October Fly Fishes well!

Hey there!! Getting into the second half of October month fly fishing in Slovenia – so far- so good! Weather cooperates, having the average temperatures around 18degrees ALL rivers in Slovenia fine to fly fish at.. Some have normal levels, other a bit low but in general safe to come and fish! If talking dry flies, emergers down to #18 will do fine..

Note No. 1:  UNICA RIVER hence October 1st dropping the price of the daily permit from regular Eur 99,00/day down to Eur 79,00/day. River fishing well during the day, take the oportunity while the weather lasts! Fishing permit available also in the Fauna fly shop Bled. Open daily at 08am

Note No. 2: during the working days of the week, the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka can go white from time to time.. obviously the construction works at the bridge Log are not yet finish! See our previous news to find the map where this particularity might be happening..

Hack – this one just landed in the Sava Bohinjka yesterday;

brown-trout-sava1Rainbow trout fishing rolls on as well… but the larger ones are getting a bit selective in feeding.. If they become interested for the surface food, than you might be ending up with a midge “20! Well, if this is not quite your class of dry flies, than good old streamer will do the job well..

Weather wizzard for the next week

More or less seems to be safe… the only two days of the rain probably won`t rise the levels since at the moment most of the fly fishing rivers in Slovenia are considered to be low.



Video from the river – Sava Bohnjka Bled fishing club

Sava-Bohinjka-October from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.


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September`s increasing fly fishing

As the weather kind-a settled down to nice and autumn-like, the fly fishing gradually increasing! Positive feedback from most popular fly fishing areas – Sava Bohinjka with her 3 fishing clubs would see good fishing in the Bled club waters and the Institute while the very upper part – Bohinj was very busy in the last week due to the festival of flowers and fishing – lots of visiting anglers made a proper jam around bridges Brod and Savica! The festival ends this Sunday Sept 29th.. onward we expect normal amount of anglers also in the very upper – Bohinj fishing area. Construction works at the Log bridge are not messing up with the water colour – safe also in that chapter..

The Radovna river should be mentioned at this point – offering a nice hide out from the crowds and a stronger dry fly feeding mode of the trout than on the Sava Bohinjka river.. Lightweight rod will handle those fighting trout easily and put a smile on your face for sure! Getting lost out there in the Radovna river valley with just your fly rod nearby is a unique and unforgettable experience.. Trout will probably not be massive in size but will surely fight like a small devils and hitting on your dry with a lightning fast takes!

Big Sava river – Radovljica fishing area is starting to warm up for the autumn`s Grayling finale, already showing first good signs of Grayling feeding more intensively that in the early September! Nymph fishing fanatics – get ready!

Soca river news – hm… the massive river tourism activities of August left some signs… fish is rare and one needs to work well to get a dozen of the strikes per day.. if you want to have the most out of the Soca fishing day – hire a Guide.. they know for those secret pockets and bends where the Marbles seek their hiding place from the human traffic..

Sava Bohinjka-Levels.

End of September is a good time to offer yourself a full or half day Guided tour on one of the Bled nearby rivers! Pleasant temperatures during the day, good water levels and skilled fly fishing Guide along is the perfect recipe for a successful fly fishing day! Feel free to contact any time and ask for the availability!

Fishing weather Wizard guessing:

The last days of the September and first week of October seems fine! Put your fly fishing trip in motion without having too much of the fear regarding high levels or the rainy days… in fact there is only one truly rainy day in the forecast – use it to visit me in the Fauna fly shop Bled haha.. we shall chat a bit? We had prepared good Autumn`s discounts for ya!



What flies will they Fish be taking during the upcoming days!? Well we hope the ones that we sell in the Fauna fly shop Bled :-) Few examples below;



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Construction works on the river calmed down!

Finally we discovered the fault of having a white water from time to time in the section of the Sava Bohinjka called “The Institute” it was this bug of some 10T weight who walked a bit in and out of the river haha… now the path to the pillars of the bridge Log is established, the mean machine will not need to touch the water any more. Clear river is the result and as long as the boys don`t finish their work (at least a month) we fly fisherman in the Sava Bohinjka are safe from the milky water!

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Situation with the river levels improved – but…

Seems like that we fly fisherman need to deal with some issues considering our rivers all the time? :-) Just when the levels nicely recovered and went back to almost normal, the government decided that is about time to fix the damaged bridge in the area of Log – Bohinj.. why that a problem? Because from time to time an excavator machine needs to cross the river bank and doing that spoils the clear colour for a while.. Before you scream out loud – this does not happen every day and even if it does, it lasts for few hours only.. at least this is what we had been promised from the river wardens – if it`s about to believe them.. ?

Long story short: If you go to fly fish in the so called INSTITUTE part of the Sava Bohinjka, guaranteed clear water is from the LOG BRIDGE UP. Log bridge down stream you are 80% to be clear, 20% you gonna see some smoke in the water…  BOHINJ fishing area (Petrol station Boh. Bistrica upstream to the lake Bohinj) – safe to fish water clear! ALL BLED fishing area ok to fly fish..

see the graphic map where we indicated “attention” areas..

Situation on the river Sava Bohinjka, Bled fishing area Military bridge September 11th 14:30 hours

Sava-bohinjka11092019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Fishing weather as far as we can see – GOOOOOD !!




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Levels jumped up :-(

As we kind-a hope not to happen, Sunday 8th sept. the rain hit down hard and had pushed several rivers up during one night! This morning the situation in the north-west Slovenia – around Bled town if to be precise is a bit murky – still drizzling and with the levels of the Sava Bohinjk, Dolinka, Sava, Radovna all up..

Good news is that the rain is about to stop in a couple of hours and hence onward there will be sun on the sky till the end of the week.. Sava will need a day or two to recover the levels, the Radovna will be probably clear already tomorrow, September 10th. Unica river and also the Krka river which are in the inland areas of the Slovenia are fine to fly fish. Fauna fly shop provides also the permits, maps, navi data, flies etc.. a good hide out for the next two days till the Sava drops down the levels..

Radovna-sava-sept09 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Fishing weather wizard saying:



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Ooops, some rain arrived?

What seems to be just a rainy end of the week September 7-8th, might turn into a bit more wet than we expected!? Forecast for today evening and tomorrow – Sunday 8th had changed a bit and is now showing stronger storms covering north-west area of the Slovenia… Hm… as for the moment of this update ( Morning September 7th 9:00 am) all the rivers are still perfect to fly fish at, tomorrow morning might already be different… we have to wait and see what happens. Fauna fly shop opens on Sunday 8-10am, feel free to call us if you have some questions concerning fly fishing…

Sava-Bohinjka-Sept07 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Last days of the ending week, the Radovna river was a good hide out for the ones seeking some Brown Trout feeding from the surface – dry fly fishing yeah! Sava Bohinjka on the other hand also saw some dry fly activity but there was a very significant difference of the fly size that the fish was feeding on… while the Radovna Trout easily went on sizes 12, Sava`s T-s were much more picky – see the image and compare the coin – than guess the hook size! :-)

brown-trout-07 flies-september

Fishing weather Wizard saying:

Monday September 9th, the sky shall open! Ha, ok – good guess… but what brings the next 48h – let`s see…. anyway we shall be out there on the river Monday morning and scouting the situation – stay tuned…


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September`s Fly Fishing approaching!

Dear Fly fishing colleagues, we do apology for the absence of the Fly fishing news from Slovenia – but hey brains of the admin are just sponge made and need a proper soaking from time to time :-) I am back now and you will get the updates more frequently hence onward!

While the August saw a lot of this on the rivers:


It has not seen a lot of the fly fisherman for the obvious reasons.. many human traffic along the most known rivers, intense heat, low levels with lazy feeding fish etc.. Now all this is gone and September 2019 started in a good manner.. with some showers that chased away the non-fisherman and polished the river bed of most north-west Slovenian rivers..

Here is some fresh video from the Bled fishing club of the Sava Bohinjka;

Sava-bohinjka02092019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

As far as the short-therm weather prognosis for the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Soca, Sava; Until September 7th all seems to be fine and safe… After that date there might be some rain on the way but who knows how much of it.. ? Suggesting you to stay tuned with our fishing news page to see how things are progressing and in which direction..

Hoping for yet another smashing September and October fly fishing! Last year is was superb!


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Second half of August fishing forcast

Hi all! On the beach or at the river fly fishing!? Both sounds tempting :-) This post is looking to the second half of the August and is guessing the fly fishing conditions you can expect.. Video will show you the levels of the Sava Bohinjka is in a very good shape considering being in the middle of the summer – perfect levels! Often showers are reducing the amount of the swimmers and are keeping the water fresh and on a good level – great recipe for some nice fly fishing. Weather will not be changing much till the end of the month – not more than 28 degrees and with showers in between… Looking this, pretty well we can guess the fishing conditions till the end of the month.

Fishing weather wizard forcast


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Rainy Sunday is gone – EVERYTHING FINE

As first we were afraid that the strong rain on Sunday 28th July will be messing up with the river levels of the north-west of Slovenia – but behold: seems like the soil was so dry that all of the fallen rain was absorbed and the river colour and levels remaining untouched – clear and nicely fishable! This coming week of July 29-August 3rd will be having mix of the weather circumstances, from showers to sun and cloudiness which is a great recipe for the Fly fishing – at least in the summer time. Less swimmers on the river due to unstable weather is a welcome information too! If it happens you are on the area shortly – no fear, GO! on the fly fishing!!

Wether fishing wizard guessing..

Seems like the Friday might bring some stronger showers… the rest seems more or less ok – even good for the fly fishing if the river stays clear! No swimmers and no boat traffic probably also better fish activity than under the strong summer sunshine… pretty well we have a GO for the end of the week fishing..


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Stormy Sunday July 28th

Another end of the week is here – fly fishing rolls with a normal pace but visiting fisherman should keep an eye on the coming Sunday July 28th when we expect some heavier T-storms in the nord -west and east parts of Slovenia.. (Soca, Sava Bohinjka, Savinja, Baca, Idrijca etc..) While today Friday 26th already heard some Thunders, rain still keeps away.. Very steamy air pushed the fly fishing into the earliest morning hours which can be the very best part of the day! Many fly fisherman are on the area with their families or wife, GF, BF etc along, so compromises needs to be taken.. (different nations, the same patterns of behaviour hahahha).. hitting the rivers at 5:30 am, returning to breakfast at 1000 and late afternoon till the 2100 – that works best! Sava Bohinjka, Soca, under the pressure of the regular folks but mostly during the day time.. mornings are quiet and fine..

Levels so far – normal for the time of the season and not yet too low.. Trout is picky and either hits on the midge or big Goddard caddis – sizes in between more or less do not get their interest.. Grayling hunters – early mornings try with some small klinks or red-tags down on #18-20.. few nice catches reported in during last few days – all using the mentioned flies..

Sava Dolinka not yet cooperating well, since the power station dam Moste uses a weird time-table for opening the turbines – during the night closed, opens at 800.. spoils the day nicely :-/ The rumours are out that this might come from the silent cooperation between the raft Companies and the Dam Co.. the following prefers to have higher levels during the day to perform the drifting boat tours easier.. hack – again fly fishermen pulling the shortest straw.. :-/

Stay in touch early next week, when we report back what has happened during the Sunday`s T-storm performance and with the latest river situation.. and have a great cold end of the week!

What flies to use at the moment


Fishing weather wizard saying






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