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February was well under the impression of this magnificent Hucho Fishing day, which result awesome male of 116cm! Our returning guests from Switzerland finally got their efforts repay – in a best possible way!

A few latest catches on the Sava Bohinjka river – Slovenia! January 2019.. Highlights of the last weeks hucho fishing action! Frozen fingers and a happy faces – Hucho fishing mania!

Opening of the 2018-2019 Hucho-Hucho fishing season in a style; Landing a magnificent Hucho of 113cm with a fly rod! Mid day, clear water of the Sava Bohinjka river and sunshine! In theory almost impossible mission – but it has happen!

A collection of Hucho-Hucho fishing photos from many Guiding tours along the Sava and the Sava Bohinjka river. EVERY image carries memories of it`s lucky angler.. Full of emotions, those captured moments of time speak for them self. Years of dedication to the Hucho Fishing and many loyal returning fisherman enabled us to create this page.. We know how much sacrifices, cold days and hard work is behind the happy faces of the anglers. Fauna Fly Shop Bled thanks to each and every one of them for joining us in this Odyssey called Hucho-Hucho fishing mania!

Spinning fishing Hucho catches and visiting Anglers

FLY FISHING HUCHO Gallery.. Images and visiting Fly Fisherman from Worldwide!

As is hard enough to land a Hucho-Hucho by a spinning rod – twice as demanding is to do it with a Fly rod! Elite Fly Fisherman targeting the Hucho as their ultimate catch and crown jewel of their fly fishing carrier. And they have all the reasons out there to do that! Once the Fly rod gets bend down to the handle – your efforts are all forgotten and the adrenaline explodes!

HALL OF FAME – ELITE HUCHO-HUCHO catches of 110+ cm in both classes Fly and Spin fishing

There is a magical border in Hucho-Hucho fishing. It is called a Meter fish. Sooner or later one reaches that border tag. And than is when the proper Hucho-hucho fishing or fly fishing starts! Every centimetre above 100 means a hard work and also skill.. Big Huchos are smart and experienced – hard to trick them. Less than 10% of all the Hucho-hucho fishing population will break the 110cm Tag in their life.. some did. And some will do it again. Don`t give up. When the time is right and the stars are on your side – you will end up in the Elite Hucho gallery too!

HUCHO-HUCHO FISHING Scenery, Nature and winter beauty of the river Sava Bohinjka – Slovenia

True, out there on the river we all have a goal to catch a Hucho Salmon. But there is so much more out there than just the fish – Mother nature can fill one`s hart with winter beauty of no compare.. True fisherman will never go back home from Hucho fishing empty handed: The Sava Bohinjka river will fill you with the memories that might bond you down on her for good!

New Hucho-hucho catches come every winter to the above galleries! Join the anglers from around the world and catch your Hucho in Slovenia! Fauna Fly Shop will do our best to guide you towards your lifetime fishing Trophy!
Send your questions anytime! We are looking forward to read from you!