Well, here we go again – Government of the Republic Slovenia toke severe steps to reduce covid infections amongst them also temporary closing down all the shops except some food and gardening retails stores.. Than means that the Fauna Fly shop in Bled will also be closed preliminary till October 31st. We are of course operating normally online at shipping out orders on a daily basis. Also info phone number +38641633147 is open on all times to help you out with some potential questions you might be having.

Here are few facts that are frequently asked by fly fisherman;

  • Fly fishing on the rivers and lakes IS ALLOWED.
  • Fishing permit sale is not restricted by any means.
  • Flyfishing season is open at least until November 15th, on some rivers even till November 30th
  • Hucho fishing season opens with November 15th (on the big Sava river is already open)
  • Bookings for the Hucho fishing are normally accepted, this season no booking deposits are required.
  • For the duration of 1week – until October 31st (for now) no accommodation check ins anywhere can be done – except if you travel for the business and you can prove that.
  • All restaurants are closed
  • All shops except gardening centres, mechanics, pet stores – are closed until October 31st with possible extension.
  • All hotels are closed
  • Gas stations, grocery shops, banks, post offices, garden centres are normally open.
  • Fly fishing on the rivers and lakes IS ALLOWED.  we must mention this again :-)