Easter Fly Fishing forecast Slovenia

Few more days before the prolonged Easter Fly Fishing weekend kicks in! In Slovenia it will be a fishable one! Weather forecast seems fine – if it lasts, water levels of most rivers are fine and nicely fishable. Average daily temperature rising and so does the dry fly activity. Grayling still in the spawning mode, not really interested for the feeding unless you really cast close to it. But in theory should – not since they still spawn.

Here is the screen of the Easter weekend forecast – North West part of Slovenia;


Video of the double bridge area on the Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka, taken on April 18th 14:30 hours showing you the nicely fishable levels.

Few well working Trout fishing fly patterns of the past week.. just to point you a bit in the direction of what to tie.. Unless you stock up at the Fauna Fly Shop… a lot of goodies on display!

Flies Slovenia



Friday April 19th                  8:00 – 12:00, 15:00 – 18:00

Saturday April 20th             8:00 – 12:00

Sunday April 21st Easter      8:00 – 10:00am (2 hours)

Monday April 22nd 8:00 – 10:00am (2 hours)



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Spring Fly Fishing Slovenia – Sava Bohinjka

Few weeks since the opening of the 2019 Fly Fishing season in Slovenia and we already have some nice catches to show! Despite the rainy week that is about to end now, Fly fisherman can find the levels of Slovenian rivers just fine! Well – at least most of them.. Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Idrijca, Radovna – all fine and all GO! for the Fly Fishing.. Sava Dolinka at the moment of this update white coloured, which also influences on the Big Sava Radovljica river – not quite optimal during the time of this update..

Weather forecast for the Easter end of the week – fine! Any one targeting the area of Bled for the fly fishing hide-out during the Easter – pack the bags!

Flies to recommend – the Hatch is still week.. at least on the rivers which are fed by the glacial waters like the Sava Bohinjka, Soca.. that does not mean Dry Fly is not working – it is, but small patterns of Emergers or even ants… hook sizes 20 more or less. On the contrary – very large dries can also trigger some reaction from the down under.. big parachutes oversized hackle – give them a chance too.. Nymphs – still small and down at the bottom..

Few images of the Sava Bohinjka taken on April 15th on the upper areas of the river..

Fly Fishing Guide taking a tour down to the Canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river – tracking down a wild Rainbow – beautiful male fighting all the way, video needed to be shorten since it would take around 20min to land this Trout! Very much of the respect to the Catch & Release – `Bow swam back unharmed and is growing in the strength right now!

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Fly fishing news Slovenia

Fly Fishing activity slowly increasing, but the weather..

Moody April with it`s showers and colder wind periods keeping down the stronger activities of the fly fisherman & women :-) But there might be a problem if we only look and follow the weather forecast pages – they might show rain or drizzle, but in the real-life rivers can be nicely fishable! As an example, the video showing Sava Bohinjka river in her middle and lower areas – perfectly fishable.. weather forecast for today was showing 2/3 rain drops – nothing happened.. at least 2 fly fishing groups post-pone the visit due to rainy forecast.. at the end they should not have to.. BUT behold – tomorrow Thursday 11th will decide about end of the week being fishable or not: larger shipment of the rain on the way this evening-tomorrow if to believe the weather Man..

Stay in touch, if the levels will go up, we will be posting here on Friday Morning to update you for the last fishing plans modification.. Below also a lovely image of a visiting couple from the USA catching the “window of the opportunity” at the Sava a few days ago! See you the next year!

Early April 2019
Early April 2019

Today`s water level of the Sava Bohinjka river:

There are also some signs of fish being interest for the surface feeding! Smaller Trout and Graylin can already be tricked with some Dry Fly Flies while the bigger boys still nosing down the bottom more or less. Few more degrees in the water and bigger Trout will be up too!

Dry-fly-early from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Fly fishing early April – rainy

Well, Fly fishing in Slovenia is April – like: showers and sun, while the levels of most larger rivers staying above their optimal levels.. Most of the visiting and local fly fisherman focusing either to the upper areas of the larger rivers (Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Krka etc) or their tributaries, where better levels can be found.. Also Radovna river nearby Bled can be a good hide-out from… Posting this on April 6th, conditions should stay as such till the midst of the next week.. more or less.. Fauna Fly shop & Guiding Bled opens every morning at 08:00 feel free to ring or pop-in if you need some advise 1st hand type, fishing permit, heavy nymphs etc.. or just a chat :-)

Sava Bohinjka levels April 6th from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

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Fly Fishing Slovenia, March 2019

As the main fly fishing season in Slovenia kicks-in now, with April 1st, impatient ones already roaming the river Sava in March! Regardless colder water there are signs for action! Except larger Trout which is still in the spawning mood – ignoring the food that passes by, medium sized Trout already feeds nicely! Mostly on nymphs and bottom food, hatch still week or none.. This winter Slovenia has been poor with snow – meaning that the snow-run waters will be lasting only a short while.. weather seems to be fine, pack the rods and plan your fly fishing trip! Early season – less anglers and less careful fish!

First visiting Fly Fisherman arriving to Bled, Guided trip below was a success, more than handful Trout landed during the fly fishing day and in the afternoon a crown jewel Grayling of a massive weight grab the nymph – a perfect day we might call it!

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Grayling of 52cm!

Fly Fishing Slovenia – middle March reports

Dear visiting Fly Fisherman, March is half gone and with today snow-rain shower seems like a not-optimal fly fishing period? But first looks are many times deceiving! River Sava has fishable levels and active fish! We went on a fly fishing trip a day ago, targeting Trout but land also some nice Grayling along! Not really a season for them yet, but a quick photo before the release won`t do any harm :-) And since one was a 52-er he needs the memory-photo for sure haha… In general March is more or less dry, few rivers that are open (Radovna, Sava big and Krka) have normal levels. This coming end of the week, March 24-25th should be very nice and sunny – great opportunity to plan a short fly fishing tour! Fauna fly shop Bled a place to be – advising you about where to go to find best fishing areas and what flies to take with! Welcome to visit!

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FLY FISHING SLOVENIA opening March 1st

Nice weather found on March 1st, lured out several Fly fisherman wanting to shake-off the dust from the fly rods! Two rivers open to fly fish, the Radovna and the so called Big Sava river having nice levels and mild mid-day temperature.. Good feedbacks from the anglers, reporting smaller nymphs as a key to get the strikes. Some tried also dry flies but not yet any strong response from the trout.. For the week ahead we can see some possible showers but we believe they will not be messing up with the levels.. Welcome to pack your rods and go on some early days fishing! Fauna fly shop open during the week, feel free to call in or visit any time. Lots of goodies on the stock already 😉

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Matej landed a Hucho

Nothing like Hucho strike from the dark!

From time to time administrator of the page Fauna Fly Shop Bled needs to prove he understands what is he writing about…. Landing a 95-er Hucho-Hucho yesterday, missing the magical tag 1M for just a few cms! Great, that means I will need to go back to the Sava Bohinjka soon! :-) Can`t wait!!! Feel free to contact us regarding any info you need or the Huchen Guide to hire for experiencing the Europe No.1 fishing catch yourself! Cheers!

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