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Hucho-Hucho Fishing movies

Moments of catching the Hucho-Hucho are valuable! With the catch or without, they deserve to be framed forever! Many hours of your time and also funds can be spent before the fishing rod bends down! Our Hucho Fishing Guides spend their best efforts to capture the Hucho catches on the videos you can watch at home later again and again! Filming in difficult conditions with little light, frozen fingers and fighting fish is not an easy task. The videos below were taken by a simple cameras and by no-pro camera users.. Thank you for understanding on the quality. Subscribe to our >>> YouTube Hucho Fishing channel <<< and receive news about new and exciting video footage delivered by our Hucho Fishing Guides!

December 2019

For more Hucho Fishing video content please visit our You Tube channel Fauna Fly Fishing Slovenia. Come on the Hucho fishing yourself and we shall do our Best that you will find yourself in our Hucho fishing Movies too!