Hey you fishing visitor – glad to find you here!

Surely hundreds of us fly fisherman and woman staying grounded worldwide! News from Slovenia – 1st hand without the media pomp: life is severely stopped now true.. but if you walk on the empty streets of Bled or other hot-spots – it kind-a still feels normal. Desolated, true, but yet a bit normal. Rivers are now hand full only of anglers, few solitary local anglers and very few tourist fly fisherman. Not that they would not be left in Slovenia- borders can be passed if you area healthy. the problem is local isolation in the home countries like Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary etc.. that is basically what is keeping the fly fisherman away… No news on the fly fishing horizon so far.. Main season opens with April 1st, but obviously no real crowd is expected.. how could.. the damn Covid is still around and we can only hope that higher spring temperatures will chase it away eventually… mentioned temperatures – next week SNOW is forecasted for the north-west Slovenia!

Beside that, Fauna Team all well, tying some flies, making some Hucho advertising to be published later, etc.. We wish you lots of health and patience, this are probably the hardest times to face in the last decades – but did a fly fisherman ever gave up? Not that we remember 😉

stay in contact we shall be informing you more regularly now how the situation is improving..