Fly fishing in Slovenia 2023 Welcome!

December rolls into it`s second half and the fever of 2022 Hucho Challenge increasing!! While all the Guiding dates until the end of December are almost full – arriving Teams already started with their operations – under close supervision of the one and only – AL! 3h on the river with him and if you know what you are doing – a result follows!


THERE IS NO REST – FOR THE BEST! Hucho Fishing on Fire and AL Grinding all that falls on his way – even the most Tricky and elusive Giants Huchos!! When a skilled Fly fisherman and Skilled Guide meet – impossible things become reality!! And that smile of Pieregiovanni… I don.t think anything more has to be written :-) Every fly fisherman dream about such smile but only a few shall experience it! Be among them!!

ULTIMATE Prizes – From a Hucho-Hucho Fishing Paradise!! Yet another successful Attack on the Demon!! Team Reinhard S. and our Game maker AL joining forces and resulting nothing else than a success!! Ending up with TWO catches on a single Hucho tour is not an often case – but if you will give your max – we shall give ours! Congrats to ALL the team and AL!!


While October said goodbye and November just arriving – it.s time that FFB changes the Game and switch on to the ever thrilling, ever challenging and never boring – Hucho Hucho fishing! Hence onward our eyes, harts and brains will be all dedicated to track, catch and release some of those magnificent Salmons! TWO rivers already open for the Hucho fishing and brave Challengers already arriving! Stay tuned, while we all still celebrate and admire latest catch of our dear guest and friend Michal F. ! Much effort was needed to trick this magnificent animal and the smile on the face is as pristine as it can be! But all of you who already manage to lift up the King – knows that :-)

Fishing conditions are OK – so is the weather. Let.s put some fire in `da hole!!!

Trout, Grayling Fly fishingRivers remaining open in November: Sava Bohinjka, Krka, Unica. 

Feel free to call us if you need details to talk to. 0038641633147

Fauna Flyshop in Bled opens daily at 09am to assist you in the fishing area choice! Have no fear – Fauna is here !  😆



Fauna Flyshop Bled opens DAILY at 09AM. Duty cell phone +38641633147 works also on the whatsapp.. Looking forward to your visit! :-) All the fishing permits available on a daily basis at the Fauna Flyshop Bled! Call us if you have any more questions to be asked. Available also via Whatsapp +38641633147. Visit our news page for more reports and images.


Winter specials from January 12th: DEAMON Exposed! With several last minute cancellations of our EU Hucho challenging Guests (covid positive etc probs) our Pro-Hucho Guides (AL) refused to stay off the river! MISSION: Track-down most Elusive Hucho! GOAL: Get him out on the Light! STATUS: DONE! Good Hucho fishing conditions ahead – Guiding Agenda filling fast – there will be no place for last-minute challenges in January! Excitttting moments ahead!!

Update January 5th: Action in the Hucho fishing! With the new year – new Hucho challengers on the way! Half of the 21-22 Hucho season is behind, bravely into the second round! Weather is mixed with some snow, some rain and even some sun – which should be a good recipe for the Hucho activity! FFB Fauna Bled ready for Rock n Roll – contact any time when your Hucho courage grows strong! Remember – Pro-Hucho fishing guide makes the difference!

Update November 30th 2021: HUCHO-HUCHO Fishing is already in full swing, with the last fishing areas – The Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka river opening for the Hucho fishing tomorrow, December 1st! Snow arrived a bit prematurely this season, river banks are white and the true winter Hucho fishing story is happening!

NEW 2021-2022 Hucho fishing Streamer Line on the stock here<<

NEW 2021-2022 Spin Hucho Lures and Bull heads uploaded in the! <<

Fauna Flyshop in Bled offers all the fishing permits you need to chase Hucho-hucho as well skilled Hucho fishing Guides to take you out there! ALL fishing areas except the before mentioned Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka REQUIRE a Guide. Feel free to contact us for more information at any times! If you find the Fauna shop in Bled closed – we are probably fishing for the Huchos. Give us a call +38641633147 and we can talk for some special opening hours that will suit you. LOTS of Huchen Lures and XXL Hucho-hucho Streamers on the stock!

Follow also our NEWS PAGE HERE<< as well the below map!

PRESS the coloured lines on the map and see the closing or opening times!

Note! Hucho-Hucho fishing on the Sava Radovljica river is already OPEN and we can provide you some Guides if you would like to have a taste of it 😉



 Some more interesting news and bunch of fishing photos from late September`s fly fishing for you to check on our page<<

Latest Fly fishing Slovenia COVID news release September 30th 2021:

Dear visitors of our Flyfishing Slovenia home page, here the latest covid and flyfishing related news you might be interested for;

  • To enter Slovenia you still need to have a negative antigen or PCR test.  OR
  • You had your 2 vaccine already. OR
  • You have electronic GreenPass installed on your ph.device.
  • If you need PCR test to return to your home country, they can be easily obtained on any medical centre of larger cities.
  • Masks INSIDE shopping centres or any other stores are still obligatory – regarding the fact had you been vaccinated or not.

Follow us here and see some other fishing related news –>>   FFB NEWS page<<<<< 

Fly Fishing in Slovenia has never been so close to you! Our Fly Fishing Team Slovenia which represents the Fauna FlyFishing Bled, extends a warm welcome to you. If you are in search of superb Grayling, Brown Trout, Marble Trout or a common Rainbow trout, fly fishing on crystal-clear Slovenian rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, the Radovna or the Soca and Idrijca, you have come to the right fly fishing page. Feel free to browse through all the information we offer. Fire your imagination and then pack your rods and come to Slovenia to experience fly fishing paradise for real! Should you need help, our Slovenian fly fishing guides will be happy to look after you and provide all you need for a fantastic day fly fishing for trout, grayling or marble trout! Do not hesitate and contact us with either fly fishing question you might be having.. Fauna Bled Fly Fishing team will do our most to provide you with a helpful reply as soon as possible! We look forward meeting you in person one day!

Fauna FLY FISHING SHOP Bled is also SLOVENIA`S FLY FISHING PERMITS info point, offering you Fly fishing permits for all major Slovenian Fly Fishing rivers and streams. NOTE, that the prices for a certain rivers or streams have identical prices, regardless the dealer or system you purchase them from. But there is a BIG difference at what you get along the fishing permit! Fauna Fly Shop Bled provides detailed maps, exact locations of the hot-spots, navigation address of organised parking places and even a fly or two pro-bono on the top! And for exactly the same price as you would be paying anywhere else.. 30 years of the experiences in the distribution of the Fly Fishing permits for Slovenia and still assisting worldwide anglers to find their preferable fly fishing area! Your effort reaching us in Bled and obtaining your fly fishing permit at Fauna fly shop will surely be rewarded!

We monitor the river levels status daily and are in constant touch with the river wardens, collecting their observations and feedback from other fly fisherman, to be able advising you what fly fishing area is best to go to while your Fly fishing day emerges!

Not every river is equally suitable for any angler! Different expectations – different areas you might be send to! In a short chat with our Fauna fly shop staff, you will be asked what are your favourite species, how do you like to fly fish for them and how experience you are in the fly fishing sport.. Knowing that and considering the above said facts, we choose OPTIMAL FLY FISHING PERMIT for your needs! But if you already decide which river to go to – we can still check what is hatching out there and how many anglers already on the area.. that might come as a very helpful info for you!

Welcome now and always!

FFB Team!


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