log bridge on the Sava Bohinjka recently:


"Fishing in Sava last week with my friend Bent Holstein. We visited your shop,and I had some of your dry flyes and nymphs. Bent had a pair of low Simms waders as hes old ones leaked. Fishing alone at Log 20 meters from the bridge on the road side I caught 3 trout 50-65 cm and as the latest a big one more than 80 cm and very fat. I tumbled in the Water after 45 minutes trying to net the fish. lost the rod in the river, and went on land emptying my pockets for I-phone,Camera and wallet, grab the floating rod,the fish was still hooked and I fight it for 15 min. more and landed me and the trout, took a Photo and out it went very slowly standing just 4 meters from me for a long time under the branches. Find Photos of the catch attached, my landing net is 71 cm long and the fish must be more than 80 cm"


We can just wish that present fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river would last for ever! Perfect water level, perfect weather, perfect hatches of basically all insects you can imagine.. every fisherman catch fish in these days and most of them on a dry fly! We see daily in our fly shop Fauna in Bled a smiley faces of dozens fly fisherman returning from various parts of the Sava Bohinjka, all with the same feedback: very nice day it was! If you catch less than 15 fish on the Sava Bohinjka per one fishing day like that, you should seriously consider about your fly fishing skills hahahha... GO fly fishing as long as the Promised land lasts!



Nature has been very generous towards us fly fisherman this spring! Snow melt is still present in the Sava Bohinjka, so the river remains higher than normal but very clear and the fish very active! You must know, that low water is not a warranty for good fly fishing. Low levels make stress to fish which becomes more aware and more selective towards the feeding and that how more hard to catch! We have very busy hours these days in our Fauna fly shop in Bled and we get so much of very good reports from the fisherman! It is not a problem to get 50 or more fish/day on a dry flies! This is a rare moment in the fly fishing season, when all sizes and types of fish is eager for dry flies on the surface. Use this advantage as long as it lasts! Bled Trophy part is almost booked out threw the month of June, so do not hesitate till the last day if you want to get a free place there..



The the turbulent weather from the last week is gone and sun came back again! Already yesterday, fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka was perfect for dry fly action and next days look even better! Sunshine weather all threw next Friday and every day more intensive hatches of May fly, caddis, Ephemeras and first signs of large stone fly hatches! We can easily say that the true dry fly fishing season starts from TODAY!



After previous news showed some alert due to high water level, situation on the Sava Bohinjka is getting back to normal or at least lower levels.. there are some showers reported for the coming weekend of May 17,18 but nothing dramatically bad is to be expected. Sava Bohinjka was already clear yesterday, when we made the main image. Fish is working well, the grayling in particular! Fauna shop is open every day at 08am to consult about where to go fly fishing to find less people and more fish! :-D



Taking a look on the calendar May 12,13,14 names, shows you Pankracy, Bonifacius and Servacious.. in Slovenia those ones are known as "ice man" which usually bring wet and cold weather disruption in already pleasant month of May.. this year, they did a good job, bringing heavy storm with ice hail yesterday evening! Sava, Krka, Sora river went dirty, so some good fly fishing will have to rest until later this week, when we expect better and more warm weather again. Hopefully with strong hatches like we had before the rain!?



Since the weather this May is on the side of a fly fisherman, we can talk about some very nice time for dry fly fishing on the river Sava Bohinjka! Yesterday we saw a strong sedge hatch around mid day and fish take every fly closely resembling cinnamon sedge insect! Very nice indeed.. water level of Sava B. is still strong but totally clear and fish is active. If no hatch, than the trout can be quite selective and fisherman needs to chose smaller patterns. Fauna shop in Bled opened every day at 08am to consult about the best area to go fly fishing!



All the weather forcasts about rainy and cold month May kick off were WRONG! Weather is very nice for fly fishing with daily showers which trigger various hatch every day! True, that the water of the Sava Bohinjka is at least 10cm above normal river level but is very clear and the trout is very active! Large dry flies are a good choice in between the hatch time, when the fish build up from the bottom to the surface to aggressively grab larger dries.. When the hatch happens, story is little different: if your fly does not look exactly like the hatching insect, fish will not take it! Very frustrating some times :-) Watching the coming weekend weather with showers mixing with sun periods - the best combination for dry fly fishing!



Last few days saw a pleasant and should we say, almost May looking fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka river! The cold north winds from the last week had calm down, enabling first week hatches of ephemera.. fish and in particular grayling come very aggressively on quite large dry flies even if there is no hatch on the river.. grayling is in the spawning time now, so it is not really good to fish directly for him, since he needs the power for other things than fighting the fisherman but on the other side, you can not prevent him to strike on your fly.. Easter weekend will see some local showers and warm weather which again are a good conditions for fly fishing.. the snow melt is discrete, so it hardly affects the fly fishing.. FAUNA SHOP in Bled is open also on Easter Sunday and Monday from 8-10 Am.. welcome all :-)



April rolls on, with nice but quite cold weather.. the mountains around Bled and Bohinj are still covered with a thick carpet of the snow, which creates cold wind breezes in the mornings.. water is clear as you can see but slightly above normal levels. Small dry flies are working well once the wind calms down.. if heading for larger trout, the streamer is your best weapon! There is some rain and higher temperatures predicted for the eastern weekend, so let us see what it brings! FAUNA SHOP in Bled will be open also on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 8:00-10:00 Am. Welcome to visit for more information about the area and fly fishing!



Hello back! Average fly fishing in March is gone and proper fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka, Soca and many other rivers and streams has kicked in! Weather is surprisingly dry for April, meaning that Sava Bohinjka is nicely fishable. River is not low, since the sun melts the snow during the day.. but fish is active.. the most efficient way of fly fishing now is heavy nymph and streamers, but during the day also dries are working for an hour or so, when the sun is on the peak.. there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, so such conditions will last at least for a few more weeks in April..



Two more days and April 1st, Tuesday will see opening of the Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Soca and many other fishing rivers in Slovenia! Many questions we receive about the water level situation.. in general, they are OK for early April.. not low, but also not too high for fly fishing. If the weather comes very warm, than river can turn white during the day and in the afternoon, because of the snow melt. Mornings, still little chilly have clear water. No change in the fishing permit policy and prices.. the same as it was in 2013. FAUNA SHOP in Bled will be open every day now at 08AM, having all fishing permits, fresh information and lots of flies on the stock! See you soon!



March 1st was the first fly fishing day in 2014. Weather was not very pleasant, so there were less fisherman than usual on the Radovna river. But there were more on the Sava Radovljica river, where trout was working rasonably well on the nymph, despite snow melt colour of the Sava river! Trout is still sitting on the bottom, so nymph must run deep down to score some strikes. Fishing in general was ok. Higher temperatures will trigger snow melt so do not hesitate too long if you have plans to fish the big Sava river! Prices of the fishing permit stay the same as in 2013. (Radovna C&R = 39,00 Eur, Sava Radovljica C&R = 36,00 Eur).



FLY FISHING 2014 ALMOST HERE!, 22.2.2014
Fly fishing season 2014 is almost here! With the Saturday, March 1st, there are several rivers opening for fly fishing! Most known ones are the Radovna river, Krka river and Sava Radovljica river with her well known confluence catch and release part! Fishing permits will be available one day earlier, Friday March 28th in the morning time. On the opening morning, Saturday, March 1st, our shop Fauna in Bled, will be open at 08 - 12 am hours. We are hoping for the nice opening day weather & looking forward meeting you again in the Fauna fly shop Bled!



Finally the snow attack and problem we had last week is slowly melting away and the grand finale of 2013-2014 Hucho fishing will be possible! Do not forget, that next week`s Friday 14th is THE LAST Hucho-hucho fishing day! We are ready to attack once more and possibly land some nice Hucho before the season ends out! The water is mixing with melting snow now, creating perfect fishing condition! This is also proven by two strikes in one afternoon, as you can see on the main image! Contributed by our very experienced senior guide Mr. M.P. from the Sava Radovljica area! Do not hesitate and catch the last Hucho-hucho train of the season!



This 2013-2014 Hucho-hucho fishing season will be one of the best in the recent years! Optimal fishing condition, skilled guides and anglers, all that is resulting in the very nice Hucho-hucho strikes and catches! Glad to report the latest catch of our guide in the big Sava area (Sava Radovljica, mr. T.P.) who had landed and released this beauty few days ago! Well done!!



Looks like 2013-2014 Hucho fishing season will be in one of the best in recent years! Soon after a record braking Hucho was caught in the Sava Radovljica fishing area, also Bled fishing district responded with a very nice catch of 110cm! Lucky fisherman mr. Jan K. was targeting this monster male Hucho fish for some time until his lure finally meet the Hucho. well done!



This is a latest screen of the Sava Radovljica trophies! This well known hucho fishing area has produced yet another record breaking catch!! Fishing condition for Hucho fishing are optimal, and water level condition is perfect!



Still no snow and no cold on the area of the Sava Bohinjka river. Hucho fishing in January has never been so pleasant and easy as now! It is like fishing in November, no difference at all. Also strikes are November looking, that means regular and nice sized!



Everybody has expected Hucho strikes when the high water from the previous week would start to move down towards normal levels.. Predictions were right again! 107cm beast stroke on a rubber fish imitation which was cast in the Sava Radovljica area by our friend and experienced Hucho hunter, mr. Tadej P.! Fish was released back, since his target is set to 120cm! We truly hope his wish comes true!



The Sunday just passed was flooded by the rain as you could maybe see on the TV.. Massive rain has pushed the Sava Bohinjka to extreme levels and prevented the fisherman to fish for the Hucho. But not all the fisherman! Despite the horrible current of the Sava Bohinjka, a couple of enthusiast hucho fisherman from Austria, father and son, decided to try best of luck! With a little skeptic feelings at first, I had decided to guide them to the river.. with such a high level, even finding a spot to cast from is a hard task! But luck loves the brave ones, proverb says.. and the wild river first gave us the 67cm PIKE, which is probably even more rare catch than a Hucho! Powered with the new adrenaline wave, we went to the upper parts of the Sava Bohijjka Bled area, where the ground and our hearts literary shivered from the massive waves of the river. Soaking wet from the poring rain, I hardly believe the luck we had: 78cm hucho strike :-) We had met several people during that Sunday, all proclaiming us to be crazy, fishing in such conditions. They are silent now ;-)



While we were waiting and expecting that some spining fisherman will land a 100+ cm Hucho in Sava Bohinjka, the fine goal had achieved a young, local Hucho fly fisherman, Jan K.! He had managed to hook and safely land this 103 cm torpedo on class 9 fly rod and a streamer! A very good result for a barbless single hook fishing! The King was released back after the photo session late afternoon.. Are you good enough to catch him again!!? Now Hucho is already one millimetre larger than 103 cm :-) Fishing conditions are ok for Hucho fly fishing and so is the weather for coming weekend! GOOOO !!!



I FEEL HUCHO LUCK!, 25.11.2013
What to do on a rainy, murky November`s Saturday?? Hm.. maybe go to fish for the Hucho!? I had chosen that idea previous Saturday and despite the rain and high humidity in the air, woke up at 05am and went to the Sava Bohinjka trying some Hucho luck.. Once arriving to the river in hard dark, around 06:20 am, installing a chosen lure and set down for a minute to "meditate" for the first cast in the hard dark.. Lure flow out and after 10 seconds in the river = BANG! 90cm. Not really a monster Hucho, but still very nice way to initiate my fishing season hhhaha..



Hucho-hucho 2013/14 season is already in full swing, also with the help of a pleasant temperatures that we are seeing lately.. Surely it is raining almost every few days, but that is considered to be good for Hucho-hucho fishing on the Sava and Sava Bohinjka river. The Sava Bohinjka had pretty clear water at the opening of the Hucho season on November 15th, so conditions to fish for Hucho were more difficult. Strikes were taken, but not large enough to make it to our fishing news page.. On the other hand, Sava river down from the confluence, which is considered to be on of the best XL Hucho places had already produced nice catches! One is from the previous news, other two were taken last Saturday on the same afternoon, only one hour apart! Scoring 90cm Hucho and 106cm Hucho from the main image, Mr. M.P. can really say he had a good afternoon ha!? Both fish were released back :-)




Fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka is down, because of the strong rain we had recently. Nevertheless, fly fishing on Bled part of the Sava is still open till November 14th. Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river (the middle part) remains open for fly fishing untill November 30th.

We are also very close to HUCHO-HUCHO fishing period!! Hucho fishing in Bled part opens with November 15th, while on the Institute part, Hucho fisihing will be possible after November 30th, when fly fishing season closes. We advise to all you Hucho fans, that early period is THE BEST for Hucho fishing, because the temperatures of the water are still higher than in winter time. This season we had prepared some nice HUCHO FISHING OFFERS, so do not hesitate to contact us for the latest HUCHO FISHING price lists! Some very nice beasts were already caught in the Sava river and we kindly thanks mr. B.Flis to contribute for this news!


Who could stay inside with a nice fishing conditions on the river!? I went out on the Sava Bohinjka for a few hours, to try some new nymphs from our shop, the weather and river were so nice I just had to go! Nymph turned to be a good one, giving me a strike of this 48cm rainbow! She fought well on my 4 weight GLoomis and a few times made me really scared since I was using 0.12mm FC1 Stroft fluoro tippet. The line hold and fish eventually gave up. What happened before was also funny, I had a small strike indicator installed while nymphing and grayling on the below image came very aggressively on it. Huh I said! Changed fast the nymph for a dry fly and the next cast, BANG he came back again. This time he needed to wait a while before swimming back to his hole :-)



This is how one could described the previous few fly fishing days on the Sava Bohinjka river.. outstanding colours of the nature combined with warm temperatures and rising fish, what more could a flyfisherman want!? The sun has gone by now, but the temperature remains pleasant, triggering daily hatches of stone flies, sedges and some ephemeras family.. All week long, seems to have a nice fishing conditions with a perfect water level. A drop or two of light rain can happen, but this is considered as an addition to a great condition rolling on lately..



With the rain interruption which hit us the last week, finally Sava Bohinjka and other rivers are dropping the level down, so with the sunny weather for this weekend, we can declare that it is safe and wise to come fly fishing! With the higher temperatures also last autumn hatches are very possible! I had taken this image you see last Sunday, when around 1pm I was well surprised by a massive hatch of ephemeras and XL sedge! Fauna shop is open Saturday and Sunday, 08am for the fishing permits and informations of where to go.. it will be probably quite some fly fisherman out there on the river.



It is a known fact for you, that this autumn is colder than the average October should be.. But you do not know that this cold has not at all affect the fish feeding action! In Fauna shop, we had met many fly fisherman in the previous week, more or less reporting back the same info; Sava Bohinjka is super clear, having a good level and we had caught with pretty big dry flies! Ok, that does not mean, they have not been fishing with the nymph and streamers.. but it is the dry fly fishing which is usually under the question if the weather goes towards the cold degrees.. The week ahead will bring higher temperatures but also a few rain drops which will NOT alter the perfect levels of Sava river.. in short words, it is a good week to prepare some fly fishing plans but the rain jacket should be in the bag too.



The week we have behind now was quite difficult regarding the higher levels, rain and cold.. but now, the sun has come back and the water levels of Sava Bohinjka had go down to normal or maybe slightly above but completely clear. Typical autumn fishing is expecting in the next week, with warm temperatures during the day and cold morning/evening time. Hatch had moved from the evening time when there is almost no more flies on the river to late morning time, when the sun is on the rising moment; various hatch of smaller stones, baetis and some time also caddis can be seen above the river surface every day. Grayling of medium and small sizes, jump on dries all morning, while bigger fish rise less often.. Important facts are also long tippet and a good drying agent if using cdc patterns. So, if you had some fly fishing intentions for the week to come, FAUNA Bled gives you a green light and GO! signal ;-)



Hello back to the office! Must say that I am pleasantly surprised to come back to Slovenia and find rivers and weather in Perfect fishing condition! A very nice week is ahead, warm weather and no more boat/cayak/swimmer crowd on the river. Sava Bohinjka is finally abandon of the summer noise and crowd and really peaceful and quiet. So are the fish, by the way, which tend to feed more from the surface than in August, but they are more selective too.. In short words, looks like we still have some great times ahead!? Season on the majority of the Bled area closes with November 15th, while on the middle part of the Sava Bohinjka (Institute part) fishing can be done until November 30th! Do not put the fly rods in the closet yet ;-)



Summer fishing still insist with its special request regarding small flies and fine tippet material. In general, fishing is a little more demanding now and beginners can have some difficulties with catching larger fish. Smaller are not a problem, they take any fly at least closely resembling the insects flying around.. Larger fish is more tricky to get.. feeding less, but when it does, she knows exactly what she wants. And that can be an emerger on #24! We much recommend to fish the Radovna river in August, much fresher water than in the Sava Bohinjka river and fish is far less selective. But true - no grayling in the Radovna.. Biger graylings in Sava Bohinjka had moved to faster flowing parts of the river or the the more rocky part of the river, where is more oxygen mixing with the water.. we get a lot of questions in Fauna shop in Bled like: " I was fishing nice graylings there in June, but now they are gone!?" Well, yes they are gone.. don`t you leave the beach too if it gets really hot!? ;-)



Some are on vacations with the family, other are fly fishing! If we had many complains about the rainy spring and snow packs in June, now we, river and fish greatly profits from that! With hot and nice days of early August, rivers still have normal fishing levels and fish is still active, much more than usually in the summer time, when low water level reduces the amount of oxygen in the water, causing low feeding action, fish death and other unwelcome consequences. So in short words, fishing on the Sava Bohinjka is nice, graylings, trout, feeding on dry fly too, especially in the early morning and late evening time. Rivers are not overcrowded due to family vacations in the coast etc.- Just to mention that graylings offers optimal fishing condition for nice graylings! Take a day or two for trout and grayling fishing and you won`t regret it!



HOT BUT NICE!, 18.07.2013
Summer has finally decided to stay here for a bit longer than in the last month.. temperatures are staying around 28degrees for a while and the river levels had dropped down to low. Since it is hot during the day, fish tends to hide more in the shadow places and in faster parts of the river. Hatch can be intense specially on the latest hour of the day light time. It can be quite interesting, because there are several types of the hatches going on at the same time and fish usually feeds only on one type! So if you had chosen a caddis, while fish feeds on emergers in between the sadge hatch, you score zero strike while water surface is covered with the circles of the rising fish! Hahaha, how frustrating that can be :-)



Summer time usually brings heat and passive fish behaviour, but not this year! If we were complaining about the cold and rain in the spring, now we are glad to have them here.. at least cold air and not so much of the rain; Sava Bohinjka still has close-to-perfect water level condition and also the fish is active! That does not mean that you will catch them with every strange fly you cast in.. That means, that the fish is feeding constantly also during the day. Now is your problem to find out on what he feeds :-) can be a small emerger on size 22 or a streamer on size 2.. Solving this riddle, will bring you nice grayling and trout strikes all day long! A prove to the above said, kindly provided by Mr. Federico Vincenti fishing on the Sava Institute recently - thanks!



July has kicked in but it does not get super hot yet! June`s hatches are still going on at the late evening time.. water level of larger Slovenian rivers like Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca is not at all low, since the spring time was generous with rain and snow.. Also the Radovna river is having optimal fishing conditions. The week ahead us will slowly rising the temperatures towards 28-30 degrees and some inbetween showers are possible, but this will not affect fishing conditions.. but in 2-3 weeks, you will have to prepare smaller flies, more down to 18-20 size.. stay tuned!



Short time-off PC, and a lot of nice fly fishing for me felt pretty good! Of course that has left you without news for a while, but hey.. forgive me :-) Glad to report you optimal fly fishing conditions on all rivers, except the big Sava Radovljica, where water is still very strong and snow melt from Sava Dolinka can be felt in the water.. Sava Bohinjka, Radovna having perfect levels. Weather in the last week was cold for this time of the year, so fishing was nice during the day and hatches were late in the evening.. Sedge hatches are almost every day while May fly hatch becoming week, with the summer approaching. Forecast looks great, with the rise of temperatures back towards 30 degrees and sufficient water level in all rivers.. Not too crowded out there on the rivers, too.. If you are making some plans for the near future, you can be pretty sure they will become successful! More questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our email any time. Reply should be swift, now that I am trapped back in the office :-) Keep the rods high and spirit flying! Seeya!



Better and better weather forcast is bringing more hatch and more fly fisherman every day! Having close to perfect water levels in the Sava Bohinjka and also other flyfishing rivers in Slovenia, second half of month June looks very promising for dry fly fishing! Hatch of sedge comes late in the evening, but ephemera and smaller stone flies hatch well also in late morning time.. optimal timing to track nice size graylings, one could say!



Very nice reports from the Sava Bohinjka river regarding dry fly fishing! Every day the hatches of may flies, ephemeras and sedge becoming stronger! Weather holds on well, a bit cold for this time of the year but optimal for outdoor activities and fly fishing.. with more than enough water in the mountains (notice the snow on the main picture?) we expect very nice fly fishing during June and further on in July! Time to make some flyfishing plans!!



FLY FISHING GO!, 4.6.2013
Television is showing strong rain and floods is some parts of EU, but luckily this time Slovenia received just showers.. Sava Bohinjka is fishable and and is also good for dry fly. Water level stays above normal but is not too high and is completely clear! Fish is very active and since they had not been much fished this year also less careful in taking flies. So the good times finally arrived also for dry fly fisherman! Showers of rain are often happening but do not mess with the water level too much so is pretty safe to come on fly fishing. Reports from the fisherman are very good, lots of fish and good graylings on the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka! Stay tuned



Sava Bohinjka has nice levels to fly fish. Truth is, that weather is quite unreliable so conditions can change overnight if some rain falls down.. in general, things ARE IMPROVING so we can all start to prepare for some nicer dry fly fishing than it was in the past.



SNOW MELT GONE.., 22.5.2013
Finally some good news after all! As you can see from the images taken today, Sava Bohinjka has lost the white, snow melt colour! First fisherman already went on dry fly fishing, reporting very good activity during the day time. Since weather is relatively cold for this time of the year, hatch is not so strong yet and fish is active on dries during the day not so much in the evening when cold wind starts to blow flies away.. Because it is raining often, Sava Bohinjka is not low but she is clear and can be fishable. Again some rain is predicted for this weekend but it might happen that nothing bad will happen? Get ready, nice days to come soon!



Watching the main image, you can see, that Sava looks much nicer than last week! Still having strong current but less white that it was because of snow melt. The melt is still present in the river but less and less every day.. we hope that Sava Bohinjka will be ready for first nice fly fishing in a week time!? Bad news is, that new package of rain will hit us today and spoiled the weekend for sure if not also water level of Sava, Soca, again! In case you will be in our area and will not be able to fish Sava, visit us in Fauna shop to advise you how to find some smaller and more fishable rivers to fish near Bled. Looking forward to meet you ;-)



You were probably hoping for some good news reg. the river condition, but nothing much has changed there.. almost all rivers in Slovenia were high during this weekend and there is not much to do reg. this. Tomorrow afternoon we will update new images of the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna on this page, so stay tuned. But while the majority sits at home and waits for better times to come, others search alternatives for some other than river only fly fishing. Mr. Goran H. has managed to land this nice 88cm pike on lake Bled with a help of our guide. Surely better than sit at home and wait for the rivers to drop down! Great job! Main image was from last week Krka river fly fishing. Murky water was the best for streamer trout fishing.



Situation as on the picture... keep on holding your optimism maybe better during coming weekend??... yeah, right :-)



Nothing unfortunately.. snow melt still endures. Stay tuned.. for the list of the fishable rivers call us to the office or send us an email.



Hardly awaited dry fly season has not yet began.. even normal fly fishing season has not began yet! Sava Bohinjka and the rest of the rivers springing in the high Alps (Soca) having higher and white levels for almost a month now, with a bit lower or a bit higher water but never perfect and low. Smaller rivers and tributaries to larger streams are a better choice in this days than larger rivers.. fortunately mountain peaks has started to shown threw thick snow caps and we can expect rivers to get normal in a week or two (or three?) time. Fauna keeps a close eye to the condition and will announce normal levels the same day they arrive. Till than, thank you for the support/orders in FaunaFlyShop/flies department.. we can hardly keep up with the order packing :-))



Find on the large image latest images of the SAVA BOHINJKA taken on the bridge of Log (Institute), double bridge of Soteska and power station Bled fish.club. As you can see, fly fishing is possible, but the current is strong and the fish is down..



Image taken today, April 11. As you can see, Sava Bohinjka is not yet having snow melt water and is pretty nice to fish especially in the midst of the day when the sun causes some ephemera or small stone fly hatches to appear.



We could say that finally the first warmer spring days are here! Latest reports from the Radovna and Sava Bohinjka river are positive! Mornings are still cold, so snow is not melting yet. Temperatures can reach up to 17°C during the noon time and every day we have stronger of weaker hatches of ephemeras on the river. Hatch is appearing during the warmest part of the day, meaning around 1 PM.



Despite not to much sun and spring weather, while still seing snow patches on the river banks, flyfishing on the Sava Bohinjka rolls on into 2013 season. As you can see on the images, water is white to semi white, depending of the area you flyfish at. Trout is active and because cold water also very strong. Nymph seem to be a good choice, but sun as the sun picks from behind the clouds, fish starts to feed from the surface too. Not much flies in air yet, small stones are the most frequent flyer this days.. Sunday and Monday 7,8 looks very nice with lots of sun!



Monday April 1st will be opening day for 2013 fly fishing season in Slovenia and a million dollar question is how it will look like?? Weather reports are not really pleasant, rain will surely be present and temperatures will be modest, not higher than 10 degrees or so.. But fly fishing can always be performed. Find latest images from the Radovna and Sava Bohinjka river. It should help you make your decisions regarding the premier fly fishing day! FAUNA SHOP is open also on Easter Monday 08-10:00 AM.



While the fly fishing season on the big Sava and Radovna is already opened a month time, Sava Bohinjka will open on Easter Monday, April 1st! Big time question is, what are the fishing conditions predicted!? The answer is not easy; the area of Bled and Bohinj is still covered with some 10cm of snow! At the moment, temperatures are close to freezing, so snow stays on the river banks, water is clear. But when temperatures will go up, sooner or latter that will have to happen thanks God, than snow will melt out and water will go semi clear - opaque or white. We can not say for sure when this will happen.. hopefully not for this opening weekend. From April 1st, FAUNA Shop in Bled is open every day at 08 AM, see our home page/location for exact opening hours. All fishing permits are on the stock, prices the same as in 2012, except Sava Dolinka has rise price from 20,00 to 25,00 Eur which is not so dramatic either. Okay, let`s wait and see what April brings! On the large scale image you can see the actual water levels from today so you can get better picture about fly fishing conditions on the area.



Snow, snow, snow... wish we could write sth. more flyfishing like, but with a 10cm of fresh fallen snow on the riverbanks the season has not yet started at all.. We can report that the prices of the fishing permits in 2013 will stay the same as they were in 2012. All the rules stay the same, all the fishing areas remain unchanged with a NEW fishing district Lipnica added. This is a small tributary to the Sava Radovljica river. Price for the fishing permit which allows holder to fly fish also on the Sava Radovljica river is 45,00 Eur. We sell the permits in Fauna shop and provide also some maps of how to find it. While we wait for some nicer weather (but looks like it is not coming yet), we suggest you to check Fauna 2013 Fly Collection which is already available in Fauna Fly shop. A lot of heavy and buggy looking nymphs has been tied, since we expect strong snow water during April and early May for sure. We had update also Dry Fly section for your reference. Stay tuned, new streamer line will be added in a week or so time. Thanks for visiting!



Sava Radovljica, aka. Big Sava has become more and more popular for the March fishing! Larger river is a host of large trout and grayling. March 1st with it`s sunny day has attracted minimum of 30 fisherman, local and tourist. On the 18km of the river, this still means no crowd, except maybe on the hot spots like this bridge on the Lancovo.. Fishing conditions were good, but the fish even being active, stayed more or less down and was shown interest only for the streamers or nearby passing nymph. Water had some white color in since the strong sun produces snow melt. A condition which we will have to get use to this season..



Very nice and sunny March 1st did not see too many fly fisherman on the Radovna river at the opening day. Since the Institute who governs the river had equal the prices of domestic and local fishing permits, 39.00 Eur has become too much for many of the local fly fisherman who preferred the rainbows instead of native brown trout which the Radovna is all about. The policy of the Institute is to minimize the rainbow trout in the river and leave the natural reproducing process of the brown trout to go it`s natural way. That means a good healthy population of fish but on the other hand slower growth in size and quantity. In such a cold river like Radovna, fish grows slowly and does not become too big in size. But Radovna is all about beauty and not size and weight..



And behold, March 1st is finally here! Tomorrow will be the first fly fishing day among many in 2013. Weather looks okay, but surely not hot! Our area is still covered by some snow patches and a pair of fingerless gloves can be a good idea to bring with! Sava Radovljica will open tomorrow too, we will be on the area with our camera and post first shots of the Radovna and Sava Radovljica images during the day. Regarding the permits and rules, no news, everything stays the same as it was in 2012. We have heard the rumors about NEW fly fishing river being opened near Bled this season, but more about that next week, when we double check all the sources of this exciting news!! Imagine, fly fishing on the river/stream where nobody was fly fishing for decade!?



As promised, the Hucho from the previous article was not the only one caught during the Hucho hunt performed few days ago.. on the dusk of the same day, double handed fly rod of mr. Heusserer W. bend again, this time even a little more, since it was the 1m Hucho who was holding the streamer on the other side! The massive predator did not want to give up that fast and made happy fisherman work hard for the images you are looking now. It is not and easy job to land such a fish Torpedo on a small rock you stand on and holding the fly rod at the same time. Luckily the beauty was hooked well and the episode ended well, with farewell kiss and catch & release!



Yet another successful Hucho hunt behind us! Just came back from a very nice Hucho fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka where we were enjoying some great company of our Austrian fly fishing neighbors and of course catching Hucho!! Being well prepared and skilled in a large streamer casting, my job as a guide was quite easy.. just prepare the plan, go to the right spot at the right time and BINGO.- Hucho on the line.. it sounds pretty easy if you haven`t tried that type of fly fishing before :-) There is more to come from this fishing trip, soon as we prepare the photo material in a day or two, stay tuned!



After a successful first day of the previous trip, we want to prove that a catch from the first day was not just luck, but there is some knowledge in Hucho fly fishing involved too! After a very scenic day time fishing on the area of Selo, deep valley of the Sava Bohinjka Canyon, Frenk Rocks well known to all hucho fisherman which had fly fished here before and again the dusk time was the one who brought strike again! To the same lucky fisherman who scored also 97cm on the first day. The only difference is, that now he is not called just lucky anymore, but experienced mister hucho fisherman :-)



Being away from PC for a while, there is much news to report, don`t really know where to start haha.. Okay, we had received a large income of snow the last week! Over 50cm thick white cover had fallen down, causing traffic mess, shovel sport, pain in the back AND Hucho activity in progress! A blend of snow in the Sava Bohinjka had nicely trigger the Hucho predators to become more aggressive as they were in the December when we had just low water levels and no snow. We had a pleasure to guide 4 very friendly and skilled Hucho fly fisherman from Munich to try the skills on Sava Bohinjka river. Supreme weather with mild temperatures, great company and overall pleasure to be in the snow covered canyons and nature was crowned with this beauty 97cm hucho which stroked on a self made streamer of Mr. Daniel B. Meater stopped just under a magic 1M length, showing 97cm in Hucho size. After a farewell kiss, beauty went back in her dark kingdom. Hucho hunt is a demanding job even with a spinning rod, catching Hucho on a streamer, is a top achievement in fly fishing sport, period!



HAPPY 2013, 29.12.2012
Dear friends and supporters of Fauna fishing Slovenia, we wish you a happy 2013 and as much as possible free time for fly fishing of course! While we are having some difficult times on the Sava Bohinjka which is almost all the time little opaque from the rain (still no snow on the are of Bled, but plenty of rain) Hucho has optimal conditions to Hunt which means he is fed up all the time. We expect colder conditions in January which will create better fishing conditions and more catches! As a proof, that the season is progressing, check on this LINK<< image of largest Hucho caught this season a few days ago in the Sava Medvode fishing club. WOW!



JOINING THE 100+ CLUB, 24.11.2012
Nice warm autumn weather and a little opaque water of the Sava Bohinjka are inviting every Hucho hunter to try his skills and luck! We had just returned from the river where we were fishing in a great company of 3 experienced spin fisherman who faced the challenge of the Hucho fishing for the first time! Perfect casting skills combined with experience of the Hucho guide, produced along some very nice trout catches also the beauty Hucho of 103cm and approx. 11kg which you see on the main image, caught by Mr. Alessandro D.. Meaning a very promising beginning of the 12/13 hucho season! Water is getting clear now, so little more hard conditions and little more focus on the dusk/dawn fishing but still, fight goes on and we are anxious to go out again with new guests coming to try the great "H" challenge later next week!



About time we report back to this page.. Not much flyfishing action to be honest in the last 3 weeks we had nothing but rain, fog, high water, few minutes of the sunshine and rain again. Nothing really nice to fly fish or to write about.. But meanwhile, what happened is that HUCHO-HUCHO season has opened! On the Sava Radovljica already with November 1st and on the Sava Bohinjka with November 15th! At the first week, river was too high even for hucho-hucho fishing, so first hunts were performed this weekend, with a mutual hucho-hunt in the Sava Radovljica fishing district. 40 fisherman was present, catching all together 3 Hucho, 105, 109 and 111 cm. One can be seen on the LINK<<. Weather for the next month again bad, but this time it is a good news, since for the Hucho fishing rainy and cloudy weather is ok! We will see what brings the next week, conditions for Hucho fishing on the Sava Bohinjka are good, water is above normal and dim-milky.. Fauna team went out yesterday but with no real luck, only a junior on the main image reported in. Was nicely released back with no measuring.. PS: Fly fishing season on the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka is still open till the end of this month, so if you want this are the only moments in the season when you can one day do fly fishing for grayling and second day spin fishing or fly fishing for the Hucho. Have fun ;-)



New and helpful application now available! After every rain, situation on the Sava Bohinjka river changes. And since most of our clients are driving from far away, normally everybody would like to know if the water level is ok for fishing. Some times in the high season, our phone is ringing all the day, always the same question: is the Sava Bohinjka fishable?? We were trying to update the news with some images, but this is a hard work to do all the time and once you put the image out, situation changes fast.. Now finally the solution: Electro Gorenjske company which runs the power station in Soteska has put a web cam showing the actual river situation at every time, 24/7 all year long! By choosing the blue sava web cam from our main menu, you can log-in as a guest, free of charge. The camera is showing Bled fishing club area just under the power station dam in Soteska.



At the moment of this update, Sava Bohinjka is still high from today`s rain. But the rain period has stopp and we expect Sava Bohinjka to be normal on October 19th at latest! And behold a very nice weather forcast for this weekend, and beginning of the next week with temperatures up to 20 degrees! There will not be much more days like this in 2012, so if having some more intentions to go fly fishing do not miss this opportunity! The period when water is dropping down, powered with a warm and sunny weather is a warranty for a good fish activity! GoGoGo :-))



Small stone flies are the most popular bug you will see on the rivers these days. Just like from nowhere, a hatch appears almost every day after 10:00 in the morning. Maybe a few dozens flies only but enough to trigger fish activity towards the surface. To be honest, if you are planning to catch your fish of the day during that catch, you need to be really lucky.. mostly medium sized fish will be jumping at that time. Largest graylings and trout will prefer to take a nymph but not always.. if you track a good grayling hanging under the surface and you make a really nice cast of some parachute fly, he will take it with 80% chance! Just as long as he does not see you. That is important fact in large grayling fishing. Ask Mr. Jasper N. who contributed images for this post if you don`t believe me :-)



BIG GUNS FEEDING, 01.10.2012
Some of fly fisherman are already cleaning fishing gear for a winter brake while others using the advantage of autumn time to land largest fishes of the season! When first leaves fall on the water, fish knows that the seasons period with reach food diet is slowly ending and winter fast or at least poor food choice is coming. This triggers the brown trout to move more bravely for the food and makes them less careful too. A welcome change after that hard summer months with super-selective graylings in the rivers like Idrijca, Unica.. We were watching some really nice mid-day hatches on the Radovna river, around noon time, when just a few stone flies in the air triggered frenzy jumping of brown trout all over the pool. Once stones were gone, activity died fast. We are sure that October will lure out some more of the nice graylings like this. In case you are not a grayling fan, than try to copy me and hook an 65er wild rainbow on 0.14mm tippet and meet hell on earth landing it.. don`t ask where I got it, I won`t tell :-D



Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna, Krka, Unica ALL ok for fly fishing.



Looong time no see! Sorry guys to keep you uninformed about the fishing condition on the Sava Bohinjka. My holidays toke some more time than planned :-) Okay, back to work: Sava Bohinjka had just received a long awaited rain refreshment last Friday. That short but intensive two days of the rain had close the summer like fly fishing and opened truly autumn fishing period. At the moment of this update, Sava is again normal to fly fish at. Very clear bottom, beautiful autumn colors and active fish is what we had seen in the last few days. The colder it gets, the more Grayling starts to feed from the surface. Larger trout knows that nice days with bugs to feed with are running low, so they instinctively feed more. But - they are not less careful in a sense of tippet size. 7X, 6X is a must have if going on dry fly fishing. Using nymphs, crystal clear water requires fluorocarbon material.. When planning your fishing day - take a late breakfast and meet us for the permit around 9 am, this is early enough to meet the river at around 9.30 when fish starts to go on dries. Fishing during the day is not a problem now... temperatures around 20°C are perfect to dry fly fishing all day long. Hm, but now it makes sense to bring the waders and warm socks with. Since the levels are not low any more also fauna streamers works fine.. A bit of everything for everybody one could say ;-) We will post some images in next days, so come back soon!



Dear All I will leave you alone for a short time and will run on my annual vacations.. yes, I will be fly fishing all the time, no doubt about that :-) Fauna shop in Bled is open normally, only thing to mention is a delay in replying to your emails. If you have any urgent questions regarding Lodge bookings, guiding arrangements etc, call on 00386 45 742 631 and talk with us directly. Leaving Bled today, rivers are still all clear, all low and all ok for fly fishing. Check the weather HERE<< to see how it evolves further. I will be back to the office on Monday September 10th, dealing with dozens of unread emails, hope I reply to your one ASAP ;-) Ups, I almost forget to reply to the "question of the year": yes, dry fly is still working well, but you need to fish it early morning and/or in a fast flowing parts of the Sava river. Evening hatch is a lottery in these days. Note that September is a second favorite fly fishing month for dry fly fishing so if you had just arrived from your familly vacations, get ready! Seeya...



While the majority of flyfishing crowd is wading in the low Sava Bohinjka river, some very few don`t follow the common stream and rather roam into some hidden, remote parts of Radovna river. Hard to find spots, some times even impossible without a local guide, wild brown trout never been hooked before these are the dreams of every true flyfisherman. Fish is not large at all and this is normal for small streams but the colors! It`s like catching underwater butterflies or some living jewelery! Dry fly works all day since the freezing water of the Radovna offers fewer underwater food to the always hungry brown trout. This is no place to go with 5,6 and 9ft long fly rods.. but a 7ft class 3 would do a magic out there!



First fly fishing days of August were really nice and typical summer like; fly fisherman which can get up as early as possible, much before 7 AM, discover a totally different, new world on the river.. first day light, being alone on the river with your fly rod is some thing you should try! Yes, it`s hard to get up at 05AM true, but after a cold flush of water in the bathroom and a cup of hot coffee, you will be ready to meet the virgin moments on the river, filling you with lots of energy! Fish starts to "wake up" soon when the fog lifts from the river surface, around 06:30 or so.. following by a nice activity all morning and resting the middle of the day when temperatures can climb up to 30°C. Evening hatch is usually created by midges, rarely you will see sedge these days. Even if there is several hatches simultaneously, large grayling will prefer to feed on the smallest specie. Why, if larger fly offers better meal? Don`t know. Maybe is the taste haha.. Some "dry fly only" fisherman are complaining that they catch more small fish than large ones. No wonder.. if you would be a lazy XL trout sitting in a summer water, would you move to a peace of s**t on the surface or would prefer to grab a small fish instead? Streamer is the one who brings large fish these days.. "but we do not like streamer fishing".. nobody does but hey, is you who is complaining :-)) We had a nice visit recently, well known Salmon fly tier , Mr. Klaus Wogon fish the Sava Bohinjka with some friends, making some nice photos, kindly allowed to check them HERE<<.



While the rest of the country suffers low summer water levels or floods like in Austria area, Sava Bohinjka has luck to sit just in between! Having a storm every second day, river is on the perfect water level possibly imagine! June was far worst than is July in a sense of fly fishing. Imagine you stand here>> and cast your dry fly to the other side, waiting for a nice grayling to rise! Temperatures are not hot, around 25 degrees - dry fly fishing all day long. Family vacation time, meaning not too much fisherman around and no crowds on the hot-spots. Many couples toke the opportunity of a guided fly fishing during their vacation time, many (ladies) had their first flyfishing moments. :-) We are waiting for the Sava Dolinka to get clear again which will make Sava Radovljica fishable again.. a good place to be for some nice trout! Stay in touch, there is more photo material to be published!



Summer is no warranty for a low water levels as we could see in the last few days, when the are of Bled, Tolmin and Bovec was hit by heavy storms which fill the basements with water and even did some damage on the cars shooting the hail down the sky.. well, not our interest since we are dealing with the river condition here. Sava Bohinjka and Soca went high and white also some other affluents of the Soca are muddy. We expect the first normal fishing days on the Sava will be middle of the week, Soca more likely end of the week. To inform you, Unica has a perfect level 32cm, Krka is low and clear, maybe the water grass could be annoying on the lower parts, Idrijca is low-clear (demanding fishing so ask us to advise the proper flies if you go there), Savinja is ok.. Like always, after the rain comes the sun. When the level of Sava Bohinjka drops, fishing is expected to be very good! Refreshed river with the air temperatures around 25 is a perfect match to get some good evening hatches! Stay in touch or contact for more information. Image is shown advantage of rainy water if going for the large fish :-) Not running away from the river when the first rain falls, can be rewarding ;-)



July will see it`s middle in a few days and fishing situation is consequentially appropriate. One who can wake up early in the morning, will be rewarded with excellent fishing condition, pure fresh morning air and active trout. Once clock turns towards 10AM, is time to go on a lunch/beer time or switch to streamer fishing. The heat of the day reduces the action of fish and burns you severely if you are not using Simms aloe sun protection cream :-) this is no add, is just the coincidence that we sell in Fauna shop haha.. moving back to the river around 17hours and enduring till the very last minute of day light or even one minute more will reward you with evening hatch of caddis patterns in various colors, predominantly black or dk.brown. Like mr. M.Viola did as on the image. Thank you for contributing it. Just to mention that all rivers in Slovenia have low levels by now. It makes sense to move to larger streams like Sava Radovljica!



In the heat wave is so nice to stand in the cold alpine rivers and if having a fly rod in the hand even better. We just got few photos from the Sava river which deserve to be seen.. nice to find time for some photo shooting while fly fishing. Thanks for sharing Giacomo. Short update about the fly fishing situation: heat wave we have has slightly stop dry fly activity and lowered the river levels. This is a perfect moment to go fishing on the Sava Radovljica river, which has optimal water level now. Another good idea would be discovering the canyon of the Sava Bohinjka river river. Deep valley of the canyon and fresh breeze offers nice refreshment also during the day. Visit us for the correct maps so you don`t get lost ;-)



June is not a favorite flyfishing month any more! At least not in 2012! After we had many rain problems in June, July has turned to be a jackpot for all the fly fisherman which decided to fish Sava Bohinjka and also other Slovenian rivers in month of July. Lovely weather and active fish - what more could we want. Truth is, that the summer heat will put the hammer down soon, so fishing will move to earlier hours of the day and late afternoon-evening time. Time to use smaller flies is approaching but is not yet here. Typical flies of the spring time can still be in use, just attach them to finer tippet material. Weather report is steady and shows a nice weather faaaar ahead, hurray!!



Fly fishing is in full swing in this days! Well, the heat wave has pushed the fishing in early morning and late afternoon/evening time, but if someone like Mr. Stefano goes to fish in the heat time could be rewarded with some nice strikes too! Water is on the perfect level, not too low and fish is in the feeding mood. As we said, early morning is the time to be on the river! Better take an hour or two of sleep from 13-15 hours when the sun is the strongest. We are usually selling fishing permits in the afternoon time with validation for the next day. That how you can be on the river at 06AM if you have the guts to wake up :-)



Finally we have what we wanted for the whole season, a perfect dry fly fishing conditions of the Sava Bohinjka river! Water has optimal level, it is not on the lowest but is considered to be normal and super clear. Fish is active for dry fly in the morning and late afternoon/evening. Mid day when the sun is on highest, better use a nymph or streamer. An interesting moment is approaching: farmers will start to collect grass on some areas alongside the river, meaning grasshoppers will be jumping all around, some also in the river! Guess what will happen than! :-)) GO! fly fishing!



Looks like the rain has stop, but Sava Bohinjka is still having a strong current and opaque water color. Image was take in the Institute part at double bridges where we expect water to be fishable tomorrow or latest till Saturday this week. Sunday should be a very nice for fishing, high temperatures and clear water level. This could be interesting time to use large dry flies! We got tenths of calls today from fisherman about what to do for the coming weekend 16,17 June.. the reply is, Sava will not be low but will be fishable, Radovna will be normal and the weather will be very nice. Its up to you to make a final decision. We think it is a good percent to have a nice fly fishing weekend but can`t write you a warranty on that..



Heavy storm of yesterday rised the levels of many rivers in Slovenia including Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Soca... we expect Sava to be fishable again in 2 days time unless we get more rain :-(



Today was the last day of the Championship, don`t ask who won, I have no idea yet. The best one probably.. Important fact is, that all the areas are from tomorrow on normally opened for regular fly fisherman. Water level is PERFECT in all the rivers. Weather shows possibility of storms, but this will probably not alter the levels in any way. We hope.. fishing in general is really lovely, with not too high temperatures and hatches of May flies. Fauna shop opens every day at 08 AM. We are looking forward to your visit! And yes, she is squeezing that grayling a bit too much :-) well, it was the first one ;-))



June 1st saw a fresh shower early in the morning and quite cold - April looking temperatures.. fly fishing on the other hand is very nice, if sunshine dry fly works all day long. Large caddis, grasshoppers, mayfly, all the bugs are flying around and we can say dry fly fishing conditions are top! If ever you catch a brown trout on a large dry fly it is now! You already know that world fly fishing championship starts with June 3rd. That means more "traffic" on the rivers at this time. Some parts of the Sava Bohinjka are closed for the competition purposes. Those are Bohinj part (at lake Bohinj) and Catch&release part of the Institute Sava Bohinjka (from the double bridge in Soteska till the railway bridge in Bitnje village. Those limitations are valid from June 3rd - 10th. Sava Bled part is NORMALLY fishable, no restrictions applied. Feel free to contact us for more information.



Good news! Surprisingly the yesterday`s rain did not affect the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river which will be fishable for this weekend! See the images from today morning, river is estimated to be 5-10 cm above normal and perfectly clear. Weather is pretty good too, possible storms on the afternoons the rest of the day dry. We can not write you a warranty on the conditions, but it looks good! GO! GO! GO! :-))



Wow, we are finally back! Why so late? Well, because there is not much to write about the fly fishing on wider Bled area, unless you want to read: water goes up, water goes down, water goes up... yeah, we can not remember so rainy May for years.. not to mention 20cm of fresh snow above 600m on May 15th.. In case you manage to catch the "window of opportunity" and find low and clear levels of Sava Bohinjka, you will be rewarded with nice Mayfly, stone fly and Sedge hatches. Graylings and trout are eager for larger dry fly patterns and fishing can be really funny. After the weather settles, hopefully in a week or so, you can prepare your largest dry flies and get ready for some intensive hatch. All fisherman and also fish are waiting for good conditions. This weekend will unfortunately see some rain again, how intensive, we don`t know. Tomorrow morning you will find fresh images of the Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river and you will decide if the levels are ok for you or not. Some guys are flyfish`n others not, hard to make a decision for you.. Anyway we are here for some additional questions. If you meet Mr. Rain by chance, let him know they need him in Africa so he can leave Bled a.s.a.p. :-D



RAIN PAUSE, 7.5.2012
One week ago we thought, now the rain has gone, hurray, go flyfish`n.. yes, there were few very nice days with May hatches and almost normal water level of the Sava Bohinjka river. But yesterday saw some rain again and things went back to higher levels.. except the Radovna and Krka river, most of other rivers are quite high, some even milky.. Good news is that we have a period of more or less steady weather ahead and we can expect Sava Bohinjka to be nicely fishable in a day or two from now on...



Latest fishing reports brings us the following; moments of hard showers changing with periods of sun, Sava Bohinjka still clear but 10cm above normal level. Grayling more active than trout.. Pure April fishing condition. Many of you are calling us how about the weekend? We think the river will remain clear as it is now, but can`t promise you sun.. Sunday`s weather reports showing rain again..



Cold and sunny weather with white capes of the surrounding mountains of Bled. And of course clear water of the Sava Bohinjka river! The river current is still some 10cm higher than normal, but river (also the Radovna) is nicely fishable. After a long period of lowest levels, this was a nice refreshment, bottom is clear as marble and fish hungry again! Fauna is open every day at 08AM, all the permits on stock!



Unfortunately Easter weekend will not see the perfect fly fishing condition, finally it was raining but quite hard so the water level of Sava Bohinjka went higher and darker.. Radovna is hardly fishable today, but there is more rain forcasted for tomorrow, so she will probably go high too. This rain was needed but we believe it will spoil many fly fishing plans.. later during the day we will update this report also with the status of Krka, Soca and Idrijca river..



DING-DING, OPENING!!, 2.4.2012
A small jingle, for all of you who forgot that with April 1st, majority of Slovene rivers open for flyfishing! After a whole month of sunshine and warm temperatures, April 1st decided to be a rally pain in the a**, having no more than 1degree in the morning and cold breeze, which killed the fingers in a few hours.. despite that, guys who fished on the Bled and Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka reported good results. There is no snow melt water, meaning fish has stronger feeding mode than usual in April month. You will catch the most with nymphs, but will also see a hatch or two during the day. Smaller insects, but fish gives good attention even to those ones. Weather forecast for the next days shows some drizzle rain, occasional showers, but nothing really dramatic which would spoil the water levels. A note for all: GRAYLING is very aggressive at this time of the season, since it`s spawning time is close. He will attack even streamers, protecting the spawning areas against bull head minnows which feeds on grayling roes.. In case you catch a grayling, try to do your best to release him with your wet hand and recover him in the shallow if he is really exhausted from the fight. Thank you!



Fly fishing for grayling officially opens with May 16th. But fish does not know the calendar and strikes whenever she wants.. Also in month March in particular, because she feeds more aggressively to get strong for the spawning time. In case you catch a grayling while fly fishing in Sava Radovljica or Krka in March or early April, make sure you will not make fish too tired with some 0.0008 tippet material and 1h drill before landing. Always gently grab a grayling with a WET hand and make sure you do not throw him back in some fast flowing part of the river! Make sure he can recover in some shallow bay and help him to stand straight if you see fish starts to lean on either side.. After he gets back in form, grayling will swim away alone. No need for some rough push or God forbid, some wading boot kick! Image was taken few days ago in the Sava Radovljica sector. Fish had 50cm!



As the sunshine and pleasant warm weather just don`t want to give up, March fly fishing rolls on! Few guys toke the challenge of an early season and a bit larger river the last week.. I always say that luck loves the brave ones.. beside losing a trophy sized grayling, mr. Martin who kindly contributed this image for wider fly fishing public, also managed to land this beauty red-chick rainbow from the confluence of the two rivers! Well done, I know that many fisherman which will be coming in the top fly fishing months won`t be able to repeat such catch.. Watching this, makes me just close the office and run down there to the confluence myself :-D



With this kind of the weather, every single day can be a nice fly fishing day! Sun shines every day, causing often bursts of tiny, gray stone flies hatch at around noon time. Talking for the Sava Radovljica area. Radovna on the other hand has slightly poorer activity, also Krka.. this is because of still very low temperatures of the water, 4 - 6 degrees only! This is not the environment in which blood/food of the fish would circle in a fast way, causing fish to be more aggressive for the food hunt. Nevertheless, fish needs to eat in all the times and if you are there with your nymph, you will catch eventually. Large fish will only move to streamer, keep that in minds when you hit the rivers in March. Did we prepared some streamers? check them out! <<<



Ready, steady, GO! Thursday, March 1st new fly fishing season opens with the Radovna, Sava Radovljica, Krka and Radesica rivers! Weather forecast is ok, even warm for this time of the year, up to 16 degrees during the day! We can expect moderate but pleasant dry fly activity during the mid day time when the sun is on the peak. In case you decide to hit the Radovna on the 1st, bring some warm cloth, morning can still be chili at this period! No sense to push on the river at the earliest, with "no sun up, no action in" is what we could say for March fly fishing. Fauna shop will open at 08:00 AM on the March 1st to offer the fishing permits for all the mentioned rivers. (Prices remain the same as in 2011; Radovna CR 39,00/day, Sava Radovljica 35,00/day Krka 49,00/day.) Plenty of nice flies already on the stock and if you did not do the tying homework during the winter time, don`t worry. We did it for you! See you all on Thursday!!!



ONLY ONE more Hucho fishing day left! Tomorrow, 15th Hucho fishing is already closed!! Conditions are very hard, we have -12 degrees and very clear, super low water level of the Sava Bohinjka. But is that a PROBLEM for a hucho guide!?? No if you come to the right spot at the right time. Believe me or not, I made ONLY ONE CAST at 17:55 hours on Sunday. And lure stopped immediately! Lucky me, 98cm and 11kg! If nobody lands nothing today, I will be the "door man" closing the memorable 11/12 Hucho hunting season! Hard battles we fought, some we won, others we lost but learned from all of them! We will have a short off-work brake till Monday February 20th , when we will be back in the office and replying to your emails.. hey, batteries needs to be refilled in some hot spa and massage center, winter did the damage to our bones haha...



Clear water of the Sava Bohinjka might be nice for some scenic photo shooting, but can be found also hard to fish at. This smart Hucho we are after so eagerly, notice every movement on the river bank and refuses to take your lure, regardless how great action it might have.. well, ok, but every fish must eat, especially if she has a 14kg body! And they do. At the evening time, when this great representative of the famous Hucho family made a wrong decision and toke the J.K.`s lure! Luckily, this hucho hunter already knows that releasing the Hucho is almost as rewarding as catching it.. 14kg torpedo was nicely released back in the dark.. Thumbs up!



Earlier in January, after the milk water of the Sava Bohinjka from previous news ran off, new challenge was on the move; an avid CH spey fly fisherman, mr. Reto S. wanted to move the modest result of the fly fishing for Hucho-hucho one level up! Having experiences from the Steelhead spey fly fishing, nevertheless, a hard task to face, facing the clear water of the Sava Bohinjka and super careful Hucho-hucho, watching for every suspicious moves on the river banks. But luck loves the brave ones.. the first day went off by adjusting the casting, getting familiar with the pools and spotting for the largest huchos.. getting a few RCR-s (red cheek rainbows) but no hucho strike yet.. moving to the second day, again hard work and a little dimmed water, - STOP - streamer just stopped in the middle of a large pool! An reflex reaction of a fisherman striking back and a large bend of the 14ft long fly rod! YES, we got a 100cm beauty hucho, being hooked in a leg shaking, fever making, nervous braking way! :-)) one wrong twitch and you would not be reading this news ;-) super cool day it was!



First reports in 2012 guys, and a good one! If you were in Slovenia for the NY, than you know we had some rain instead of snow during the first days in January 2012. Bad for the skying but optimal for the Hucho hunting! Being at the right time on the right place is the key of catching a river king! Mr. Giuseppe T. toke no rest from the NY holidays, coming straight on the hucho fishing, taking advantage of the dim green water of the Sava Bohinjka river. After coming two times in clear water condition, he was well prepared for THE strike in his fishing carrier. When the lure suddenly stopped in the middle of the pool, he knew what to do.. with the help of our guide, they land this beauty of the Hucho, measuring no less than 105cm! Few unforgettable moments of holding such a large fish and the king swam back to his underwater castle..

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111 HUCHO FOR THE END OF 2011, 31.12.2011
How could we better conclude 2011 as we did by our guide D.R. landing this 111cm Hucho elegance in the Sava river!? Being unusually slim, makes him even more interesting! Probably was a she-male on a beauty diet before NY`s photo session haha.... well, we have two days off now, to recharge the batteries and we attack again on 3rd January, with new hucho hunters on the way! Beginning of January should see some snow flakes and not too low temperatures. Perfect conditions for Hucho fishing. Stay tuned and do not consume too much of alcohol tonight, it`s bad for your strike reflex ;-) HERE<< is a holiday card for you guys..



Like a bad luck, also Hucho fishing guides never sleep! How could they if they know where all those XL Hucho are hiding! And when cold turns towards south temperatures, Hucho guides don`t hesitate! All this efforts with a bit of luck resulted with this beautiful 106 cm and 14kg Hucho beauty, being generously released back to her habitat where she can tempt on fisherman from all the Europe more than a half naked Armani`s models :-) Thank you D.R. for sharing, you made me a hard to beat challenge now! :-)


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Rainy days lately and winter is knocking on the door.. nevertheless hucho hunt goes on, a bit blocked by high water level of Sava Bohinjka but this is not bad for Hucho fishing. A day or two for the water to drop a bit and of we go! This time, a bit delayed image of a nice female Hucho being caught in the Sava Radovljica district, 95cm, released back to her pool after a farewell kiss :-)

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FLY LINES FLYING!, 5.12.2011
Why flying? Because they can`t when is -15 degrees! Now we have a perfect weather for Hucho fly fishing, mild and southern winds with light rain :-) Mentioning this news with intention to honor all the Hucho fly fisherman who have the guts to do a hard job of fly casting those large Hucho streamers all day long, often also in vane. BUT not always! Mr. S.H. was chosen (well, his streamer was) from the handsome 90cm Hucho being willing to toke a picture for the wider public. Released back in the pool after.



UP WE GO IN HUCHO SIZE!, 2.12.2011
South winds and relatively high temperatures in winter time is what every Hucho hunter wants! And that is exactly what we have here on the area of Sava Bohinjka in the last few days. Obviously the result should not be missing! 105cm and some 12+ kg! Congratulations. Hucho king was released back to his pool, lucky fisherman said: " I want 115 or nothing!" Well, I suppose we will have to wait and see :-) Check with us back soon, there is some more action predicted for the coming weekend!

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It is nice and decent, that from time to time, the one who is writing you all those words about Hucho fishing, lifts his but from the comfortable and warm office chair and go out there in the cold, proving that he can do sth. else than just hitting the keyboard. Hope you will be satisfied, I could not reach one meter, but also 95cm Hucho-hucho model will do just fine for me :-) Catch&Release? Yes, surely!



A promising start spirit of the Hucho season 11-12 still lasts, mild temperatures give a great opportunity for a Hucho fly fisherman to attack with heavy fly rods. The Eldorado pool of the Sava Bohinjka, which sits in the Bled`s trophy section and has the most Hucho in, is a challenging target for a hucho fly fisherman, since spinning is not allowed method in that section of Sava Boh. And if you consider the fact, that the smallest Hucho in that pool has some 85cm, the largest is estimated over 115cm and 15+kg, you must know that Hucho fly f. have a hard task.. But this task is "doable" so has proven Mr. J.K. who landed a nice 95er there few days ago! Thumbs up!!



It is very cool and it can happen, that you come for 2 days on a hucho-hucho trip and you land a 105cm Hucho on a spinning rod the first day. Ok, luck one could say. BUT when you go out on the second day, this time with a fly rod and land another 85cm Hucho, having clear water conditions, hey, this can not be just luck anymore!? A snout for Hucho I would say! :-) A big joy was mixing with guide`s terror, discovering that the camera was exposed to cold temperatures and battery was dying out!! Fortunately it managed to squeeze out one more flash, decapitating the fisherman but hit the beast and make it to the Fauna news home page to share it with you! Compliments to the fly fisherman and Panasonic batteries ;-) PS: water temperature of the Sava Bohinjka is still high, meaning more active/hungry Hucho beasts! The season looks promising and Bled fishing club announces probability of a trophy Hucho catches this season!



HUCHO-HUCHO 2012 GO!!!!, 18.11.2011
November brought frost and cold but also the start of Hucho-hucho fishing season!! Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka river opened the season with November 15th, when most of the local Hucho hunters toke day off from work and went to chill down the hucho fever! Season`s start was very promising, 2 Hucho larger than 100cm were caught, one released back, one will go on the wall of fame.. Following the great success of the first day, our first guests in the season, went out there in the cold, having a guide with and a lot of optimism, behold, wow, 105cm on the evening of the first day! Looks like the generation of the hucho which had 90-95cm last year, had gain nicely during the summer time and are now in the "trophy" sizes of one meter or some inch more! Conditions are good for fishing, now snow yet, river banks well accessible. Stay tuned for more Hucho news!



Like always, after a few days of fly fishing fast, nice conditions, clear river and active fish came back! Very interesting situation on Sava Bohinjka lately, rivers still having strong clear current but fish takes dries despite that! Looks like the proper autumn dry fly fishing has waited till November? Or maybe fish feels that those are one of the last surface menu meals in this year? Whatever, if you haven`t yet pack the fly rods, take advantage of this nice weather and get some fat grayling on dry fly! Season on Bled part of Sava lasts till November 14th, but the middle part (Institute) is open till December 1st! Plenty more time to fly fish!



Rain on Tuesday and Wednesday really did a good job, almost ALL the rivers in Slovenia are too high for any reasonable fly fishing! And if the weather has become really nice with sun and pleasant 16 degrees, Sava Bohinjka is a streaming monster, who will not be on the normal levels at least until Monday even Tuesday maybe... we will keep and eye on the Radovna river, she will be the first one to go down. What a shame, nice weekend lost!



The last days we are experiencing some dark and mid rainy days with fishable but little high levels of Sava Bohinjka river. But even late October can surprise us; we saw a strong Brown sedge hatch yesterday, with flies sizing hooks 12 or larger!? It just lasted for some 45min but enough to get a trout if you were let`s say at the dam of Bled sector and if you had a cinnamon sedge imitation in your fly box! Fisherman`s life is full of surprises isn`t it? ;-)



Good news, Radovna river is normal and ready to fly fish at! First fisherman went also to the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka today. It is still higher than normal, but already clear and fishable. Institute part of Sava Bohinjka has advantage of wider river bed, meaning water current spreads widely and becomes less strong - more easy to fly fish at! It was snowing above 700m in the last days, meaning all the water stayed in the mountains, that is why we had such a fast recovery of the rivers Sava Bohinjka and Radovna. Dry fly fisherman, keep in mind, that you can find rising fish also in higher water levels, you just need to find a calm pocket of the water and make a very accurate and nice presentation. A rising trout as you see on the main image will not grant you a second chance! Weather should be ok in the next few days, but middle of next week, there is different story to be expected. Stay tuned!



Thursday, October 20th is not really a fly fishing day. Strong cold rain and blows of the wind will probably persuade even the hottest anglers to stay in the hotel or at home. Nevertheless it was raining all night, rivers were not yet high in the morning.. soil is very dry and will need some more water to fill underground reservoirs and than start to push the rivers up.. Good news is, that rain should stop tomorrow and coming weekend should be dry.. or at least with week rain. Hopefully rivers remain on the low level during today. we will keep an eye on them and will be reporting on the situation frequently!



This Monday we can say, fly fishing conditions went back to normal. Sava is just another 5cm above normal but almost clear. Fisherman went on fly fishing today, hoping to get some fish on the morning rise and some more on the streamer or micro nymphs during the day. There are some construction work on the dam of Selo, that`s why the water can go semi-clear or even white from time to time. (Which is not always bad, check the main image, with our guide catching a wery nice rainbow just after the river went back to clear condition..) To have surely clear river, go to fish on the sectors Bled 1-3 or to the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river. Remember, the Radovna is very nice in autumn time and also Sava Radovljica will be good again for the weekend! Check the latest grayling caught recently..



After the badly forecasts for yesterday`s rain, situation on the rivers is not at all that dramatic as we thought it will be; Sava Bohinjka went some 10cm up and become semi-opaque, Radovna is almost normal and can be fished already today normally. If no new rain, also Sava will be fishable tomorrow, at least in the Institute parts if not quite yet in Bled part. (except with streamer which could be fished already today..) But do not forget to take warm cap on fly fishing! As you can see, snow is not far away from the river! (This white will go away next week, when the temperatures climb back to some 18°C). Today in the morning was just +3!



THE RAIN IS HERE, 7.10.2011
Friday morning finally saw proper autumn rain. Weather man say, rain will fall all day long and also during the weekend but less intensively. What does this mean for the fly fishing? Well, at this morning Sava was still really low and clear but the question is how long? Soil is really dry and will need a day or two before it gets soaking wet and starting to push the water in small streams and further down into the Sava river. We will monitor the rivers closely and will be informing you by some image in this news. If having some plans to fly fish here shortly, better give us a call and ask for the conditions.



End of September is as nice as can be! Great sunny days and low, clear fly fishing rivers. All the next days should be the same, warm and sunny. Fishing is typical autumn type, with small dries during the day, micro nymphs and fine leaders. The most active fish species in this period are brownies and grayling. If you manage to come on some nice fly fishing, do not be nervous, there is no need to be on the river at 6AM. Nothing there at that time except the fog. Fish starts to work soon after the first sunrise, rising up on some small stone fly imitations. Institute part has even latter fog-off time than Bled part. That gives you another hour of sleep more :-) All the Radovna river fans, now is the time to fish her, brown trout takes dry flies all day long. All you need to do is find a sunny part of the river and the right fly. Do not miss this sunny days or you will regret it during those gray, rainy and murky November days which are not that far away..



High water from the last Monday is gone, levels are perfect now, some 5cm above normal, but clear, bottom refreshed, fish hungry again, weather forecast nice. What more should I say? Oh, I hear a few of the smartest guys asking if the dry fly is working well? Yes it is, but during the day. There is no more or very week evening hatch. The same guys would probably also like to ask us which flies the fish is going after? Hm, I suppose smaller than #16. Would you believe that the same guys usually also ask me on which section of the river are those fish which are rising on dries!? It starts to get funny now; the rising fish sits behind the 14th rock, 35°N 16°W from the largest tree in sector 2., good luck finding. You just have to love them! :-)



RAIN - FINALLY!!!, 19.9.2011
After a looong dry period of low water levels and sleepy fish, today we had received strong rain on all west-northern part of Slovenia. As you can see from the main image, Sava Bohinjka is not fishable today on a big sorrow of those who wanted to fish today. But to be honest, river(s) needed this to wash up the bottom, refresh the fish and rest a day or two from whipping fly lines. Sava will be fishable in a day or two and with a nice weather forecast, we will have a TOP fly fishing weekend of Sept. 23-25 if just the weather stays at it is predicted - sunny and warm. Just for better understanding of how low levels of Sava were yesterday... here<<<



LOW AND CLEAR.., 13.9.2011
The hottest September in the last 40 years is what we have these days here in Slovenia! Except some local storms, the land is sunny and warm-hot! How is this affecting the fishing? Well, the majority of the fly fisherman we have here at the moment has moved down the stream to fish the Sava Radovljica, (down the confluence of the two rivers Sava B. and Sava D.) which has enough water and a good fishing activity at the moment! Fish there is less selective due to little opaque water which comes from the mix of Sava Dolinka and clear Sava Bohinjka. The rest of the fisherman moved to the canyon of Sava Bohinjka (sector 1,2) or to the shades of the Radovna river which is always cold and offers nice, fresh fishing conditions even in the hottest times of the year. Top fly for the moment? Haha, probably smaller than the smallest one in your fly box ;-)) And by the way, autumn is the best time to get a grayling on a dry fly! Main image shows Mr. J.T.with 45er from the Radovljica sector!



Ending August sees hot temperatures and low levels of most Slovenian rivers, with few exceptions like Sava Dolinka and Sava Radovljica, which is especially good for the fishing at the end of August and September, because of sufficient water level. In case you are tired of fishing with #20-26 and tippets of 0.10 and 0.08, than Sava Radovljica is the place to go! For the beginning of September there is some refreshment forecasted, in a shape of a shower or two, but that is just welcome after that boiling hot August which is passing away in few days. Finally also your news writer (me :-) goes on a short time-off the office, new reports will be posted after September 12th. Have a great time guys!



From the high water of the last week into boiling hot days of this week, no wonder fly fisherman are all confused about what the fish is eating lately! :-)) in fact, conditions are hard, many rivers also reached minimum level (Idrijca and Unica, Krka too) meaning fish has also minimize their menu down on bugs size 20> Sava Bohinjka is also low and clear but still fishable if you only avoid the mid day heat. Early mornings are really nice to be on the river. Better to catch that one hour nap in the middle of the day. Visit us in the Fauna shop in Bled and make sure you ask me for August`s fly, or you will be watching some casting practice on the rivers :-) PS: despite this "low water" fashion, Soca is still too high and white for some fly fishing!! It was raining really hard there the last week and we need to wait at least few more days to get the reasonable levels for fishing.



True, we had to wait since last Monday for the Sava Bohinjka to drop down to a fishable level again. But it was much worthed, since the bottom is very clear now, river still some 10cm above normal levels but clear. Fishing is nice and fish active again. Great weekend ahead!



August is a month when the family vacations kicks in and very few fly fisherman are able to escape on fly fishing! Those with more understandable "better half" can experience some very nice fly fishing on all rivers which still have reasonable water levels. Sava Bohinjka has been a real deal all season long, never too low, never too high for a long time.. Lately, she has low levels and the days are really hot, so most of fly fishing is going on early morning (06 AM is early morning guys, not 8:00 :-) or late evening, meaning latter than 21:00 hours! Hatches are week, but when they happen, you can get a really nice trout! Main contributor of this news, Mr. Federico V. patiently waiter till the very last moments of light, when this beauty decided she would have his #20 midge from the surface! And BUM, +some adrenaline because of very thin tippet, click for the photo and she was back home. Thanks for sharing the image!



Last Sunday was really rainy and several rivers in Slovenia went high levels, also Sava Bohinjka. Good news is, that water is dropping fast, yesterday Bled part was still quite high for normal fly fishing, but today the Institute part (up the dam in Soteska) is already fishable. Water is clear and the bottom refreshed, so we expect great fly fishing conditions for the beginning of August.



Rain showers are mixing with boiling sunshine lately, creating the right recipe for the hatching insects! Do not be afraid if hearing about the stormy weather on the area of Bled, those are few hour showers and are not affecting the water level of Sava Bohinjka what so ever.. it is still low and clear. If you meet a cloudy day, that is God`s bless for dry fly fishing, since fish is feeding from the surface all day long. In case you meet a hot, sunny day, you need to wait after 21:00 hours to meet some hatch of stone flies, caddis or even some delayed may fly!



Heat wave which is causing problems all over Europe, left it`s mark also on the rivers in Slovenia - pushing them down to low levels. Consequentially, fish has become more lazy during the day and also more selective at feeding. In case you plan to fly fish on the Sava Boh. keep in mind to visit us in the Fauna shop and check if you have the proper flies for the period? small and tiny is what fishes best now. Also the tippet material needs to be around 6X if 7X even better. To fly fish during the day, when the fish sits still - streamer! The main image of this news would not be here unless mr. Javier S. from Spain would not chose the streamer :-) Other rivers in Slovenia more or less the same - low levels, very selective fish on the Idrijca, Unica very low, Soca low but fishable and Krka still having good active fish, despite low levels.



Rumors that I am listening in our Fauna fly shop in Bled are some times interesting enough to lure me out of the shop and make me check them out! Well, lately I hear that there are no hatches in the evenings of July.. Nope, wrong, they are but the come very late, when usually most of the rumor makers already sit in restaurant or hotel, having a late dinner.. I went to fish below the military place in the canyon the last day, meeting the river at 19:30 and experienced the hatch of the bright yellow stones at 21:20 - 21:40 hours. When I left the river at 21:50, I could still see with no lamp! But seeing a hatch, does not mean you will profit from it! No fish was taking those large yellow flies, instead, they were (modestly) coming after those hardly noticeable baetis marked with arrow! A small, hidden hatch withing a large hatch! Can be very deceiving :-)



July welcomes us with nice fly fishing conditions! All over Slovenia the rivers are on the normal levels and fly fishing is possible with dry fly. Since the summer time is here, small flies work better during the day but the evenings can still see some strong sedge hatches but not every day. Keep in mind that summer is the time when you can catch some nice grayling on ant patterns! What is worth mention is also that since Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka will soon have low levels, Sava Radovljica (down the confluence) will be optimal for fly fishing. Nice are to catch 45+ graylings! If planning to go and try, make sure you visit us in our Fauna shop in Bled to get a hand made maps which will lead you to the best spots of this 25km long fishing district!



This time we were lucky, Sava Bohinjka level drop down fast and is already almost perfect to fly fish at. Some 10cm above normal level but very clear. Weather until Saturday should be nice, hot and sunny, perfect for dry fly fishing during the day. Weekend will meet some new showers and we will be reporting what will happen. Soca and Krka are still little opaque but recovering too. Radovna is ok. Large dry flies are still working well and large trout (thanks mr.Sergio V.), are willing to take them! Sedge is hatching almost every day now! Major fly fishing fever of June is over, so you can again fish nicely on not too crowded spots of either Bled or Institute sections.



Yesterday Sunday brought us some storm and rain, Sava Bohinjka and Radovna are having high water but we expect levels to be normal in a day or two. Krka is fishable, so is the Unica river.



High water gone, clear and normal fly fishing conditions ahead!! Very nice weather forecasted for this week so expect some very nice fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka and also other fly fishing rivers in Slovenia!



Obviously we had encountered a rainy period or at least summer storm timing.. weather forecast for this week shows some rain almost every day.. at the moment of this update, rivers are still on the low and fishable level.. image is from the Sava Bohinjka this morning.. stone fly hatch will be a little deleted since the showers, but we expect a peak hatches at the end of the week and later if just the rain will not rise the levels too high. Main point of the news is, that fishing is possible but if possible with nymph and streamer. Dry fly guys can also catch but in the time of the day when the sun peaks between the clouds. Stay tuned, if the level will go really high, we will report the same day!



SNOW STRIKES BACK!?, 28.5.2011
After weeks of hot weather, sun and summer like fly fishing, this morning we wake up into a cold and rainy morning, with fresh snowon the mountains around Bled and Bohinj area! Rivers nevertheless stayed on low and clear levels, showing nicely it`s residents as you can see in the main image. Fly fishing rolls on, just situation with the proper flies has probably been reset because of this severe temperature drop. Hatches will rest for a day or two till the temperature climbs back to more reasonable level. Next week is showing some mix of sun, rain, storms, a little bit of everything one could say. Well, good news is, that the levels of top fishing rivers remain fishable and clear. Unica is still on the low levels, also Krka.. Idrijca leves should be good, but fishing already hard, like in the summer time. As far as goes for the fly fisherman - it`s about time to pull out rain jackets on the fresh air!



Fly fishing in Slovenia looks almost like in the summer time! That offers advantage of a really nice weather and beautiful fly fishing days, on the other hand it also means fine tippet material and small flies during the day! It looks, like a few weeks of May dry fly fishing would be missing!? Just like falling from April into mid June or early July.. last week`s rain interruption was a good refreshment for the Unica and Idrijca but how long will it last before the levels drop again? We fly fisherman are strange beings, if having too much rain, we complain if having too few rain, we complain again :-) things are as they are and we need to adapt to them. After all we have few million years of evolution behind and industry can produce you a 0.0000001mm tippet material if you want :-)) GO fly fish`n!



LATEST RAIN, 16.5.2011
Has not done some seriouse damage on the water level of Sava Bohinjka. It went some 15cm up, but remains clear. We expect normal or close to normal levels on Wednesday this week.



IN THE MIDST OF MAY, 11.5.2011
Can`t remember when we saw Sava Bohinjka high the last time!? 2011 had the most nice fly fishing days in the last 10 years probably! And we do not complain. We have many fly fisherman in action, coming from all EU and US, GB, sharing the same feelings - what a nice fly fishing. This goes also for the other rivers in Slovenia, like Soca, Krka, Idrijca, all having low and fishable levels. Alarming news is that Unica had a level of 31cm, which is the lowest level in 20 years!! Some rain would be needed there! Nevertheless there are many fly fisherman around you do not feel that on the river. Since all the Slovenia is fishable, anglers spread widely on the area, not pushing just on few rivers. As far as the fishing, dry fly fishing is in progress, soon reaching the peak dry fly fishing of June! Every day you see more hatching insects, now also in the late afternoon or evening time. For me, the nicest hatch is the first hatch of the day, around 10-11 hours am! When the rising sun, pulls out the mists of small gray stone flies, gently hoovering above the river - just sit and watch moment. Note that this weekend will see some rain, but the temperature will go up, so fishing will be possible even in rain



Marching into May with first hatches of Ephemera Danica and sedge! Small rain periods from time to time are just perfect to fuel the hatch which is strongest just after the rain showers. Sava Bohinjka and majority of Slovene rivers remain nice and clear, perfect to fly fish at. Spring is in full swing and another nice Saturday and Sunday ahead! Some rain is expected yet on Monday afternoon, but not to heavy probably again some hatch-making shower! Let`s GO fly fish`n :-))



TROUT TIME, 28.4.2011
Finally the long expecting rain has reached our area. Fortunately, no damage done on the water level of Sava Bohinjka or Radovna. In fact, the soil was so dry that every rain drop stays in, not reaching the streams and further the river bed. Fly fishing on Sava nicely rolls on, the only noticeable difference is a drop of the temperature down to 10-15°C during the day. Trout fishing is nice these days and can be done also with dry flies. Most success still brings small streamer (leech imitations) and nymphs , but more and more fish is orientated on the surface for dry fly food. First reports also about seeing eph. Danica hatches after the daily showers! In case you have some beetle imitation in your fly box, it is about time to kick it in, Melolontha Linnaeus (white grub cockhafer) is also in flight these days. Large rainbow will have no second doubts of taking one from the surface of the pool as long as it will be nicely presented. Have fun!



DRY APRIL, 18.4.2011
Another nice April`s week ahead! Many of you are asking us how it looks like for the coming Eastern weekend. Well, so far it looks great. All week sun with just some showers in Wednesday. Temperatures are slowly climbing, so dry fly activity is in progress. If the sun will warm up even more, there might be some hours of day when the snow water will appear but we do not expect this too disturbing. Totally normal for April. It makes sense to mention that also on lake Bled action has started and if you like to fish for the lake trout with a fly - welcome to try on lake Bled. Our guide got 7 lake trouts the last day.. Not the trophy size but large enough to make a run or two on the fly line. As conclusion, all the rivers in Slovenia are nicely fishable now and I have a feeling that this rain which we usually have in April will come with some delay this time. Don`t wait for him, go fishing now!



So far - so good! No trace of the proverbial April`s rain yet! Conditions for fly fishing on the Sava Bohinjka are nice. River is low and clear in the morning, but goes some 5 cm up in the hottest part of the day because of the snow melt. This is the perfect time to switch from a dry fly to leech imitations. If you had been fishing lately you had notice that some of the fish have black leeches on the body. This is totally normal for this part of the season. Once the water will gain a few degrees more, leeches will fall of. Worth mentioning is that the very upper part of the Sava Radovljica river (stretch from the dam to the pool of the confluence) is closed for fly fishing because of Hucho`s spawn in this area. The rest 98% of the river is normally fishable. Another news from the Institute of Ljubljana: In case it coincidentally happens, that a water of the Sava Institute becomes white from some work, you can move and fish the Radovna with the same permit if you want. (On the same day). Ask at our shop Fauna for more information reg. that. No need for some alarm, major work in the Sava Bohinjka were finished in 2010. Minor streams in the upper part can still have some reconstruction and in case of a higher water they can color the Sava Institute part little white.



Believe it or not, nice weather with sun and warm temperatures still lasts also in April. This weekend, Sava Bohinjka opened her ripples and pools for the new fly fishing season 2011. In the last 3 years, initial April days were cold and rainy, but not this year. Many fly fisherman already fished with dry fly and were content with the surface activity. True, that larger fish still sits on the bottom, since small hatches of April does not persuade them to rise yet. But nymph or a small, leech looking streamer will not leave them cold. No change in pricing of fishing permits for 2011 for those who are still asking for 2011 price lists. The confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka = Sava Radovljica is still nicely fishable, because there is no snow melt yet.. Mr.Max on the image shows you the evidence. Well, go, pack your bags guys :-)



Main fly fishing season 2011 opens with Friday, April 1st. Sava Bohinjka and also other rivers are on very nice level and as far as weather forecast shows, Friday and the following weekend of 2,3 April will be sunny and pleasant. What more could we hoping for!? 2011 prices for the fly fishing permits for Sava Bohinjka remain the same as they were in 2010. Fish population survived well the previous winter and is already active for some dry flies. Fauna shop in Bled opens every day at 08:00 AM, all permits and thousands of flies on the stock! See you soonest!



GOOD WEEK AHEAD, 21.3.2011
Having no nice fish to put on the picture, but nevertheless, would like to inform the wider fly fishing public who is calling us regarding the fishing conditions, that we have a great week and hopefully also the weekend 26,27 March ahead of us! (or at least the Saturday 26th if we look at the weather reports .) Radovna is already on the normal water level and is completely clear. Sava Radovljica needs a day or two more but will be also good to fly fish in the second half of the week. Mornings are still quite cold, so now snow melt yet!



The second half of the March is not really as we fly fisherman were hoping for.. raining all week long, has pushed the Radovna and Sava water level too high to be ok for some fly fishing during coming Saturday or Sunday 19,20th. Also Krka turned dark and makes no interesting fly fishing goal in next few days. But to be honest, this rain was well needed, since it was the first rain this year it will wash away the winter dust and refresh the bottom of the rivers. The next time the sun will shine and the river will go down, we will be grateful for this rain pause. Keep an eye wide open for the next week weather forecast since it is very nice and sunny. After the rivers go down we can expect some very nice fly fishing days again. Note: last week we had few unhappy fisherman on the Sava Radovljica part, who lost some nice rainbow trout because of fishing with old tippet material. Make sure you check the "expiration date" of your lines and tippets << before you rush in to a river and get a bye bye fish&fly salute ;-)



Wow, behold what a nice weather March has brought us! Despite the fact, that mornings can still be few degrees below zero, during the day you can have up to 10 degrees, which is already ok to do some nice fly fishing either on the Radovna or Sava Radovljica river! First out coming fly fisherman are already in action, catching trout quite well! Radovna still has some patches of snow on the river banks, but Sava is already snow free more or less. The same story as in 2010 when talking about the Sava river; very clear and low level of this usually large river makes perfect conditions for fly fishing. The story will probably change when April brings spring time rain and water will go up for sure. If you have a second thoughts going to fish there in April or March, do not hesitate and choose March. Before you go to fish on the Sava river (down the confluence) make sure you give us a visit in our shop in Bled to explain you where to go. The sector is vast and 20km long so you can get lost in all that water ;-) make sure you check the 2011 nymph selection which is on the top and prices on the bottom! Just enter HERE<<



Fishing season 2011 kicks in tomorrow, March 1st! Few rivers are already opened from tomorrow`s: Radovna, Sava Radovljica (down stream from the confluence of two rivers), Krka. Fly fishing permits have more or less the same price as in 2010. Find updated FAUNA FLY FISHING PERMITS - MARCH with the availability of fishing permits which can be purchased in our shop Fauna in Bled every day 9:00 AM except Sundays. Fishing in March is interesting, since there is no snow melt yet and larger rivers like Sava have low water level. Fishing is the best with streamer and nymph. If there is some sun, you can also meet some hatch of tiny blue-duns during the day..



Closing the season yesterday with 2 more Hucho caught, (by the local fisherman, so no image for us :-) we can conclude this 2010/11 Hucho winter season. It has been a tough but a very nice battle, with some wins and with some loses. Gaining a huge amount of experiences, we can`t wait for the season 11/12 kicks in in mid November this year! Plenty of nice Hucho left in the Sava Bohinjka this season because of very clear water hard fishing conditions. In case nature sends us some rain/snow next winter, the season is expected to be a good one! A short note: fly fishing season 2011 opens with March 1st, rivers Radovna, Sava Radovljica and Krka. The price lists are expected to be the same as 2010 but more about that in the next news. Ciao!



This proverb really comes handy in this case! After already starting to count-down to the end of the Hucho season, having low hopes for a nice strikes because of so clear water, a non expected thing happened! Don`t we just love life because of his surprises!? Well, the case is that just on the day when our happy hunter and his friend decided to go and try their second luck this season, a small, not really important construction work appear in the upper parts of the river.. meaning, the water got a little opaque! And immediately, the large Hucho subs decided to start hunt their confused pray! All our guide needed to do is to toke them to the hot-spot! Few casts, BANG! Behold 102cm and some 11kg on the scale. What a day man :-)



Astonishing sunny February with temperatures between -5 and 15 degrees is a pure joy to see. And if you can be at the same time on the river, doing Hucho fishing, even better! If someone would like to do revise of "Hucho inventory" it should be done now! Sava Bohinjka is gin-clear and most of the beast is gathered in largest pools, getting ready for the coming spawn time latter this month. You can really see some nice subs 100cm+ swimming around with their careless style. Well, seeing them is one thing, helpful of course, catching them is another thing :-) Young Hucho angler on the image did both! Haven`t yet hit the big one, but still - Well done, J.K.!



January in Slovenia has been so far nothing else than nice, sunny, not too cold and in short words very good looking - if you are a ski fan of course. Being a hucho hunter, you would find this circumstances very hard to live with. Water of Sava is on the low level and as clean that you could read the newspaper from the bottom of the river. It is more hard to track the Hucho without him seeing you. Also the beast goes on the hunt latter in the evening than usual. But there is a always a sunshine behind the clouds; spawning season will start in a month time, meaning feeding process of Hucho will speed up = better chance for a strike! Was this result of yesterday`s catch or was it a skill of a fisherman or was it luck? No matter.. The strike came and a happy fisherman Mr. Rajko C. measured 102cm and 11kg on the scale! Congratulations!



ENDING 2010, 31.12.2010
Hi guys, missed us in the news section!? Well, it is hard to type the keyboard with the frozen fingers if you believe :-) Fauna is not sleeping, in fact, we are freezing our nails out there on the Sava Bohinjka river and fighting cold and Hucho beast! Fly fisherman really pushed in this season and we had several hunts but all in toughest winter conditions, either 70cm of fresh fallen snow or -12 degrees below zero! In the last 4-5 years, the average size of the Hucho has grove to a decent size, meaning also their brain got slightly bigger :-) Well, we got a really nice winter scenery photo material and when we catch the title worth shot, you can expect some nice report on this page. Till than, all our team wish you a happy, healthy and fish full 2011! Let no problem bend your fly rod down!! Looking forward to meet you again in 2011 fly fishing season!



The last days of November brought fresh pack of Snow on the riverbanks of Sava Bohinjka . This has prevent the fly fisherman to use the very last fly fishing days (fly fishing season closes with November 30th). On the other hand, it fired up Hucho fishing hunters, which found this snow opaque water as a perfect condition for Hucho fishing! Our guides usually never let go such opportunity and if not with the client, they go to try on their own.. Not in vane this time, as you can see from the picture! Weather man said we gonna still see some snow during this week, meaning Sava Bohinjka will be optimal for Hucho fishing!



How the time flies! Yesterday in the fly fishing heavens, today in Hucho fishing hell! Or heaven, whatever you like more! We open the main Hucho-hucho fishing season at Sava Bohinjka on Monday, November 15th. (Sava Radovljica is already opened for Hucho hunt since November 1st.). The main target are again, Huchos on the Sava Bohinjka river, where the chance for a strike is amongst the highest in the country. Local Hucho guides, hucho fans and other enthusiast are impatiently expecting Monday 15th when new fishing season kicks in. Water will be perfect and we could expect first Hucho strikes on the very first day!?
Also we at Fauna Bled and Fauna Lodge are ready to rock`n`roll into new challenges! All the Hucho fishing offers with accommodations are done and we are glad to let you know that ALL THE PRICES FOR 2010/11 SEASON REMAIN THE SAME AS THEY WERE IN THE PREVIOUS SEASON! And not just that, we had discover a new and exciting Hucho fishing area which promises a lot after the first "test trips" of our guides!
Once again to all of you who are considering to come and try to catch this river king: early season is the best time to try it! The more you wait, the harder it becomes. Do contact us on our email and ask for Hucho fishing price lists and Hucho Intro file which will help you to create your best fishing plan. Send email to Fauna Bled <<<



Fly fishing never rests and also the last chill and some snow flake did not stop it. Fortunately, this early winter bite which we experienced has gone now, escaping before the nice sun and quite mild temperatures. Still, there was some 40cm of fresh fallen snow in the mountains which results a bit white water in the Sava on the hottest parts of the day when temperatures start to melt the snow.. This is not really disturbing, since it can be hardly noticed.. First days of November are promising nice fly fishing with 1 hour/day of dry fly activity too. Construction work still lasts, but is less disturbing as it was in the beginning. Lots of guys is fishing but hardly any complain about the dirty water. Note: Fishing season on the lower part of Sava Bohinjka (Bled section) and upper part (Bohinj section) closes with November 14th. But in the middle, Institute section of the river (from the dam in Soteska till the concrete bridge in Boh.Bistrica) you can fish till the end of November! Last fly fishing day on the Sava Bohinjka is Tuesday, November 30th. Radovna is already closed now..



GOLDEN DAYS, 19.10.2010
What would be more appropriate word to describe a fishing day in all the colors of October`s autumn? Well, to be honest, there is not much sun around, but there is also not raining, which makes a perfect recipe for fly fishing! We had been on the river since Sunday, having some great guys from France on visit and so far fishing was great! On Sunday, we were the only one on all Bled sector of Sava Bohinjka, because all other stayed at home when they saw the bad weather forecast: rain mixed with snow, 5degrees and north wind.. after a few hours of guiding, I could not pinch a 0.10mm line any more because fingers drop-dead from cold :-) funny situation indeed.. on the contrary, fish were baiting well, rainbows and browns, all taking small nymphs all day long. We managed to trick also a nice grayling after a hard work of casting the nymph in between strong currents. At this moment, Sava Bohinjka has perfect water level and plenty of fish. Coming weekend should have also nice weather, meaning it is not yet the time to store your fly rods!



Despite the annoying events from the previous news, we can say that the last week rally made a nice impression in a sense of a pleasant autumn fishing. Lots of sun and lots of trout persuade many fly fisherman to stretch the lines out! Brown trout was probably the most active specie recently, feeding more aggressively (best choice were larger nymphs ) because of incoming spawning time. Brown trout of course is closed for kill fishing permit, but who still fishes like that .. On the other hand, grayling was pretty stubborn, rejecting most of the nymphs you cast to him.. but in a certain part of the day, when you saw some small stones flies in the air, you could persuade it with a small dry fly patterns. Weather should be fine till the end of the week, so consider about some FF escapes ;-)



It is about time to mention and possible explain the current situation on the Sava Bohinjka river. As you remember, there was a big flood 3 years ago, in which 3 people were killed and a lot of infrastructure destroyed. At that time, government approved a financial funds to repair the most urgent damage on the roads and rivers/streams. This fund expires by the end of this year, so all the construction companies speed up the work dramatically. One area of the priority work is also road near the river Ribnica in Stara Fuzina, which outflows in the small river Mostnica which furder outflows in the Sava Bohinjka just under her outflow from the lake Bohinj. Unfortunately that means all the upper part of Sava from fishing club Bohinj becomes dirty and unfishable if the caterpillar digs in Ribnica. Also a good part or some times all the middle (Institute) part of Sava is having white or opaque water if the machines dig in.
The dam in Soteska reduces the dirt a little but still you can see the smoke of the sand some times also in the Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka but less than above the dam. Meaning all 3 fishing clubs are some how affected by this, upper ones more than the lower ones.
What does this mean in practice?? First of all we need to mention: there is no work on Sundays so Sava is 100% clear on Sundays. Work stops earlier also on Saturday, so afternoons are quite safe. Also not every day workers dig in the water, so it can happen also between the week that the water is clear and normal. BUT this is impossible to predict. Why? Fishing clubs tried all what is withing their powers to reduce this work to minimum and they called all possible fishing inspectors to help them but the workers have priority papers from the government and can ignore all the complaining. It is a David vs Goliath fight.. Deadline for the end of the works is till December, meaning all the rest of fishing season.
In the last days, we have normal water levels of Sava Bohinjka, so fishing can be done. With nymph or streamer you can fish also in a turbid or semi clear water, just dry fly fisherman are more under question. They need rally clear water for dry fly fishing. Radovna on the other hand is perfectly clear, no work there and is also a good alternative to chose. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will let you know soon when we have some news! Stay tuned!



Must be quite boring to read about that rain and high levels all the time ha? Trust me, it is even more boring to write about it. But what can we do except to wait for more sunny days? We are hoping to see them already on this weekend, since the weather forecast looks promising showing some sun. To be honest, we had some days with nice water last week and who was lucky enough to be on the Sava Bohinjka at that time, had really nice and productive fly fishing. Grayling feeds on the surface soon after sun shows out, also trout produces a rise or two but is more selective now than grayling. Dry flies has move down to sizes 18-22, which makes fly fishing a little more demanding, but also more thrilling. Pay attention to the weather pages, because after so rainy September, October could surprise with some great fishing conditions at least in the middle of the month!



Rain is a common guest in September, but finaly for this weekend we expect some nice water level of Sava Bohinjka. Weather can bring some drop of the rain, but water should be ok. We open also in Sunday at 08:00 AM for the permits!



Having not much nice fly fishing days in September so far, nevertheless, we managed to catch some nice sunny fly fishing days on the Sava Bohinjka.. As expected, graylings are still quite picky and will take nothing larger than size #20 dry during the day, at least larger ones. This "hard" to fish mode will change with the coming month of October, when fish becomes more and more careless when feeding from the surface. Keep in mind, that month October can beat in quality of fishing in August easily, just as long as it has sun around. We need to mention that on a date of this news, rain is really poooooring down and Sava is very high and not god for the fly fishing. We estimate (call us for the exact situation) that Sava Bohinjka will probably not be fishable at least till September 23-24th! You can use our contact phones to check for the exact situation before you travel hundreds of km to arrive here.



The first days in September showed us new face of the rivers, much more calm and quiet than we were used seeing them in August, when crowds of people were seeking some refreshments on the river banks of Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca etc.. Now the kids had to go back to school and the fathers have again time to grab a fly fishing rods! Having quite low temperature for early September, we are hoping to get some more sun in the middle of the month and experience nice autumn dry fly fishing for grayling . Best timing for fishing has moved from early morning hours to later times, since the rainbow and brown trout activity is poor as long as the sun peaks out. Flies on the average are smaller than they use to be and nymphs should not have to be too shinny. Since there was quite some rain last week, Sava is not on her lowest level, allowing also some nice streamer fly fishing for larger trout. Do not forget, than in average, September and October are better months to fly fish than August was..



Little off topic, but still interesting enough to mention here: a really nice specie of pike-perch (zander) was caught in lake Bled recently. The beast had 101cm and 10,20kg! Happy fisherman mr. Klaus W. really has a good hand for lake Bled, if you remember, last year he managed to land a really nice wels, weighting 56kg. Thanks for sharing the image with us and as for all the others who want to beat this catch: Fauna rents also a fishing boat if needed :-)



Storms are a common thing that can happen in August and it did happen also this year.. we were struggling with high water last week, but now it looks like things are going back to normal and fishing will be very nice again. Recently we went on a guiding tour on the Soča river and find very nice grayling activity on the upper - Institute part of the famous river. The best time of the day was early morning, before the sun rise, when fish was really careless for the fly type. Just as long as you were withing sizes 12-16 and having some cdc feather on, almost every larger grayling was willing to rise up and take it. At least those were the conditions before this cold chill. We will see now how recent rain affected the feeding mode of the fish. Slowly but surely season is turning in to a autumn part, when dry fly will again be the best choice to fish for grayling!



An optimal fly fishing conditions on the Sava Bohinjka just don`t want to stop and lots of fly fisherman can mean only one: old fame of the Sava is coming back! Years of anti cormoran service during the winter time has payed back by nice graylings and brownies returning to the golden ripples of Sava.. well, the story becomes harder once you meet the low and crystal clear water which most of slovenian rivers has these days. Lots of guys are asking what to do, fish does not want to move for their nymph and grayling is ignoring the dry fly?? And than we say, can you please show your fly boxes? And inside you find nothing smaller than size 14. And second question is what diameter of the tippet material are you using? Quite fine, down to 0.14mm some say.. Well, 0.14 in August is like an elephant in a porcelain store :-) switch down to a nymph size 20 and attach it to a 0.10mm fluorocarbon for God`s sake and you will be back in the business again!



August 2010 is knocking on the door and superb July is leaving us. Why superb? Because it has not been so nice for the fly fishing for many years! Optimal water levels of Sava Bohinjka, great sunny weather and nice grayling population in the rivers, what could be a better combination!? Well, fairytale is slowly ending and August will put it`s hammer down; low water levels and very fastidious fish made quite some gray hair amongst not so skilled fly fisherman in the last week or so. Be warned, that in case you are coming to fly fish in Slovenia in August and want to fish with sth. else than just a streamer, than leave your 0.18 and 0.16 tippet material at home. Also big nymphs can stay at home, not to cause too much of additional weight in your baggage. What you need now on the majority of Slovenian streams are very fine tippets, small dries and micro nymphs. Yes, streamer works too, but not everybody is willing to cast it around all the time. ;-)



Summer heat has put the hammer down and the fish went down too! Where? On the bottom of the rivers, at least during the hottest parts of the day. In case you are planning to fish on Sava Bohinjka , Soca, Unica or other Slovenian rivers in next weeks, we recommend you to come in our Fauna shop in Bled one afternoon earlier than your fishing day and get a permit for the next day. Waking up at 5 AM, will be rewarded with a beautiful morning, calm water conditions and dry fly activity! As soon as the sun peaks over the mountains, fish goes down on the bottom and ignores dry flies. During the day small nymphs or streamers are your best weapon. Hatch comes late in the evening, yesterday we saw small brown May flies hatching on the Radovna river. Sedge hatch comes very late in the evening, almost at the end of fishing day. The fish feeding on this hatch is brown trout. Rainbows and grayling ignore it usually.. What more to say.. take an early bed, skip breakfast and you will have a fishing day to remember!



AFTER THE STORM, 24.6.2010
Just another day or two and water levels will go down to the normal, as they were before the last rain hit us previous weekend. A few days of high water level on the Sava Bohinjka and all other Slovenian fly fishing rivers did somehow "reset" the feeding mode of the fish, which is now striking more or less on smaller nymphs closer to the the bottom or what is also interesting, on really big dry flies!? Hatch does not happen every evening any more, but you can always catch well with dry fly. It just needs to be big enough. In general all rivers in Slovenia are fishable now, Unica and Krka are still above normal but should go down in a couple of days. Great end of June is expected!



Absence of news can mean only one thing; we are too busy to write them! Fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka and other Slovenian rivers is in full swing and guys came from really all the globe to experience some evening hatches and frenzy feeding of trout and grayling , jumping some half meter out of the water to grab their dinner. Last week saw some really hot days, pushing leaders down to 6X (0.12mm) during the day. Fly fishing is best in the morning and on late afternoon when the heat comes down a little. Make sure you have some dark fly pattern or brownish ephemera fly on size 10-12 when evening hatch starts! During the day do not save with large streamer or nymph! Fish is deep and you need to go down to them, with some heavy stuff! Except large grayling, trout will not come up during hot day. Some fly fishing rivers have already low - summer levels (Idrijca, Krka, Sora) to fish them will required small flies and fine leaders by now. This week will see some storms and cooling down to 23 degrees. We will see how this will affect fly fishing !? Will definitely affect fly fisherman, having a beer or two less :-) And Fauna fly shop will probably sell some rain jacket :-)



Enjoying the thrill of spring time fly fishing fever, we can say that fly fishing is finally in some serious swing now! Another week went by and if you were not here, you can regret that! Nothing else than sun, clear water and frenzy fish This week, everybody were catching fish on almost every fly they put on. Looks like weeks of high and snow cold water created a kind of a fast for the fish, who want to cope all that was lost now!? When we have a really hot day, water level still goes up because there is some more snow to melt away in the mountains. But despite higher level, fishing is ok. If you want to meet low levels, just go on the river early in the morning.. For your information, Soca is still high and white from snow melt. Other rivers in Slo. are more or less ok. There is some rain coming this weekend, hopefully it will not be something serious. Try to have a great fly fishing weekend, we will surely have one! :-))



Finally and I mean really at last, high water is gone and Sava Bohinjka has shown her true quality, meaning all guys who are on the area at the moment can consider them self lucky! Fly fishing is awesome and fish is striking like crazy! Does not matter either you fish with a nymph or dry fly or streamer, as long that the fly is BIG, fish will take all! And as great conditions would not be enough, Mayfly hatch has began , pushing hundreds of mostly yellowish mayflies in the air, creating true fly fishing paradise. There are some storms forecasted again for the weekend, but hopefully will be more of a disturbance than some serious weather change. Stay connected, we will soon post some more images!



Some time since our last news, but to be honest, there is not much to write about.. Sava has decided to start her snow melt and on top of that rain hits us almost every day.. Pure fishing paradise, yeah :-/ Good news is, that weather is turning to be better in next week to come and there is not much snow on mountain peaks any more. Don`t ask, when the Sava will be perfect, this is now a one million $ question! Radovna will be fine till the end of the week and also Krka has nice water levels. Never fished Krka before? Visit us in Fauna shop and get a map of how to go there plus fishing permit. It is 50minuts of drive from Bled. Not to stay without some pictures, our cooperating fisherman and guide, J.R. went to some nice and small tributary of the Soca river and hooked this nice marble cross-breed on one of our mini series tungsten nymph . Which one?? You guess! ;-)



We were off line all previous weekend because of some server upgrade. So instead writing some news, we went on fly fishing :-) this time in the canyon of Sava Bohinjka`s Bled section. The one who knows which part are we talking about also knows, there is some pretty stiff path to walk before arriving to some hot spots. But despite cold chilly wind in the evening, fly fishing was nice. Several large graylings were spotted, unfortunately still closed for fly fishing.. We saw them chasing nymphs quite beneath the surface. I tried to present a nice cdc fly to the most aggressive one and he came up on the first cast, but behold! he just pushed the fly away with his nose, actually showing no intention to grab it. All next casts, were just pure ignorance. Clear signal that we will have to wait a little for the real dry fly season. On the other hand, rainbows are showing pretty vivid action attacking all that is black and small (leeches are a common food in this time of the year). to conclude: we have better April than in 2009! Cheers! The same goes for the Sava Dolinka, which is far less white than it was in 2009. As seing from the main image, contributed by Mr. R.P.



Mid of April on Sava Bohinjka sees nice but chilly mornings and warm days with first dry fly hatches. Not much of fishing crowd yet, but it won`t stay like that for a long time.. water levels are still low and clear, no snow melt yet. This winter was quite poor with snow, meaning even when snow melt water will come it will be gone in a week. Really nice forecast for coming season. See you around and sharpen your hooks! In case you will need a fishing permit for Sava or Radovna, Krka.. we open Fauna shop in Bled every day at 08:00 AM. Yes, even on Sunday.



As it fits for the month of April, weather can be changed dramatically just over the night. And if Bled area had rain and snow last week, now we have perfect sun and nice, clear water levels of Sava Bohinjka, Radovna.. Sava Radovljica needs a day or two more to get down. First news also came recently from Krka , which was fine last week, but now became high and dark since rain effect comes with a few days delay . (Krka has it`s source under ground). First fish can be cached also on small dries but just in the mids of the day when the sun is on it`s peak. We can count on some more rain in April (the next weekend) so keep in mind that some special streamer can come handy ;-)



Like we expected, nice March was followed by rainy and cold April 1st. With today, major fly fishing season is officially opened. With some exceptions (Unica) all fly fishing rivers and streams are opened for fly fishing. Sava Bohinjka for which expectations for first fly fishing days were the highest, went up significantly and we will have to wait a few days for the levels to calm down. Good news is that prices of fishing permits did not went up and remained on 2009 basis. If someone wants to check, here<< is the 2010 price list, fully updated. A note also for Bled Trophy part fans: since this quality part of Sava Bohinjka has limited number of participants/day, some booking is recommended. Well at least if you want to find a place in at the time of your fly fishing. June is already very booked by now! If someone needs the booking list, send us email and we will reply you with the availability.



Glad to report, that March 2010 gave us almost no rain and not yet snow melt either. Consequentially, water level of the Sava Radovljica is optimal for early spring time fly fishing! Trout is in a nice feeding mood, especially if the day is sunny and temperatures can climb up to 15 degrees. First catches can be done already with dry flies, mostly some tiny blue duns or stone flies. If going for a larger trout , sure recipe is of course streamer fly fishing . Nymph can be a good choice too, especially for the grayling , which is very aggressive in this period because of the coming spawning time season.. Be faster than a snow melt and take advantage of this optimal fishing conditions while they last!



We are already deep in March and fly fishing 2010 saw few very nice and sunny days on the Radovna river. Water is very clear and of course cold, but fish is active if you just offer them a proper nymph. With the low water level, light and slim shape nymph are the best choice right now. River banks are still covered with snow but it will eventually have to go away, since the sun is hotter every day. Nevertheless morning still have just some degree above zero, day time can see temperature up to 15 degree. Also some dry flies are working already, but they need to be really small. Don`t start to fish too early, show starts with the rising sun and in the valley of the Radovna this happens not before 10:00 AM. For the fishing permit, we open Fauna Bled shop at 08:00 AM



Hi back in the fishing news! After conclusion of a hard and cold hucho fishing season, we had a short brake and now we are in front of a new fly fishing season 2010 which will open on Monday, March 1st. First rivers to be opened are Radovna, Sava Radovljica, Krka and few minor less known rivers. Weather is predicted to be very nice with high daily temperatures and sunshine. River banks are still covered with snow but it is getting thinner and thinner every day. Pictures were taken yesterday and are showing Radovna in Krnica dam and Sava Radovljica at the bridge in Lancovo (catch and release section). Krka is still high and will hardly be fishable on Monday, March 1st. There are already prices known for the 2010 fishing permits but not yet for all the rivers.. Check which prices are already out on the folowing link here! . This list will be updated when we receive also the prices for other rivers for which we sell fishing permits.



Wondering why such a long silence? Well, if we would want to write about something all we could wrote about would be beautiful winter time scenery with sun shine and crystal clear water having just some 3°C. Did I mention, that the air had from -10°C to -15°C? In such conditions even spinning for Hucho is hard, not to mention fly fishing. Last time our guide had to blow in the rings to loosen the fly line from the icy grip! But now situations is getting better! Not for the skiers but for the Hucho hunters: it is raining and temperature is around zero. Perfect for some catch. There is also a new group of flies in the FaunaFlyShop which is.. should we say a wallet friendly group ;-)



Less than a month before closing the Hucho season, show still rolls on and a hunt for the largest beast in 09-10 season is still open! At the moment, Sava Bohinjka is gin-clear and you can count every single Hucho in the river! It is more easy to track them but more demanding to hide on the bank so they don`t see you. Mornings and evenings really kick in now! January is showing morning temperatures -9°C and during the day up to 5 and nice sun shine. Stay tuned, we should land some nice lady Hucho since they got nice appetite before the spawning season! PS: in case your stepfather has his birthday in near future, you might consider to check for some Swiss machinery in FaunaFlyShop ;-)



New years holidays are over and it is time to go back on Hucho huntings! Slovenia is covered with a fresh fallen snow and the scenery is very nice. Also snow weather mixed with some rain helps with Hucho fishing conditions. The season has turned in to the second part and offers new challenges with the fish slowly starting to gather together and preparing for the spawning season. Females Hucho will start to feed more aggressively because of the spawning fast in February. This of course can be a nice advantage if you are a Hucho fisherman! And not to forget, weather in this January has so far been really "user`s friendly" with the temperatures not dropping below -4 degrees. No freezing lines so far! ;-)



And we are closing yet another fly fishing year 2009. We would like to extend our gratefulness to all of you who had visited us during the season, to all who had contributed images for this news page, to all who were giving us a positive feedback about what we do and the job we carry on for many years now. In the same grasp, we wish you a prosper, healthy and as fishable as possible New Year 2010!! What about Hucho news!? Yes, what about that; probably you heard that nature is getting weird also down here in Slovenia.. instead of white and Hucho fishable Christmas, we had a flood and lots of rain .. Rivers were too high even for spinn fishing, so we are forced to wait for the first days of January when water level will be perfect again. Also the weather is promising, just few degrees below zero! Do not forget to check the news in FaunaFlyShop , maybe there is some thing there you might find useful! We will be back in the office on Monday, January 4th. Cheers!



While we are waiting for our Fly Fishermans to land some Hucho, we had recieved this image, showing our guide landing a nice sized Hucho in worst to wish weather conditions. This is actually the last rain we saw in 2009! Since than, we had received just minor shipments of the snow, but not enough to spoil the Sava Bohinjka till the optimal opaque color. We were foretelled a really low temperatures for this weekend, dropping down to -13 degrees, preventing any cind of fly fishing activity because of freezing fly lines and reels. We need to wait till the next week, when nice warming is forecasted and larger moon will be shining. Till than, you can browse threw new nymph patterns recently added to our nymph selection of our FaunaFlyShop.



After some days of bad moon, conditions for Hucho hunt again turned to better! Having done few trips with a fly fishermans was a very nice experience after all the spinning sport we do here lately. Again we realized, that fly fishing for the Hucho is really the nicest but also the hardest job. Casting a long fly line in a narrow, rocky riverbed of Sava Bohinjka puts every Hucho hunter on a serious test. But having that expectation for the Hucho strike with every new cast, makes you wanna cast for ever :-)



Fauna guides are always on stand by once Sava Bohinjka starts to go down from unfishable to fishable level. If you catch just that exact day, when river is on her optimal, semi opaque color, you can really count on a Hucho strike! And who else knows that better than skilled hucho hunter Mr. Gorazd V? His words were, If I would caught one, this might be luck, that`s why I got two.. Teenagers he said, but we can expect their older brothers to strike soon! And news for all room chair fans; some new Slovenian made vices can be found in faunaflyshop!



As we predict yesterday, situation with the Sava level went to worst! As you probably remember, we had first snow in the mountains at the beginning of November and the damn thing started to melt now, because of unusually high temperatures we have lately. Yesterday`s rain just spoiled the situation some more.. We suppose river will be ok for Hucho fly fishing in the second half of the next week, for spinning guys maybe a day earlier.



When we talk about Hucho hunt, every single strike is greatly appreciated. And if that happens in hard, clear water conditions, eaven more! Latest predator was tricked by mr.Zoltan A. in the Bled section of Sava Bohinjka. Ofcourse beautiful copper feemale was released back to the pool after the photo session. At this moment, there is still no trace of some winter cold here in Bled area, weather is mild and rainy. If the rain will not evolved in to a flood, we can see some hucho catches soon again!



Hucho-hucho fever still lasts on a great pleasure of local and tourist fishermans of course! When finding free time, also hucho guides like to go on the river, to check some new spots, casting technics and all other which might be helping them on hucho hunts. And since Hucho guides are probably one of the most experienced fishermans, many times their trips produce results! This time, our guide mr. Gorazd V. managed to persuade this 96-er to pose for my camera really really close. Few of you will ever come so close to this magnificent animal unfortunately. If you would like to change that, first you need to stand up from the chair you sit on now and make some action! But in case you prefer pc picture and nice warm office or living room, at least put fly tying vise out and tie some flies for next season. You can check few new Tiemco hook models we had just received in our Faunaflyshop!



Our large hucho picture contributor mr. Tadej P., has already started to score hucho points, starting with 84cm which is after his words a youngster on Radovljica fishing club scale. Well, we say that it is a nice fish, don`t we :-) Hey, not to forget, there is still fly fishing season opened on the institute part till 30.11. You can still catch some nice dry fly moments before fly fishing train 09 leaves the station!



As promissed, on behalf of Mr. Jani C, we can show you yesterday`s catch of the day which will probably be also catch of the month, 107cm hucho beast, striking the Jani`s bait just before the dark! Weightening around 10kgs, it almost managed to escape down the stream with the help of the strong current of Sava Bohinjka. Still, lucky hucho hunter managed to prevent him of doing that and safely land him on the river bank. I personaly saw the forget triple hooks and both were almost completely opened! I also heard that Shimano stradic reel is also seriously damaged owing to a brutal drag use needed to stop the runing animal. Well, the highest goals are achieved over many bodies.. we have more photo material to publish in next days so stay tuned!



Mid of November is realy unexpectedly warm and "hucho users friendly". Temperatures are mild and can reach 16 degrees during the day, which makes a snowmelt water - perfect conditions for Hucho-hucho fishing! Almost every day some hard to stop strike or catch happens. This time is show up moment for Mr. Sasa R. geting this 90+ one close to the evening, when the Danube predators most like to catch their prey! More images to come in the next days!



Season for Hucho fishing has realy started nicely, thanks to Mr. Denis Jelovcan, who lured out of the realy huge pool of the Sava Radovljica river this nice feemale Hucho representative, showing 104cm and 13,5kg once measured. "This is one of the most thrilling moments in my life!" said a bit shocked Denis, once the fish was safe on the banks of Sava. Congratulations and hoping for more! Don`t forget that tomorrow also Hucho fly fishermans open their season on Sava Bohinjka, Bled sector



Hi guys.. probably you were already wondering what the hell, no news from them, no reports, maybe Fauna had check out from the planet!? No way! We were just bussy with the new FaunaFlyShop which kicked-in today! And, hey, thanx French friends for the first orders ;-) Hucho season has already started on Sava Radovljica and it started well! News (larger than 1meter) will be reported tomorrow!



First November`s fly fishing days saw nice, sunny but cold days. Reports from Sava Bohinjka said that every day a hach of a small blue dun needle flies (stone flies) is appearing! Fish is hiting on dries despite morning cold and fog. The rest of the day is usualy nice and sunny, good either for small nymph fishing or dry fly fishing all day. Once the sun goes down, you can pack your rods and go home, because afternoons and evenings offer autumn in these days. Sava Radovljica is now closed for fly fishing, but opened for Hucho-hucho fishing! (just on Sava Radovljica for now). Sava Bohinjka Bled and Bohinj sector are still opened for fly fishing till November 14th, and the middle autumn part is opened for fly fishing all November. Come and check particular and not realy hard November`s dry fly fishing!



As we were hoping for, beautiful autumn weather came back again and with it, nice fly fishing for graylings! Sava Bohinjka is recovering fast from last week`s rain and will be on her optimum fly fishing level in a day or two. In a few days, Radovna and Sava Radovljica close the season, so it is the last and nice oportunity to have a fishig day there.. Not to forget, Sava Bohinjka is open till 30.11 (Institute part).



Is how we could describe the last days.. temperatures drop down to 8 during the day but despite the chilli air, fishing is nice and can be done also with dry fly. grayling is not so hard to catch now and every catch is rewarded with nice runs and jumps as you can see from the pict. Water remains low and clear despite some rain we had last weekend. Some of you are already asking when the season closes; not so soon, on the Bled and Bohinj part last fly fishing day is November 14th and on the middle - Institute part season lasts till November 30th! So much more time to cathc an autumn graylings!!



Recently a very nice group of fly fishermans from Ireland visited our area and we are realy happy they found such a nice autumn weather and realy fine fly fishing .. Sava Bohinjka has shown her best form and hopefuly we haven`t seen all there is ;-)



Long brake since the previouse news but we were out on the river almost every day due to a magnificant weather and water levels we have lately. All the rain from the spring time is forgoten and the beautiful autumn nature render all the bad moments from the spring. Fish is nicely active , plus Bled`s Trophy part looks great and grayling is taking dry flies all day long! Sava Bohinjka is having a level which would hardly be better and spectacular coloures are just a cherry on a fly fishermans fancy cake! What more to say.. whish this would last for ever!



A good day to all! I just had to post some news, since we finaly awaited proper autumn fly fishing! Lately it is all in a sign of brown trout fly fishing , the spawning time for them is coming (brown trout season ends with October 1st) and that makes them feeding more aggressively and also during the day , not only on early mornings and late evenings.. well, it`s fine for us, at least you can sleep longer and go home early! A hint for a nice catch: 80% of brown trout catch you will get on a nymph.. they ignore dry fly food lately. Don`t wayt for some evening hatch, it is week or none at all. It will be October in a week time and dry fly fishing for grayling will kick-in if the weather will show some sun! We expect some nice photos from that period, so stay tuned and BR to all!



While we still wait for September to show his best coloures and autumn dry fly fishing for graylings , Sava went high again for few days due to heavy rain we have had here in last few nights. Beside that nothing is realy new and situation is more or less calm. Kids went back to school and cayak and canoe owners went with them, so at least there is peace on the rivers now.. A lot of bookings and interest is shown for the end of the month, so we all cind of hope for a good weather circumstances.. Graylings will become far less careful now in autumn time so we can hope for some nice photos! The one on the main frame is from Mr. Ole Rafn - Unica river!



Sorry to let you know, but the first weekend in September will not be fishable due to a loud storm we had yesterday.. Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and larger part of the Soca area are quite high and will need some 3 days to drop back to normal levels. Unica is OK, the rain missed her this time. Weather forcast for the next 2 weeks could not look better! Sun and warm till 20°C! Start to do some autumn dry fly fishing plans guys!!!



Last fly fishing days in August were in a sign of Sava Radovljica fly fishing sector with a very significant confluence of the two Sava rivers on the top. Having nice, low levels, sector revealed hard to get spots and hard to catch fish! Surely one of them is also this unusualy thickset grayling on the picture. Such a torpedo on the end of a fly line is a "wish come true" of any fly fisherman.. Thank you Spanish hunters for sharing the photo! And for the end, a quick look upstream to Sava Bohinjka: I bet you haven`t fish this part of the river , yet!? Maybe some of Hucho hunters will recognise it eventualy.



Thank`Godnes, the August is still here and so are it`s great fly fishing conditions! Since we are still very bussy at the Fauna shop, I can not realy get some free time to do a lot of fly fishing, so I just toke the camera and went to check how the mornings look like these days.. Starting with the Bled Trophy sector , than moving down towards the last bridge on the Bled part of the Sava Bohinjka - Bodesce bridge , passing the border of Sava Bohinjka Bled and Sava Radovljica - the Cajhen dam , stop for a few minuts at the confluence of the two Sava rivers and turned back to Bled, passing the Lancovo bridge . Hope you will find this report useful, despite the fact I had not caught any fish at this time ;-) Well, mr. Pitteri on the main picture had more luck, I found him below the Boh.Bela bridge, wrestling a nice, fat browny..



August is a cind of a lazy month (unless you work in a tourism) and consequentialy so are the news. Nothing realy big was caught last week to make it to our news.. Sava Bohinjka is still having ok water level, just fish is geting more and more selective. During the day they tend to stay at the shadow places close to the banks not being realy keen for feeding. Most of the fly fishermans we have arround here lately, tend to fish early mornings and late afternoons when fish is the most active. For your information, SAVA RADOVLJICA (after the confluence of the two Sava rivers) is very good for fly fishing at the moment, due to low levels of Sava Dolinka and Bohinjka. We highly reccommend to take this advantage and go on fly fishing there. You might catch surprisingly large fish! If you do not know the area, do not worry. We will give you a detailed map here in Fauna shop. Seeya!!



Despite it might look like from the pict. that mr. Koresz has caught a realy trophy grayling, he did not. The catch is still appreciated, since it does not happen every day in Sava Bohinjka river. The fish on the picture is a Barbel (latin barbus barbus ). It likes oxygen reach waters with stony bottom but is a hard to get one on a fly since it is nosing on the ground all the time, with it`s slightly down positioned mouth, searching small crabs or certain water plants. Once hooked, it produces a very decent fight as you can see from the totaly bended 5 weight fly rod. Nice catch, we say!



Hello back guys, had a short saltwater break, so this news comes late.. I had heard that the weather up there in Austria and Germany turned to be realy bad and I am sorry to hear that.. And spoiling your fly fishing in A and DE is the smallest problem.. Well, some time it is good to be a small country like we are, because bad weather might miss you, like this time. Beside few showers, all is ok and rivers in general are great for some fly fishing. The August has kicked in and fish has become more cautiouse.. If you fish on the area now, we suggest you to use smaller dry flies and present them on a shadow areas where fish tends to hide during the day.. evening hatch is very week or non so do not rely on this part of the day too much.. early mornings of August are better than late evenings.



LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !!!, 25.7.2009
Take the oportunity of a very nice fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Unica and Soca, while it lasts! Just concluding a great fly fishing week, with nothing else than sunshine and active fish , we are crossing fingers for the next week too. Rivers on Bled area still have plenty of water since the previouse rainy months and that means nice fishing threw all August! UNLESS :-( - rain comes back again!



The one who waits, gets! This goes for all of us which were waiting for the Sava Bohinjka to finaly meets her low and fishable level all spring time. And it came just yet, on the front door of August! To summarize momentarily conditions on the river, fishing for trout is realy good if you are a dry fly fan, than go early in the morning and rather catch that hour of sleep during the day.. temperatures can climb till 28°C during the day and the fish moves to the shadow areas.. good time to switch on nymphs or small streamers!



At last, as long they will last, we could say.. snow melt and rain finaly packed away and Sava Bohinjka finaly has the level we were all waiting for. Trout is still very active, nymphs during the day and dries in the afternoon. For larger fish , we advise you to go on the rivers in the morning, since days can be pretty hot now. See you arround!



Again rain and again high rivers! It is very obviously now that 09 (and hopefuly no other) year will be the winner in a contest "Which was the worst fly fishing year you remember!?" Due to a latest storm, Sava Bohinjka, Idrijca, Soca went up again and the only one which is saving the situation a little is Unica which is just a bit cloudy and reasonably low. In such weather circumstances, steady water level and nice graylings makes it worth paying that 99 eur per day..



As we predicted, this year fly fishing season will probably meets it`s peak in the summer time months July and August! Nevertheless temperature has started to climb above 26°C, both Sava rivers have nice and suficient water level and as a result active trout . . Hatches don`t happen every day, true, but fish is taking dries despite that.. so if you haven`t went to the coast with your kids or wifes, go on fly fishing in Slovenia, you might have a great time!



Finaly, we could say. This year the weather is a pain in the a. all over Europe and despite the fact that Slovenia is just a small dott on Europe`s map, rain finds us too often. At the moment of this update, rivers are not low but they are fishable. And weather feels like first half of May.. It is good to have a rain jacket with, just in case.. If you are heading on a fly fishing in our area, make sure you give us a visit and consult about which parts of Sava (or other rivers in Slovenia) are nicely fishable. We can save you some unplesent surprises!



Strange, but in every bad situation there is a piece of good too; cold, rainy and windy weather of this week had prevent the snow to melt and level of Sava Bohinjka went down! Nicely fishable as you will be able to see tomorrow on our water level home page. The only disadvantage of the curent situation is, that because of cold weather dry fly is not realy working well.. fishing is done mostly with nymphs . And it can be good as you can see from Mr. Thiery`s pictures.



Previouse news needs to be revoked because we had just recieved a new delivery of rain (and snow above 1500m). Sava Bohinjka went back to her favourite high level and poor fly fishing is expected at least for some 3-4 days.. Other rivers like Unica, Krka, Idrijca are sofar just a little turbid, but reasonably low.. what to say? Stay tuned for some better news..



Almost no traces of snow in the rivers at last. While the rest of the rivers in Slovenia are almost on their lowest levels, Sava Bohinjka is on optimal fishable level. Suficient water and great warm weather are perfect recipe for some nice dry fly fishing. Everything is working well caddis, small may flies, stone flies, nymphs etc.. like fish would like to compensate the fast they had during the high snow melt water!? Some nice groups from worldwide were here lately and I do not realy need to tell you they had a very nice fishing indeed! Cheers to all, see you soon again!



After suffering snow melt water all year long, most of the Trophy part of the Sava Bohinjka was too high to wade in, so fish had a nice and quiet hollidays from the fisherman. But lately situation has changed and Trophy rainbows started to show their bellies again! Brownies will be following soon! Thanks Mr. Hubert for sending the image!



An old granny marble trout is usualy a very hard to get fish.. That is why I was quite glad when mr. J. Osolin sent us this great looking photos yesterday. Generously he allowed to public the image also on our news home page so all of you could share some of the thrill connected with such a catch. Where was the marble cought? Hehe... in the river ofcourse! She took a large stone fly nymph, now I say no more.



Not the real ones ofcourse, but stone flies are having a big dance at the Sava Bohinjka in these days, leaving their underwater residents behind. Joined by clouds of ephemeras, sedges , may flies, bats, etc! Finaly some real dry fly fishing. As the oposite to Unica or Idrijca, where your average hook size should be #18, on Sava you can put a #8 dry on and you will catch plenty! Weather is more early May`s looking with showers and clouds, but does not matter, as long as the level is low and fish is active!



Roaming across Slovenia with intention to find a nice and fishable rivers, your path can lead you also to the home rivers of marble trout (salmo trutta marmoratus). Unique specie of trout, only living in some Slovenian rivers with their outflow in the Adriatic sea. And if your intention was to fish for that fish during the day with a dry fly.. well you should look at the hour when the image was taken. I am telling you that mr. Federico V. didn`t have a dry fly at the end of his line :-) I say no more!



Well, if we are talking about Sava Bohinjka, not much realy.. As you can check on our water level page, still snow melt, realy unbelivably long this year.. If you are not realy keen to fish strong and cold rivers, Slovenian government did you a nice favoure by finishing highway cross in Slovenia and a new tunnel, bypassing the capitol Ljubljana. So now you need no more than 50 minuts of drive from let`s say Bled, to Unica or Krka. Idrijca would take you some 1 hour or so.. I am talking from the first hand, information, just coming back from the fishing with some great guys Tom and Erik, visiting Krka`s trout , hooking some graylings at Unica and strugling with picky marble trout at Idrijca almost the whole Sunday.. Could not realy belive how the levels of those rivers difer from the Sava Bohinjka in this days.. Almost too low already towards massive snow melt in the Sava Boh.. nature seems to be realy freaky this year ;-)



Hi guys.. I said to my self that I will not be writing any more of streamer and lead heads conected fishing news and will wait for some dry fly event to happen. Well, I missed one yesterday on the Sava Bohinjka where was a realy massive hatch of some may flies and ephemeras.. we had few guys on fishing that time and they told me, the water was boiling! No images were taken, so I need to post a few scenery from the Unica which is also in perfect condition at this time. Nice graylings , keen to take some may fly imitations. We also have fly fishing permits for Unica in our Fauna fly shop in Bled and you are near, pop in, we can reveal you some hot spots down there in Unica ;-)



After speaking with with some 10 or twenty fishermans in last days regarding how they fished the Sava Bohinjka, I found out that they were all very content! After their own words, yes the water is still high, but the fish is very active despite that. So no more wating for the better times, if you feel like fly fishing, than you have GO! for it.



This is the bigest dilema we have around here. If you are a fly fisherman wanting to go to fish on the Sava Bohinjka or Soca or Radovna or some other mountain springed slovenian river like Sava Dolinka . The truth is that situation is getting better day by day but is still far from perfect. Snow melt and often rain keeps the level up. A little better is on the Radovna which is smaller river by definiton. Rumours are that Unica is nice for fishing and water level is ok. Also Krka, which is on the eastern part of Slovenia is already ok to go. If you happen to be on our area, pop in the Fauna store in Bled, we have some maps and advises of how to go there and lots of useful flies for all occasions. Surprisingly, best seller these days is lead headed streamer :-) But dry fly guys, have patiente - your time is coming too! Maybe sooner than you think!



Is what we could say for previouse fly fishing weekend on Sava Bohinjka. Great combination of sunny but cold weather prevented the snow to melt up there in the mountains and river became low and clear as we could only wish for! Few lucky guys who happen to be on the river that day, had a very good fly fising, catching wild rainbows and graylings on a nymph and eaven dries! Fairy tale went back to thriller again yesterday when we recieved a new package of rain. So, thanks Jure to send the image (caught on the Institute part of Sava) and make our day a little nicer!



Due to strong, snow melting levels of Sava Bohinjka, a lot of fly fishermans decided to go on the Radovna , which is a smaller and user`s friendlyer type of river. And since the general opinion is, that the Radovna is a home of small, native brown trout , we were glad that mr. Roman K. send us the photo from his last fishing on the Radovna. With a little effort and accurate information, you can track and catch also wild rainbow of decent size or eaven a oversized one , which would fit more in Sava`s Trophy section than in the tiny Radovna ;-)



Accepted little more demanding conditions of fishing in a snow melting water, fishermans are well revarded with a very nice weather and also active fish. In fact, situation is not so difficoult as it might be seen, all you need to do is find a nice shallow parts of the river and fish there. The truth is that also fish does not want to fight with the curent all the time, so it stays closer to the banks. Like the XXL browny on the main picture, which was masterfuly caught on the zoom camera by mr.Asly up there on the Institute section of Sava Bohinjka. Well, by the end of the day you are nicely tired from a deep wading but it sure feels good ;-)



As someone would press the rain button up there, from the opening of fly fishing season on Sava Bohinjka we have not seen anything else than just rain. And it is still raining, so all the hopes for a nice fly fishing weekend went "down the stream" with just too high water level. I will publish some photo later, but you will not be happy about it ;-)



They stay the same also in 2009. No increasing in price has been done, so if you still have 2008 price lists for fishing permits of Bohinj and Bled fishing club - they are valid. If you want, you can also check them on this FAUNA 2009 FISHING PERMITS link . Not much new beside that, rivers and weather are nice and main season opens next week so we will have some more to write about. Stay tuned!



Not yet much of a fish-looking news guys for which I know you rather see than a rules looking news like this one but I still think you should know this; a large section of a beautiful Institute part of Sava Bohinjka (middle one) will be turned in to catch and release only district, meaning nobody will be able to kill a fish in this part! A long avaited news, which will for sure substantialy increase the quality of fish population in one or two seasons on this part of Sava Bohinjka. In fact, this is a goal which we would like to see in all Institute waters eventualy. To avoid missunderstandings on the river, here are briefly data about new section: Catch and Release part starts at the Railway bridge in the village Bitnje (just behind this church ) and ends at the road bridge in soteska (where you will see also railway bridge close by). From here till the dam in Soteska is normal part. Also short part of the river starting at road bridge near Bohinjska Bistrica, till the railway bridge in Bitnje is normal part of the river and allows you to keep fish if you have "catch and take" fishing license . In short words, with catch and release licence you can fish all district of Institute Sava B. (- see the map ) and with catch and take licence only 2 normal parts in total lenght of some 2 km. Clear. Stay in touch for furder updates of the coming season.



Despite warm and sunny weather, rivers in Slovenia are still quite cold and there is some more snow to melt up there in the mountains as we speak. If you are heading on fly fishing here in next days, do not be to anxious to get up very early in the morning. Take a late breakfast and hit the river when the sun is already high. The most action (eaven some dry fly fishing) is going on at that time. Right now, your best choice of the fly would be a heavy nymph and fishing close to the bottom where most of the fish are.. water will need another 2-3 degrees before fish will become realy active..



Went to check on the Radovna river on the 1st as promissed, and found a very nice, spring looking day and a crowd of fly fishermans lounching their first casts in a still freezingly cold Radovna river. Let the main image not mislead you! To be honest, most of the fly fishing crowd was gathered on the banks by the cars, drinking beer and doing more of a bla-bla thing instead of the ff one :-) well, it is always like that on the opening days.. you just need to talk about fly fishing after this long winter ff. fast. This time Radovna trout , was of the second priority. We heard also Krka was fully occupied and Sava Radovljica same like. Great kick-of the season indeed!



COUNT DOWN .., 27.2.2009
It has been about time to post some news by now. To be honest, we didn`t had much to write about lately since all the fishing rested. But now, the time is almost here: Sava Radovljica, Krka and Radovna river opens on Sunday, March 1st. Good news for all who are anxiouse to stretch fly lines out from the winter sleep. Weather is nice, still little cold but dry and mostly sunny. We will be arround with the camera, trying to catch few rush images from the opening day, so stay with us. And find here also PRICE LIST FOR 2009 FISHING PERMITS



Huh, it went in a blink of an eye! The Hucho season 08/09. For all of you who don`t have the eye on a calendar all the time, today is the last fishing day for Hucho-hucho. It was a realy exciting season with a lot of new experieces, happy moments, but also hard and bitter hours.. but those are all spices in a finaly deliciouse Hucho fishing soup. We would like to thank you all guys for fishing with us, trust us your Hucho hopes and support us in our efforts for Hucho fishing spectacle. At last, eaven me, my self managed to slip off the office and being accompanied by our guide Gorazd V., managed to land a 68-er in the Sava Radovljica. This made me realy happy despite the fact that my 68-er is not a big deal for this district. Stay with us and do not forget fly fishing season opens in two weeks time, with Radovna and Sava Radovljica fly fishing 2009!



Going into the last week of thrilling hucho season 08-09, again learning lots of new and valuable experiences with the "river king" fishing, again we can almost say that despite all you do and all the skills you have, the fish is the one who decides at the end. And being capriciously tempered, like the weather in February , Hucho fishing will always be a cind of a lottery, leaving the winners very happy and the losers -.- well, they can always try again.. stay with us and see what the last week might bring up!



With the higher temperature of the water, and just some -3 degrees on the coldest part of the day, we can see some more activity also amongst medium sized Hucho population. Slowly also "geting ready" for the spawning will kick in, meaning fish will start to feed more frequently due to the spawning fast which is coming at the end of February. With not too much of a brain effort, we can see that this might come very handy in weeks to come!



CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!, 26.1.2009
Surely we would hear that a lot from Hucho-hucho specie if they would just be able to talk! And it is better they do not, because it is hard enough to endure the hunt some times eaven without fish`s mocking. Mr. Robert Z from Hungary can confirm that, since he had experienced few tiredful days of casting, before finaly famouse reflection announced that the fruit of the hard grind is finaly here! And as usual, the unique feel of holding river king of some 90cm in your hands, erases all troubled memories from previouse days.



Although with some delay, we are still glad to recieve this image of 98cm Hucho beauty caught on Sunday by mr. Goran from Croatia. Passionate fisherman, guided by well known local guide, Mr. Tadej P. was a lethal combination for a catch. Well, not in fact lethal, because Salmon D. was released back in his pool unharmed. Congratulations guys!



And also Hucho isn`t caught in one.. Especialy on a fly rod! But persistence is often regarded and a lucky dice sooner or later hits one. This time it hit Mr. Antonio F. and it hit him well, with a 91cm, perfect looking Hucho, a chief of his pool. Strike came as usualy from the dark and again a fellow fly fisherman helped with the landing of the long expected fish. Honour of releasing of course belongs to the lucky fisherman which did the job more than well. Congratulations to all involved!



Nice mixed group of spinning and fly fishing guys just left us and leave a very nice trail behind. As also the title tells you, dusk was again our best ally in this Hucho hunt. Scoring nothing the first day of fishing, the second one first raise fewer by a strike of a nice wild rainbow , following by the major event, strike of a 100cm Hucho female. Second crucial moment beside the strike - hucho grasp and landing were successful and lucky fisherman hold his trophy at last! And like this would not be enough, Mr.Zsolt concluded the day with another Danubian representative. Congratulations to all and well done for the guides!



Record low temperatures all over Europe didn`s spare the banks of Sava Bohinjka either.. waking up in some -12° or lower at 5AM in the morning and than walk to the river is an act of heroes it self, not to menitoning hard fly or spinn fishing at all. We can say, that present circumstances are a real sieve for the ordinary and extraordinary (fanatic if I may say) fishermans!



Despite the proper winter cold and icy banks of Sava Bohinjka, hucho show must go on.. Low and clear water is not much of a help in these days, but strikes are quite often, we just must wait for sth. big. Also some unusual reels were tested recently and surprisingly gave some results too! ;-)



Glad to close the 2008 with this news! Our co-worker on well known Hucho part Sava Radovljica , Mr. Tadej P. has proven himselve to be real hucho tracker! If you check our news archive, dated on 14.12.2007, you will see he has also largest Hucho catch of the last season. This time he swing himselve on the top with this nice 100cm 13kg -er for whom we ofcourse congratulate him. The champ was released back to the pool of Sava Radovljica because Tadej thinks it was not big enough to lot him as a trophy!? "There are several biger spoted!" he said. Wow, can`t wait to start new Hucho persecution in 2009!



Hello audience, short Christmass pause is over and we are again back in action. This time starting with a nice group of enthusiastic Hucho hunters from USA, having amongst also the youngest predator of the season, 13y. old Alex, struggling with the cold and all the efforts involved like an adult fisherman. Leader of the group, Mr.Chris entitled knowledge from the former seasons and got the Hucho on a fly rod, while the novice, Mr. Jeff got a "joker card" this time, a nice rainbow from the Bled`s trophy part. Stay in touch these days, there are several Hucho hunters on the river and I have a strong feeling there will be some news to publish!



It would be our big pleasure to address each and every one of you personaly but this would take us at least a day, so hopefuly this notice finds you all at one place.. We would realy like to thank you for all your support, praises and remarks in 2008 and a specialy for your positive feedback about our news home page. Merry Christmas and a happy NY 2009! Pa se nekaj besed nasim domacim obiskovalcem: tudi Vam se zahvaljujemo za obisk, vam zelimo vse najboljse v prihajajocem letu 2009 ter vsem skupaj in vsakomur posebej voscimo VESEL BOZIC! PS: sumniki danes ne delajo ;-)



As old Hucho hunters say, all you need to do is waiting for the right moment! And our latest "happy winner" did exactly that! Our guide Gorazd took him to the perfect pool and surprisingli, in bright winter day - bang!!! Hard contrary strike , strong Hucho strokes and a beautiful silhouette on the river surface.. 100cm of the beast made the best possible Christmass gift to all of us.



Since we are talking about Japan, I think the title is correct. Mr. Masanori came to try the ultimate winter time fly fishing challenge, ofcourse we are talking about Hucho fly fishing! Although we had a good plan of how to get a nice strike, big "Hulk" did not agree with it this time.. twice striked and twice managed to escape from a single hook xxl fly! The only model willing to pose for the guide was the pesky rainbow :-) Nevertheless, we had a great time out there on the river and already did new plans for the next time.



HUCHO HUNT GOES ON! , 10.12.2008
Despite the capricious weather our hucho hunters don`t give up! Beautiful winter dawns find our guys already in action. Last group of our spinning fishermans from Hungary had nice activity of medium sizes Huchos and surprisingly xxl rainbows ! Several attacks of this great fighting fish made fishing realy tense. Due to a very clear water, large Huchos were too difficoult to trick this time but nevertheless, few caughted Danubes and rainbow submarines fulfiled the expectations nicely. Note: since 1.12. also the Institute Hucho fishing part of Sava Bohinjka is already open, we will let you know regarding the rules and fishing conditions asap!



GUIDE KNOWS.., 5.12.2008
What else to say if a Hucho guide catches one, 94er this time. Due to some problems with the camera, image came late and in medium quality which is quite an exception on our news home page, but still, better bad than none. For your information, we have uncommon December weather here, one day it is -14 degrees, another day is +5 and heavy rain etc.. Sava Bohinjka goes up and down like an elevator in a skyscraper :-) Well, some spinning guys are coming for the weekend and later next week and they should not have problems with the water level.. our guides say that no water is too high if you are spinning for the Hucho.. Well, lasts seasons had proven them to be right! Lets wait and see!



We think we still owe you a hucho image from yesterday`s news, don`t you think so? Well, Mr. Fabrizio M. and our guide Mr. Gorazd V. took care of that. Being very frustrated by loosing a xxl Hucho down there in the canyon of Sava Bohinjka, this one mitigated the stress a little. Image was taken under very difficoult conditions, in hard dark, since the lamps died from the cold.. nevertheless it came our very nice if you ask me.. like they would be fishing out there in the space and not down here on the earth ;-) The Hucho was ofcourse released back into the night.. A hint for the end: weather forcast shows considerable warming in next week, meaning fallen snow will melt causing the best possible conditions for Hucho (Salmon Danube) fishing - snow turbid river! Local fishermans still have -stop- fishing till 15.Dec, so take advantage of the free river!



Hello dear audience in your comfortable armchairs.. I know you are waiting for some nice new Hucho-Hucho images but this time you ain`t gonna get one :-) Grave cold wave thwarted our plans to get a nice beasts in last few days.. Temperatures droped down to -10°C and made a life of our fly "Huchermans" a living hell. Still, some great images were taken and we had publish them with intention to present you how hard and rough this way of fly fishing is and why the smile on every Hucho fly fishermans face if he gets the beast is so glorious. All of them who are trying on the Sava Bohinjka in these days deserve a decent salute!



Weather forcast for yesterday was: some snow, but not more than 10cm on the areas with higher altitude.. The reality was: 30-40 cm of snow in all areas! Big surprise for us and for the group of hucho fly fishermans we have here at the moment. Well, no weather can stop a hucho predators, so the guys and the guides went out instead and brought us back this great photo of mr. Hubert who managed to get this 85er and had also another strike which he did not landed unfortunatly. Some new part of Sava Bled is opened this year for hucho fishing but I can not tell you more about this. The shake of a hand for Mr. Hubert`s release and high hopes for the next hucho fishing days! Remember that snow was always good for hucho fishing.



Looks like opening of the season was better than we expected! Few other nice huchen was caught, among them also 100cm+ one! We are trying to get some images of him, but no promisses.. Meanwhile take a look at this 94-er, very elegant animal, perfect shapes, he had to be a model down there in a pool of Sava Bohinjka river. I can almost see some likeness there with the happy angler ;-)



HUCHO SEASON IS OPEN !!!, 15.11.2008
I just came back from the Sava Bohinjka, where I was a witness of a premier opening of a hucho-hucho season 08-09 on Sava Bohinjka Bled. The fever amongst fishermans was incredible and it reached the top when our guide, Mr. Dusan P. caught this 95 cm, 8.5kg beast after just some 20 minuts of fishing! Great overture in yet another thrilling hucho-hucho winter fishing season!



Patiently suffering this rain and high water, we still don`t give up hopes for a nice conclusion of a fly fishing season with the last day of November. True, Bled and Bohinj sector will "close the door" in 10 days, but anything can happen during this time. Rain has stop and sun is shining again. Nice and mild temperatures will make dry fly fishing possible again for sure. Despite the fact, that brown trout is closed for fishing, it looks like she is the most active right now! Nice brown trout were caught some week ago and if you will be doing some fly fishing yourselve in this period, do not get scared if some XL Hucho - Hucho swims a meter away from your feet! Smart bastard knows that season for catching him is still closed now... But not for long! >:)



Water hammer from the sky hit us on our heads again, so no news about some fly fishing at the moment. Eaven the guys with rafting boats concider the river to be too high for any activities. ..

The meaning of this notice is about THE START OF THE HUCHO FISHING SEASON on Sava Radovljica river. Attention: not on Sava Bohinjka but only in the big Sava river. Fly fishing season on the S.Bohinjka is still opened till 14. November (Bled, Bohinj) and 30.November (middle - Institute) sector. For now, all the images of the fish are still from the last season, new ones will hopefuly come soon. Main image shows some of many interesting sections of the Sava Radovljica fishing district. For fishing rules, please visit our Hucho Radovljica home page.


Supreme autumn weather almos made us forget for all the headaches we had in the spring time, struggling with the high water and rain all the time.. But within last few weeks, I think nobody left Sava Bohinjka or some other river nearby unsatisfied. Well, those who had the largest smile on their faces were for sure guys from the Bled Trophy section, catching XXL-s easily than in any other time of the season. "Beautiful sun and awsome fish, what more could a man ask for?" were the words of the man from the picture, Mr. Thomas D. Well, I have nothing to add to those thoughts. Maybe a cold beer and topless chick on the other side of the river? :-D



We had just survived another unforgetable saturday and sunday out there on the Sava Bohinjka river. Warm temperatures and variouse insects in flight, persuaded graylings to rise again, on our great joy of course. And like he would be waiting for the last moments to show him selve to the world: 50+ grayling! caught in the Trophy part of Bled fishing club! Largest catch of the season succeeded to Mr. Diego P. who also contributed the nice rainbow from the main picture. He said that those few fly fishing days were unforgettable and after looking to the pictures, I actualy belive him!



I do not know if the expresion from the title is used world wide, but in Slovenia this means a very nice autumn time, , just like it is now! Another question is if the hatches which are happening in last days (sedges, ants, ephemeras .. ) are normal for this time of the year or are consequence of some global warming too? Well, it doesn`t realy matter. As long as fly fishermans are benefiting from it, I wote for! And belive me, they benefit indeed. I haven`t seen so much happy faces in Fauna store during all spring time. One of lucky ones was also Mr. Max B., who had cindly contributed the main photo of xxl rainbow from Bled Trophy part. Grazie in behalf of Fauna news audience!



We had just left an unforgetable fly fishing weekend behind and it needs to be reported to you while the memory is still fresh! Beautiful Sunday with some 19 degrees, enticed out everybody, ephemeropteras, fishermans and ofcourse - big fish! How could I describe the situation on the Sava in this days.. hm.. Fish is crazy for dry fly again, not selective at all, paterns on #12 are working again! Everything is feeding from the surface, graylings, brownies, large rainbows all residents of Sava! As I said so many times, second spring, or eaven better!? I am also happy alongside "bamboo" guys Mr. Migliorini and Millani which realy chose a good day for the Trophy section fly fishing, easily catching sub-rainbows and nice brown trout. Fantastic job guys, thanks for sharing it with us. A note for all the rest: with great weather forcast till Friday, fairy tail goes on also in this days!



Great miracle would happen if this year`s autumn would leave us without some rain.. Latest rain has pushed Sava Bohinjka up and made this weekend lets say, grounded from the fly fishing. One more reason to thanks Mr. Martin F. from CZ for this picture which was taken just a day before the pesty rain leaved the sky and jumped down in the magiority of Slovenian rivers. Handsome browny caught in the Institute part of Sava B. can realy be a balsam for the eyes. Agree??



When some of the fly fishermans had already put their fly fishing rods in the closet, the rest of us have just started our second "autumn" march on graylings. Despite the fact, that this nice time of the season usualy produces finical trout , graylings on the other hand are far less careful than they were in the summer time. This is the fact, that we have to make use of, what say you!?



What else to say regarding this great looking marble trout crossbreed!? Our guide, Jure R. from the Soca basin has realy make our day nicer with sending this image which he took on the last fly fishing on the Idrijca river. Despite the fact, that fishing was very demanding, because river is low and very clear, the fish just couldn`t reject the tiny baetis, attached on the 7X fluorocarbon leader. Great job man, too bad I could not join you this time..



It is realy a shame that this, almost 3 weeks long period of sun has ended with today`s rain. We hope it will be just harmless, short lasting one and that water levels will stay the same. Latest very positive report we have from Radovljica fishing club, which benefits the most of the low level of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka. Best places are all accessible now and are offering great fishing for wild rainbows and large graylings. Nymph works best in this time of year, but if you like to do streamer fishing, this is the place to go too. Dry fly fishermans will find the area a little demanding, since it is more hard to control nice dry fly float on a larger distances. We recommend you to check the area and experience some of the delights yourself!



Second spring is what we call this very interesting fly fishing month. Not because of a blooming nature, but because of a active fish, especialy graylings going for a dry fly again. Very tolerant temperatures and great water level makes fly fishing a pure joy. The weather is stable and forcast for all the autumn looks nice, how else should look if we got all the rain already in June and May :/ In short words, sharpen your flies and go on fly fishing as long as the weather still allows you.



Some time ago we were talking about how nice it is if you are able to wake up early and hit the river before the sunrise. And to prove that fact, I realy woke up early and go to fish on the Radovljica district of Sava at 06AM! To tell you the truth, I was a little sceptic about the strikes, since sleepy as I was, would probably miss them all. But just before 7AM, the sun rised and gave me a spectacular, misty view on the river I like to fish very much. And like someone would ring a underwater bell, strikes came one after another. All of them belonged to the nice, river born rainbows which offered great, handache fights. I concluded my fishing day already at 11AM with 42+ grayling . If I would know how to cast with my left hand, I would stay some more, but my right one was hurting me already, so I just went home, happy to skip that few hours of sleep. Dreams can not be nicer than early morning fly fishings!



I TRY TO DO MY BEST, 19.8.2008
In the previouse article I said that it is going to be hard to beat the size of the rainbow which Mr. Paul contributed for our news home page and so it was. I went to fish on a misteriouse waters of Radovljica fly fishing club with a goal of catching some large size rainbow or big, fat grayling which I could put in our news. But nothing like that happened. A lot of fish, but all average size, 20-35 cm. Than on the very last half an hour of the day, my bug suddenly stoped on the end of a large pool. Ola, I said, this is not a baby rainbow. I try to persuade fish to jump out and introduce herselve, but no success. Just shaking the head and pulling deeper and deeper.. clear sign for a brown trout. And finaly, the golden reflection out of the murky water of Sava Radovljica confirmed that. Nice female browny of some 43-45cm. I just had to set my tripod this time to catch that golden reflection which moved from the fish to my face . I love fly fishing!!!



As August was always concidered as a holliday month, the best for swinming in the rivers and lakes or catching the sun in some of the world`s beaches, this year August in Slovenia is the best fly fishing month! We have a nice crowd of fly fishermans in the area, mostly guys from Italy who had just started their "feragosta" and they are all very content with the situation on the rivers. True, water level is sufficient and the fish is active for all cinds of flies. Just 0.12 or 0.14mm tippet is needed than the fly is not realy so important. Most of the day the fishing is nice, the best are the mornings when the sun is not so hot. Note: at the moment aslo "difficoult" rivers like Sava Dolinka and Sava Radovljica are low and VERY nicely fishable! I am going to do some fly fishing in Radovljica district of Sava in next days and I hope I will be able to bring back some foto stuff for you guys. Cross your fingers! (Not because I would need some luck, but because you must do something while the rest of us will be doing great fly fishing :-)! And thank you Paul for the photos, it is going to be hard to beat you in size!



True, the peak of the season has a delay of 3 months, but who cares! As long as it has arrived. In short words, it is not a problem to get a sub rainbow like you see in the hands of Mr. Timmothy K. on a dry stimulator in the middle of the day! The fish is absolutly eager for dry flies. No need to wait an evenig hatch because it can not compare with the morning activity for dry flies. Especialy graylings are very agressive with their taking of dries, so well smashed barb is very important now. They swallow very deep, so unhooking them can be real nightmare. Beside that, all other fly fishing joys are on the top!



7.6FT, #3 LOVES GRAYLINGS!, 4.8.2008
A very interesting guy, mr. Joe L. from the USA visited us few days ago, expresing his thoughts to do some fly fishing if possible. After few words, we soon realised that grayling which is not very well known fly fishing species back in the States, would be a very nice target! "Does it realy smells like the thyme spice!?" Promptly I grabed my #3 and took him to some of my favorite spots to track down some graylings. And since August 08` is realy dry fly friendly we were fishing all the day with dry flies. And caught nothing else but graylings. Just one or two trout. Not very large in size, but good fighting. I had realy enjoied the day, was more fun for me than a work. The largest we caught in the canyon managed to escape us after this spectacular "salto mortale" which I managed to caught on the cam. Well, next year he will grow biger ;-)



Since we are experiencing the second spring now, making a family reunion, on Sava Bohinjka`s fly fishing, makes a good sense indeed! We had to rebook several groups of fly fishermans from the very wet June to August. And that was the best we could do! Perfect water level, very nice weather, active graylings, and dry fly fishing all day long. What more could you ask for!?



CAN YOU WAKE UP AT 05 AM?, 29.7.2008
If the answer is yes, and you are curently fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka, Soča, Unica or any other Slovenian river, than just do it! You will see entirely different world out there on the river. (Fresh air, no people, just birds, no canoests, nothing, just you and the fish). Finaly the weather is at it should be, sunny and very warm, but because of some 29 degrees, fly fishing in the middle of the day is not an easy thing to do and also the fish is not so active. So the best plan you can make in these days is to go on the river very early, take a brake&beer in the noon and return back to hot spots late afternoon. Well, if you are not an early bird, than at least take sun lotion and a lot of water with you.



Another week has past by with no fly fishing, since the rain pushed Sava, Soča and eaven Unica to high levels. Smaller streams were quite fishable, but the weather was rough, cold and windy. Now finaly we have a good weather forcast, promissing us at least a week of nice, reliable weather. But who knows.. good news is that all the lenght of Sava Bohinjka will be nicely fishable within some 2-3 days. We will report the situation on our waterlevel page. I must tell you again, that when the rivers are low, fly fishing is very nice, better than in a regular summer with very low water levels. As a proof, we share this great looking photo which our guide Darko took with his underwater machine. I wonder where he found so high underwater grass?



This image would scared every one, who had just purchased a daily fishing permit to fish on the Bled part of Sava Bohinjka - river, jam packed with other fly fishermans. In fact, the situation just now is the very opposite; enough space for a comfortable fly fishing, since July is a family vacation month and most of the fly fishing dadys had to go to the coast instead on a nice grayling dry fly fishing, which in fact is realy good now. Often showers feed the river with suficient water level and are scaring away spoiled, "sunny" fly fishermans. Some rain forcasted again for the weekend, but we stop to worry regarding that.. as long as the fish are active, we do not mind getting wet a little ;-)



Hi guys.. weekly report from the Sava Bohinjka is a little bit lazy, since the fly fishermans are catching more or less sunshine and cold beer instead of some large fish. It was a boiling hot week indeed. If you happen to be on our area, or planing to come shortly, we suggest you to fish smaller affluents of larger rivers, which are usualy more protected from the sun and that how friendlyer for fly fishing. Radovna, Lepena, Tolminka, Trebuscica are very nice during the summer, offering a catch of nice graylings, , marble trout , or great looking rainbows . We just recieved few images from our guide Jure R. who was doing some fly fishing on Tolminka last days. Very nice catch in very nice invironment. What more could we asked for!?



Full riverbed of Sava Bohinjka, crystal clear deep pools, active fish and 30 degrees are the data which we are not used to have in July. Usualy river is very low at this time of year and fish less active because of the low oxygen in the water. But not this year! 3 months of rain were good investment for the summer time fly fishing indeed. Dry fly working all day long, but there is not much of a hatch in the evening to be honest. The best part of the day is early morning, scenery is realy spectacular at that hours and fish is much more active than in a heat of the day. Concider that!



Great fly fishing times on the Sava Bohinjka are here. We hosted hundreds of fly fishermans in last week and every single one made it`s own story of nice catch, great hatch, escape of realy big fish etc.. In general, season is realy nice and rivers in perfect condition. Thanks to the guys from the photo to contribute the photo material for all of you who still sitting back home.



After frustrating weeks of the rain, cold and high rivers, we finaly recieved great weather forcast for the end of June! Rivers all over Slovenia are rapidly going down to their normal levels and due to almost 28 degrees, flies had begin to hatch massivly! Looks like, that long expected peak of the season is getting closer! Last rainy days still saw some good fly fishermans, which went to Sava Bohinjka despite rough conditions and cold rain. Mr. Claus surely did not regret that day, nailing down this nice submarine rainbow below the Institute ex Trophy part in Soteska. Nice trick and additional thanks for the photo!



As we are almost in second half of June, this is a looong expected news indeed. Sava Bohinjka is lets say on her normal fishable level and fishing can be done normaly. Weather is still unusual, with periods of rain and sun. Bled Trophy section has suffered high water many days this year, so every picture from it is more than welcome. Thanks to Sander, Dinus and Edwin from NL, we can publish the browny on the picture, so thank you guys. NOTE! Sector 1 of Bled fishing club will be turbid for the next 2-3 days because they are doing some construction work on the Soteska dam. Other sectors and Trophy part are OK.



Haha, unusual header, but it best describes present situation with the rivers on our side of the Alps; hardly recovered from snow melt, rivers already recieved a few local storms, which pushed them up again. Not much, but enough to scare "dry fly" fishing population. This realy is a nice time to determine who the real fly fisherman is. As one, you need to adapt fast to any cind of river condition , regardless if yesterday was nice and low and today is high and white. One of such guys were for sure mr. Mike and his friends who invited him on fly fishing in Bled Trophy part from the far Hawaii`s islands. Dirk, Mike and others adapted fast to high water, catchig graylings on dries and large rainbows eaven on bone fish?? patterns. For fun, they said :-) So for the end, most common question these days: Is Sava Ok for fly fishing? YES, if you are not one of the spoiled fly fishermans ;-)



Hi back guys. Would like to report more often but Fauna store is jam-packed with fishermans and I have almost no time to jump on a nice fly fishing. But we had a few USA fellows who did find time to do it. John M and his group had a privilege to meet snow water in the end of May. And they find it .. hm.. demanding to fish. Eaven that June is coming if few days, Sava Boh. Soča, Savinja still have snow water and less active fish in. You are asking us all the time how long that will last? Hard to tell.. Sava might be ok in a week, but Soča will need at least 2-3 weeks to melt out :-/ Extraordinary year, and circumstances indeed. We promisse, that the first day in 2008 when Sava Bohinjka will have NORMAL water conditions, we will make a big news on our home page. Till than, keep on using nymps and small streamers. Leech imitations works well!



Nothing else to be said.. I would love to write you about spring time massive hatches of May flies, but all I can write about is rain and high water of almost all Slovene rivers. I do not belive I remember so bad spring time fishing in my whole 15 years career at Fauna comp! Slowly we will forget how to fish with a dry fly :-) Streamer and heavy nymph is the only solution. And there is a fish in the river who loves to go for such flies - hucho ofcours! Maksimum size of 5cm for the streamer is no problem for him.. He took the one from Mr. G.Vitalini while they were fishing close to Bohinjska Bela last week and made him a nice, unexpected surprise.



Is what you need to know if you want to catch a nice sized fish on Alpine rivers these days.. with the rising temperatures snow which is up in Alps has started to melt away and consecutivly makes rivers very cold. I can tell you from the experience I have in our fly store, that 90% of proper fly fishing is still going on with heavy flies. No real sign of May fly or stone fly hatch yet. This year that main event of a fly fishing season is well deleted indeed! And in such cases, when the hatch appears it is unbeliveably massive! Lucky those, who will be able to pinch-point the timing of 08` hatch period!!! Our friends, under the lead of Mr. Hubert A. didn`t caught the hatch, but yet they were not empty handed afterall ;-)



Old fly fishing proverb says, that snow on the peaks converts the fish in to a stones. Why? Well, if you would be doing some fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka, Soča, Sava Dolinka, you would know what that means; since water is very cold from melting snow, digestion of larger fish turns to be much more slow than in normal water temperature. That cause fish eats less than normal and is also less active in general. Sits on the bottom and ignores everything you cast to her. Quite frustrating some times :-) Fortunatly they can not resist a nice nymph if it is presented infront of their nose! The key of a success which well learned also mr. Robin G. who was fly fishing on Sava with his friends few days ago.



Almost a week, with no hearing from us, sorry guys, but we were up to the neck in work. Good yes, but not much time left for fly fishing and photo gathering :-( Still, finaly we can say that real fly fishing season is here. After realy bad April, May has proven to be much more sunny and warm. The report from our guide is, that Sava Bohinjka is still suffering from snow melt, but not regarding the coloure (is crystal clear) but from more pore activity of larger fish. So at this moment we are still fishing with heavy nymphs and streamers. Dry fly fishing gives poor results on larger population of trout or graylings because the bugs have not started to hatch massivly due to the cold water. Dry fly situation should be better next week if the weather stays so nice and sunny. Stay tuned, more news to come!



While fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka is in a nice swing, we got the news, that also Krka is offering a great spring fly fishing opportunities. Never affected by snow melt, she has optimal water level and fish in good feeding mood. Aiming to catch first spring hatching nymphs, fish is far more careless than it will be later in the season, so every one who take decidion to fish now, has decided good! One of such was also our photo contributor Jure R. who got this nice browny on a #10 dry cdc patern, while fishing Krka last Sunday.



Good news are streaming in! Weather is finaly nice, Sava Bohinjka is finaly low and finaly we had recieved the nice catch from the 1st of April, which mr. Giugliano B. had while he was fishing on lake Bled! In just an hour or so, he caught this beautiful lake trout of 71 cm and 4,100 Kg! Another strike they have later, but despite the fact, that the second one second one had nice 51cm, it still looks small towards the big one!



Finaly, after weeks of waiting, the sun has come back again and the rivers are going back to their normal, "fly fishing friendly" levels. Radovna is perfectly fishable, while Sava Bohinjka (except the upper Bohinj part) will need a day or two to be very low again. For now, this is all the news and we think it is a good one.



If you are reading our news, that is nice indeed, but it probably also means that you are experience the same as we are here in Slovenia - rain. It is not a flood making rain, but more likely "pain in the a." rain, which is drizzling down on us for almost 2 weeks now. Rivers are high and mostly fishable only with streamer or not fishable at all. When the rain will stop, they will go down fast, since they are not terribly high, but rain is forcasted also for next days :-/ So in the meantime we extend thanks to our friend Mr. Jure R. who managed to find a peace of nice weater and level on Soča and get this photo for us. If someone knows the anti rain spell, send it to our email pls :-)



Despite unstable April weather which reigns in Slovenia this year, a group of young fly fishing enthusiasts from Finland, still decided to take a chance and fly down here to try the spring fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka, Soča and Idrijca rivers. And while the majority of fly fishing public waited at home, observing the rainy weather reports, Ville, Nikolai, Saku and Ari enjoyed uncrowded and virgine spring areas of Sava, Soča and Idrijca. Starting their journey on Sava, with some 300 strikes in 2 days, they thought Soca and Idrijca can`t surprise them with nothing new. Still, nice surprises were waiting there, having the shape of grayling, marble trout or wild rainbow trout. We also had chance to meet guys in person, while they were at our Fauna Lodge and we all think they had realy earn this trip well! Looking forward to their next visit! Check gallery vista here!



Unfortunatly we have to inform you that this April realy deserves its name - rainy month. Sava is high again and will need at least 2-3 days to be fishable again.. During this time, you are welcome to check few of our hiper realistic fly models , which are very good for fishing and spectacular for the eye!



We were doing some great fly fishing this season on Sava Radovljica and were always wondering how it can be that we always had nice and constant water level?? It has been known from the past that level of the big Sava is oscillating up and down, due to the power station dam Moste furder up stream of Sava Dolinka. This was bad for fly fishing because the oscillation always made fish to stop feeding for some time. And it was also dangerouse because water rise could prevent you to return to the bank if you had been standing in the middle of the stream. Well, we had heard the rumours, that power station have a refit of turbines, which will last at least a year if not more and during that time the dam will work on a constant water level! You know what does that mean!? That our area has got a 30+ km of a very exciting fishing district with wild and powerful fish. This is strictly unofficial ofcourse and our source might be wrong, but still, level is constant for 2 weeks now and our hopes are high!



With the summer opening time of Fauna store in Bled, when all fly fishing for us must stop at 8:00 AM, Bohinj lake offers a great solution; with the very first day light or eaven a minute before, around 5:00 AM, we are doing very nice fly fishing for graylings in the outflow of a small river Savica on the upper section of lake Bohinj. Surprisingly every year we catch more graylings there.. But that is happening only during April month, later fish goes back to Sava Bohinjka or Mostnica, we do not know.. Very interesting is, that feeding mode of grayling changes while he is in the lake? You can easily catch him with a small streamer! Fishing permit to fish from shore is cheap, so it is worth to try eaven for just few hours. Why not trying to explore every single fly fishing option our area has to offer!?



We have been waiting for 2 weeks for the weather to get better and finaly, here it is! First opening day on Sava Boh. Bled and Bohinj sector saw some 15 degrees and lots of sun. Water is still little white from snow melt, but this is normal for April. We need to mention also unforgetable day we had on Sava Radovljica last week! Because Sava Dolinka is low, also Sava Radovljica is on her optimal level, offering realy great fly fishing. From the main picture you can see it looks almost like Sava Bohinjka! In less than 2 hours of fly fishing we caught lots lots of natural trout and eaven graylings! Especialy they were fighting very well, with several jumps, realy spectacular. Looks like Sava Radovljica has improved during last few years in the means of fish quantity/km. We strongly recommend, to try it out. You can be very surprised what you can get for 30,00 Eur. Also price list for 2008 fishing permits which can be purchased in our Fauna store is updated with some 3day licences, check it if you are interested in several day fishing.. We will be back soon, hopefuly with a photo of 75cm lake trout which was caught just before we published this. We wait for a photo stuff to come.



With the morbid atmosphere we had last week, this sun which you see on the picture is more than welcome. If we ignore the cold (-5° in the morning) conditions for fly fishing are lovely :-) low, clear water, sun, lots of fish.. joly good indeed.. well, if we can belive the weather man on TV, we should have real spring coming in next week with temperatures till 14 degrees, in +°C ofcourse! Big thanks to mr. Massimo and Stefano for the submarine photo from last Friday, great catch!



Looks like old proverb "green Christmas, white Eastern" has turned to be very true this year. After just some snow flakes on Friday, weekend has delivered more snow and curent situation looks like you see on the picture which was taken on Log in these days. Not to say, fishing is bad, just it looks much more like hucho fishing in winter (regarding the environment ofcourse). Stay with us, more will be reported in next days!



Picture was taken few hours ago, so you can see water level is very nice despite shity weather we will have on a opening day tomorrow. Lots of fishermans were calling today if all Sava opens tomorrow. So again: ONLY ONE PART OF SAVA BOHINJKA will be opened tomorrow; INSTITUTE part. (see news 8.3.) Do not fish in Bled or Bohinj part, because you will pay penalty. Tight lines for a first fly fishing day on Sava B. !



WE FISH `N` ROLL IN 2 DAYS!!!, 20.3.2008
Hi back! Sorry for the short absence from the news, we were overthehead with the opening of 08 fly fishing season, which will happen this Saturday, 22nd of March on the Institute part of Sava Bohinjka. If you will manage to come for the opening, you can get a fly fishing license in our Fauna store in Bled at 8:00 AM. No sense to go earlyer, because mornings are still cold and you need some sun to persuade fish in activity. No other magior news, just that district is longer as we had already mention and there is no more trophy part. We had published also the price list for all the fishing permits which we are selling in our store in Bled and another useful stuff, graphic tutorial of the local fishing area with prices of fishing licences. This will help you roughly orientate area of a certain fishing permit. For more informations, you know how to find us ;-)



Interesting news from headquarters of Fisherei research Institute of Slovenia, a.k.a. Zavod za ribistvo; after negotiations with Bohinj fishing club, they had made an agreament, that their district of Sava Bohinjka extends on the upper part. Meaning, the sector of "state" part of Sava Bohinjka now ends at the road bridge infront of the petrol station near town Bohinjska Bistrica. In the past it has end near the railway bridge at settlement Bitnje. Nice gain for the Institute, because they get few houndred meters of very nice grayling rapids and pools. See a map of the new district , extracted from our Slovenian Guide software. Have you notice, that Institute`s trophy part has been canceled for 2008? Check also latest 08 price list for all Institute waters in Slovenia.



While the beginning of a fly fishing season was very promising, with sun and nice spring temperatures, continuation is far from that; we had just recieved some 15cm of fresh fallen snow and cold breeze of some 2-3 degrees.. this is in fact the forcast we are seeing for all the week, so Radovna and Sava Radovljica will have to wait a little. Still the March`s sun is already very strong and will melt this away as soon as it peeps threw the clouds. Use this short brake useful and maybe check your fishing lines and tippets in case they had expired during the winter time ;-)



Soon after closing down our fly store in Bled, I just had to jump to the close area of Radovna, to check how our guys are doing there on a maiden opening of a fly fishing season 2008!? And they were doing well! Sourish weather forcast turned out to be a nice, little windy but sunny fly fishing day. Small crowd of mostly Slovenian fly f. enthusiasts were trying their best to be one of the first ones in 08, scoring a strike of a trout or two. Still, to be honest, the biger ones were not too active, supposedly of (still) cold water. Well, some eaven tryed to merge with the bushes of the riverbank, just to come closer to a larger trout, but that was more like a Sizif`s job than a key to success. There was also a small squad of a fishermans from the eastern parts of Slovenia, (the area will not be named :-), who attacked already at 05 o`clock in the morning, saying that this is a secret key for a successful fishing on the Radovna river!? Well, you be the judge..



Impatient as we are, we finaly see 09 fly fishing season knocking on the doors! Saturday, March 1st will see opening of the season on Radovna, Sava Radovljica and Krka, if we mention just a few of the most known ones. With great weather forcast we have for coming weekend and temperatures up to 13 degrees, we will definitly see also some dry fly fishing, if nowhere else, on Radovna for sure! Price for a Catch and Release fly fishing permit for Radovna river is this year set to 39.00 Eur, Krka with Trophy part 69.00 Eur and Sava Radovljica 30.00 Eur. All permits will be available in our Fauna fly store in Bled. On March 1st (this saturday) we will be opened at 7:30 AM , so you will not lose eaven a minute of your fly fishing day. For all of you who still don`t know Radovna well, check this extract from our virtual Slo. Fly Fishing guide, offering you the most important data you need for a successful fly fishing day. Feel free to chek demo version here. We will be in touch from the opening to show you all the fly fishing crowd from Radovna!



Probably no one of you knew, that the most successful fly fishing projects of last few years - Bled Trophy section, was in seriouse danger few days ago! On annual miting of Bled fishing club, a considerable part of local fisherman tryed to outvote Trophy section from it`s existance; saying that is not fair because local fishermans can`t fish there. After long and hard debate, the new management of the club persuade members that in benefit of the club, should vote for the Trophy part. So all of you who already have bookings for this section, can be relief. Rod breaking submarines are still there and are waiting for the 1st of April. It is going to be a belter season again! With the right streamers of course ;-)



, 15.02.2008
Dear visitors and fishing friends. Not few times have you ask us, how would you be able to get or order fly fishing products, flies and other things we usualy have on stock in our Fauna store in Bled. Well, we took your concern seriously and here is our Fauna online store, just for you! We have started with our well known brands like Tiemco, Patagonia, C&F programm, Fauna streamers, Fauna Virtual Guide software, etc and will in time expand our offer also to wider brand names. All products we offer are carefuly selected, to avoid bulk junk fishing products, which are torture for your eyes and useless when fishing. Since this are the first steps, all your suggestions regarding offer, design, use, shipping etc, are very welcome. ENTER and enjoy browsing and shopping!



HUCHO FINALE!, 15.2.2008
The fourteenth of February is the day, when hucho fishing season on the area of Sava closes it`s doors. I hardly find words to describe this great period of winter hucho fishing and hucho fly fishing , which we successfuly brought to an end yesterday.. Nevertheless we haven`t caught any large hucho in the last few days of the season, this doesn`t matter. The rest of the season was so jam-packed with catches, fever and hucho adrenaline that the time was flying too fast! For the ones who prefer numbers: More than 230 fishing permits was sold only for tourist fishermans on all the lenght of Sava Bohinjka. The number excludes local fishermans of Bled club who finished their season with 8 taken huchos in 9 days! Furthermore, over 170 huchos of all sizes were caught and released back to the river. Largest caught by a tourist fisherman was 101 cm long and largest caught by a fly fisherman was 98cm long. Every year more and more people wants to catch hucho with a fly rods and that is realy great. Because it realy is a unique feeling if you hold such a beast on a fly rod! After knowing a lot of new faces this year and meet also a lot of old acquaintances from the fly fishig times, I realy must accent, that Hucho hunters are the most interesting people of all! All enthusiastic and fearless fishing maniacs , with absolutly no fear for the rough weather conditions and some times brutal cold out there on the river. Nothing can`t stop those guys! We realy admire them all! And for me personaly, taking care for this hucho blog during the season was more a joy than a work :-) Do not run away from our news, we still have some aces in the sleeve and maybe we will reveal also some hucho fishing secrets for the next year, anyway you will forget them till next November 15th! Stay with us! Do not forget , with the first of March, jewel No.1 - Radovna river opens for fly fishing! Also - so called, the "big Sava" from confluence down opens with March 1st. This district has become more and more place to go for native rainbow trout fly fishing! All other informations regarding openings, prices etc., will be published in addition. If you are too impatiente to wait, than send us Email



We had a minor pause on our news site for a few days, since there were not much nice huchos caught. There was a lot of fishing, but just smaller huchos were striking. We thought that this was because of sunny weather, but -wrong. After consulting with local hucho experts, the problem seemed to be in very low water temperature (only 3°C) which slowed down huchos digestion. But all was not that black! One of our visitors, mr. Belo from Hungary did very well on his first hucho persecution. Landing and releasing this nice 88-er, and losing one very nice 60+ rainbow just infrom of his feet, he was nicely rewarded for his 2 days hucho expedition. Since there are only 3 more days till the end of 07/08 hucho season, we are realy waiting for the last "danube" reports.



Last weekend we had a very nice group of fly fishrmans on hucho hunting, but the day looks like acccursed.. With optimal level of Sava, nice murky day and good guide, still there was something missing.. All huchos were showing poor interest for the streamers and were not willing to attack them. Some times eaven the best calculation is crossed by capriciouse hucho behavior! We are ready for a new challenge which will happen in next days, when new fishing groups will arrive. Stay tuned, there might be something nice to see!



Could not titled this news better, since the hulk-hucho which you see on the picture was caught by Mr. Robert M. in the last 15 minuts of the last, second day of hucho hunting! We are not saying for nothing: you can give up your hopes when you start to walk away from the river and not eaven a minute before! And one more important fact: the spawning time for hucho is getting closer, meaning all adoult hucho-huchos (specially females), will start to feed increasingly to prepare themselve to spawning fast. This fact and optimal, dark and snowy weather is the best combination hucho hunters can have!



Looks like change of weather from sunny to misty isn`t quite what would make hucho to feed intensely.. we have a good group on the water these days, but so far larger fish havent make any seriouse attack at all. Some average strikes were all they had. Still, show must go one and we think, the change of weather to more winter-looking is a great forecast for the new groups which are arriving in a few days time. Stay in touch!



Latest success of the fly fishing hucho team was very nicely supplemented with a catch of Mr. Guido R. who was with his spinning rod let`s say, a "black sheep" amongst the rest of fly fishing hucho hunters. Once he realised he has some advantage regarding casting, he generously leaved best spots to his fellow fly fishing friends and himselve struggled on more difficoult places. But fishing fortune well regarded him because of that. In the latest hour of the day, something heavy stoped his lure and it was not a rock. After the adrenaline filled fight, the fish was out and her name was 99 cm!



As we were too late yesterday to publish extensive report about beautiful catch or Mr. Marco S. today we add few more photos to redempt ourselve. The day started normaly, with high spirit march to some secret hucho hot spots. Usualy first session of the first day doesn`t bring some good results, as fishermans have to adapt to heavy casting, difficoult rocky river banks of Sava Bohinjka and frozen fingers. The same happened with our guys. And I saw also some depression on the faces when they return from morning expedition. Ofcourse all this feelings broke into a thousand pieces when Mr. Marco shouted strike! And what a strike he had! 95 cm of a realy broad-shouldered hucho beast! One of the bigest caught on a fly rod this season! Great photos were done and senior danube was generously released back released back to his kingdom.



Just got feedback from our guys which started to fish today! Mr. Marco S. has got a very nice hucho strike on a fly rod and also manage to successfuly land it! We already wanted to publish all the details, but than we changed our minds and decided to keep you in little expectation till ... tomorrow morning!



The heading of this news belongs to yesterday`s fishing of our good friend mr. Angelo M. who was visiting us for old times sake. By the way and as an enthusiastic fisherman, he decided to try his luck also on hucho fishing. At least to rest his mind if nothing else. At first, the day looked so-so, with few minor strikes and low fish activity. But! In the last 15 minuts of allowed fishing timing, when he almost wanted to reel back the line and accept the day as it was, BIG-BANG! Out of the dark, attack of the proper, 3 figure hucho! Hard fight in the deaf night and hucho was defeated. Strict measure of our guide stoped at 101 cm! We could say, save the best for the last ;-)



With departure of Mr. Robert, our long period of hucho spinning has come to a short break, because tomorrow we start to persecute hucho with a fly rods! New group of fly fishermans is coming this evening and we are impatient to see how will they score. Water level is perfect weather the same, so we hope for the best!



Looks like mr. Robert Z. has decided, to nurse all huchos from Sava Bohinjka, as we can conclude from all the pictures we got from the river. Very good average of strikes is a logical result of very good fishing conditions and growing skills, each hucho hunter gets after longer period of hucho fishing, or should we say hunting, with all the stealthily sneaking arround the rocks of Sava Bohinjka`s river bed. Encouraging fact for all the fishermans which are coming to fish this weekend. This time, the majority will be fly fishing and we will see if they will be able to score equally high as recent spinning group??



With great results, which our hucho hunters have in last days, our hopes to get the bigest hucho caught by tourists (or owerall) is growing! Opaque water has many advantages and gives perfect results, but on a hucho population 100 - cm. Fot the real hucho JackPot, 100+ cm, you need to know exactly in which rocky chair it sits so you can nail him down with just a few precise casts. If the beast is in his feeding mode ofcourse and luck is your best friend. With murky water this is difficoult to achieve, because you only have luck to relie on and previsions of your guide..



The rain has finaly stop and Sava Bohinjka is going back to normal level fast. First results were obviouse already yesterday, when hucho strikes started to drop like flies! Several smaller huchos were caught and also one for the gallery with approx 90 cm lenght. Persistence of Mr. Robert Z. was well regarded and he finaly taste unique adrenaline of hucho fishing after long periode of cold rainy days. After predictions of our guides, the best hucho fishing time is coming now, when water is going down and we can expect rain will stop for some time. Take advantage of turbit and milky water and come for a fish of your life time now! Remember, only 27 more days till conclusion of Hucho fishing season!



We have already forgoten how sun looks like, with all this rain we have here in Bled for the last 10 days almost.. Hats down to our Hungaryan team which we have on fishing now. Every day they go with our guide and fight with dark waves, which Sava Bohinjka is full of now. I have heard that they did well regarding the fishing conditions, but we must wait for more reports from our soaken guide.



With some local rain showers in the upper part of Sava Bohinjka, levels have gone up again and conditions for hucho fishing turned to worst.. soil is frozen and all the rain that falls, goes directly to the streams and in Sava Bohinjka.. So for optimal fishing conditions we will have to wait few more days.



All sadness regarding last days high water was forgoten this morning, when mr. Robert Z. and our guide saw level of Sava Bohinjka; perfect for hucho fishing - high and half clear. And their feeling was wright. 4 strikes in 3 hours of fishing! Largest one was this one on the picture, 88 cm. This is very promissing news, especialy because mr. Robert has 6 more days to fish! We are realy looking forward to some great catches hopefuly. Stay tuned!



Conditions for hucho fishing had changed indeed! Last week all were fishing in small, crystal clear pools, today hucho hunters have to fight with high and murky level of Sava Bohinjka. Not so bad afterall, because all bigest huchos were caught in similar conditions, when water was not clear and huchos are not so cautiouse. But finding a spot where you can access to the good fishing spots.. well, that`s guide`s job ;-)



Before the rain which we experienced few days ago, Sava was realy clear and hard to fish with a fly rod. But there were some, who thought that this is not a big deal. Our guest, mr. Gianluigi Z. came for the second time this year, because the first time problems with a fly line prevent him to catch a decent huco. This time all ran smoothly and consequently also the result was nice: 70+ cm. For a fly rod, a nice catch indeed..



Local fishing club of Radovljica knows no rest when we speak about hucho fishing. Latest catch happened on the second of January, when Mr. Rok W. tricked this nice hucho representative, measuring 97 cm. Nice catch and thanks for the picture!



If there was any doubt, that this weekend will be a success, with latest reports from our guides, doubts are gone! All three groups which we have on the water scored larger hucho strikes! All the groups are fly fishing so this is realy encouraging for next groups of hucho fly fishermans. And for a dessert; the fisherman on the picture, Mr. Peter B. from hungary had the largest hucho of the season on a fly rod, but after some 10 seconds of fight the beast manage to tear apart the tippet and on a big frustration of our guide, escaped. Now we have to publish his second catch, still a nice one - 88 cm.



Despite low and clear water we have in last month or more, now all other conditions for hucho fishing are on top! First snow flakes and temperatures arround zero are the best you can have for hucho fly fishing! All hot spots easily accessible and hucho in a nice feeding mood. Our guides had predicted, that this might be a good time, that fishermans with fly rods reach or exceed magical limit of 100 cm large hucho catch!? Very exciting announcmend indeed! And a brave one, I would say. But still not so brave as this young man on the picture. Alex K. has only 12 years but he bravely volunteered to accompany his father mr. Chris on one of the coldest hucho persecution we had this year! And with a fly rod. I seriously doubted he is going to survive this coooold experience but... he did, both days with no groaning at all. He eaven scored a strike, but was not fast enough and hucho escaped.. still, thumbs up, Alex!



With a good fishing conditions in last days and under experienced guiding of our guides, catches or at least hucho strikes were expected. We proven ourselve wright, because a catch of 87cm was reported in first hours of yesterday`s morning. Unfortunatly this time fish didn`t survived because mr.Potsch desided otherwise. Now there are only 2 more huchos to be taken, before season closes eaven for the tourists hucho hunters!!!



IN VERY LAST MINUTS!, 30.12.2007
As we have told you previously, situation for hucho fly fising was quite demanding in last days. Clear water made fishing very difficoult, but despite cold weather our guys persisted till the end. And as it would be send from the heaven, in the last 10 minuts of fishing, on the last, second day, STRIKE! Mr. Stefano G. was the chosen one this time and the beast he caught on a fly rod had exactly 90cm! Well deserved indeed!



Why? Because it would help us a lot with hucho fishing in last days! Water of Sava Bohinjka is so clear, that is very difficoult to approach to hucho pools without fish would notice us.. especialy with a fly rods. We have some very nice hucho hunters on the river in these days, but so far luck was more on the "danube" side than on ours. They had scored few strikes, but mostly of medium sized huchos. Those big ones are already so experienced, that eaven the fishermans shadow it`s self, glues them to the bottom of the pool where they just sit and laugh :-/ well, this won`t last for long, snow is forcasted for weekend and with snow, also white water will come. And bye bye hucho`s advantage of spoting fishermans!



New groups of brave hucho hunters are coming to try their luck in the next days. A welcome refreshment for our news home page, which was little sleepy during the X-mas hollidays. For your information and as a reminding to all fishermans who are still to come for fishing: prepare yourselve for looow temperatures which are forcasted for the next days. Warm clothing, caps, fine gloves, jackets, bring all that can keep you warm. Except bright colored winter fur-lined skiing jackets which are much too noticable for hucho fishing. If you come with a jacket like that, you will have to leave it at the Lodge :-) Sava is low and very clear at the moment so you must make as less apearance as you can to surprise the hucho.



Merry Christmass and all the best in 2008! Thank you for being with us and let all your Trophy dreams for `08 come true! Rok, Matej



This question is often asked by our clients when we make arrangments for hucho fishing. The answer is NO. No net is needed, because guide does her job. A net suitable for holding large hucho should have a minimum diameter of 70 cm and you can just imagine how difficoult job is to handle such a lifting crane amongst big rocks of Sava Bohinjka. A fast, skilled grip from a hucho guide is all you need. Too many times it happened already that big huchos were escaping just infront of fishermans feet, because of poor handling of fishing companions. Well, in fact belive me, it is not an easy job to bring under control a 8, 10, or eaven 20+ kg of resisting and slippery muscles with your fingers frozen. And if you faile? Fisherman will blame you till the end of his life ;-)



Enjoying beautiful December scenery and ignoring breath taking cold, local fishermans from Radovljica fishing club still persuit the bigest hucho of the season. This time mr. Ales H. scored highest, with 99er on the photo. Ofcourse he released him back to the pool because his scale for trophy is set much higher! We hope he will reach it and we thanks for the picture.



Short brake before new hucho fly fishing enterprises is a great time for highlightning some of the best "hucho in action" photos, our guides took recently. This one clearly shows philosophy of danube salmon, which could in short words be: nothing is too big for me to eat!



SHOW MUST GO ONE!, 16.12.2007
Hardly arriving to hucho fly fishing, our guest mr. Paolo D. has already reached for the highest hucho honours by catching second larger "fly fishing" hucho in the seasone - 94 cm! Paying good attention for advises of our guides, he was well rewarded with a great feeling of big animal fighting on the end of his fly line. And as a real fly fishermans do, fish swam unharmed back to the river.



Time to focuse back to our main fishing love, fly fishing hucho persuit! While big hucho bang from Radovljica is slowly echoing out, our guests we have at the Lodge at the moment are still trying to score strikes on xxl streamers they brought with in hucho battle. Being already quite waisted out from 3 days of cold and heavy casting on Sava Bohinjka, they are still persisting on the river at the moment of this update. Fingers crossed for last few hours of their fishing and "well done" to mr. Paolo P. who is looking us from the picture.



While yesterday`s fly fishing achievment still echoes, we were lucky enough to found also a nicer photo of the heavyest hucho caught on Sava Radovljica this year. News was published already 11.12. but at that time with provisional picture. So, to refresh the memory: 106 cm and 16 kg! And don`t forget to close your mouth after checking photo, I know I did when I first saw it :-))



As promissed, this needed to be published asap!! Congratulations to mr. Roberto D. and our guide Gorazd, who few hours ago managed to acchieve something realy remarkable: Catching this magnificant hucho of 98 cm and 10 kg on a fly rod! This is OFFICIAL fly fishing record for Sava Bohinjka and we extend our sincere congratulations!!! Concidering, that conditions on the river tody were hard, very strong wind blowing all day, a real fly fishing nightmare.. but still, 98 cm!!! Some thing to concider for all who think big huchos can`t be caught on a fly rod! And it is hardly the first one of 3 fishing days our guys have! Despite the fact, that tomorrow, December will put his hammer down and temperatures will drop far down to -8°C, we are still looking forward to some new surprises!



Looks like the moon had to change in some way, because big huchos are starting to bite much more often. And you know what big hucho means for Sava Radovljica ! This one on the photo was catched and releaseb back to the river just few days ago without eaven measuring it. Mr Saso, who got him said that this is not a real trophy and he will catch biger one for sure!? Well, I would estimate fish to be close to 1 m, so you can imagine what cind of trophy Mr. Saso has in his mind! I can just hope he will contribute the trophy photo for our news site!



We knew we can count on Radovljica fishing club to produce some very nice hucho catches. And finaly we got one; mr. Tadej P. managed to get a nice hucho of 106 cm and 16 kg! Pale coloures of hucho always apeares just few minuts after animal goes to "eternal sleep" but later after few hours fish gains back her normal skin coloure. We will get also those photos and will ofcourse publish them on our news page tomorrow.. such animal deservs to be mentioned more than one time!



A few days pause before we start new hucho persuit in a couple of days time. Some good fly fishermans are coming again to try the ultimate river fly fishing challenge - hucho fishing with large streamers! Beside very good casting skills, also quality gear is needed, stiff rods and good drags on fly reels. It is not that you could not get a hucho strike on a crapy fly rod and 20Eur reel.. but in such case, strike is all you are going to get. Without a very hard contrary strike, you will never set a hook in hard hucho mouth and after few strong shakes with the big head, bye bye trophy. Once seting a hook well, fish still have a good chance to escape. If hucho of 7+ kg decides to go down with the current, you will need a realy good drag on a fly reel to prevent him such escape. So, good fly fishing gear you see on pictures is more of a need than a show-up thing.



While we had almost spoiled you with all those nice hucho photos, it is right that you know who stands in between wild fish hidden in 3-5 meters deep pool and it`s picture displayed on the monitor of your PC. Those are all brave fishermans and fly fishermans who had decided to change the comfort of their PC chairs for the cold and some times cruel witner fishing reality. A lot of efforts, equipment and skills invested in this beautiful type of fishing deserves to be mentioned with praise, eaven if no hucho picture attached. To all the guys who were already here or are comming in next weeks, hey, it is great to cooperate with you on this project!!!!



Hardly we finished last unforgetable hucho fishing weekend, the new one is knocking on the door! We are sorry that one group had to cancel their hucho hunting this weekend, for sure there would be some nice catches to publish! But that also means that this weekend is still free for hucho bookings. (next one almost completly full). In the meantime we have still some nice catches to publish, one of them for sure hucho of our "old" predator, mr. Stefano T, who is coming for fishing every season and always get nice catches. Just keep on going, hope you get 100+ soon!



We have been waiting for some time for this news to come. While until now, 90+cm huchos were mostly caught with spinn rods, few days ago, Mr. Stefano M. managed to get this wonderful 93cm large animal with most difficoult hucho fishing technique: fly fishing with xxl streamer! Eaven with few degrees below zero, he sweated a lot before the beast was prepared to pose for the camera :-)



As mentioned on Friday, we had 6 very good fly fishermans here on hucho hunting last weekend. They made a very decent hucho fishing fight, but as always in hucho hunting world, eaven the best some times stay empty handed. We have some more photos to publish, so stay with us!



LADIES RULE!, 1.12.2007
With all the manhood company we have on hucho fishing this weekend, we though that some nice picture of more rare lady hucho fisher, would be a welcome change. Ms. Vesna T. cindly grant us this photo for our news. She caughted and released back this hucho while locals were still fishing on Sava Bohinjka. Great job, we wish to see more of that in the future :-) PS: there is a few of very good guys fishing here this weekend, so stay tuned on monday, we might have some nice "results" to publish!



While we wait for a new group of adult hucho fishermans, coming to our lodge tonight, we thought it would be a fair deal to mention also the youngest hucho fisherman we host this year. That is with 17 years Soma H. from Hungary, who was fishing here last week with his very successful father, mr. Szabolcs H. Soma managed to catch this 70cm hucho in a difficoult - bright day conditions and he deserves all the compliments.



VIV LA FRANCE FISHERMANS! 101 CM!!!, 28.11.2007
We have a pleasure to host a very good french fisherman, who is also a repotrer for fishing magazine "TRUITE". Mr. Marc Ponsot came here in Slovenia with a modest wish, to catch at least a small representative of the specie, he heard so much about it - danube salmon. And o boy, what a surprise he had!! Yesterday he landed the bigest "tourist" one this season - 101 cm, 10.50kg! He was righteously thrilled! After taking great pictures, king hucho was released unharmed back to his home pool.



After just 10 unbelievable fishing days, local Bled club members had managed to fulfil allowed quota of 8 taken hucho and thathow closed the season in record short timing. Meaning Sava Bohinjka Bled sector is now open only for tourist hucho fishing. Interesting fact is, that hucho fever amongst local hucho fishermans is still so high, that a lot of them will probably buy tourist fishing permits, just to be able to go back again trying to catch those ones 110+ cm. We also get this photo of the largest hucho of mr. Franc H. caught near Selo, measuring 105cm, 12.10kg! So from now on river is less pressured and the real cold hucho season is just coming!



GOT HIM!!! 104 CM!!!, 24.11.2007
With the feverish run local hucho fishermans had since the season has opened, we didn`t know if we will see some king sized hucho before quota of 8 taken huchos/season will be full. But last two days were a big-bang days: on thursday first one of 105 cm was caught near Selo, but we mised the photo of that one. And yesterday eve another big news came! Mr. Tadej P. and his 17 years old son managed to catch this beautiful animal of 104 cm and 9,2 kg! Now, only 1 more hucho can be taken, than season for local Bled club members will be closed. With the fever on Sava today, this should happen shortly!



FOR HUCHO FISHING , 23.11.2007
While whole fishing focuse and attention in these days belong to hucho, there are few guys which bravely insist with fly fishing. One of them, mr. Daniele G. cindly sended us this great photo his girlfriend took few days ago, while fly fishing on the Institute part of Sava Bohinjka, close to Log. As usual for this time of year, this submarine sized rainbow took smallest nymph possible. Ofcourse during this fight, also backing saw a daylight! 77cm, 4-5kg.



As planed, we are trying to get realy big danube salmon in Sava Radovljica fishing sector this year. We went with our guide and some of best clients few days ago to try our luck. Well, we didn` get the jackpot but also didn`t come back empty handed!



Final day of hucho fishing for our friends from Hungary has conclude with few nice catches in the latest hours of the day. Again mr. Szabolcs H. scored best, with 82cm hucho on the picture. That was not all, but we still wait photos from our Fauna guides. Stay with us!



Surprising catch had mr. Luca M. when he was fishing for hucho in district Sava Radovljica. Despite the efort local clubs are investing in rules, to prevent damage on trout population during hucho season, there is just no limits for a savage rainbow male like this one. Eaven if limited size of streamer would be 20cm, he would still attack.. Great fish indeed. Haven`t seen none likely during all fly fishing season!



Despite low temperetures and some minor snow, hucho fever doesn`t want to stop! Alongside local hucho fishermans, we also have a group of good fishermans from Hungary in action on last 3 days. One of them, our good acquaintance from last years, mr. Szabolcs H. again proved his skills by this very nice hucho catch. Measure stoped at 92cm. Another praiseworthy action from happy fisherman: the great fish swimed back to her pool unharmed. Well done!



Hucho fishing day has started promissing and we felt this might happen! We envy that supreme feeling mr. Stefano F. had, when his fly suddenly stoped in the middle of the pool! From that moment one, pay day for all the invested efforts, cold, early rising, has come! After good fight on his 8class fly rod, hucho of some 88cm was successfuly landed. Our Fauna guide was equaly happy as lucky Stefano F. and took this photo for all of you who are still hesitating back home.



We were expecting this news sooner or latter, because we have pleasure to guide two very good fly fishermans who are trying their skills on hucho fishing these days. Mr. Stefano was the first who had a strike in early morning hours and sucessfuly landed this 60cm hucho. True, it is not the bigest one, but with fly rod, every one counts! This news could be biger if his companion mr. Luca M. would manage to hold on big hucho strike he had. But after few angry shakes with the head, hucho senior managed to unhook himselve, leaving unlucky fisherman dissapointed behind.. well, more luck tomorrow!



This hucho season has started so fast and so good, that we had to publish trophy catches before we eaven had time to translate fishing rules in english :-) well, here they are now. I know you would prefer some nice hucho catch, but also rules can be useful staff. ~~~~~~ Hucho-Hucho fishing regime on Sava Bohinjka, Bled fishing club Season 15.11.2007 – 14.02.2008 1. Fishing for hucho-hucho (salmon danube) is allowed from 15th of November, till 14th February, on entire district of Sava Bohinjka Bled fishing club, except in TROPHY SECTION (from the bridge in Selo, downstream till the bridge in Ribno). 2. Hucho-hucho fishing is allowed only by purchasing daily fishing permit. Fishing permit costs 40,00 EUR. 3. Fishing is allowed by following schedule: · November: 06:00 – 18:00 hours * December: 06:30 – 17:30 hours *January: 06:30 – 18:00 hours * February: 06:00 – 18:30 hours 4. Fishing for hucho-hucho can be done only with an escort of a fishing guide or other companion, member of Bled fishing club. * During escort, guide or companion is NOT ALLOWED TO FISH. * Guide or companion can escort maximum of 3 (three) fishermans per day. § Distance between participants (guide and his clients) should not be larger than 80 meters. 5. Two fishing systems are allowed; FLY FISHING AND SPINNING: § FLY FISHING: fly fishing rod rank 7 or more with suitable fly reel and line. Tippet should not be thiner than 0,30 mm. Size (lenght) of a streamer fly must be at least 12 cm or larger. § SPINNING: spinning rod with suitable reel. Diameter of fishing line should be at least 0,35 mm or more. Allowed baits are artificial lures with minimum lenght of 10 cm, measuring without hooks or triplet hooks. 6. Hucho-hucho can be taken under following terms: § Fishing guide or companion must in less than 3 (three) hours after capturing, report hucho-hucho taking to authorized persons: - river guard Mr. Franc Veber, phone 041-666-558 or - club secretary Mr. Marjan Fon, phone 051-308-985. § Minimum lenght of taken hucho-hucho must be at least 80cm. § Till evaluation and measuring by authorised persons stated above, taken hucho-hucho must remain uncleaned and in one piece. § Compensation for taken hucho-hucho must be done by following price list: LENGHT (cm) PRICE (Sit) PRICE (Eur) 80-90 110,00 Eur 90-100 150,00 Eur 100+ 300,00 Eur Tight lines! Fishing club Bled



Within first hours of today`s morning, another nice hucho was caught again! One of our best hucho guides, mr. Gorazd V., knew exactly where to search. Second cast, strike, brutal fight of 92 cm large fish and it was all done. Professional job indeed. From total quota of allowed 8 taken huchos for local fishermans, only 6 more remains.. and season is opened hardly 2 days!?



First hucho fishing day on Sava Bohinjka has finished and o boy, what a day it was! Almost every local hucho fisherman who concider himself a "hucho predator" took a day off work, like it would be christmass or something big. Bled district was shivering from hucho fever, despite cold wind and low temperatures. Lots of undersized huchos were caught and released back. And there was also first one taken. Yes, that is the one on the picture! 93cm long and 8,5kg hucho was a trophy of a year for our good friend mr. Rok V. who is already well known by trophy catches in vicinity of Bled (see news archive from day 15.12.2006). There was also second 90+ hucho caughted and released back, because lucky fisherman is expecting eaven biger catch this season. Unfortunatly we were unable to get photo of that one.. We get reports from reliable fishermans, that this year we can expect also catches till 120cm, because last years bigest hucho had gain nicely during summer time.. Fever is raising with every new day, so we are realy looking forward to next days. Especialy because we have some very good fishermans coming to fly fish for hucho in next 4 days! Stay with us!



FIRST ONE CAPTURED!!!, 14.11.2007
Great news reported: with first low November temperatures also first big huchos started to show their cards! Yesterday we witnes the first nice catch in 07/08 season on district Sava Radovljica! Mr. Sergej P. managed to get this beautiful hucho of 96cm and 8,7kg. He was spinning, but the bait remains top secret unfortunatly ;-) We congratulate!



Just recieved from Fisherei Research Institute of Slovenia office: Fishing sector for Hucho-Hucho in season 07/08 as follows: from the road bridge before settlement Bohinjska Bistrica, till the dam in Soteska. Fishing season: 1.12.2007 - 14.2.2008. Price for a fishing permit: 59,00 Eur. Where can you buy fishing permit: Fauna fly fishing store in Bled ( click here for the location) or Fisherei Research Institute office in Ljubljana. Allowed fishing methods: fly fishing or spinning, minimum size of bait or fly 10cm, SINGLE hooks only! Other fishing rules: fishing in a pair only. After finished fishing, permits must be returned back to the dealer. (Fauna store or Institute office). If licenses are not returned within next day, holder will be next time restricted from fishing. Every taken Hucho must be physicaly reported to the dealer of fishing permit (or river guard) for measuring purposes only.



While beautiful weather still holds back big hucho catches in Sava Radovljica river, Sava Bohinjka on the other hand shows her best catches of the season. We had few unforgetable fishing days recently with great grayling dry fly fishing. At this time of year it is very important that you fish for big graylings.. it can happen that you will get none, but if you will be careful, using long leaders, exact casting and wright fly, you might be lucky and go home with a picture like this. I think photo needs no furder comment.



First hucho fishing day has began with nice sun and big fever on hotest hucho spots on area of Sava Radovjica. Despite not the best weather for hucho fishing (too much of sun) we hope first day will give some results already! For all of you who want to know more about hucho fishing on this new and exciting area, we had opened a dedicated home page with fishing rules and fishing offers. Enter HUCHO FISHING in SAVA RADOVLJICA and check yourselve! Also some pictures will be uploaded, but first we need to catch them ;-) PS: fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka is great in this cind of weather! Sava B. is still opened for fly fishing till 30.11.!



Dear all faithful visitors! Late news, we had a lot of work in last days with preparing some material for this years HUCHO fishing season. While on Sava Bohinjka we still have fly fishing season, on the big Sava Radovljica, (from confluence down), already Hucho fishing season will be opened on 1.11.2007!! Also for us, this is new this year! We had made an agreament with Radovljica fishing association and this year we can guide our clients also on their waters! How exciting, especialy because we know how big hucho can be there! Also local fishermans are very nervouse, because last years hucho "counting" (if I may say so) was very good which means promissing 07/08 season! We will be with you shortly with some more details regarding this so do not go away. And remember, fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka is still in full action!



While murky weather stoped a chain of 14 very nice and sunny fishing days on our area, we thought it might be useful to remind you that there are only few more fishing licenses left for MOSTNICA river! Small, but very nice and protected stream close to Bohinj lake. Remember, only 50 per year and quota is almost full! Despite bad forcast for next few days, we are still expecting nice fishing days, specialy for graylings..



Hi to all! Nice to be back with you and to be able to publish a good news. While listening good news from fishermans during recent weekend, a lot of us, including Bled fishing club officials, went on fly fishing too. Results were great, we all caught plenty. I was testing some new fly paterns for Fauna store and some Patagonia gear, so I wasn`t too focused on fishing, but still caught some 10 average sized fish in an hour or so.. guys from Bled club scored better, biggest fish was wild rainbow of 56cm. They were all fishing in sector II. of Bled district. "It`s like fishing a new river" they said, because the bottom is completly reshaped after the last rain we had. Cool! I also get good news from our Italian fishing friends, who were fishing in upper sections of Sava (Institute) for graylings with a dry fly mostly - very good activitie of all sized graylings on big, not October looking flies! For conclusion just this: if you had any intentions to do some fly fishing on Sava or Radovna this year, don`t hesitate, just GO!!!



At first let we inform you, that both, Sava Bohinjka and Radovna have their normal water levels again and fishing is very good! Dry fly is working wery well as fish feeds mostly on the surface. But also in last few days, when levels were still high, we had a few cool fishermans, which went to fish despite that. One of them was for sure mr. Oscar B. from Spain, who fished first on Radovna and later on also on Sava. Both time very successful as you can see from the pictures which he cindly gave us for our fishing news.



Finaly we see Sava Bohinjka on a normal fishable level after almost 14 days again! We were little pesimistic about how high water which lasted almost 14 days will afect fishing, but first fishermans which went on the river brought back great news! Fishing is absolutly great and is the best with dry fly!! We think that is because flood washed away good part of bottom fauna and fish are much more concentrated on surface food (flies) as they would be in normal circumstances. And with a great weather forcast for this weekend, what better news could I write to you!?? Can`t wait to close Fauna store and go to stretch my #3 on some Sava`s grayling again! See you!!!



Who? Sava Bohinjka ofcourse. After almost 12 days of fly fishing starving, water level is almost ok for first October casts for graylings. But till I get some news from Sava, let us focuse on Radovna a little. I would like to solve a very common question once for good: WHERE SHOULD I GO FOR BR. TROUT FISHING? SAVA BOHINJKA OR RADOVNA?? The answer is, it depends WHAT CIND of brown trout would you like to catch? I play a little with the picture and put brown trout from Sava on the left and from Radovna on the right. Surely you see the difference. Sava has bigger, but commoner trout, Radovna smaller and jewely looking ones. You pick! Oh, sorry, You can`t!! Brown trout season has closed yesterday! ;-)



While we still wait Sava Bohinjka to to go down and sun shines again, we recieved a nice photo which was taken just before this rainy period we experience now. We had a cool group of young swiss fishermans at our Lodge last week and they spend some nice moments on fly fishing arround the lodge at that time. Unfortunatly bad weather send them back home before scheduled time, so their story will have to see her end in next season! Already looking forward too! While writing this, sava is still high, because she is feeding from lake Bohinj, completly full of water from last XXL storm in recent week.



RECOVERING , 22.9.2007
Hi to all! We havent been writing much fly fishing news lately because of a simple reason; there havent been much fly fishing. You probably hear for well... quite heavy storm we had on tuesday which pushed almost all the rivers in Slovenia to unfishable level. Good news is that rivers are going down fast and we expect first districts to be fishable already on monday. Local authorities are working hard to repair local road damages, so everything should be back to normal in a couple of days. See you soon on autumn grayling dry fly fishing on Sava Bohinjka! Best regards to all



Despite bad weather we have here this days, fishing we had in last week was excelente! Low water, no cayak and canoes makes big fish less spooky and thathow more easy to catch.. still fishing with a guide makes much difference. This time our guide Dare helped mr. Surtees and his soons who were fishing with us last week. After a request, this time he took the big guy to take this photo, because hands of mr. Surteese were little shaky :-) ofcourse all this happened in Bled Trophy section of Sava Bohinjka



Is the best description you can get for present situation on Bled fishing local area. We have few groups from France, Belgium and Italy here and they all claim dry fly fishing now is almost as good as it was in April. And it is going on during the day, when the sun is at his peak. Evenings have poore or no hatch at all. We also get a nice second visit this year from our fly fishing friend mr. Jimmy G. Remember him from previouse news? Check archive.. Well he was fishing again with our guide Gorazd last week and again scored high! Unforgetable fly fishing week indeed! I will upload photo asap, we have some server jam now but it should be gone soon.



Hello dear fly fishing friends! Short silence from us, because all I could write you about in recent week, were tropical fish of Red sea where I spend a short time-off. Just coming back, I see great water levels and nice warm autumn weather. Also fly fishing is nice as I was informed from our guides. Will check situation myselve in next days.. Few recent images belonging to this article, will be uploaded later, so stay tuned. Nice to be back with you!



WHAT THE F. I HOOKED NOW!?, 29.8.2007
That is the first thought you have when you hook this guy. At first it feels like hooking a big browny, shaking the head and golden shine threw the water. But after just few minuts the fake reveals: Chub! Bitter-sweet result. Bitter because it is not trophy brown trout, sweet because fish is big. With warm August waters, also chubs are moving down stream from lake Bohinj. It is very hard to get him on a fly, that fish has great sight and is selective as hell! So if you see them in the pools of upper Sava Bohinjka or arround Selo and Ribno, ignore them. Once hooked, they fight like a sick small trout. No pleasure at all. Well, there is a funny saying in fly fishing public, that the catch of a nice chub, makes you a "chub-club" member :-) well.. no comment.



No doubt, this guy on the picture! Brook trout. Less and less presented in Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river unfortunatly. Local clubs and Research Institute from Ljubljana had stop stocking them, because they are not autohtone specie. But if you know the wright place (especialy in Radovna) you can still catch this agressive and good fighting trout. Best fly? No doubt - streamer!



As you might notice if reading our Sava fly fishing news, general fly fishing public opinion means a lot to us at Fauna Bled comp. But maybe you also notice, that we like to prove general public opinion to be wrong! :-) Since we wrote a few articles about Radovna, a lot of fishermans went there to try it. And general opinion was: beautiful brown trout, great river, lots of strikes, but no big fish? Well, I asked Dare, our guide to go there and prove you wrong. Wasn`t to difficoult for him to do that, knowing radovna like his pocket.. 48cm rainbow, NATURAL! On T&T #2 fly rod. Where? Above the dam in Krnica. And than everything was quiet.............



LONG SLEEP - NO FISH!, 16.8.2007
Classic scenario with tourist fly fishermans these days: I wake up at 8:00, finish breakfast till 9:00, go to Fauna store for fishing license arround 10:00, arrive to the river at 11:00 and ..... catch just small fish :-)). One tip from our guiding service: If you want to catch nice fish during month of Avgust, you should come back from fly fishing before your wife wakes up! Meaning you are at the river with first day light! Try one time. It is hard to get up, but you will be surprised! Dry fly is working much better than in the evening. And we didn`t eaven charged you for this info ;-)



Were the first words of mr. Tim H. from Australia, when he finished his several days guiding expedition with our guide Dare. They fish all the lenght of Sava Bohinjka, but Radovna impressed him the most. In fact, he fired me so much, I took my #3 weight fly rod and myselve and went on Radovna for few hours. And behold! Brown trout behind almost every second rock! And each different skin patern!? Not big, but looking like small jewels. It is almost impossible to catch such brownies in Sava.. And all you need is a nice good swimming deer hair caddis. You realy must try one time.



Hot Avgust days and consequentialy warmer water of Sava Bohinjka, feeding out from 19°C Bohinj lake, has made fish less active than we are used to. So "bigger fish are glued to the bottom" or "fish does not move" are common words I hear every day in our fly store. But fish is sometimes like human; if it is hot, we become lazy. But that doesn`t mean we do not eat any more! Try to cast the wright nymph exactly in front of the fish which you have spoted and you will see she will take it! But it will not take it if you will miss her for 30+ cm. That is main trick you need to know for August f.f. on Sava B.



First August days are here and so are the tourists.. Meaning you can expect more swimmers, sun-catchers, canoes and other pesty elements in your fly fishing area. (Hm, topless lady sunseekers are welcome ofcourse). We would suggest you to fish more remote and hard to come places during weekends when Sava Bohinjka and Radovna are the most bussy. One of them is for sure the canyon of Sava Bohinjka under Bohinjska Bela village, Bled fishing district. Very wild and peaceful place, one of my favorits. Fishes are smaller than in trophy sections and more hard to catch but they are all natural and in a great fighting condition. Some precaution there is needed ofcourse because mobile signal is week or gone and there are also some other animals there, which like peace too. I took the bottom "SS" picture on the high bridge in sector 2 at the entrance of the Canyon.



A question I hear just too many times in Fauna store these days.. Usualy from less experienced fly fishermans, but that doesn`t mean issue can`t be disscuised here. A tip from us: It is almost August month and time has come when you need to stop using your 0.16mm tipets if you want to catch a descent sized fish. No more gold beeded nymphs on hook size 10 or less and no more big dry flies in the middle of the day. Fluorocarbon for smaller nymphs is almost obligatory. Nymphs on size 18-20 should not be missing in your fly box either. Do not count on evening hatch to bring you some big fish. Eaven small rainbows are difficoult to catch sometimes. Hope you get some idea from this few lines because I can`t be too long with this, or some proffies might get bored ;-)



Last report from our guide, fishing with mr. Roland V. who is also on the picture, could help you with your summer fly fishing; biger (smarter) fishes in Trophy sections, have become far more careful than they were at the begining of the season. Thing that frightens them most, is your shadow "walking" infront of you. Especialy on calm areas, try to fish towards the sun. It is more demanding, but you have adventage of fish not knowing you are there.



When sun is hammering down with 35+degrees, a nice refreshing valley of Radovna river is more welcome than a cold beer in the bar! With suficient water level and active brown trout, 35 eur for C&R license couldn`t be better invested if you are a fly fisherman seeking pure unspoiled places to fish. Sava ofcourse is not bad, but can`t offer such refreshment. At the upper part of Radovna you can actually drink water from the river. Where else in Europe would you still dare to do that? But dont blame me if by chance you get diarea. Maybe you are alergic to blue duns or midges :-)



During last week, when almost all alpine springed rivers were too high for fly fishing, lots of fishermans went to fish on well known chalk stream Unica, close to famouse Postojna cave. Being one of the most expensive, but also one of the best grayling rivers in Slovenia, fly fishing there is always a memorable event. Ofcourse also our guide Darko had to be there and he took this very nice underwater photos of caught graylings. On 3/4 of Unica, only dry fly fishing is allowed, so getting grayling of this size in the middle of July on a dry fly isn`t so easy. But also Dare isn`t one of the best guides for nothing..



REALISTIC = CATCH!, 13.7.2007
When seeing a very realistic fly imitation, first idea is that it is made for fly fishermans, not to realy catch fish. But our friends from Spain had proven this idea wrong. When realistic patern is well presentet and at the wright moment on the wright place, fish will not be able to reist it for sure. But is up to you to decide either is worth investing hour or more in one fly and than leave it on a tree after few casts? I say Y