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Fly Fishing rivers of Slovenia

Top 7 Fly Fishing rivers of SLOVENIA – Book your stay in BLED town and GO on numerous Flyfishing rivers and destinations!

Sava Bohinjka river – BLED Town proximity

Probably the most known crown jewel of the Slovenian fly fishing offer. In total length of approximately 30km, river offers numerous fly fishing areas. Deep green pools, canyons, flat – gravelling areas with rising graylings and lots more! Nevertheless her river bed runs mostly threw the fields and forests, roads are always close enough to enable comfortable fly fishing access.. on most areas.. for the canyon areas we suggest to have a local fly fishing guide to escort you down there. At least for the first time of you visit. Since the river sources from the lake Bohinj, snow melt in the spring time is not a problem. With the poor winters experiencing in the last decade, some anglers even don`t notice the snow melt effect.. levels are just some 10cm higher than normal but the water remains gin-clear. Early days of April are usually quite busy. The enthusiasm of fly fisherman after a long winter sleep, pushes many fly rods out there on the river. From month May onward, week by week stronger dry fly activity can be noticed. Hatches reach their peak towards mid June which could be marked as a peak of the dry fly fishing season all over Slovenian rivers. Clouds of nameless and known families of flies hover above the river, making fish frenzy in their feeding activity. Summer heat of late July and August will push the dry fly action to early mornings and late evenings, while September and early October could be again named – dry fly months. Central hours of the day, when the sun warms up the bodies of the bugs can offer a really nice dry fly fishing. Sava Bohinjka truly enables all possible type of fly fishing action! From midge fly fishing, to the monster streamer size casting in the winter time when the hucho-hucho season kicks in! Make sure you brows our special chapter on this home page entirely dedicated to this magnificent king-of-the river!

Fly fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka river opens with April 1st and it lasts until November 30th. There are several different peaks of the fly fishing season, but due to to a very unpredictable nature and weather, those so called “peaks” can move for the few weeks sooner or later. If not suffering from the snow melt too much, river can be pretty well fly fished already in the midst of April. Early May usually bursts first stronger hatches of Danica, Ephemeras ect, while June is a true boiling pot of various insects hatching out of their nymph bodies! Once you frame up the approximate period of your fly fishing trip, you might contact us for the comment or advise to it. Yes, we might be also more or less guessing, but our tools to foretold the fly fishing conditions are monitoring of the previous seasons and searching for so called “safe weeks” in the results! Magic!? Maybe..  😉 Or just a common sense from your side, to ask someone who sits on the river bank where you are about to fly fish for more than 20 years now.

Basic fly fishing rules: Fly fishing only (except in the winter time when also spinning for the hucho-hucho is allowed), Barbless hooks only, one fly at the time only, no droppers. Streamers are allowed but are limited to 5cm of their total length. Tenkara fly fishing style is allowed. Upper Bohinj part prohibits the use of strike indicators, lower Bled fishing area prohibits extra weighting of the leader (split shots). Belly boats are not allowed. Fishing from the drifting boats of bridges not allowed.

Fish species inhabiting the Sava Bohinjka:

  • Grayling (on the whole length of the river) Most famous flats to fish it are in the middle part of the river – Institute area.
  • Brown Trout (more or less on the whole length of the river but the best to go for them are lower areas – Bled fishing club area)
  • Rainbow trout (on the whole length of the river)
  • Hucho-hucho (in the lower area and middle area only. Most famous part for this type of fishing is Bled fishing part.. )
  • Chub (only at the outflow of lake Bohinj or at some pools of the lower parts of the river)

Fly fishing areas and Fishing associations on the Sava Bohinjka river with town Bled as a starting point of your fishing day.  (Press the sector and read the details)

RADOVNA river – proximity of Bled town

Fantastic look of this small, crystal clear Alpine river is not at all what she has to offer! It is also a home of a beautiful brown trout! Those jewelling looking trout does not grow large in size like on other rivers, but it grows awesomely in being beautiful! Large red or orange-red dots all over the body, dark brown to light gold skin colour, makes them a real “parrots of the amazon”! River is super cold even in the summer time and warm underwear is highly recommended when going to fly fish there. The overall river length of some 10km, ends in a spectacular tourist attraction called the Vintgar gorge! Entering to the breath taking rocks of the gorge is allowed, but fly fishing in it is not. Fishing needs to end at the parking place in front of the gorge`s entering spot. Radovna river is a great place for the seekers of light fly rod terrain, tenkara style of fly fishing and for all those who want to escape and hide-out in the pure, unspoiled nature with their fly rods in hand. The terrain of the Radovna river is NOT an easy one to roam at. Hiring a good local fly fishing guide is a wise thing to do. At least for the first time visit. Do understand us, that not all of the Radovna`s secrets will ever be revealed on the Wide Web.. we want to make damn sure to talk a bit with the fly fisherman before sending some butchers or all-over wading persons or any other heavy-weight categorise type of fly fisherman to this fragile and virgin habitat. Welcome to visit us if you are the right type of person to fish this river. Along with the fly fishing permit you will get also the right advise from the professionals!

Fly Fishing season on the Radovna river

River opens for Fly fishing with March 1st and closes with October 30th. March and April can still see few snow patches on the more shadow parts while late May will wake up those spectacular hatches of Danica families and caddises.. Radovna is one of few rivers where also the boiling hot days of July and August can be fished well! Lots of shadow from the surrounding forests, hidden canyons and small valleys.. Note that the river hides also rainbow trout which will be willing to strike in any time of the season. Even March with a sunny day can already have few hours of the dry fly action!

Basic fly fishing rules: Fly fishing only, Barbless hooks only, one fly at the time only, no droppers. Tenkara fly fishing style is allowed. Belly boats are not allowed regardless the fact that no pool is large enough to use them :-) Fishing from the drifting boats of bridges – not allowed.

Fish species found in the Radovna river

  • Brown trout (all over the river but the higher up you go, the more rare and spooky they get)
  • Rainbow trout (more aggressive for the territory they can be found as a more dominant specie in larger pools or larger parts of the river)
  • Brook trout (very rare, not native to the river)

Fly Fishing areas of the Radovna river (press the river on the map to see details)


With it`s length of almost 30km, this Sava Bohinjka`s sister river represents one large fly fishing district in the northern-west part of Slovenia! From the settlement of Podkoren down to the proximity of the Radovljica town fly fisherman can find a very diverse fishing areas, from the gin-clear stream in the very upper part of the area, challenging power station lake in the middle parts and a rough, oscillating water levels from the mid to the lower areas of the river length. Why oscillating levels? As mentioned, there is a power station lake close to Jesenice town.. the dam affects the levels of the river below. But NOT as much that one could find the fly fishing being impossible if the dam is open. Levels move up till 15cm +- not more. Sava Dolinka river is the perfect choice for advanced fly fisherman, looking to find remote areas with less, but more challenging fish. Regarding the fact that the Sava Dolinka of springs from the similar area as the world wide known Soča river, her temperature is also the same – freezing cold. Even in the hottest summer months. Another good reason for the exploring type of fly fisherman trying to avoid summer heat. The general impression would be that the areas and also the fish are not really preferring dry fly fishing – true. If you find yourself a dry fly fishing type of angler, than is better to choose the Sava Bohinjka river with her gin-clear waters. But if you can handle various nymph fishing Technics – some really challenging fish is waiting there for you!

Our observations that we have had in the past showing us also one interesting fact: the migration of the larger Graylings from the warmer Sava river up to the Sava Dolinka river.. during the summer months. For the obvious reason – river is more refreshing and Grayling loves that! Fly fishing on the lower areas of the Sava Dolinka river during the summer time – wise thing to do!

A hint before you jump into the river: Sava Dolinka is less popularised and a bit less known to the fly fisherman with the reason well known to the local anglers: access to the river is difficult, small dirt roads disappearing in the forests and there is no lightning type of the signs that would lead you to good fly fishing spots. On the top of that, one can never knows when the dam will be open and when the river level is down.. and to make long story short – CALL us or visit us in Faunaflyshop in Bled BEFORE you purchase the fishing permit.. we monitor river every morning and will be able – at least to some point – update you with the very latest fly fishing situation on the river. Surely also with the right place to go fly fishing to. Don`t forget: 30 kilometres of the river out there! 😉

Do consider that all the images you are about to scroll below were taken under fly fishing Guide`s supervision or from the fly fishing Guides directly.

Fly Fishing season on the Sava Dolinka river

Fly fishing season opens with April 1st and ends with October 31st. Early days of the season are usually a good choice to go on the fly fishing. The nights of early April can still be pretty cold and the snow up the high mountains is not yet melting down. Late April and threw more or less all month of May the river can suffer a bit from the snow melt. It depends from the winter.. global weather changes are reducing the amount of snow during the winter time. Consequentially also the snow melt effect tends to be shorter and less disturbing. But to make long story short – early Summer and September are the most optimal timings to hit the Sava Dolinka river. At least for the 1st time- professional fly fishing guide is highly recommended.. later tours can be tailored much easier once you gain that precious knowledge of an local fly fishing expert.

Basic fly fishing rules: Fly fishing only (except in the winter time when also spinning for the hucho-hucho is allowed), Barbless hooks only, one fly at the time only, no droppers. Streamers are allowed, Tenkara fly fishing style is allowed. Belly boats are allowed only on the power station lake. Fishing from the drifting boats of bridges not allowed.

Fish species found in the Sava Dolinka river

  • Rainbow trout (on all the river length)
  • Brown trout (middle and lower parts of the river)
  • Grayling (lower parts of the river more significally while some could be found also above the dam area)
  • Hucho-hucho (below the power station dam barier – lower parts of the river)
  • Chub (lower parts of the river only)

The flag ship of the Sava Dolinka river are her super powerful rainbow trout. Anglers can of course catch also the Graylings, Brown trout and even the Hucho-huchos, but it`s those wild rainbows that the river is famous for. Cold water and the areas reach with the protein type food sources, make those trout a true fighters, making your fly reels screaming as hell!

Fly fishing areas of the Sava Dolinka river (press the sector and read the details)

SAVA river

Once the two smaller Sava rivers (S.Bohinjka and S.Dolinka) join their currents, river gets the name Sava. And flows far down till the Belgrade in Serbia, where she outflows in the Danube river which further on outflows in the Black see. The total length of this stream is far too long to go into details describing it here. the areas of the Sava river in the central and eastern parts of the Slovenia are good for the hucho-hucho fishing (Ljubljana, Medvode, Litija etc..) while for the fly fishing, the only one which deserves your attention, is the first 20 kilometers of the joined stream. Fly fishing club Radovljica governs with this part of the river. Rough description would say that the majority of the river is optimal for nymph fishing and streamer fishing, while the dry fly fishing is limited for the moments when the river is clear and low in levels. If you get lucky enough to meet this circumstances, very nice dry fly fishing for the Grayling could be expected! Those 20 kilometres of the fly fishing areas hides a lot of hidden spots where the majority of the fly fishing population never goes. A good hide-out on the popular fly fishing months like June and early July.. Do consider that the influence of the power station dam mentioned in the description of the Sava Dolinka river is noticeable also in the Sava river area. The water might be oscillating for some +-10 cm during the day. While this is not considered dangerous for the fly fisherman, it affects a bit on the fish feeding mode..

The Sava river opens already with March 1st, which is one month earlier than the smaller Sava rivers. March in fact is a very good month to come on fly fishing the big river: the nights of March and also days are still relatively cold and there is no snow melt yet. Levels are more or less low and clear. Month March is also proverbially poor with the rain. The main river channel of the Sava, has also a smaller affluent stream which can be a good hide out if the levels of the Sava river go high or milky.. Fauna Fly shop in Bled has all the detailed maps about how to navigate towards those streams.. just contact us any time for the details..

Winter months on the Sava river are entirely dedicated to Hucho-hucho salmon fishing! This is one of the famous areas of Slovenia, where this king-of-the fish can be caught. Do browse our Hucho-hucho chapter found in the header of the page`s menu!

Fly fishing season

River Sava opens with March 1st. Trout fishing Season lasts until the end of month October. Since also hucho-hucho season opens with October 1st, one has unique chance to try both – fly fishing for trout and heavy streamer fishing for the huchos. Within month of October only and on the Sava river only. Month March can be a good period to fish the Sava river. Levels are usually low and fish likes to take nymphs.. warmer days can see also week hatches of the stone flies – consequentially dry fly fishing can be kicked-in on some parts. April`s rain which usually blows up the two smaller Sava rivers (Bohinjka and Dolinka), kind-a stops fly fishing action on the Sava river for few weeks. Surely the fly fishing is not impossible, but is restricted to heavier nymphs and streamers only. Small tributary river can be a good hide-out if the Sava is heaving too strong currents to fight them even with the heavy nymphs..

Basic fly fishing rules

Trout fishing season allows the use of fly rods in both sectors marked on the map and it also allows the use of a spinning rod with obligatory water bulb and flies as a bait in the sector named “Sector 4″. Barbless hooks only, one fly at the time only. Streamers are allowed, strike indicators can be used. Fishing from the bridges or from the hoovering boats are not allowed. Double handed rods, spey rods, tenkara rods are allowed. Sector “A” is catch&release only, while in sector 4 anglers can keep some fish.

Fish species found in the Sava river:

  • Grayling (Thymalus-thymalus)
  • Brown trout (Salmo trutta fario)
  • Rainbow trout
  • Hucho-hucho
  • Barbel
  • Chub

Sava is a challenging and not always easy river to fly fish at. But if offers a lot of undiscovered area, strong and fighting trout and Grayling which are surely worth putting some effort in the fly fishing tour. The slightly oscillating water levels caused by the dam on the upper Sava Dolinka river makes things even more challenging. But once angler studies the feeding mode of the fish, which follow those oscillations, fly fishing can become really easy and very rewarding. Fauna Fly shop in Bled has special maps to lead you on remote areas, close to some good fish! Sorry since we did not publish them on this page, but we need to be sure that the fish “keepers” don`t lay their hands on them 😀

Fly Fishing areas of the Sava river (press the river sector and read the details)

SOČA (SOCA) river

Outside Europe, this is the most recognisable Slovenian river! Her reputation of being an Emerald river is sooo well deserved. Truly nice work of nature with stunning diamond-blue colour and unique trout living in – the Marble trout. Her river bed runs threw the rocky area of North Slovenia. Surrounding nature is also breath taking.. savage but pristine, unspoiled. Living in the Soca river valley is a hard task.. long winters with snow and short summer with cold, glacier waters threw midst of June.. Early spring can see some snow run water and fishing at early April when the river opens can be quite demanding. But luckily there are several smaller tributary rivers (Lepena, Baca, Koritnica, Trebuščica) where fly fisherman can find a nice hide-out with no snow melt water. During the rest of the season, Soca is a demanding mistress.. offering a lot, but you need to work for it! Super clear water and skilled eye of the grayling puts the 5X tippet material on the higher part of the scale! On a hot summer day, an 8X tippet and a midge on #24 is some times a must!

There are two major fishing clubs running the Soca river. The very upper part is govern by the national Fishing research Institute from Ljubljana. On this area, there are two tributary streams you can fly fish at. The Lepena and Koritnica. They are both within the main fly fishing permit for the Soca river, so no needs to search for some special fly fishing permits for those two streams. On this area river has no power station dams and is as pristine as she can be. Great gorges and deep valleys are some times accessible only with the use of the robes, so don`t play a hero if you are not certain about your physical condition and skills. In fact, (but with no commercial intentions), we suggest to hire a professional fly fishing guide at least for the 1st time you are about to visit the river. The funds will be well invested, since with his help you will get out the maximum of the fly fishing day.

Lower area of the Soca river are govern by a fishing club Tolmin. The main river Soca gets maybe slightly less spectacular in this part, but still offers good fly fishing! But consider that the tributary rivers Tolminka, Baca and Trebuscica are as good as the main river. Once you have Tolmin`s fishing club permit, there are all included! And the total of what this area offers is much more than you can fly fish in one day!

Considering all mentioned, a fly fisherman is a very welcome guest for many B&Bs, hotels and other accommodation facilities along the river.  FaunaFlyShop in Bled cooperates with best local guides from the Soca river valley area and you can feel absolutely free to ask us just about anything you might like to know regarding the fly fishing on the Soca river valley..

Fly fishing season on the Soca river and her tributary river Lepena opens with April 1st and it lasts until October 31st. If not suffering from the snow melt too much, river can be pretty well fly fished already in the midst of April. Early May usually triggers snow melt. That means the clear water which gave the river`s reputation becomes milky for a few weeks. This period can not be known in advance.. Yet by the end of our Slovenian winter we can estimate how much snow will need to melt away and how long the snow melt will last. Fishing in spring-run waters can be done but more or less nymphs and the streamers will need to to the job. But once the snow melt is gone, river turns into a true beauty and revels her jewels – Marble Trout, Brown Trout and Graylings. During the late spring and summer, Soca river fishes like any other mountain river – good fish action in the morning and late afternoon, while in the midst of the day fish tend to stay in faster parts of the river bed or in the shadows of rocky banks.

Basic fly fishing rules: Fly fishing only, Barbless hooks only, one fly at the time only, no droppers. Streamers are allowed and are not limited in their total length. Extra weighting of the leader (split shots) is allowed. Belly boats are not allowed. Fishing from the drifting boats or bridges – not allowed.

Fish species inhabiting the Soca river:

  • Grayling (on the whole length of the river) Adriatic river basin grayling – Latin name Thymallus-Thymallus.
  • Brown Trout – Latin name Salmo Trutta Fario
  • Rainbow trout (on the whole length of the river)
  • Cross-bread Trout between the Marble Trout and Brow Trout. Cross-bread trout is sterile and can not reproduce further..

Fly Fishing areas of the upper SOCA RIVER  – Slovenia. Active G-Map, press the sector and read the details.