Ending the 2019 in a style – Hucho Hucho fever!

Finally Bled and the Sava Bohinjka river remaining out of the rain and flood situation that lasted almost a month and a half! Rivers are returning into their normal channels and the Huchos are coming back to their home pools – enabling us to located them more easy than in high water situation when the big-boys Huchos roam around and seek for new territories and feeding opportunities!

Another great day out there on the Sava Bohinjka river, chasing the Huchos!! Super company, nice weather and aggressive strike of the 90-er at the ends of the fishing day! What more to expect!!? The first January`s end of the week (3-5th) is “Hucho frenzy” sold-out! Any Hucho hunter eager to try his skills – report in after that date please! WISH YOU ALL PROSPER 2020, thank you for your time spent with our Guides, pages, news, e-mails etc.. we consider you as one big happy fishing family! Tight lines till we meet again! Matej

Fauna Fly Shop Bled starts to operate again in January 3rd – emails might see delay in replying since we are all on the Hucho-Hucho fishing or Guiding. thank you for your patience!