Fly Fishing condition in Slovenia still not stable

As expected the rainy week will prolong also into the weekend of April 27-28th.. Meaning that the larger rivers will not be dropping down the levels so fast as expected. As a sample we show you comparing videos of the Radovna and Sava Bohinjka river.. smaller one already ok for the Fly Fishing while larger one still high and opaque.. We heard that also other smaller river like Lepena, Baca, Trebuscica, Trziska Bistrica might also be fishable for the upcoming end of the week – but always better to check with us or some nearby river hotel about the actual coloration of the streams.

What kind a fly fishing weather can we expect in the next days? Prognosis goes for the north-west Slovenia;


Video from the Radovna Mill`s area and the Sava Bohinjka Boh.Bela bridge.. Both taken in the morning of April 26th

Radovna Sava Bohinjka fishing conditions as on April 26th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

An idea about a fly or two that might or did work well in the previous days – various Trout streams and the rivers


A NOTIFICATION FROM THE FAUNA FLY SHOP IN BLED: Since April 27th is a Holiday, our Fly shop will be open like on the Sundays – 8:00 – 10:00 am.