Massive Hatches on all rivers!

Yesterday evening we have been roaming on the Sava Bohinjka river, seeking what is hatching at the moment.. At the end the hatch became so strong we could not distinguish any more what is the strongest family of the hatching insect! Caddis, Stone flies, Ephemeras, Spinners – all were there!


Well, that said – but you have to tie only ONE fly on your leader! So you have to choose! Most persuading were Caddis imitations!  In particular this one:   https://www.faunaflyshop.si/suha-muha-orange-head-cadis.html

The strike was guaranteed as long as the fly float high on the surface. Once going submerged – fish ignored it! Saver of the situation:  https://www.faunaflyshop.si/prah-za-susenje-tmc-dry-shake-shimazaki.html

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