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Away from the urban hustle and bustle, Fauna Fly Fishing Lodge in Slovenia offers attractive and peaceful accommodation amongst beautiful scenery and unspoiled nature. Looks out over one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Sava Bohinjka. Bled town can be reached in 10 minute drive! But being a fly fisherman you will surely prefer the proximity of the unspoiled nature, pure river and lovely Brown trout, Grayling or Hucho-Huchos residential to it.. Every Guest of the Fauna fishing Lodge will feel that he is welcome and appreciated. 



Surrounding river nature of the Fauna Lodge and the Sava Bohinjka is a home of many flies. In the seasonal time river explodes in massive hatches of Danica fly, May Flies, Ephemera families, Tricoptera families and of course the fascinating – super large Perla Maxima – Stone flies! If you are a fly tier, finding those patterns should be really easy! Fauna Lodge staff is highly aware about the importance of fly tying. A small handy table and a tying vise are always there! Welcome to seat down and tie your winning pattern!  :-)

Fauna Lodge nearby
Fauna Lodge nearby

More experienced fly fisherman (and fly fishing Ladies – will all the respect), will find the canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river as a perfect hide-out from the majority of a fly fishing visitors roaming on the river banks during the high fly fishing season. If planning your fly fishing vacations in hot summer months, Fauna Lodge is the right place to be! Collecting a fresh breeze, blowing up the river canyon area, the Lodge`s area never gets too hot! Top your lungs with the river spirits and oxygen! How the world turns.. this is becoming more and more rare luxury!

Behind the Fauna Lodge
Canyon Sava Bohinjka behind the Fauna Lodge

No need for you to study various maps, GPS navigation and so on.. Just relax and we will take care for you, advising about everything you will need to know regarding the fly fishing areas, fishing permits and fly choice.. We are looking forward to your visit already!fauna-lodge2

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