As the opening of the Fauna Fly Store in Bled with JUNE 1st is getting closer and closer, I need to warm up a bit in fly fishing sport! Gladly accepted the invitation of our Friend and Guide Greg, to visit him on his home river – the Idrijca. Nevertheless Fish was feeding also on nymphs, we decided to spend most of the day using just – dry flies!! All you will see on the below gallery went on dry! While Greg was using smaller Ephemeras, I was betting my money on the rubber leg caddis – Sedges were hatching every hour or so, but Trout were taking them mostly all day long!

The key of lifting a Trout from the bottom was also the presentation! If not totally dry and on the very surface, fish did not show any interest for rising up! Shimazaki Dry Shake powder and TMC DRY Magic floatant were a must have yesterday for me..

Promotional discount of 15% in still lasts!  STOCK YOUR DRY flies to enter June as ready as you can! It is going to be a fantastic dry fly fishing month!!