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The Fauna Slovenia fly fishing guide service has more than 18 years of experience and is one of only a few officially registered services in Slovenia. We can provide highty experienced guides on Slovenia's best fly fishing rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Unica, Radovna, Idrijca and others.




Whether you are an experienced trout fly fisherman or an absolute beginner, our very experienced local Slovenian fishing guides will always make your visit to Slovenia's best rivers a memorable event. We provide transport and all fly fishing equipment, and have thousands of carefully selected flies ideal for the Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna and other rivers. In fact, you need bring nothing with you at all! Our friendly and helpful guides speak all major European languages and will become your special fly fishing friend and mentor by the end of the day!


What is one of the first thoughts once you decide to go to fly fish in Slovenia? Do I need a fly fishing guide! Our answer would be: probably you do! And since every reasonable statement needs an argument, here are ours;

1.When you arrive in Slovenia, there will be some 40 fly fishing districts waiting for you and you will not always have reliable idea about fishing conditions or water levels on them.

2.You had chose a river to fly fish on and you know that the water level is fishable. Problem is, that river is 15km long and in some rocky part of Slovenia.. Before you find and arrive to the river without even knowing hot spots, there will be a half day already gone.

3.You had find the river and it is in good fishing condition, we at Fauna fly shop had kindly tell you for some hot spot on it, but there are a small paths that lead to them and they are not even marked on the map.. Ups, half day gone again. And it has been morning which is lost, usually better part of the fishing day, especially in the summer time.

4. You found a hot spot on a nice and probably not cheap river (Unica, Soca, Krka Trophy, Sava Bohinjka Trophy part) and you see a lot of active fish. After an hour of casting you still don`t have a strike, but fish is feeding all over the place.. Well, a hint regarding best local flies from a guide would come very handy ha?

5.You had managed to find all the mentioned and managed to pick the right fly and you had a great time out there.. But behold! You had spend 2-3 days of your precious vacation time to managed that. With a guide it would take you a day.
We could talk more about the advantages of having a guide on the rivers which are not actually your backyard. But all who are open minded for a common sense, have enough facts on the table.

Fauna Fly Fishing shop in Bled will be glad to help you even if you still decide to go on your own. Having maps and fishing permits for the majority of fly fishing rivers in Slovenia we are definitely a place to visit once you arrive in Slovenia. After all, we have no argument against exploring pioneer spirit of our fly fisherman if we meet one!