Catching a window of the opportunity!?

Behold – after a rainy even snowy Sunday of April 28th – some dry weather on the horizon! Since the areas with the altitude above 800m had snow and not rain, rivers did not jump as high as expected! Sava Bohinjka will be reasonably fishable tomorrow  – at least in the middle or upper sections, while Bled part could have first visitors During May 1st and 2nd.. Levels will not be low as usual, but will be clear – fishing possible.

Radovna river was found ok even this morning April 29th which means it will be a surely safe river to go during the next days..

fishing-news29042019 from Fly Fishing in Slovenia on Vimeo.

Weather fishing forecast for the following days shows some showers but they should not be messing too much with the levels… the bigger question comes after Sunday, May 5th.. but still some time till that date.. keep staying with Fauna news page, we will try to keep you updated – several groups in a low start to visit, so we understand you want to be updated with the latest fly fishing conditons..


A NOTE for the Festival of Work, MAY 1st and 2nd! On both days Fauna Fly shop operates only in the morning 8:00 – 10:00 hours. Try to wake up early enough to “catch us” open  😆