In love with fly fishing


As we try to follow the governmental rules and restrictions as much as possible, one needs to consider, that the rivers and fishing clubs did not announced any prohibition regarding the fly fishing. And since the fly fishing is a mild way of drug – some just can not resist! How could – weather is spectacular and trout active! We post a bit from time to time showing you the passion is still there – but it waits to get explosion later in time!

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As the pandemic situation still grows, normally we have to mention it on our fishing only dedicated pages.. Hm.. what to say? Fish are healthy and they bite as usual in this time of the season. But with the borders of Italy being closed down and restrictions of social life putting to minimum, rivers do not see much anglers this days.. true, main season opens in two weeks, anything can happen till than.. Few locals roaming around the few areas open in March..

We must stress at this point, that Fauna Fly Shop in Bled is CLOSED until Monday 30th March – if the situation do not calms down sooner! We have had to follow government recommendation to close down all enterprises which are not vital to the social life.. (we believe that we are – but ok.. :-)

What to say further – if you have some plans to fly fish later in the spring or summer – go ahead and send us your inquiry or bookings for either the Lodge or Guiding. We will be accepting the bookings normally but NOT CLAIMING to secure them with the advance payment – until the emergency situation does not calm down. Like that we all can save your fishing plans – and our summer season..

Stay healthy – stay strong!


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Dear Fly Fisherman!

Finally a long winter waiting is gone, new 2020 Fly fishing season only few days ahead!! Below is a list of more known rivers and streams which will be open with March 1st! On the opening Sunday March 1st, Fauna Fly Shop in Bled will be open for the fishing permits sell and advise from 8:00am – 10:00 am. Welcome to visit! Thousands of good flies on the stock as we speak!

  • SAVA RADOVLJICA (aka Big Sava river)
  • LIPNICA (a tributary river to the Big Sava river)

Below also a graphic map to show you the opened areas. Press the coloured line for more information about the area!

Image gallery from the March opening rivers:



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Fishing and fly fishing Hucho season 2019/2020 ended yesterday, with the February 14th! Fantastic warm day in great hucho-hunting company and astonishing sights of the magnificent Huchos in their pools!

We wish to thank you all for sharing this passion of Hucho fishing with us, we tried to provide nothing else than top quality service and astonishing catches of the river Kings!

We hope to see you all again in November 15th when new season 2020/2021 kicks in! Can`t wait!!

Best regards & Tight lines!

Mat, AL, Deyan, Tedy, Dusan

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Huchen 117cm

Be patient.. be patient.. CATCH A MONSTER HUCHO!!!!!

Tic-tac, tic-tac, wait and track, wait and try.. try some more…    AND CATCH YOUR MONSTER HUCHO!! Hahaha.. Yes, I might needed a season or two more than some of you, to join the elite club of 110+ Hucho catchers.. BUT NOW I AM HERE, with my 117-er!!!!!

Sooo happy, to be able catching Him on my home river Sava Bohinjka, accompanied by my friend and Hucho-fishing bud – AL!! Superb handling of the hooked giant, if being there alone – the below images might just not be there..

Since there is no clear evidence that this Hucho would be caught before, I might just named him!? Monster Mr. Scar face released back to his kingdom!!!

C&R – protect the river kings Hucho-Hucho!!



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Sie haben nur noch 10 Tage Zeit, um den Hucho zu fangen!

Dort gibt es eine schöne Möglichkeit zum Fliegenfischen auf der Save Bohinjka. Die Größe war nichts Besonderes, aber jeder einzelne Huchen-Fang ist ein eigenes Kapitel! Und als solche – unvergesslich! Noch 10 Tage bis zum Ende der Angelsaison 2019-2020 in Huchen! Die Aufregung steigt!

A nice Huchen fly fishing catch out there on the Sava Bohinjka river. The size was nothing special but every single Huchen catch is a chapter of its own!  And as such – unforgetable! 10 More days remaining to catch your dreams!!

Jeder Huchen-Fang ist ein besonderer! Manchmal kann es auch ein bisschen lustig sein

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Better can`t get! Fly fishing dream came true!

TWO HUCHEN in one fishing day!? No way… Seriously?

Well, glad you surfed on the page… this here is worth your time reading: Yes, it did happen in the past that somebody got 2 Hucho-huchos in one day. Maybe even three.. But I do not quite remember when some one landed two OVER 1M size in one fishing day!?

But Hucho-hucho fishing is full of surprises and what seemed to be impossible to achieve – happened yesterday! Visiting team of CH anglers, Robin Ruffini and Andy Furrer on their 1st time visit in Slovenia, chasing Hucho on the Sava Bohinjka river.. Day 1 went by with a lost strike, which was a stressful experience, especially since that might be the only strike of their visit.. But the faith had other plans… Day 2 a shower of the rain milked up the river a bit.. When already wanting to leave the pool, AL got that special feeling – go, Robin, make one more cast… BAAAANGGG!!! 115er on line!! All that drama etc and they thought that`s it.. let us finish this special day in a relax atmosphere – we already have our trophy fish.. But in the evening…. BAAANGGG No.2!!! 110-er!!!?? OMG!! Speechless I am regardless all the text I had just wrote!! Haaack.. how can now one repeat this new Hucho fly fishing tag!!?? but like we said – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE with this DEMON of Hucho!!

As some anglers consider that having a HUCHO FISHING GUIDE is just another person walking the river with you (and if the Huchen guide is not a Pro. that might even be true.. FB is full of “wanna be hucho guides” in real life, Hucho Guide is what makes all the difference when the moment of your glory happens!! Hooking a fish is 70% but the rest  is landing and handling it! Here is when you learn what a good Hucho guide means!


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Drizzling rain.. staying at home or go chasing the Hucho!!!

After few weeks of the sunny weather and gin-clear water situation north-west Slovenia got a passage of light rain.. kids sad, wife pesty but the Hucho-Hucho anglers….. HAPPY AS HELL! The beast goes on the move once the weather turnes like this and every serious angler should be on the river chasing the Huchos! Jan – no way he would stay at home… went out there, few casts – BANG! Great looking male Hucho, perfect fins strong back – a potential Giant in a few years time! But only if he will be as lucky as this time – to meet CATCH & RELEASE Hucho anglers.. Congrats Jan and thanks for sharing!!


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AL with his 115 Hucho

Whooow…. That is the the catch not every angler will have in his lifetime!

Levels of the Sava Bohinjka dropping and huchos moving back to their home pools…. While we have had high water for almost two month and Huchos were roaming on unusual places, making us chase them here and there – January is lowering the levels and the beast is seeking deeper areas to hide….

While in the below gallery you can see some glimps of our various Hucho fishing trips, spectacular nature of the Sava Bohinjka river and happy anglers, the below video is which needs most of your attention! Watch and enjoy. And remember – you can also do that – if you believe strong enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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