Sava near Lancovo

Into the week October 19th –>

Here the latest video from Monday morning October 19th – military bridge Bled..

FISHING WEATHER FOR the coming week October 19-25 seem pretty fine and OK! Temperatures shall go up!


COVID-COMMENT  With all the different information and fuzzy public available information – here is one update from the “real life”: Two different groups of Fly fisherman visiting us yesterday in the Fauna Fly shop in Bled, one coming from Italy, other from Austria – non had any problems in the borders when entering Slovenia! Interesting, considering that we – locals have restrictions for two weeks not to travel among communities.. (me, being in Bled, can not travel to our coast for example for the duration of two weeks). But the visiting tourists can enter. And travel the Slovenia. Makes some sense? Well, but it seems this is the practice. VERY POSITIVE IF YOU are planing a fly fishing trip. IMPORTANT: Choose a place of the stay where they SERVE MEALS! Restaurants and bars are closed until November 1st! But if your place of the stay offers meals, you can eat there. As long as you are a registered guest at their facility.

The fly fishing season open far long till December 1st – plenty of the time to come and stretch your fly lines before a long dark winter puts us to sleep :-/

Come on .. let us fight this situation with the Fly fishing activity – to make some other news than the one and only TV news – covid graphs and new and new reports about how many dead.. Haven`t seen much of those here in Bled.. 😉